Joel and Carrie Ch. 11

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I wasn’t sure what woke me as I sat up. Carrie was gone, but knowing my girl I could guess where she was. I grinned and stretched.

“Hello sleepy head.” I looked toward the door and saw Tina standing there. She was freshly showered and wore two towels, one around her body and the other her head. “Are you planning on sleeping the day away?” I glanced at the time.

“It’s only been an hour,” I sighed. “I assume your friends from across the ocean are still at it with Robbie?”

“And Carrie,” the strawberry blond replied. “Thank God she woke up and joined us again! I need a break.”

“You could take a nap,” I smiled.

“I could,” she agreed. “But someone is in my bed.”

“It’s very comfortable, but I’m willing to share,” I offered.

“Oh no!” she laughed. “I know you. I’d be even more exhausted afterward!”

“I guess I could go find the others,” I grinned, sitting up and shifting so my feet were over the side of the bed.

“I’m sure they’ll welcome you warmly,” Tina replied as she pulled the towel from around her head and started rubbing her hair vigorously trying to dry it.

I had planned on getting up, but that was forgotten when I noticed Tina’s full breasts peaking above the towel. They shook impressively as she worked on her hair. I licked my lips and reached out. I had to stretch slightly, but it was well worth it.

“Hey!” Tina cried as the towel around her body fell to the floor.

“Oops,” I offered with a grin. The strawberry blond looked into my eyes and shook her head at what she saw there, but her lips curved slightly in a smile as she put down the towel she was using for her hair.

“You’re not going to let me go to sleep, are you?” she asked, standing in front of me completely naked. She sounded annoyed, but her stance was anything but. Her pale breasts had me mesmerized.

“Eventually,” I said, reaching out and pulling Tina toward me. She came willingly enough.

I buried my face between her full breasts and she wrapped her arms around my head. I kissed and licked for quite some time before taking first one and then the other nipple into my mouth. I sucked and nipped at them, causing Tina to moan occasionally.

“Wow!” she panted at one point. “I thought you were an ass man?”

“Oh, I am!” I replied, reaching behind her and squeezing her pale skinned ass to prove the point. “But your tits really get to me too.” I continued to kiss them as I spoke.

“But they’re nowhere as nice as Carrie’s.” Tina gasped as I nipped at one of her nipples.

“My girl’s tits are perfect, but so are yours. They’re just different.”

“Thanks, but you’re just being kind,” the strawberry blond argued. “Carrie’s breasts are full and shaped just right. Mine…”

“Are bigger and shaped like torpedoes,” I interjected. “They make my mouth water.”

“Torpedoes?” Tina asked, but she was smiling.

“Oh yeah!” I groaned. “And your areolas cover most of them. I love the way they puff out!” I took one breast into my mouth and sucked hard. Tina gasped.

“So you really like my tits?” she asked excitedly. The thought clearly got to her.

“No, I love them!” I growled, continuing to lick and suck for all I was worth.

“Just for that,” she said huskily, pulling my lips from her breasts and kissing me. “You can have my ass again before I go to sleep.” She really did know me, but just this once I decided to hold off. Tina needed to know that her breasts really were amazing in their own way.

“Tempting, but right now I prefer your tits!”

“You already have them!” she giggled until I worked my way back down her body. Her laugh turned into a moan. My teeth grazed one of her nipples and she gasped. Tina bit her bottom lip and continued moaning as my lips traveled along her heavy breasts. Eventually, I pushed her down to her knees in front of me. Tina smiled sexily. She understood what I wanted. My friend wrapped my cock in her pale skinned breasts and held them there.

“Oh yeah!” I groaned. “I want to cum all over them!”

“I can help with that,” she said lustfully and started moving her tits up and down the length of my cock. “But I hope you don’t mind if I steal a taste too?” I didn’t bother answering other than to groan. I was focused on the feel of her breasts.

“Joel, did I ever tell you that I used to fantasize about doing something just like this back before Robbie and I started dating?” she asked. I looked into her eyes. They were hungry. I’m sure my own were just as lust filled.

“Tell me more,” I groaned.

“I used to imagine what it would be like to be with you,” she added. “I had my first wet dream about you.”

“Oh fuck!” I growled.

“I love Robbie and no one does to me what he can,” Tina said. “But I’ll always have a special place in my heart for you.”

“It’s not your heart you’re talking about!” I grunted, getting close now. She laughed, understanding what I meant. I was thrusting up between her breasts. Tina held them in place for me.

“Tell me Joel,” she asked. “Did you ever dream about me?”

