Enslaved Chapter 36

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Enslaved Chapter 36“That’s a good idea, Havers. A very good idea.” It was Quentin Osman on the line from New York.“I’m glad you like it, Boss…” Havers was smiling contentedly. “I’ll start making the yokes tomorrow.” “You do that…” “Then I’ll give them a try-out.” “No you won’t…” Havers’ face fell.“What’s that, Boss?” “I said, no you won’t. It’s me who’s going to do that, when I get back.” “Whatever you say, Boss…”“That’s right, Havers. And, by the way, I’ll be back sooner than expected. Probably in a couple of days.” Havers’ face fell further. “Right, Boss,” he said.“They behaving themselves?” “Sure… ain’t got much option, have they?” Quentin laughed. “Too true! You’re not over-doing the heavy hand, I hope.“ “No… no, Boss,” Havers assured him.“No more than the ‘ration’… if that.” “Good. Right then, be seeing you soon…” “Yes, Boss.” “Heh, Havers… fuck one of them for me, will you?” “Sure will, Boss!” The line went dead and Havers replaced the receiver. Damn it, he’d been looking forward to using them as ‘work horses’. Still, doubtless he’d be able to watch. What a pity, too, they were cutting short their tour. Havers very much liked being fully in charge. He’d have to make the most of his opportunities in the time remaining. Havers yawned. He was very tired. So tired he almost forgot to release Julia and Melissa from the healing tables. “Just had your Master on the telephone,” he informed them as he took them back to their room. “He sends his regards. He also asked me to fuck one of you for him. But that, I’m afraid, will have to wait until tomorrow morning. Sweet dreams, my pretty ones!” Havers closed the door and made his way back up to the house above. Rosalie had already gone to bed and he himself was soon snoring contentedly.Although Havers woke with a hard on, he did not forget to take a couple of Quentin’s ‘zest pills’, which seemed to give him so much extra virility. The he walked naked from his bedroom and down the stairs… a paunchy, hairy, almost ape-like creature… making for the entrance to the cellars. Havers intended to start the day right! Julia and Melissa were quick to slip from their beds as Havers entered… and they went at once into the posture he had decreed. That is to say, on all fours, nose to the floor, hindquarters high, thighs splayed. “Good morning, young ladies,” said Havers,in the same tone as a master addressing a class. “I hope you slept well.” No answer. None was expected. Which should he have? Havers stood surveying what was on offer, fully rampant. Oh what a difficult decision it was! Then an idea came to him. Why not have them both? Not to completion, of course. But a taste of each… ending up wherever the mood took him. Yes… that seemed the best of all possible worlds.Without more ado he came down behind Melissa, seized her flanks and then quickly thrust into her. “This is with the compliments of your Master,” he said. “Th-Thank you… Sir…” gasped Melissa, at once beginning to move herself co-operatively. Features set, Havers fucked her for about a minute. Even though the girl was not properly warmed up, she felt most delicious. “Nice?” he asked. “Yes… Sir…” came the immediate reply. Havers looked across at Julia, still postured in the required way. Time to taste her!Havers withdrew from Melissa and stumbled the necessary few paces. “Your turn,” he said lecherously as he rammed in. “And again, it’s with the compliments of your Master…” “Aaagghh!” gasped Julia. She felt even less warmed up than Melissa, but Havers couldn’t have cared less. He was quite content to have two such girls to enjoy, just as he wished! Deliberately, Havers fucked with brutality, squeezing Julia’s pendulous breast-fruit as he did so. “Come on, girl… come on…” he panted as he thrust faster and faster. Then, just as Julia was beginning to become more responsive, Havers left her. In a matter of moments he was back into Melissa. “Now… move that arse, my beauty…” he said thickly. Melissa moved it. Beautifully… No man could have asked for more! It was only a question of how long he should remain before returning to Julia. Oh what delicious options? And how often would he be able to take them? Reluctantly, after another minute or so, Havers slipped himself out of Melissa… and then, in no time at all, he returned enthusiastically back to Julia. Once again he seized her breasts. “Did I tell you you are a lovely fuck?” he asked as his hairy haunches moved back and forth with increasing rapidity. “Yes… agh… a-agh… yes… S-Sir…” gasped Julia. Oh God… could he bear to