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Sam is a handsome guy. He is blessed with a fast metabolism, which lets him eat and drink without putting on weight. At school, he was a keen sportsman. Playing soccer in the winter months and cricket in summer. Even at twenty-two he still kept his athletic physique. Sam is quite a ladies’ man, at least in his own eyes.As a teenager, he did have a lot of success with the girls and was quite a nice chap. Sadly he became, not Big-Headed, but certainly full of himself, as we Brits would say. This change to his persona made him distant from his teenage friends. Sadly, Sam could not see how people had started to avoid him. Especially his younger sister when she would bring her friends to their house.Maggie had just turned twenty. She was now starting to explore the world with the girlfriends she had known at school. Jenny, her best friend ever since they met at school, would often come to Maggie’s house and do homework together. Sam had taken an interest in Jenny when she had turned sixteen, often to the annoyance of Maggie and Jenny. This intrusion from Sam continued as the two girls grew into two lovely young ladies.If only Sam could be told, or if only he would take time to listen, they could all have got on well together. But Sam, being full of himself, was always trying it on. He would try to seduce or touch Jenny and sometimes Maggie too. Then, one day the girls, having had too much of him, decided to do something about Sam.It was a Friday evening, and Sam’s mum and dad had gone to visit his aunt for the weekend. At about 7 pm, Jenny called around to show Maggie some new clothes she had bought. Sam was watching TV, and the girls decided to go and try on the new dresses. They went upstairs to Maggie’s bedroom but left the door half-open. Sam hearing the laughing and giggling, decided to look at what was going on.Quietly, he snuck upstairs to Maggie’s bedroom and peeked through the opening. He could his sister wearing only her bra and panties. Her slim figure, toned tummy, and small, but pert breasts, made Sam stiffen in his trousers. Jenny came into sight, wearing only a thong, but had her back to the door. Her toned legs and firm buttocks brought Sam to full hardness. Then Sam burst in to ask what the noise was about.”Do you like to look at girls getting dressed, Sam?” Jenny asked with a smile on her face and her hands across her breasts.Sam was hoping to catch a look at her breasts and nipples, but Jenny was teasing him.”Even if one of the girls is bonus veren siteler your sister?” Maggie asked as she came close to Sam, brushing her thigh on his.Jenny stepped to his other side and rubbed her hand on Sam’s thigh, as she asked, “are we getting hard, Sam?”Both girls could see the big bulge in Sam’s trousers and looked as if they were admiring it.Maggie kissed her brother on his cheek, as Jenny whispered in his ear, “Do you want to play with us both?””Fuck yes! You are both hot,” was all that Sam could reply.”Then, let us show you how a girl gets pleasured.” These words coming from his little sister sent kinky thoughts through Sam’s mind.He knew his sister had a great body, but fucking her with her slim, toned friend surpassed all his desires and expectations. His fully hard cock was now straining in his trousers, longing to be set free.”You know this is not going to be a sexy night, don’t you?” Jenny said, but before he could utter a word, she added, “it’s going to be a fucking, kinky, sexy night!”Sam could not believe his luck, dreaming of the girls over his hips and face, both at the same time.”Let’s get you ready,” Maggie said as she unbuttoned Sam’s shirt.Jenny had already bent down to take his shoes and socks off. Then she stood in front of him, tits bear, nipples hard, and just a small triangle of cotton hiding her mound. She looked gorgeous. Sam nearly came in his pants when she undid his trousers, pulling them and his boxer shorts down in one firm movement. Sam’s hard seven-inch cock sprung up, almost slapping her face.Sam stood there naked, erect, and waited. The girls, one on each arm, took him over to the open wardrobe. Lifting each hand above his head they tied him to the rail inside. Then they tied his ankles, so his legs remained open.”We did say it was going to be a kinky night,” Jenny said with that teasing grin on her face.Jenny and Maggie stood in front of Sam oozing sex appeal as Sam’s, thicker than normal seven inches, cock throbbed longing to be touched.”Well, you can’t enjoy a good sexy night dressed like that, my dear,” Jenny told Maggie as both girls turned to face each other. “Let me help you get out of your underwear.”Jenny put her arms around Maggie opening the bra and slipped it off. They embraced sensually pressing their breasts on each other’s and kissed with open mouths and playful tongues. Maggie’s hands roamed over Jenny’s buttocks and between her crack almost fingering her hole. Jenny’s bedava bahis hand slid between Maggie’s legs and rubbed and stroked her mound, finding the wetness rise on Maggie’s panties.Jenny