Airport Surprise – Chapter One

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Airport Surprise – Chapter OneAirport Surprise – Chapter OneChapter OneChicago. I woke with a start. I looked at my watch. It was five in the morning. I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. I sat up in bed wondering, what now? It’s happened before. Two years ago I was in Japan and had this feeling. Four hours later a tsunami hit. Five years ago I was in Australia when a plane crashed, killing everyone on board. Eight years before that, I was in Indonesia when a freak monsoon hit. You get the idea. Bad feeling means some disaster is going to happen.I got out of bed and walked to the window. I looked out onto Terminal One, O’Hare International Airport. One of the busiest airports in the world. I was scheduled to leave later that day after finishing a conference yesterday.I called the front desk to extend my stay by three more days. They said it was no problem, the hotel was only at sixty percent capacity. I couldn’t go back to sleep, so I got dressed and checked my email. I finished that and wrote my notes for the next conference.I looked at my watch and it was almost nine. I decided to get breakfast. Rather than eat in the room, I walked over to the airport. You can find almost anything you want to eat here. From fast food to elegant dining. I chose a café.With an upset stomach there wasn’t much I was interested in. I ordered coffee and a couple of scones. I finished eating and paid my check. Then I went to the airline to see about changing my flight. There was a small issue, but it quickly resolved with a few frequent flyer miles.Since I wasn’t leaving for a few days, I decided to see the city.I took the ‘L’ downtown and spent most of the afternoon at a few of the museums. Then I headed back to the airport.I had to go through the terminal to get to my hotel. That’s when it happened. A winter snow storm. Without any warning, Chicago was about to get buried in snow. Flights were being cancelled left and right. I looked out, but it was not snowing very heavily.I decided to get a drink. I was sitting in a bar that was open to the concourse. I had just ordered my second drink when a young man, a boy really, walked over to me.”Excuse me sir,” he said.He was wearing a large winter coat, heavy gloves and a wool cap that covered his entire head. From what I could tell, he was just a k**. Maybe f******n or f*****n.”Yes? What’s the problem?” I asked.”Well, you see, I was supposed to leave for home, but all the flights have been cancelled. I called the hotel, but they’re full. I also talked to the people here, but they can’t find anything either,” he said.”Yeah, it gets pretty crazy when the airlines start canceling flights,” I replied.”I guess. But, I was wondering. I can see you have a room. Could I stay with you tonight? I’ll pay you for the space. At least until I can get home,” he said.I looked at the table and saw the room key sitting there. I did have a room and there was room for him. But I was still cautious.”Let me see your ticket, please,” I said.He handed me his boarding pass. Taylor Hughes. New York to Denver. I handed it back to him.”I guess it will be okay. I don’t think the hotel will mind,” I smiled. “I’m Ethan Sutcliffe, by the way.He smiled back. I grabbed one of his suitcases and we headed to my room.When we arrived, he set his bags by the door.”Have you eaten?” I asked.”No. I was busy trying to get home. I guess I forgot,” he said.”I’ll order room service. My treat,” I smiled. “Burgers okay?”I felt sorry for the k**. All alone and a thousand miles from home.”Burgers are fine. Do you mind if I grab a shower while we wait?” he asked.”No. Go ahead. I’ll order,” I replied.Twenty minutes later the food arrived. I knocked on the bathroom door.”Taylor? Dinner’s here, whenever you’re ready,” I said.The door opened and Taylor walked out dressed in only a towel. That’s when I got the shock of my life. Taylor Hughes was a Taylor Swift, not a Taylor Hicks. Oh shit! Her hair was golden-blonde, curly and half way down her back. She had nice curves and smallish breasts.”You’re a girl!” I stammered.”Yes I am,” she said matter of factly.”And u******e!” I said, trying to regain my composure.”I’m f******n, but I’m also emancipated,” she said.”What?” I asked.”I’m an adult. The court says so and I have the papers to prove it.”She stared at me waiting for me to say something. That’s when I noticed her eyes. Deepest green with gold flecks. I was in the presence of an angel.When I didn’t say anything, she turned to her luggage and set one bag on the bed. She opened it and took out a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. Then, as if I wasn’t even there, dropped the towel to get dressed.Without thinking I stared at her. She was lovely. Her breasts were perfect B-cups with hard dark pink nipples that stood out about half an inch. She was fit and curvy. Her blonde pussy was trimmed to a V shape and was a beautiful closed flower bud. Her legs were long and very shapely. She sat on the bed and pulled her jeans on then stood to wiggle into them. Then she pulled the T-shirt over her head.”Let’s eat, okay?” she asked.”Sure.”While we ate, she told me her story. Her parents were killed in an accident with a truck. It was the truckers fault, drinking, and the company settled for a large amount