“I don’t casino şirketleri usually remember my dreams,” I replied, meeting her gaze briefly. “But I do remember imaging what it would be like to cum on your tits!”

“Before or after Robbie and I started dating?” she asked. I frowned, but then shrugged. I’d never lied to Tina before and I wasn’t about to start now.

“Both!” I grunted.

“That’s so bad! And hot!” she moaned. “Do it! Cum on me! Let me feel it dripping down my tits!”

“Oh fuck!” I cried and lost it. Tina smiled contently as my cum sprayed across he torpedo shaped breasts. I was just about spent when she took the head of my cock into her mouth and sucked the last of my cum down. Tina smiled sexily afterward and looked down at her cum covered breasts.

“Looks like someone needs another shower,” I panted as I fought to catch my breath.

“No,” she replied. “I think I want to sleep like this.”

“Pervert,” I grinned.

“Of course,” she laughed. “After all, I’m sleeping with my boyfriend’s best friend.”

“True,” I said, joining her in laughter. “On the other hand, we’re been friends just as long. Besides, Robbie doesn’t mind.”

“Why should he?” she snorted. “He’s with three very hot and wanton women.”

“There is that,” I laughed as I finally regained control of my breathing. I noticed that Tina was gently rubbing her hand between her legs. She was obviously worked up and needed some release. “Can I help you with that?” She looked at me and rolled her eyes, but then climbed into the bed next to me.

“It only seems fair,” Tina said. “After all, you’re the reason why I’m like this again.”

The soft patch of strawberry blond hair between her legs always got to me. I liked the way it grew darker when Tina became excited and wet, like right now. I shifted down her body until I was in position. I started licking her soaked pussy and was immediately rewarded with some more of her juices. Tina’s orgasm was clearly very close. I worked at helping her reach it as quickly as possible.

“Oh yes!” she cried. “That feels so good!”

“Did you dream about me doing this to you?” I asked between licks. “You know, before Robbie.”

“Of course!” she gasped. “But it feels so much better than I imaged! I’ve dreamed about it even more since that first time we were together. You’re really very good at it!”

“Thanks,” I smiled briefly, before shifting my mouth to her clit. “By the way, it’s time for you to cum.”

“Oh yes! Right there! Don’t stop!” she cried.

Tina’s body stiffened for a moment before she completely lost it. She came hard. I continued to lick as her pussy contracted around my tongue. I lifted my head once she was finally done and looked up at her. Her eyes were closed as she fought for her breath.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Better than,” she smiled. “But I’m exhausted now. You’d better go find someone else to play with.”

“I’m spent too,” I said, rolling on the bed next to her.

“Please!” she snorted. “I can see that the monster between your legs is already starting to revive. Get out before it takes over your brain. I’m too tired to sate him again.”

“Very funny,” I said sarcastically, but I laughed as I groaned and climbed out of the bed. Tina wanted to sleep and it was her room. “Just remember, next time you owe me your ass. You promised.”

“I know,” she laughed as I leaned over and gave her a kiss.

“Enjoy your nap,” I smiled. She nodded and closed her eyes. She really was exhausted. I moved toward the door.

“Joel?” Tina asked just before I left the room.

“Yes,” I replied, pausing with my hand on the doorknob.

“You and Robbie have been my best friends forever,” she said, obviously half asleep. “Now Carrie’s joined us and everything has gotten better. I’m glad you found her.”

“Me too,” I smiled.

“Robbie means the world to me,” she added. “But I’m also glad that we all ended up like this even if we never do it again.”

“What are the odds?” I teased. “Tell me, did you ever dream of doing something like this? You know, back before you and Robbie started dating?”

“I’ll never tell,” she laughed briefly and then snuggled into her pillow. “Or maybe I will, but not today.”

I looked at Tina for a moment longer before slipping out of her room. Despite all of the repercussions from what happened last summer, I knew deep down that I agreed with Tina. I was glad I met Carrie. I was glad that we both enjoyed sharing something special with our friends. Yes, I knew these types of things came with a cost, but so be it. Life was just like that.

The door to the master bedroom opened as I neared it. Carrie slipped out and into the hall with me. She smiled when she saw me.

“Hello beautiful,” I smiled contently.

“Hey handsome,” she replied as she came into my arms. We kissed briefly before she pulled back. “I’m hungry. How about we leave and go to a restaurant?”

“Sounds good to me,” I said. “But then again, doing anything with you always sounds that way.” Carrie casino firmaları smiled and kissed me again.

“I’m going to take a long hot shower first,” she said. “You might as well go in and enjoy the company of our new English friends one more time before we go.”