leave her? After a night’s rest, Havers had nothing like bahis firmaları the control of the previous afternoon… “Hhaahh… hhaahh… oohh… you’re good cock-meat . . alright… hhhaaahhh… hhaahh… hhhaaahhh…” Faster and faster… Belly slapping to buttocks… Piggish grunts of lust… Yet… oh yet… Melissa was waiting… equally inviting! Somehow, Havers slipped himself out and stumbled, slobbering, back to Melissa. At once he was in her again. It had only been a few moments since he had left Julia… and Melissa felt equally delicious. Faster… yet faster! “Hhhaaahhh… hhhaaahhh… lovely… lovely… lovely… hhhaaahhh… hhaahh… hhhaaahhh… Even faster yet! Frenzied! Havers’ eyes were glazed; he was drooling bestially… Then he was quaking and shuddering… Gasping horribly, head thrown back… Then jerking and jerking and jerking and jerking and jerking… Still working as co-operatively as she could, Melissa received the full, squirting flood of Havers’ rapacious lust!Havers felt quite drained as he tottered out of the girls’ room… but, after a shower and a hefty breakfast – prepared by Rosalie – he felt fully restored again. “Have you had one of them already this morning?” enquired Rosalie. “Fraid so,” said Havers, grinning a little sheepishly. “Had both of them ,in fact.” “What!” Rosalie looked startled. “Well – stuffed them both. Even if I only finished in one…” Rosalie shook her head. “You men,” she said. “Come off it, woman,” said Havers irritably. “You have three or four orgasms at a time when they go down to you.” “That’s different…” “Is it?” “I think it is,” said Rosalie. “Anyway… let’s forget it. I’m off now. Shopping.” “Farewell, fair maid…” “Bye…” Havers made his way to the workshop, in which earlier he had made a lot of the equipment required in the cellars. There he found a heavy oak beam and this he split in two. That would make the basis for the two yokes. He set to work to fashion them using a large spokeshave. It took longer than he expected but it was, after all, a labour of love. He kept thinking of those cream-white shoulders upon which these contrivances would sit. It spurred Havers on and, after a full mornings work, both yokes had taken shape. By late afternoon they were completed, apart from the attachment of chains and buckets. He carried the yokes up to the main hall and set them down… and he saw that Rosalie had returned. “You’ve been busy,” she said. “Yes… bloody hard work. But worth it, I reckon. Feel the weight of them…” Rosalie picked one of the yokes up and staggered a little. “My God,” she said, “they wear those to carry something extra?” “That’s right,” grinned Havers. “How did you get on, by the way?” “Got more or less all I needed. Uniforms, text books, desks, no worries.” “That’s great!” “Yes… I reckon we can set up a classroom tomorrow. it will be a surprise when the Boss and his wife return.” “Too true. I’m sure they’ll go for the idea. Meanwhile, I’m going to have those to up and have a trial run.” “They’ve had a damn easy day of it so far…” “I think we might warm them up a little this evening, though, Rosalie!” Havers winked. “What have you in mind?” “Giving them the best part of their day’s ‘ration’ in one go!”Rosalie’s dark eyes glinted. “Why not?” she replied. “That would be really something!” “I’ll go and get them,” said Havers, heading for the cellars. A few minutes later, Julia and Melissa walked naked into the main hall. Naked, that is, but for the calf-length boots they wore. They were high-heeled boots of red leather and, for some reason, Havers felt this was suitable footwear for the girls when they were put in the yokes. He pointed to his handiworks. “Do you know what those are?” he enquired. “No… Sir,” replied Melissa… and Julia shook her head. The rich black tresses brushed over her soft shoulders. “They are yokes,” said Havers. “You wear them for carrying burdens. Rather primitive, but quite effective. Peasants used them in olden times.”He picked up one of the yokes and placed it on Melissa’s shoulders, her slim neck slotting into the semi-circle carved out. She seemed to sag a little… and Havers slapped her flank. “Back straight!” he ordered sharply. “We want those tits of yours sticking out nicely all the time.” Then he put the second yoke on Julia. She uttered a little moan as she felt the pressure of the heavy wood on her shoulders. “You too!” rapped Havers. Another slap. “I want those backs as straight as ramrods!” Needless to say, both Julia and Melissa had frequently been put through exhausting ordeals on the ‘Paradise’… drilling with heavy packs, on the kaçak iddaa treadmills and the like… and now both