First Taste of Betty – Part 2

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First Taste of Betty – Part 2As I mentioned in Part 1, I was now completely cupping her breasts each time and rubbing her pubic mound enough to stimulate her clit. Her breathing was getting faster and I could tell she was feeling it. On my next return pass, I ran my hands over her pussy and down the inside of her thighs, she let out a little moan as she parted her legs for me.I switched my focus to her inner thighs. Both legs were off the side of the table now, her beautiful pink folds were glistening and beginning to reveal themselves to me. My heart was racing and my cock was starting to get uncomfortable from being hard so long without being freed. This is one of the most amazing sites that I have ever seen but, at the same time…I’m kinda freaking the hell out! Am I going to keep pushing or chicken out?? I chuckled a little to myself…no way in hell I could stop now. düzce escort I was lightly gripping the top of her thighs now, I moved my hands up so I was rubbing her inner thighs with my thumbs. I had a steady rhythm going and my thumbs where circling and just missing her pussy lips. Her breathing was heavy, head to the side, eyes closed. It was time for the kill shot. On the next sweep, I ran my thumb over her engorged pussy lips from bottom to top. She flinched, held her breath for a second, then relaxed. I knew she was all in so I kept rubbing, each circle applying a little more pressure and rolling her her young clit between my thumb and forefinger until I started to feel her pushing back against my motions.She was beginning to let out a soft moan and it sounded amazing. Now is the time to make my move…the whole reason I brought her here.She was a little startled when escort düzce I gently grabbed her by the waist and slid her ass to the edge of the table.She looked at me a little puzzled when I slid my hands under her ass “It’s ok” I whispered. She must have jumped a foot when my tongue hit her sex the first time and she let out a howl….. “OOHH MYY GODDD…WHAT ARE YOU DOING??”. “Just relax, I’m finishing up your massage”, I chuckled at myself and buried myself in this beautiful untouched girl. It’s too late, I’ve crossed the point of no return. I’m going all in…face first (lol). I lapped and sucked and kissed and slurped that virgin pussy for about 5 minutes, she was squirming, bucking and gasping pretty loud. The sounds coming from her mouth were mostly just grunts at this point but, they sounded amazing! I could tell she’s never felt like this before….”HOLD UP..I düzce escort bayan THINK i GOTTA PEE…REAL BAD!” “No no no..Don’t pee, just relax…you’re about to cum…trust me…just relax” “OHHH…AHHH…AHH…AHHHHHHHH…..”She was squirming to get away from my mouth but, I had both arms gripped around her thighs and a vacuum seal around her clit. She came harder than anyone I’d ever seen. My face was drenched, her thighs, the table…everything was covered in her juices. I didn’t want to let her go. Still panting she gasps “OHMYGAWD…what happened to me? I never knew that’s what a massage was!” “Well…technically, that last part wasn’t part of the massage. I just couldn’t resist you, I’ve never seen such a smoking hot college girl.””But, I won’t be in college for like…” I cut her off “Let’s not talk about that” “Wanna do it again tomorrow?” I asked with a little smirk. “YES! Can I come over in the morning??” “Yes, but…UMM…we need to keep this between us, ok? Our little secret?” “DEAL! See ya tomorrow!” She bounced away, and out the door. “FUCK!” I thought…”what the fuck have I started?”

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