lifted from their mouths to lick and kiss Maggie’s neck, just below her ear. Then kissing lower, she found her breasts with hard nipples ready to be sucked. Maggie leaned her head back and sighed as she drew in a breath and pushed her breasts harder on to Jenny’s face. Jenny kissed, liked, and sucked each nipple with great joy. A gentle bite too, giving Maggie the pleasure she enjoys.The girls turned as Jenny kissed lower down Maggie’s body. Her magic hands slipped Maggie’s panties down, and they were kicked free.Sam could now see the shaved protrusion of his sister’s mound and the top of her pussy. Jenny having her back to him, pulled hard on her thong to release it. She knelt and opened her legs to show him her wet kitty. Sam swallowed hard as his cock throbbed. Its head was now covered and dripping pre-cum.Maggie lifted her leg and rested her foot on the bed. Jenny’s tongue found her labia warm and wet and ready. Jenny kissed and licked Maggie’s lips then opened her folds to finger her and suck her clit. Reaching between her own legs, Jenny fingered her wet pussy, right in front of Sam. His cock strained as if to reach the treasure between her legs. Some semen dripped from his cock, not a real ejaculation, just a drip.Maggie was enjoying the pleasure as Jenny’s tongue was  ‘flicking the bean’ in this foreplay. Wanting and needing to share the joy with Jenny, Maggie lay on her back and slid between Jenny’s legs. Her tongue found Jenny’s slit as Jenny’s tongue found Maggie’s. They licked and sucked on each other’s clits, sending electric thrills through their bodies. As their climax drew near, Maggie began to thrust her hips up, while Jenny was grinding her pussy on Maggie’s face. Maggie’s arms shot around Jenny’s body as she pulled her face up and her tongue deep inside Jenny’s vagina. Pushing her hips up forcefully, she came covering Jenny’s face with her love juice. Jenny shook and trembled above Maggie, then she squirted on Maggie and all over her body.They collapsed on the floor together, but somehow found each other’s mouth and just lay there passionately kissing.It took a little while for the girls to catch their breath and let the thrill of their orgasm subside. Jenny got up first and moved to the side. Maggie knelt up and sat back deneme bonus on her heels close to Sam’s cock.”Mmmmmmm let me suck you, baby,” Maggie said.At last, thought Sam, I am going to join in and be sucked.Then Jenny appeared with a strapless strap-on neatly fitted in her vagina. Maggie grabbed it, licking it first, then took it deep in her mouth. She sucked it, then let Jenny face fuck her with it. They spent a good five minutes with Jenny standing, Maggie kneeling and sucking just in front of Sam’s cock.Maggie turned on to all fours as Jenny knelt behind for and slid the cock into Maggie and fucked her hard. Maggie cried out to be fucked harder, while all Sam could do, was to fuck thin air.After Maggie had climaxed, the girls swapped over. Maggie stood in front of Sam as she spread her legs and slid the holding part into her pussy. Jenny was now down, her head resting on her hand and ass high up, ready for fucking. Maggie knelt behind her, kissed her buttock, then slid her tongue between them and over Jenny’s ass hole. She tongue-fucked her hole before sliding the cock end into it. Maggie fucked Jenny’s hole until Jenny had orgasmed a few times and could take no more.Teasing Sam, they offered to fuck his hole, almost sliding the artificial cock between his legs.The girls kissed each other tenderly then went to the bathroom to shower.It was half-past ten when they came back, dressed and chatted about shopping the next day. They paid no attention to Sam. Not that they ignored him, it was more like he did not even exist. Just as the girls were leaving the room, Jenny turned to Sam.With a cruel grin, she told him, “We have not yet finished with you!”Sam heard the girls go downstairs and then heard the front door open and close. He calls out for them to come and untie him but did not receive a reply. Feeling too ashamed to be found, nude and tied to the cupboard, he just resigned himself to his situation. He had already been tied there for over two hours.Almost dozing off, Sam heard the front door open. The time was half past midnight when the girls came back. Both of them came over to Sam as if to untie him. By now, he was half asleep and had no energy to put up a fight. The girls seemed so friendly towards him now he thought they were going to let him go.Jenny lifted his chin as if to kiss him and whispered, “Close your eyes.”Sam complied, lifted his head, and closed his eyes. Jenny smiled and then threw a belt over Sam’s head to collar his neck. Maggie had untied one of Sam’s hands then moved it over to the other hand. Before untying that hand, she slipped handcuffs over both wrists then untied the other hand. Having secured his hand behind his back with Jenny controlling the belt, Maggie untied Sam’s feet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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