realised that something similar, and equally distressing, had been devised. “Stay exactly where you are. Not a word, not a movement,” ordered Havers. Then he strode out of the hall. A little later, Rosalie passed through. She examined both girls closely, smiling condescendingly. “Dear, dear,” she said, “becoming b**sts of burden now, are we?” Then she passed on, out of the hall. Some ten minutes later, Havers returned, carrying four large hooks, four lengths of chain and four large iron buckets. “How they feeling?” he enquired with a callous grin. “Quite a weight, I guess…” Both Julia and Melissa were tense and pale. They remained nervously silent. Then Havers removed the yokes and screwed in the hooks. To these, chains and buckets were attached… and then the yokes were replaced on the waiting shoulders. Both girls groaned and sagged again under the weight. “I won’t warn you again!” rasped Havers. “If those backs aren’t kept as straight as guardsmen, you’ll suffer for it!” Julia and Melissa stood straight, the buckets swinging slightly. The weight was cruel; the yokes crushing their shoulders. They knew their ordeal was going to be severe and sought to summon up hidden reserves. “You will walk up and down the length of this hall,” said Havers. “And you will continue to do so until I give you the order to stop. Right… off you go!” Julia and Melissa stepped out, side by side… White hands gripped the chains which held the buckets; the buckets continued to sway… With the natural seductive grace which both girls possessed, they moved down the hall… turned… and came back again… Breasts bounced… buttocks joggled… thighs quivered… Both backs were kept as straight as straight… Havers seated himself and lit a cheroot. He had a smug, ‘this-ismy-idea’ look on his face. Up and down… Up and down… Up and down… Havers felt he would be happy to look at these two lovely naked creatures in motion all night. Despite their burdens, they moved with the grace of trained models. He watched as the two pairs of buttocks swung rhythmically from side to side… recalled how they had felt underneath him that morning when he had enjoyed both girls alternately. Bounce and joggle… Bounce and joggle… Then the spectacle changed again for Havers. Now it was the breasts which bounced and joggled… and the long white thighs which quivered at each step… Now he could see the distraught features, tense with effort… How could he ever have imagined he would ever be in charge of such an exquisite ‘team’? Bounce and joggle… Bounce and joggle… Beautiful buttocks… Beautiful breasts… Havers gazed and gazed, his crude features heavy with lust. After about half an hour, both girls were noticeably sagging, despite Havers’ repeatedly bellowed orders to them to “keep those backs straight!” He began to realise that that was something beyond their powers, no matter how dire the threats he uttered. Perhaps, he thought, I have made these things too heavy for them. For it had been his intention to have the girls working several hours at a stretch, carrying stores from the outhouses to the mansion. He felt angry with himself for his misjudgement. Now he would have to spend a morning fining the things down to a more reasonable weight. Then his anger was transferred to his victims. Havers got up and went to the large corner cupboard in the long hall. As he knew, it contained a variety of instruments of correction. He selected a long strap… a single thong, about two inches wide. It was about two and a half feet in length and was attached to a foot-long handle of wood. He moved close behind the walking figures. Now he could almost feel the weight crushing down on each neck and pair of shoulders. “When I say I want those backs straight, I mean it!” he said. The strap swung and fell across Julia’s bottom. The girl gasped… stumbled and almost fell. The strap swung again and Melissa’s bottom got it. She too almost fell. “Get ‘em straight!” Both backs stiffened; each neck was forced back again. But oh the groaning effort. “If either girl falls,” bellowed Havers, “she gets a caning!” At that moment, Rosalie came into the hall. “Ahh-hhaa…” she said, “needing a little encouragement, are they?” “That’s right,” said Havers thickly. The strap swung again. Ccrraacckk! Julia’s bottom squirmed, again she half tripped as her gasping cry rose up. “Keep moving you lazy bitch!” Ccrraacckk! Melissa stumbled almost to her knees as she went past Rosalie who was standing with sadistic amusement kaçak bahis written on her face, arms akimbo. It was pretty obvious to her, the girls were not going to last out much longer… and