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Aunt Beth (from www)The summer of “69” how well I remember it, just like it was yesterday. I was out on the patio, listening to the radio, Jefferson Airplane was on, the song “Someone to Love”. I went in to grab a coke, my mother was on the phone. School was out for the summer as of today and life was good. Coming into the kitchen, Mom looked at me smiling. I went over to the fridge, opened the door and took out my bottle of coke. Grabbing the opener off the fridge I popped the cap off and turned looking at my mother. She smiled at me and I heard her say “Well Becky, you be careful, at night with the burglaries around your neighborhood”. Wow, Mom was talking to aunt Becky, what a dish she was! She reminded me of Marlo Thomas, That Girl. I remembered a wedding we went to last month. Aunt Becky was there, wearing a mini skirt and I was smitten by her. You see she is thirty years old and beautiful. I was sitting out in the foyer of the hall where the wedding was, and the toilets were out there. Aunt Becky came out smiling at me, and she went into the ladies room.A few minutes later, she looked out, seeing that I was the only one out there she slowly walked out. Looking at me with her big brown eyes and smiling Aunt Becky asked ” Steven, will you dance with me tonight?”I replied ” I would like that very much Aunt Becky.”She gave me a smile that made me feel kind of funny. Then she walked by me and I looked at her, her skirt was pulled up, hitched to the belt of her skirt. I could see her ass! It was covered with beige pantie hose, but I could see right through it. Her ass, was beautiful. She turned, looking at me and seeing where I was looking she smiled that strange smile again, then slowly pulled her skirt down. I think my mouth was hanging open, my eyes wide, then she was gone… “Steven” I heard my mother say. Mom said ” Hello, earth to Steve.”Snapping out of my daydream, I asked ” What Mom?”My mother said ” Aunt Becky would like to know, if you would help her and stay with her until they catch the burglar?”Taking a sip from my pop bottle, I said ” If it is alright with you and dad, sure I will.”Mom said ” I do not think your father will mind Steve.”Little did I know that my Mom and dad were getting intimate with the neighbors. They were playing strip poker together and swinging! Visions of erotica were dancing in my mothers head.It was settled, I got to stay with my beautiful Aunt Becky, That Girl. I was in seventh heaven, walking on air as I packed my suitcase. Later that day Aunt Becky arrived, driving a new red Mustang. Aunt Becky’s husband is an architect, he is on assignment in the Middle East for three months. Uncle Frank was always going places, it seemed.Aunt Becky was hot, wearing yellow shorts, that hugged her butt. The crack down the middle of her ass, those round cheeks of her heart shaped ass. Her tan legs, her nice cantaloupe size tits, my god I was in lust. Aunt Becky smiled at me, then hugging me in greeting, she said ” Thank you so much Steven, for being nice enough to come and help a woman in distress.”I think I blushed almost afraid that my crotch would have a tell-tale bulge, lucky for me it did not. Kissing Mom good-bye Aunt Becky and I were off. Aunt Becky drove, like she lived her life, fast. She was watching me out of the corner of her eye. Every time she turned a corner fast she would ask me ” Your not scared Stevie, are you. I mean you aren’t going to pee your pants, are you?”She put her hand on my thigh squeezing lightly, Smiling that same smile she had at the wedding. I looked over at her the wind blowing her dark hair, her dark sun glasses, I was in awe of her.Aunt Becky looked over at me saying ” Don’t worry Stevie, I do not bite.”We pulled into her drive way, of her new ranch home. She said ” Lets go take a dip in the pool, I am roasting.”After I was settled in to the guest room, I joined Aunt Becky in the yard. My swim trunks on, no shirt, I went out to the pool. It was a small under ground k**ney shaped pool. Aunt Becky was just getting out, her wet bikini, clinging to her ass, the pink material looking fluorescent, in contrast to her dark tan.”Hey slow poke, it’s about time you showed up. I thought maybe you stood me up.”She looked over at me smiling, her eyes matching her smile. I noticed her breasts, full, spilling out of her top. God I thought, I am being slowly tortured. I could fell my dick, crawling around my trunks. So I hurried and jumped in the pool. Looking out my Aunt was laying on a towel next to the pool. She had her top unsnapped and was watching me.She said ” Your so cute