“That’s okay,” I smiled. “I’d rather take a shower with you.”

“Oh no!” she laughed. “You go play with the others. I know that look.”

“But…” I began. Carrie cut me off.

“I’m spent. Robbie just gave me quite a work out. I think it was to make up for not taking care of me earlier,” she said. “Besides, I promised Stephanie and Gwen that I’d send you in. They’re still very interested in both you and Robbie taking care of them together.”

I tried to argue some more, but Carrie insisted. I watched her walk down the hall until she stopped at the bathroom door. My girl turned back and looked at me. She must have seen something in my eyes because she shook her head.

“I’m locking the door, so don’t bother.” I tried to look innocent, but neither one of us was buying. We look at each other and laughed briefly before she disappeared. I heard her actually lock the door and laughed again.

I took a moment to gather my thoughts. It was good to be home with Carrie. The winter away at school was long and lonely. Oh my girl and I had met up a few times, but not nearly enough. I also missed my friends. It was great to see Robbie and Tina again, even without the sex. I couldn’t wait to catch up with them.

My thoughts started to drift to some of our other friends I hadn’t seen in a while when someone moaned in the master bedroom and distracted me. Carrie hadn’t fully closed the door. I glanced through the crack and saw Stephanie and Gwen locked in a sixty-nine. Robbie was lying next to them obviously recovering.

“I guess it’s time to stop thinking about old friends and start thinking about the new ones,” I said to myself with a grin, but instead of entering the room I stood there and watched the two ladies for a while. I had a good view of Stephanie working on driving her big assed friend over the edge.

I glanced Robbie’s way and saw that he had started slowly stroking his cock. His eyes were locked on the English coeds. I guess he was almost ready for some more fun. I lost track of time as my gaze shifted back to the ladies.

“Oh look!” Gwen cried suddenly, climbing off her friend. “Robbie is ready again. And it’s my turn!”

“That’s fine,” Stephanie smiled. “You’re already close. It will be my turn soon enough.”

The two English girls exchanged a grin as Gwen straddled Robbie’s hips and took his cock in slowly. Stephanie helped steady her.

“Maybe I am turning into a voyeur,” I said aloud when I realized how long I’d been watching. On the other hand…”No way.”

I walked into the room and Stephanie immediately saw me. She left the bed and moved toward me. Her slim body really was extraordinary. She came into my arms and kissed me. I returned it, but then lifted her and moved her to the side.

“Hey!” she cried. I ignored her. Instead, I moved to the bed and climbed on.

“What?” Gwen cried in surprise when I pushed her torso down. Robbie knew what was happening. He pulled the dirty blond close and kissed her to silence her protests. I spread her ass wide. She was already wet there. I wasn’t surprised, not with the way this girl came when she lost it.

Of course, the wetness had nothing to do with her tightness. I pushed the head of my cock past the entrance and she cried out. Stephanie was next to me watching. She shook her head as I pushed a little more of my cock into Gwen’s ass.

“Oh God! That looks so hot!” the brunette cried. “Come on Gwendolyn! Take them both. You can do it!”

The dirty blond moaned into Robbie’s mouth and I felt her relax slightly. I continued my assault on her ass. It took quite some time before I was fully inside.

“How does it feel?” Stephanie asked. “I can’t believe you fit them both in!”

“I’m so full!” Gwen moaned. “And it hurts! It hurts like nothing I’ve ever felt before!”

“Do you want me to stop them?” her friend asked in concern.

“Oh no!” Gwen cried. “It hurts so good!”

Robbie and I exchanged a look and started working our cocks in and out of the dirty blond. First one of us would push in and then the other. We got into a rhythm quickly. Gwen started moaning constantly.

I held her hips as I drove in and out of her ass. It was large and shook with every thrust. The sight of it really got to me. No surprise there. I really enjoyed Tina tits before, but there was nothing like the sight of an ass with my cock buried deep.

“Oh Steph! You have no idea how this feels!” Gwen cried. “They move so well together! I can’t take much more! I’m going to cum!”

Robbie and I exchanged another look and suddenly we were both pushing into her at the same time. She was tight and it had to hurt, but she obviously loved every moment of it. Her orgasm hit so hard that she screamed. I can’t say that I was surprised by how much she came this time, but güvenilir casino it still was impressive despite the fact that is calmed my building orgasm. Too bad Carrie wasn’t here.