of money. Taylor, then t*******n, adıyaman escort was sent to live with her Aunt in California. Her parents were loving and kind, but her Aunt was an overly religious woman. Strict and overbearing. Six months ago, Taylor hired a lawyer and had the court declare her an adult. She spent the last two months visiting friends in Florida and New York. She was returning to Colorado to finish school. She had an apartment there.We finished dinner just as she finished her story.”You thought I was a boy.””Yes.””You wouldn’t have let me stay if you knew I was a girl.””Probably not.””Do you want me to leave?”Have you ever had two creatures sitting on your shoulders? The angel on one and the devil on the other? The devil was saying I should kick her out or keep her and fuck her. The angel said I should sleep in a chair and let her have the bed.”No. Absolutely not. I invited you and I’m a man of my word. You can stay here until the airport opens and you can fly home.””Thank you. You are very kind, even if I did trick you, a little, into offering me a place to stay.”We talked and watched the news on TV. The main story was the weather. They didn’t think it would clear for a few days.It was getting late and Taylor was yawning.I grabbed a pillow and blanket from the closet and settled on a chair.”That’s not fair.” Taylor said. “This is your room, you should sleep in the bed. I should sleep on the floor.””I’ll be fine, I’ve slept on worse. Besides, a gentleman never lets a lady sleep on the floor. Or in a chair, for that matter.”She looked at me funny, but didn’t say anything. She walked over to the bed and pulled back the covers. She sat on the edge and removed her T-shirt and jeans then slipped under the covers. She sleeps nude. I didn’t say anything, I just got as comfortable as I could.About an hour later, there was a soft voice in my ear.”Are you awake?” Taylor asked.”Yes,” I whispered.”I can’t sleep either. Could you come and cuddle with me? I’m a little scared,” she begged. “Please?”The angel and devil returned. Again the devil told me to fuck her. The angel said I should join her, but keep my hands to myself. I decided to listen to the angel. I got up and walked with her to the bed. She climbed in and went to join her when she looked at me.”Do you always sleep fully dressed?” she asked.I looked and realized I never got ready for bed. I just sloughed in the chair. I stood next to the bed and stripped to my shorts. I got in bed and pulled the covers over me.She cuddled up next to me. I could feel her nipples against my arm. After a few minutes, she moved my arm and d****d it around her shoulders. My hand rested on her hip. I didn’t protest.We cuddled for a while when she sighed and relaxed a little. Her hand had been on my chest, but she was moving it down to my stomach. I reached over and stopped its movement.”What are you doing?” I asked her.”There’s something I didn’t tell you during dinner,” she stopped.I just laid there and waited. If she wanted to tell me something, she would. I wasn’t going to ask her.”It’s about my father,” she continued. “When I was eleven, my mother explained the facts of life to me. She also told me that she wasn’t able to keep my father satisfied anymore. He never asked my mother, but she knew that he wanted me. Wanted to have sex with me. Later my mother and father sat with me and we talked about. We talked about love and how much he loved me. I loved him too. The more we talked the closer the three of us got. That was the first time I saw my parents naked. Over the next few weeks I watched them suck each other and fuck. My mother taught me how to suck cock and then I gave my father a blowjob. I sucked him for the next few days, getting better at swallowing his cum. Then one night I went to their room and asked him to fuck me,” she paused.I noticed her hand had moved lower. It was just inches from my hard cock. She had also moved my hand to her breast. I’m not sure why, but I rubbed her nipple. It got harder.”That night he took my virginity. It hurt, but he didn’t stop fucking me until the pain went away and I had my first orgasm. For the next two years I spent at least three nights a week in bed with my mother and father. Sometimes my mother would play with me until I got horny. I never felt so loved in my life,” she stopped again.Her breathing had changed. She was crying. I, instinctively, held her tighter. Her breathing slowed again as she continued.”All that changed when that mother fucking trucker took them from me,” she said, with an edge to her voice. “Everyone thought I was inconsolable because my parents were taken from me. And that’s certainly true, but he also took my lover. I’ve never told anyone that before.””Maybe I remind you of your dad?” I suggested.”No, you’re nothing like him. Physically, he was short, round and balding. He moved like a hummingbird, quick spurts and lots of standing around. You? You’re taller, thinner and have all your hair,” she tussled my hair playfully. “You’re also very laid back.”I was softly fondling her breast and her hand was resting at my waist. Neither of us moved. I was listening to her breathing and waiting for her to continue.Her breathing became slow and deep. I realized she wasn’t going to say anything else. She was asleep. The sandman hit me a few minutes later.

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