Stevie, such a handsome young man!”She was laying on her stomach, just looking at me. She smiled and said “Come on over here and put some oil on my back Stevie.”I climbed out of the pool, walking over, and I saw her pulling her bikini bottoms into the crack of her butt. She pulled them up her ass-crack, her ass split by her pink bikini bottom. God her ass was incredible! I walked over to her, she was looking at me over her shoulder. She picked up the bottle of coppertone, the girl on the bottle, her ass bare as her dog tugged down her pants. I smiled, thinking how appropriate. With hands that shook, a little I opened the bottle, pouring some lotion on her back. The shiny lotion, reminded me of what comes out of my cock when I play with it. I lightly rubbed her shoulders, with my finger tips.Aunt Becky said ” Steven I will not break honey, rub me harder.”I almost groaned out loud when I looked between her legs. I could see her pussy hair, dark, sticking out of her tightly pulled bikini. That was not all, I could see her pink pussy lip, sticking out of the side. I did moan then, she turned looking over her shoulder.She asked ” Is something wrong Stevie?”I answered ” No Aunt Becky.”Yes there was, my cock was hard, sticking out. Leaning over her back, my cock rubbed her bottom. She sighed, looking back at me. I tried to hide my predicament, and only made it worse. By lowering myself my cock brushed her ass harder. My Aunt smiled back at me saying ” Oh Steven, I am sorry, it seems I have you all excited.”She added ” Don’t worry honey, its natural for that to happen.”She wiggled her ass at my hard cock. I started rubbing the lotion harder, into her smooth skin. She mewed with pleasure, my hands rubbing her back. My god, she was topless, and her ass and more was bare, for me to look at.S he said ” Stevie, put some on my butt, I don’t want to burn there. Why I wouldn’t be able to sit down for a week.”My hands slid down her back, touching those jewels, her soft ass cheeks. I did groan then, as I felt them in my hands. Putting more lotion on her ass, I could not help but to think, it looks like spunk on her butt! Rubbing her ass, so soft, smooth she had her head turned laying on the back of her hands. A smile of contentment on her face.Aunt Becky said, ” Make sure to put it in my crack too Stevie.”My fingers slid into her ass crack, bahis firmaları rubbing the lotion in, looking into her crotch, really liking what I was seeing. After I finished her backside, she turned over. My eyes wide as I saw her tits, the nipples, a pinkish, brown color. The nipples, standing out, looking like huge eraser tips.My aunt looked at me, her brown eyes, almost pleading, she said ” Steven, please lick my nipples, I really need you to.”I thought I saw a tear, in her eyes, as I leaned down, kissing her pebble hard nipple. Aunt Becky cried out, I licked her nipple, like it were a gumdrop. She put her hand in my shaggy hair, pulling my face down. My mouth opened, sucking her hard nipple in. I nursed on her breasts like a baby, sucking them, her hands tugging, pulling my hair. Aunt Becky moaned, saying ” Yes Stevie, that’s it…oh god I am so starved for love.”I moaned around her tits, licking them doing anything she asked. She seemed so happy and sad, all at the same time. I felt her hand running down my bare back, she went all the way down to my ass. Cupping it, she was squeezing my ass.She said ” Steven, honey, can I take your trunks off. Your cock seems so uncomfortable in there. “She added ” It is okay honey, I wouldn’t hurt you, you know that.”Looking at her, she was beautiful, hell I would have jumped off the Empire state building for her at that moment I moved up to her, kneeling by the side of her. She reached up, pulling down the band around my trunks. Untying the string, my boner, rubbing her forearm. Aunt Becky pulled my trunks down, my hard cock snapped up, bobbing around.Aunt Becky said ” My goodness, Stevie, you are bigger then my husband, my goodness.”She pulled my trunks all the way down, and I stood up, stepping out of them. My hard cock bobbing around as Aunt Becky got up on her knees, taking my hard-on in her warm hand. I shivered with excitement. Aunt Becky, her hand moving up and down my cock, just like mine does, she leaned forward, her tongue licking at the purple head of my swollen cock. Her wet tongue, flicked out, lashing my cock. I groaned, saying ” You better be careful Auntie, or something might happen!”She looked up at me smiling, then she said “Its okay Stevie, I want it to happen, don’t hold back.”Becky said ” I know that white cream comes out of your cock, I don’t care.”Then she