“My turn!” Stephanie cried, pushing her friend out from between Robbie and me. The dirty blond almost fell off the bed and onto the floor, but the brunette was oblivious. I stopped Gwen from falling and shifted her to a place on the bed where she could be okay. Thank God Mrs. K, I mean Bridgette, had a king sized bed.

“Joel, you’d better hurry!” Robbie groaned. “She’s riding me hard and I can’t last much longer.”

“Slow down,” I said to Stephanie with a shake of my head. She really was bouncing on Robbie cock hard.

“I can’t!” she cried. “I’m so close!”

“Sure you can,” I insisted, grabbing her small hips and holding them steady.

“No! You bastard!”

I ignored her and focused on her ass. It was very small and nicely shaped. I wanted it, but would I fit? There was only one way to find out. I rubbed my cock around the entrance to her ass. I knew I wasn’t small, but my cock looked huge compared to her bottom.

“Don’t tease me! Put it in already!” Stephanie demanded.

“If you say so,” I shrugged, pushing the head of my cock against her opening. At first, I couldn’t get it inside.

“Push harder!” she demanded, so I did. It was her pain after all.

I had to give Stephanie credit. She knew her body well. My cock slipped halfway up her ass once it was past the initial resistance. I started thrusting in and out. I found that whichever part of my cock was by the opening was squeezed tightly, but the rest of her small ass was very accommodating. In fact, it actually was a lot easier to fuck her butt than her big assed friend’s.

“I’m in Heaven!” Stephanie cried. “And Hell!”

I continued to watch my cock pushing in and out of her ass. The sight was pretty amazing. I couldn’t figure out how she was taking my entire length all the way in. Of course, I stopped thinking about it when my orgasm grew close.

“Oh fuck!” Robbie cried. “I’m cumming!”

“Me too!” the English coed cried.

I took hold of her narrow hips and started thrusting in and out with everything I had. I wanted to fill her small ass and nothing was going to stop me! I was so close!

“I’m cumming again!” Stephanie cried as she rolled into a second orgasm. I slammed deep one last time and let loose. “Oh yes! Oh yes! Two guys filling me at the same time!”

She rolled into a third orgasm that lasted surprisingly long. I pulled out when she was done and moved off of her. I was spent, but able to move.

“Wow,” Robbie sighed, lifting Stephanie’s limp body off of him. He put her next to her friend. Both English girls was either asleep or passed out. “I can’t believe we finally exhausted them.”

“They’re only human,” I smiled, getting out of the bed.

“I was beginning to wonder,” he joked, leaving the bed as well.

“Carrie and I need to leave,” I said as I stretched. “We’ll catch up with you guys tomorrow. You might want to join Tina in her room.”

“Now that sounds like a plan,” Robbie grinned. “See you later.”

“I need a shower,” I said to myself once he was gone.

I didn’t mean to take a long one, but the hot water felt good. Robbie was gone by the time I was done and Stephanie and Gwen were still sleeping. They were spooning. I left as quietly as I could. I found Carrie in the living room watching television.

“It’s about time!” she snapped when I entered the room, but she was smiling. “I’m starving!”

“Just let me get my clothes on and we can go,” I said, reaching for the neat pile that Carrie must have put them in.

“Everyone okay upstairs?” Carrie asked as she stood and shut the television.

“Robbie and Tina are in her room,” I replied. “And their English guests are passed out in Bridgette’s room.”

I dressed quickly and pulled Carrie into a kiss afterward. She smiled and took my hand. I didn’t think I’d ever get tired of either. We left Tina’s house and closed the door behind us. It wasn’t long before we were in my car and pulling away from the curb.

“Where do you want to eat?” I asked.

Someplace close,” she replied.

“How about…” I began, but her cell phone rang and I stopped to let her answer it. She looked at the phone number and frowned before opening it.

“Hello mother,” Carrie said, and then paused to listen. I swallowed hard. I could tell from her tone that my girl wasn’t in the mood for her mother. “Yes, I’m with Joel. What are we doing? I don’t see how that’s your business.” I didn’t quite groan. Carrie was clearly itching for a fight. “Do you really want to know mother? Really?”

“Don’t,” I said, but Carrie was beyond listening.

“Well, we just finished having an orgy and I worked up quite an appetite. We’re going out for dinner.” Carrie held the phone away from her ear as her mother exploded on the other end.

“Maybe we should hold off talking to your parents until tomorrow?” I asked hopefully. Carrie shook her head vehemently. This was not going to be good.

“Mom, I’m coming home with Joel. It’s time we talked.” Despite everything, I was surprised when Carrie shut the phone and hung up on her mother. She even turned it off before looking at me. “Let’s go.”

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