Dreaming of a white Christmas Ch. 05

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The two year wait is over for this next instalment.

In this chapter there is mention of Charley. If you haven’t read Chapter 3, Charley is Angie’s only regular client.

As Angie got off me my cock had room to drop and it felt strangely heavy, I watched her attractive arse walk away and again admired her lovely even dark colour. Then I looked down and found a very respectably filled bright green condom. I mentally calculated I was about Angies age when I last used one. In those days we had a choice of natural or black.

My mind wandered back to that silly schoolboy chatter when I was about thirteen or fourteen, I remember it with amazing clarity. Peter Steers, Graham Anderson, Martin Clarke, Greg French and me, huh what a motley group we were, full of bravado but totally clue less when it came to girls. Graham pinched a tampon and we sat around feeling it and discussing our ridiculous thoughts of how sexy it was. As always the conversations would meander in and out of different subjects and this time it included ‘flunkies’ or ‘rubber johnnies’, we’d all heard of them and knew what they were for but that was as far as it went. We sang the ditty ‘one a penny, two a penny, three for three and nine’, the price for ages was three shillings and nine pence for a pack of three (19 pence) and we had a whip round to buy a pack. I drew the short straw, actually it was the shortest pencil, I protested but my fate was sealed as I was the biggest and also the only one who walked past a chemist shop on the way home.

I was as nervous as fuck as I entered the shop and when the blonde assistant spoke, I was nervous and eventually summoned the courage to ask for… “Shaving soap,” I stammered. Yeah I chickened out and handed over the one shilling and fourpence ha’penny (7pence). I stood there like an idiot when she expected me to leave and asked if there was anything else. Beetroot goes nowhere near describing my colour, and lead came nowhere near describing the weight of my legs.

“Is this what you’re after?” She held up a pack of Durex condoms.

I nodded.

“And what do you want these for? You look a bit young for them to me.”

“Err, I, we er want, er to, err see, err look at, er…”

“Ok, do you want three or just one for one and sixpence (7.5p)?”

“Err one please.”

“And do you want the soap too?”

“Um, err, n, no.”

“Let me have the bag.”

The soap was removed and replaced with the tiny paper package before being handed back to me.

“That’s a penny ha’penny please.”

I handed over the two coins, turned and ran from the shop. It had been the worst moment of my life, ever.

The following day I relived the experience twice to my friends and the Durex got passed around and handled by the five of us. I for one struggled to work out how to use it, yes dear reader, at that age my cock at its largest was half the length and half the width of the condom. A year later it was a different story and I went through the same embarrassing procedure to buy a pack of three to ‘try them out, that night I tried one on in bed and fell asleep wearing it. In the morning I had forgotten it and sat on the toilet, I felt the condom filling with piss and it fitted so well it didn’t fall off despite looking like a massive yellow pear which hung right down into the toilet…

I watched Angie returning to my bed, I watched her very firm breasts bobbing and her rather lovely mummy tummy doing a lighter version. I smiled and my cock started filling with blood. I was starting to feel quite proud that this sixty-four year old was getting a hard on only a few minutes after an unexpectedly productive cumming. It felt cold as the end of my cock reached the captured spunk and it reminded me I had to attend to it. In the bathroom I sat on the toilet and released the green condom and its contents with a conspicuous splash. I pissed then washed my cock and hands before returning to my bed where Angie had nearly dressed.

“That was unexpected in so many ways. Thanks Angie.”

I bent down to kiss her.

“Oh boy, this is fun.” She replied.


“Yes Terry, fun.”

I thought for a moment, “OK, I’ll take that.”

Angie left the room and my head was in turmoil, our first sex felt good, really good and so unexpected. I dressed in clean clothes and collected the work clothes together to put them in the washing machine and checked the pockets, I found the slip of paper with some details of the work I’d done and decided to do a few minutes on the computer while it was still fresh in my mind. I’d been in the office for about ten minutes when I heard a cheery call from downstairs.

“Be down in a minute, just sending an email.”

I finished updating the drawing and attached it then send.

“Booya. Done.”

Downstairs I found Angie playing this little piggy with Freddy and saw two plates sporting sandwiches.

“I made a lunch, I hope that’s alright.”

“Lovely thanks Angie.” I sat.

“Your sister came round this morning with more bits for me.”

“Oh, OK.”