slipped her lips over my cock, sucking it into her mouth. It felt like melted butter, her warm wet mouth. Her cheeks, sucking in creating a warm suction. Aunt Becky’s mouth, slid up and down my cock. She kept looking up at me, watching me, enjoying the look of pleasure, on my face. Her hand stroked the part of my cock that was not in her mouth. My balls slapped against her chin, god she looked so exciting with her mouth full of my cock. Her lips made wet sucking sounds, I remembered my father and uncle painting once. I walked in the room and they were saying the “Wet paint, sounded like a sloppy piece of ass.” They laughed then turned seeing me, they both became quiet. I wondered if this was what they meant. I watched my Aunt, sucking me, her hand jacking me off. It was to much…I groaned, then shouting ” Aunt Becky, you better take your mouth off it, I am going to cum!”She looked up at me her eyes shining, shaking her head no, she sucked, and jerked me off harder. I wanted to throw my head back and scream, it felt so good. But all I could do was watch while she sucked me off. I moaned, feeling the cum, burning it’s way up my cock. My balls shrank up, as my cock pumped Aunt Becky’s sucking mouth full of my teenage cum. Her eyes wide, at my load, it leaked out, the corners of her mouth. Silvery white, it ran down her cheeks, dripping down, hanging like drool, from her chin. She kept sucking, draining me, wanting all I had to give.Aunt Becky slipped, my cock out of her mouth, looking at it. My cock was wet, shiny with cum, and she leaned forward licking it. I could see her tongue, gooey with my cum. Aunt Becky wiped the cum, with her hand that was wet on her face. She rubbed it on her nipples, moaning.She looked at me and said ” Stevie, will you do something for me now?”I answered, ” Yes Auntie, I want to make you happy now.”She said ” Oh honey, I am already happy. But I am horny. Would you try licking my pussy?”Her hands pulled down the bottoms of her suit. Her hairy dark bush, nestled between her legs. She looked at me, laying back on her towel, spreading her legs. I could see the wet pink folds, inside her pussy, or cunt, as some guys called it. She ran her fingers through her bush spreading her lips. She said ” Come on honey, try it, uncle Frank never does this for me. He thinks it will make him less of a man or some crazy thing.”I crawled over between her legs, I could smell her, perfume, and something more exotic. Like the sea, I don’t know, it’s hard to describe. I placed my hands on her thighs. Her eyes, bright with lust and desire, I lowered my face.Aunt Becky hissed ” That’s it Stevie, my god, it has been so long.”My tongue touched her sticky lips, licking timidly at first. The taste was not bad! It reminded me faintly of sweet onions, pee, I dove in. Licking her pussy, my tongue flicking back and forth. Like she did to my cock. She moaned, crying, saying ” Yes, oh yes, oh Stevie, sweetie lick my pussy, oh my god.”Aunt Becky, moaned and howled, about how it has been so long, how uncle Frank is older then her, and he likes his whiskey bottle more then her when he is home. I couldn’t help thinking uncle Frank must be nuts. One taste of my aunts pussy, I was hooked. My tongue licked Aunt Becky’s pussy, wanting to taste her forever. The creamy syrup starting to leak, my tongue lapped it all up. Licking down further, I started to lick her tiny brown asshole. She moaned, saying ” God Stevie, no one has ever licked my ass, before. It feels so good!”My tongue tasted her asshole, the erotic flavor of her ass, drove me wild. Her ass bucked at my licking tongue, until it slipped into her tight asshole. I don’t know how I knew, how to lick my aunt to a frenzy, I guess it just came natural. I just wanted to make her happy, at this moment I loved her so much.Aunt Becky moaned, her hands gripping my hair, her pussy riding up and down my face. I felt her wet slippery juice, painting my face. I licked my way back up to her wet slit. My tongue tasting her juices, I started licking, sucking, anything that made her moan.She moaned, cried ” Oh my god, Stevie, oh yeah…I am cumming, ahhh.. oh yeah…”Aunt Becky’s cries of pleasure drove me wild, as her pussy flooded my mouth, my face. She pulled me up to her, hands on my face.Aunt Becky said ” Come up here honey, kiss me.”I moved up, my naked body sliding on hers, looking at her eyes, she pulled me down, kissing me, her tongue licking my lips.Aunt Becky had me sleep in her room, she said she wanted to be held, did not want to be alone, ever again. She and I learned how to kaçak iddaa please each other, over and over again that night. She sat on