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getting benny stretched pt3

by Richard eme all e-mails will be answered

This story like every other story on Nifty, no matter how real it is, is a work of fiction.

Sex with underage people is illegal no matter how really fun and enjoyable it may be.

Please donate to Nifty so it can continue it’s fine work.

I came home from work and found Benny in a really good mood, he was dancing around and singing and being a clown. “I guess you’ve had a good day?”

“It was great Dad! I had a new friend over and had a lot of fun. His name is Casey and he is 15.” Benny said with a smile on his face.

“15, wow, how did you meet someone that age? Is he into Xbox also, or what? I asked, intrigued that an older boy would hang out with my son.

“Well,” Benny turned red as he started telling me how they met, “We have gym together and even though you gave me a note so I wouldn’t have to do any running or anything, since I have the plug in. But coach still makes me dress out and shower afterwards. He says just because I am unable to be active, doesn’t mean I don’t stink. hehe So anyway, Casey has a locker near mine and when I was changing, I guess I wasn’t turned away enough and he saw the plug as I was bending over to take my underwear off.”

“He followed me into the showers and picked the one next to me. Then he scared the crap out of me by telling me he saw it and I should change heads with him and he would block the view if anyone should look. I was relieved that he was cool about it and we switched, He watched me the hole time to make sure nothing showed and then we dressed together. “

“He asked me afterwards what it was and told me he was curious about it. He asked if he could see it, so I invited him home and showed him. I was super excited showing him what it was and got hard watching. He was amazed that my hole stayed open and he even put a finger in me without touching the sides. It was cool!”

“Wow Benny, you really took a chance there, “ I told him, “what if he had turned out to be a bully or something?”

“No, I knew he was nice after the shower thing, so I took a chance,”

“I see, well, lets get you into the bathroom, I want to change the plug. Remind me and I will send a note to school with you so you won’t have to dress out or shower. This gaziantep escort is the last plug and it is larger so let’s not take any chances.”

Benny, took his position against the bathroom counter and after caressing his so sexy ass, I spread his cheeks and grasped the plug and started pulling it out. Benny’s butt moved with it as I pulled and it slid out with something stretching from it to his open hole. I looked closer and could smell it.

“Benny, did you and Casey do anything else you forgot to mention to me?”

“What do you mean Dad?”

“I mean you have cum leaking out of your ass. Did Casey fuck you Son?”

“Yes,” Benny said softly. “When he put his finger in me, he commented that with my hole opened like that, someone could slide things other than a finger in there. When I asked what things, he laughed and said like a dick. I never thought of that and asked him if he thought a dick could really go in there. He said he was sure and if I wanted, he would show me. So he did… twice.”

“You mean he fucked you twice?”

“Yes sir, he fucked me and it felt really good and then when he stopped, I felt kind of empty, like when the plug is removed and I told him that. Then we played Xbox for a few minutes before he asked if he could do it again, so I said yes.”

I felt liquid rolling down my leg and realized that I was leaking and my dick was harder than it ever has been. Here I am, standing in front of my 12 year old son as he is telling me about being fucked by a 15 year old boy and all I could think about was needing to cum. I was excited, no, more than excited, I was on the edge, about to explode into my pants without touching myself or even thinking about it. I wanted to cum. I needed to cum.

“Benny, did he force you to do anything?”

“No Dad. He asked nicely and I said yes. Is it wrong that I liked it and want to do it again and again?” Benny asked.

Uhhhrrmmmm I came in my pants. My dick was unloading down my leg, pumping load after load into my pants. My eyes staring into my son’s face as he watched me cum. As I started to catch my breath, I replied, “No Son, it’s not wrong.”

“Wow Dad! You just came, didn’t you?” he asked excitedly. “That was cool! Ummmm what caused you to do that?”