“The bonus veren siteler stuff we spoke about yesterday.”

“Erm, can’t say I remember.”

“It might have been while you were in the garage.”

“Oh yeah of course.”

“I went looking at flats today.”

“Oh. Really.” That was news that I didn’t want to know about. “Find anything?”

“Must be joking, I looked at the only one in my price range but it’s a right shit heap but I’m on seven lists so something should come up.”

“You do understand there is no hurry, don’t you?”

“I know, you said but I can’t stay here forever.”

“Where was the flat you looked at?”

“Oh, um. What was it? Ber something? No beckon? Green, Green Road. Oh by the hos…”

“Greenbank Road?

“That’s it.”

“Mmm. Funny place, I think those roads along there could be quite nice but at the moment. Hmm.”

“It’s not like number twelve but I quite liked the area. There’s a nice park at the end of the road.”

“They’ve got drug problems there at the moment though.”

“That’s a shame. Anyway the flat was horrible, the room sizes look good but they’re all funny shapes and the stairs are very narrow. Oh and the kitchen, the floor space is just the size of a door wide and one cupboard long and errrkh all the worktops and sealant are all damaged and black bits.”

“You’re well out of that one by the sound of it. What did Danni bring round?”

“Loads of toys and more clothes for Freddy and some of Sophia’s clothes.”

“That’s Sophie not Sophia; Danni always has a little inflection on it.”

“That makes sense, and a steriliser and bottles and a breast pump too. I’ll be able to start building up a stock again if you don’t mind it in the fridge and freezer.”

“Course I don’t mind, there’s never much in there when it’s just me.”

My phone rang. I looked at the caller.

“Excuse me; I guess I should have expected this call.”

I went up to the office to refer to the drawing I’d sent earlier. It was well over an hour later that I returned to the lounge to find Angie and Freddy sound asleep side by side on the sofa. Not wanting to disturb them I placed a couple of dining chairs to prevent Freddy falling off then put a thick coat on and went to the garage to sort-out the stuff I moved with David. An hour later I was frozen but I’d done loads, there must have been twenty boxes piled up and another six in the car, I got that down to five boxes of copper and wire to take to the scrap yard, stacked the good components on the shelves and the rest is rubbish. I’d filled the recycling bin and had several boxes for the next collection and half filled the rubbish bin. Yeah I was dead pleased with the result.

In the kitchen I put the kettle on and spent a bit of extra time while washing my hands to warm them up, I made drinks and took them to the lounge where Angie and Freddy were still sound asleep and one of them stunk to high heaven. The mugs chinked together as I put them down and woke Freddy, I picked him up quickly before he cried and took him up to change him. He was in a mess but no worse than Sophie’s girls were and all the while his big bright eyes were focussed on my face.

“Are you OK up there?” drifted up the stairs.

“Yeah we’re fine.”

I sat him in the cot while I cleared the mess and washed my hands then took him back down to find Angie holding a mug in both hands.


“Yeeaas, tell Mummy about dat derty werty bot bot of yours.”

“Oh I’ll change…”

“We’ve already done that haven’t we Freddy?”

“Thanks, you didn’t need…”

“It’s fine Angie; this isn’t the first nappy I’ve changed.”

“Thanks anyway.”

Angie put the empty mug down and took Freddy. He seemed very happy to be looking around at the shiny decorations and lights and started doing that thing where their arms move up and down.

I drained the cooled contents of my mug in two then took both empties to the dishwasher. Returning to the lounge I found Freddy plugged onto his food source.

“Good sleep Angie?”

“I think I was sparked out there, two hours, that was a long phone call.”

“Ha ha I’ve been in the garage for over an hour sorting out that stuff I got Dave to shift, you two looked so peaceful there I let you sleep.”

“Sorry, and you changed Freddy too.”

“It took me back a couple of years to baby sitting for Sophie’s girls.”

Angie’s phone rang. “Hi… oh Hi there… I’m afraid I’m not at the moment… no… I’m not looking at any bookings before New Year… I don’t know… no sorry I’ll update my page when I know more… thank you Merry Christmas to you too… thanks, bye.”

“Sorry Terry.”

“No worries.”

“I saw him in June and he expected me to remember his name.”

“I’ve been thinking about Charley…”

“So have I.”

“I wondered about you going to see her.”