top, my cock inside her wet pussy, riding me, while I sucked on her nipples. My hands sliding up and down her sweaty back, my fingers cupping her ass. The look of bliss, on her face as she had orgasm after orgasm. She liked to lick the milky cum off my cock. Her eyes looking at me while her pink tongue, licked seductively, at our mingled juices. Aunt Becky, surprised me, she swung herself around over me, her wet drippy pussy over my face. I could see my cum, pearly white, leaking out. Then she lowered her wet pussy, down on my face. her mouth sucking my cock, I started to lick her pussy, tasting my cum and her’s.Spent, we slept, I awoke hard, and turned to face her. My hard cock touching her ass. She moaned, asking ” Is that hard cock of yours all for me?”I moved to kiss her neck, she purred, wiggling her ass on my cock. She turned to look at me, I said “It’s all for you, but first I have to pee.”Her eyes lit up, she asked ” Steven, can I watch? I have never seen a guy pee before.”I said ” I well show you mine if you show me yours.”Aunt Becky laughed, saying ” My, my, we are getting rather advanced in our early sex life. You are on!”She jumped out of bed, her tits, jiggling, her ass shaking and walked briskly to the bathroom. My hard cock pointing the way, as I joined her in the bathroom. She stood behind me, her hand on my butt. She pushed me towards the toilet. She had already lifted the seat, standing behind me. Her face peeking around my right side, her hand taking hold of my cock.She said in a teasing voice ” Stevie go pottie for Auntie Becky.”Aunt Becky added whispering in my ear ” Come on Stevie, I will hold your tally-whacker, while you pee.”I couldn’t help giggling, “tally%2-whacker” I said.Then sighing I let the flood gates go, we both watched the golden piss stream from my cock. Aunt Becky, gasped, saying ” God I can feel your cock, it is like it is pulsating.” She directed my pee, into the bowl, playing fire girl. She laughed as she made my piss do circles, by moving my cock around. She said ” Look at all those white bubbles, floating on top.”After I finished pissing, Aunt Becky, quickly put the seat down, sitting on the toilet. She took my cock in her hand, and looked up at me. I could see that mischievous smile. I could see the golden drops trickling from my cock. She saw them also, and leaning forward, she started licking my piss, from my cock. I watched her tongue licking up the drops. Giving my cock a couple of loving sucks, she slid her mouth off.Aunt Becky asked ” Want to watch me pee?”I answered ” mmmm… yes I do.”She told me ” Get on your knees, in front of me. This should work.”Aunt Becky sat back as far on the toilet as she could. Her back pushing against the tank. Sliding her pussy forward, she spread her legs open as far as she could. She reached down, slowly spreading the sticky lips of her pussy. Her pussy had a powerful smell, from all the fucking we did the night before. I watched, intently, enjoying the heady smell of her pussy. S he was watching me, smiling.Aunt Becky groaned, ” Watch me pee, Steven.”Her eyes were glassy, and I saw her pussy, a golden yellow stream spurted out. It went in all directions, at first. Her piss made a hissing sound as it came out stronger. I watched, mesmerized, while she pissed. I put my hand in her warm stream of piss. She moaned when I did this. Her warm piss tickled my hand, filled it. I brought my hand to my mouth. She gasped, when I started licking the small puddle in my hand. Her pee, tasted faintly salty, but it was not bad! When she finished, she stood, my hands cupping her smooth ass cheeks. I pulled her pussy to my mouth, looking up at her staring face. I started licking the golden drops from her pussy, her hairy bush. Aunt Becky moaned, pushing her wet pussy into my face.She said ” Oh Steven, lick my pussy, aahhh… lick my piss off, oh yeah, do it, eat me…”Her pussy rode my tongue, her ass cheeks clenching, in my hands. Her cries of passion, music to my ears, as I licked her to a creamy finish.The days turned to weeks, as Beth and Steve explored one another. It seemed that they could try anything and be comfortable, with one another doing it. One day Beth and Steve were in the living room. Beth had Steve kneeling in the over stuffed chair. He was naked his ass, pushed back. Beth’s tongue, fucked in and out of his asshole. Steve moaned, at the pleasure Beth’s tongue, brought him. Beth told Steve ” Hold that position, honey, I will be right back.”Aunt Beth left the room, only for a moment. She came back with a bowl of cool whip and some long “Tootsie Rolls”. Steve felt his aunt place her finger, with cool whip