“Well Benny, we’ve discussed before that I have not had dates since your suriyeli escort mother left and I’ve told you how I think that you are very sexy and your ass, I mean butt is exceptional and it excites me greatly. I, or we have gotten off the last few days together and I have loved it, just like I love you. The past few days have been the only times I have gotten off in a long time and I guess it has ramped up my hormones some. Then today, hearing you discuss having a young teenager fuck you, your glorious ass, I guess was just too much and I came. “

“Really?” he asked, “you think I‘m that sexy?”

“Benny, you are more than sexy. “

“Hehe, you are still hard… do um do you want to… umm fuck me too Dad?”

“God Benny. We shouldn’t of even done what we have done, let alone do more… I mean fucking you… that… I um no, we um can’t do that… I…”

With my head spinning and unable to think Benny reached over and while one hand rubbed my dick through my pants, the other started unbuckling my pants. My dick is pulled out and I watched him lower his mouth and sink the head of my dick into his mouth.

Then pulling his mouth off the head, slobber covering me, he looked up and said “Please Dad! I really like it and I want to help you. Please, please fuck me.“

I grabbed him and picked him up, pulling him close. My mouth locked onto his and my tongue invaded his mouth with a hunger I have never felt before. My hands locked onto Benny’s ass and I sat him on the counter top. My hands grasped his thighs and I raised his legs exposing his hole. My dick already leaking and knowing that his hole still contained Casey’s two cum loads, I shoved the head against his opening and in a single thrust, buried it balls deep into his tight, hot hole.

Benny screamed into my mouth as I savagely fucked his ass. His hole was so tight and so hot that all I could think about was using him for my needs, my desires. I was thrusting into him without thought or concern for his well being and as he struggled and tried to break away from the lip lock, I realized I was fucking him into the stone counter top.

I eased up, letting him breath and started thrusting slower and with longer strokes. My hands went back to his ass, feeling the twin globes of perfection. His legs were wrapped around my waist so rus escort I stood up. him impaled on my dick and carried him into the master bedroom.

I dropped down on the bed, still holding my son, my dick shoved deep into his ass and then laying on my back I raised his hips so I could fuck up into him. I fucked him hard and fast, my dick sliding in and out of his tight hole, sending pleasure coursing through my dick and into my body. I was in heaven and hell both at the same time. The pleasure I was receiving at the expense of my young son’s ass was driving me without the ability to slow down or to be easy.

Benny would struggle off and on for the next half hour as I used his hole. My mouth never left his and my tongue stayed within him. Finally, with a numbness starting in my toes and moving up my body, I started to cum. My brain felt like it was going to explode and as I pumped load after load into my 12 year old son’s perfect ass, my mind was in overload and then nothing.

I came to feeling movement on my chest. Benny was still laying on top of me, my dick still embedded in him. His hips were rocking forwards and back causing my dick to slide in and out of him some. The little fucker had just been fucked to within an inch of my life and he wanted more.

I rolled us over so he was now on bottom, my weight on top of him and I started fucking him long and hard. As I got closer to my orgasm, I started rabbit fucking his ass harder and harder. Benny spent the entire time under me moaning and groaning and shaking.

This time when I came in him, it was pure relief and I felt every bit of cum leaving my body and entering my son’s. I was drained and I slid slowly out of his ass. “I’m sorry Son, I … I don’t know what came over me… we, I shouldn’t have done that, can you forgive me?”

“Only if we do it again and again and again…. that was soooo incredible Dad! I kept cumming and cumming and cumming the entire time you fucked me. It was soooo much better than with Casey. I mean it was really good with him too, but I didn’t cum with him. With you, wow!”

“Casey didn’t make you cum? Not even afterwards?” I asked sleepily.

“No, he fucked me and that was all. He said he is straight and not into guys, but a fuck is a fuck and a suck is a suck. He said he could only do the guy things. Which was okay with me, I just like it a lot better when I cum too though.”

With a quick lustful thought, I told Benny to invite his new friend Casey over to stay the night Friday or Saturday. Then with a smile on my face and my son wrapped around me, I passed out.

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