“No they won’t for some reason.”

“Well I suppose she could come here.”

“No, no I don’t… can’t start bringing…”

“You said Charley bedava bahis is special and I think just her would be OK but the only thing is not in the bedroom.”

“Let me think about it.” as an afterthought she added; “Thanks.”

After feeding Freddy and playing with him for a while Angie took him upstairs and I started dinner. She seemed to be gone for a while and eventually joined me in the kitchen with a baby’s bottle and put it in the fridge.

“Are you serious about Charley?”

“Yeah why not?”

“Letting her come here?”

“Yes babes I’m fine with Charley for now but what I can’t, won’t allow is a stream of strangers and also not upstairs.”

Angie cuddled snugly to my back.

“Which mould did you come from?”

“Probably the one with ‘mug’ stamped across the forehead.”

Angie hugged tighter before releasing me and laid the table.

“Is there time to send a message to Charley?”


“I need to let people know I’ve moved too. And cancel my rent and rates, benefits agency too. It looks like I’ll be busy tomorrow.”

We sat to eat without any significant conversation which also described the rest of the evening, after feeding Freddy at 10pm Angie pumped more milk and put it in the fridge then we retired to bed. Somehow it felt weird being naked in bed with Angie, more so than the previous nights but with my hand on her waist I heard her breathing change and I drifted off too.

The following day I was out by 6am to work and home about 9pm, I decided to stay much later than intended to get something finished, that way I didn’t have to go in the following day and the other guys would be able to get on with their bits first thing. There was enough time to shower and eat before bed. Angie did say that Charley was coming the following day but I truly don’t remember Angie climbing in beside me.

Sometime after 2am I woke to an empty bed and a light from the landing but glancing across I could see the pillow had been slept on, I laid there for a couple of minutes and eventually decided I needed to pee, on the way there I saw Angie putting Freddy back in his cot and on the way back I stopped to see Angie holding the pump to her breast and heard the rhythmic slurping sound.

We chatted for a few moments then I went back to bed, shortly after I woke as Angie snuggled in beside me and I dropped back to sleep with an erection.

I woke with a start and sat bolt upright, the clock showed after 10am and the need for a piss was dire. I dashed to the bathroom and the sound of P on P lasted for an eternity, I drank a glass of water and washed then back to the bedroom to dress. I was a little surprised no one from work had phoned so went to the office to check my emails and found Freddy sound asleep. I watched him for a few moments before sitting to use the computer, when I’d finished I closed the lid and turned to see Freddy had rolled onto his side and two big bright eyes were watching me.

“Hello Freddy, shall we go find Mummy?” I picked him up and took to the stairs.

The lounge glass door was unusually closed, I could see Angie sitting on the sofa and the rear of a one legged female lying along it. Obviously this is Charley so I headed straight for the kitchen to make some breakfast. Single handed while holding a baby adds a whole different dimension to culinary skills but tea and toast got made and I carried the plate and cup to the dining table in two trips. I sat and chatted to Freddy as I ate and drank while he watched every movement with those big brown eyes.

I’d eaten one slice of my toast when I heard the door open, Angie said; “Morning Terry.” as she passed by and let a man in the front door. He passed by the door and once in the lounge there was a conversation with lots of thanks, easier access and Merry Christmas’s then Charley and her dad passed by the dining room and bade me a Merry Christmas.

The front door opened, further goodbyes and Christmas wishes, and closed.

“Morning Terry. Oh Freddy too, I didn’t hear him cry.”

“No Mummy, Freddy rolled over and watched me doing my emails, so I brought him down with me.”

“Oh thanks. You are… I’m going to get used to being… to you helping with him.”

“You’re no trouble, are you Freddy?”

“That’s not the point Terry; I really need to be looking for somewhere.” Angie picked up a half slice of toast.

“That’ll be cold, make some more.”

“It’s fine, shall I make some fresh for you?”

“No thanks but you could put the kettle on again. I hope I didn’t disturb you and Charley by the way.” Went unheard under the noise of the kettle.

Angie returned with two mugs, placed them on coasters and took Freddy from my lap, for a moment we thought he was going to start crying. “We really like Uncle Terry don’t we?”

“Oh Freddy, that stinks. What have you been eating?” Angie left the room.