to his asshole. Steve grunted, then giggled saying ” Its cold Aunt Becky!”Aunt Becky replied ” Not for long, Stevie.”She fucked her finger into his ass. Then she unwrapped the candy. Beth looked at the long brown piece of candy, smiling she placed it at Stevens asshole. Steven felt the tip of the round candy, slip into his ass. He moaned, as his aunt pushed it up his ass. Aunt Becky fucked the Tootsie Roll in and out of his ass.Beth said ” Oh Stevie, it looks like a turd, sticking out of your ass!”She pushed it in, until it was all in but the last piece. Aunt Becky said ” I am going to eat this turd, right from your ass Steven.”Steven giggled, looking back at his aunt, crouched behind his ass. Aunt Becky sure looked hot, she was wearing black stockings, garter belt, heels and a bra. They were all black and her tits were pulled out. He saw her head duck behind his ass. He felt her lips touch his asshole. Her lips, sucked at his asshole, he felt the Tootsie Roll tug a little, as her mouth pulled it out a little bit. She bit part of it off. Her hand, grasped his hard cock. Aunt Becky ate the Tootsie Roll and jacked his cock. Steven moaned in pleasure, at the feeling of his cock being stroked and his asshole, having the candy being slowly eaten from his ass. Becky finished the Tootsie Roll, and started licking his ass clean. She heard a car coming down the street, being summer, with the windows open. It slowed down, pulling into the driveway, across the street. Becky turned, looking out the picture window of her living room. She saw the two old ladies get out of the car. They were probably in their fifties or sixties, as she recognised them. They were the two bible thumpers that always came to her door, every month. Becky knew, that her house would be next on their list. An idea came to mind!Becky said ” Steven, would you do me a favor?”Steven answered ” Aunt Becky, I would do anything for you. Just name it!”Aunt Becky jumped off the floor, and said ” Wait here, I will be right back!”She came back into the living room, carrying another pair of stockings and garter belt.She said ” Here Stevie, put these on.”Steve groaned, ” Aunt kaçak bahis Becky, what the hell, you want me to wear this!”She said ” Steven please, do this for me. I want you to wear them, and then when those two old ladies come to my door, I want you to answer the door.”Steve looked at his aunt, seeing she was very serious about this, he nodded his head yes. His aunt helped him get the items on. Steve looked at her, rather sheepishly. He had to admit, the stockings, the silky feeling felt good to him. His aunt knelt in front of him, taking his cock in her mouth. Aunt Becky blew, Steve, until she heard the car start up, then pull into her driveway. She kept on sucking his cock until, she heard the car doors close. She moaned her mouth full of Stevens cock. His cock was nice and hard when she heard the Ding-Dong of the front door bell. Slipping her mouth off his cock, she said ” Go get them tiger!”Smacking his ass, Steven yelped, then smiling went to the front door. Becky went over to the front window, peeking out and she could just see them on the front porch.Steven, walked up to the front door. Opening the storm door, a smile on his face, a cock that was hard as a rock, wearing his aunts undies he said in his most sophisticated voice ” May I help you?”The women, looked at his face first, then both their eyes dropped down his body, to his hard cock.” AHHHHH…” The one screamed, the other just gawked, taking this young man all in.The one who squawked, said ” You need help, does your mother know you dress like this?”Steven laughed, saying ” Why yes she does, as a matter of fact, she picked it out!”She squawked again saying ” You better change, or you will burn in hell.”The other one just kept looking and smiling, until the one said ” Erma, lets go!”They jumped into the car, then took off. Steven could hear his aunt laughing, as he came back into the living room. She kissed him, her body rubbing his. Stevens hard cock pushed up between the two of them. His aunt said ” Steven, I have a surprise for you.”His Aunt Becky, took the position he had on the chair. She turned to look at him over her shoulder, then she said ” Steven, fuck me, right up my ass.”She pushed her ass back, her crack, opening, Steve could see her tiny dark asshole. Becky pulled her ass cheeks open, with her right hand. Looking at her nephew, she said ” Come on hurry, no one has ever had me this way.”Steve knelt behind his aunts ass, spreading her cheeks open with both hands, he bent forward, licking her asshole. Becky moaned, pushing her ass back at his