that Havers had weighted them down too much. Up and down the hall the two staggered, swaying from side to side, gasping with effort. And, although Haver’s strap fell repeatedly, it was no longer humanely possible for either of the girls to proceed in anything like an upright posture. They were bent forward, head hanging, and Havers ceased to demand the impossible. “M-Mercy… hhaahh… m-mercy… I c-can’t go… on…” It was Julia, nearing the end of her tether, now staggering. “Keep moving!” Ccrraacckk! “Aaaggghhh… aaagghh…” It was the final straw. Julia fell face down to the floor, still crushed under the weight of the yoke. “Right, my girl, a caning for you later!” cried Havers as he continued to follow behind Melissa – who was also nearing exhaustion. But Julia was past caring. Nothing else mattered at that moment than that she was relieved of the hideous weight of that yoke… even if it was still pinning her down. It had been intolerable… beyond all enduring… beyond all reason… They were inhuman! Utterly inhuman! And seeming not even to be aware of the extent of their inhumanity! Ccrraacckk! The wretched Melissa was still getting it… having completed two more journeys up and down the hall. She, too, had begun to sob for mercy… and she sank ever lower… Ccrraacckk!Ccrraacckk! “Move it!” It was as useless as flogging a dead horse. Moaning horribly, Melissa fell on to hands and knees. Ccrraacckk!Ccrraacckk! “Crawl then… crawl, my girl!” Incredibly, Melissa did so… for five yards… for ten yards… whilst all the time she was whimpering and sobbing for mercy. “Crawl!Crawl!” Ccrraacckk!Ccrraacckk! But Melissa was done. Quite done. She fell flat down… virtually senseless with exhaustion.“And a caning for her, too, eh?” said Rosalie, coming up to look down the lifeless, shoulder-heaving figure, whose shuddering buttocks were covered in a mass of long, encircling welts. She wondered for a moment if Havers had exceeded the ‘ration’. Quite possibly, she reckoned. Still, what did it matter? The girl would be healed again before the Boss returned. “Yes,” nodded Havers, whose chest was heaving and whose eyes were a little bloodshot, “and a caning for her too!” He realised, with a slight feeling of trepidation, that for a little while, just before, his sadism had overwhelmed him… that he had scarcely known what he was doing any more… and, as a result, he had gone far beyond the already wide limits permitted. I’ll have to watch myself, he reflected. Especially as the Boss will soon be back.“I wanted to try them out in their school uniforms,” said Rosalie. She was nibbling biscuits and drinking coffee. “That will have to wait for the morning. They’re too done in…” Havers was rapidly getting drunk on brandy. “Have you given them any extra stimulant?” “I have. Of course. Hasn’t made any difference. They’re fucked…” Rosalie laughed. “In a different kind of way for a change!” “Yeh…” leered Havers. He’d even had to forgo the fun he was going to have with one of them. That was another reason he was getting drunk fast. “What about the canings?” asked Rosalie. “They will have to wait too…” “Pity. You shouldn’t have overdone it.” “Shut up!And if you say anything about this to the Boss, I’ll ring your neck. They weren’t supposed to have been put in the yokes till he got back.” “Don’t worry… I won’t say anything. We two have got to stick together,” Rosalie’s face brightened. “We can cane them in the morning. In the classroom.” Havers grinned drunkenly… and emptied another glass. “Nice idea…” he said. “They’ll get it over my desk. With skirt up… and knickers down!““Lovely…” “A dozen all in one go!That will make those schoolgirl bottoms squirm!” “Lovely…” “Delicious!” “And… and…” slurred Havers. “I… I’ll keep one in after school… and… then… you know what I’m gonna do, Rosalie …” “I wonder!Do tell me…”“I… I’m going to make her take her schoolgirl knickers down again… and… and then… I’m going to frig her…” “Really?” “Yeh… 16-year-old schoolgirls like… b-being… frigged…” “So that’s how old they’re going to be!” “Yeh… that’s it. Sw-Sweet… sixteen…” “Yeh… but she’ll like it all the same…” Saliva was beginning to dribble down Havers’ chin. He emptied another glass. “Like what?” “Being frigged…” Havers leered. “I… I think it’s just possible… just… possible… I might fuck… that s-sixteen-year-old…” “Oh you drunken old lecher!” laughed Rosalie. “I wonder which is going to be the lucky girl!” “Yeh… me too…” Havers head slumped forward and the glass fell from his hand. This time there was no ‘careless Julia’ who could be blamed!

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