That evening after dinner I mentioned I’d be having an early night as I had an early start, by 9pm I was curled up under the duvet and by 05:30am I was on the road to work. deneme bonus That pattern of working six to six, twelve hours a day continued until Saturday December twenty-second. Seventeen days on the trot. I hate it when projects run so late and there’s a crazy mad rush to get things crammed in within silly timescales.

I finished the job and managed to have the Sunday clear run the gauntlet of Christmas food shopping, in the evening Angie’s mother, Elainer, came to dinner and the two of them banished me from the kitchen while they prepared dinner. I spent the time playing little games with Freddy and bathed him then Angie fed him and put him to bed.

They had produced the most amazing vegetarian meal and the three of us spent more than two hours at the table, it really only finished when Danni delivered a load of presents for me to take to hers on Christmas day.

Perhaps I need to explain this, Granddad always dressed as Santa on Christmas morning and I have taken over that duty since he passed away. I turn up with a big red sack and start handing out presents to loads of squeals from the younger children, leave a few under the tree then disappear. I get changed and come back to squeals of ‘just missed Santa and he left these for you’.

It had already been arranged for Angie to go with me to Danni’s for Christmas day and Danni promptly invited Alainer as well, a long story followed to explain her plans for the day, merry Christmases exchanged and Danni left. An hour or so later everything was clean and tidy and a knock at the door found us giving hugs and kisses, bidding Merry Christmas and Elainer vanished into the cold evening to her friends lift home.

Angie gave me the most comfortable hug ever. “Thanks.”

“What for?”

“Everything, for taking me in, for bathing Freddy earlier, for letting me entertain Mum, for everything.”

“I think I should be thanking her properly for that delicious meal tonight. Her plans she said about for Christmas are right are they?”

“Crikey yes her friends have a brilliant day, in and out of everybody’s homes it’s a right laugh. No plans they just do it and eat and drink wherever they happen to be. I went with her last year and it could have been embarrassing when I came face to face with one of my customers.”


“It was fine but you never know what might be said. Ooops there’s Freddy.”

The only remarkable thing about Christmas Eve was an appointment was booked a week or so earlier. A phone call from the contractors sifting through the burnt out flats had found a fire safe, Angie had reported as having one in the flat but this was found on the ground floor. They’d asked if she could attend to identify it and to produce the key as proof which she had done. The key fitted and unlocked the safe but it’s designed to seal shut in a fire and it had done its job well, yes it was unlocked but the 2 halves of the plastic case had swelled and welded together perfectly and needed to be cut open.

When we’d got back home I’d tried to cut it open but nothing I had touched it. Google identified the product and we rang the manufacturers, much to our surprise they identified the product from name and address and verified by date of birth. Part of the purchase turns out to be a free visit to open the safe. That had been booked for Christmas Eve and the guy turned up in a van equipped for the task. Angie had to be there to witness his actions, he then let Angie remove the contents and, much to both of our surprises, provided a replacement safe as part of the service and even placed the new safe on the workbench in the garage where he’d found the damaged one. The contents were virtually unaffected by the fire and I was so impressed with the product and the service I promptly asked if I could buy another from him and he placed a second on the bench.

It was a lazy day and about 4pm we wrapped up warm and walked around the streets looking at the decorations before dinner, then after dinner we just sat and watched the one eyed monster in the corner of the room until Freddie made a noise, I checked the time, a bit after ten. “I’ll finish down here.” I went round and turned all the lights off and checked the doors before taking the wooden hill, showered, got into bed and checked my emails while I heard the shower running. Shortly after a naked Angie settled in beside me.

“What time are leaving in the morning?”

“About nine, any later and the kids will be screaming the place down.” I set the alarm clock for 07:30 and mentally calculated it to be nearly eight and a half hours.

“Merry Christmas Terry and thanks again for everything.” Angie leant in for a kiss.

OK we’d been living together for three weeks but I’d been deliberately not starting intimate contact with Angie, as much as I wanted to that wasn’t why she was here. We’d been having a goodnight kiss most nights but that was all.

“I can’t feed Freddy with what I’ve eaten and drunk tonight so these are for you.”

I wasted no time, moved down the bed and filled my mouth with a right tit, the contents of which filled my belly for ages and the left followed on and did the same. Due to the food we’d had the flavour was completely different to normal, having quite a tang to it was the last thing I remembered as the blackness of contented sleep overcame my senses.

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