tongue. Steve’s tongue slid up her hot asshole. He licked her ass out, until she screamed, ” Fuck me, now, right in my ass!”Steve stood, taking some of the whip cream in his hand. He rubbed it into her asshole, pushing his finger up her ass. Adding another finger Steve worked his fingers in her ass. trying to loosen her up for his cock. Steve put the head of his cock to her puckered asshole. Aunt Becky, moaned, as he pushed the head, slowly into her tight ass. He watched, as the purple head slowly slid up her ass. His aunts ass cheeks spread, so wide. Steven watched his cock slowly slide into Aunt Becky’s butt.Aunt Becky howled ” Oh yeah, ahhh, god, Steven, fuck my ass!”Steven listened to his aunt moan, and beg to have her ass fucked. He started to slowly, fuck his cock in and out of her ass. He watched as his cock slid in and out of her tight ass. Aunt Becky, her head whipping from side to side urged Steven to fuck her harder. His aunts asshole, was so hot, so tight, he felt her fingers, rubbing her pussy. Aunt Becky moaned, her ass fucking back, meeting him stroke for stroke.Aunt Becky screamed ” OH FUCK, FUCK MY ASS, I AM CUMMING…”Steven groaned, moaning as his aunts asshole gripped his cock even tighter, as she came. Steven shouted ” Aunt Becky, I am cumming, ahhhh, right in your ass!”Stevens cock pumped, his cum into Aunt Beth’s, clenching asshole. He watched as she slowly slumped forward. Steve’s cock slid out of her ass, making a popping sound. His cock, coated with a film of cum, the cum, had a light brown tint, to it. He saw his aunts asshole, gaping open, his cum, trickled out. He could see little flecks of her shit, leaking out, floating in his cum. Steve thought of his uncle and fathers comments about a sloppy piece of ass. He chuckled, thinking, now that’s what I would call a sloppy piece of ass!Aunt Becky turned, holding one hand under her dripping ass. She pushed Steve back, telling him ” Lay down on your back. I want to suck your cock clean.”Steve lay down on his back, Aunt Becky straddled him. Steve could see her cum dripping ass, right over his face. Aunt Becky said ” Stevie, lick me clean too.”He felt her mouth close over his dirty cock, Steve reached up, taking her cheeks in his hands. He pulled his auntie’s ass down, to his waiting mouth. Licking and sucking at her asshole. Steve could taste his cum, mixed with her shit. He lapped her asshole while she sucked his cock clean. Steve could not help the feeling that they had some how tempted fate. He felt funny about doing what he did with the door and the bible ladies. I guess his upbringing, things he learned, made him feel maybe that what he did was wrong. And when your wrong, sometimes bad things happen. Steven, shivered, hugging his aunts ass tightly to his face. An uneasy feeling, that came over him for a moment, was forgotten, as Aunt Beth sucked his cock to another creamy finish…The weeks turned into months, Steven and his aunt, fucking and sucking the summer away. Steve’s mother became suspicious, she drove over to Becky’s house. Parking down the street, she walked to her sister’s house. It was late morning, as she walked around the house to her sister’s bedroom window. Being summer, the window was wide open. She could hear the moaning, Beth’s moaning. She heard Beth saying ” Fuck me Stevie, fuck me hard!”Steve’s Mom looked through the window. Her sister, Beth was sitting on her son’s cock! She could see her sister’s juices on her son’s cock! Steve his hands holding Beth’s ass, pulling her cheeks open. Beth’s sister could see her dark, tiny asshole. Her sister, moaned, slamming her pussy down hard on her son’s cock. What a big cock Steve had! Beth screamed, ” I am cumming…Oh fuck me Stevie, Fuck me…”She saw her sister jerk, shiver in her orgasm. Steve pumped his cock up his aunt’s pussy. Aunt Beth lifted off of his cock, turning around. She took Steven’s cock in her mouth, licking and sucking. Beth her hand jerking Steven’s cock, as Steven groaned ” Aunt Beth… I am going to cum… Ahhhh…”Steve’s Mom watched her son’s cock explode, sending thick creamy jets of cum into her sister’s face. White streaks slid down her face, hanging, from her sisters chin. Her sister licked her son’s cock clean, sucking it into her mouth. Steve’s mother grabbed at her crotch her pussy leaking, as she turned to leave. She heard her sister say ” Steven, I sure hope your mother never finds out!”Beth’s sister thought to herself, ” It is to late little sister, I have already!”Steve’s Mom left, already thinking of all the nasty things she was going to make those two do for her…

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