Carl , Chastity: 3rd Date

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Carl and Chastity spoke for over an hour once they were both home, the cinema, dinner and alleyway activities clearly had not been enough for either of them.

Carl had made the phone call, but secretly Chastity was already planning on doing the same thing but had just been beaten to the punch. There was a spark between them that caused butterflies to dance every time Chastity heard his voice, that was just the tip of the iceberg as her mind recounted the way he touched her and made her cum so easily.

Chastity took the phone call in the bath, she was a little sore from the sex against the wall. Some definite bruising on her back and a small scrape on the back of her head which she obtained in the middle of her orgasm. It was also nice to get cleaned up after Carl had covered her with his cum, not that she actually minded that one little bit.

They talked about the film and the dinner, subtly avoiding the post dinner activities although Chastity lightly ran her fingers over her pussy as they talked just reminding herself of the fun they had shared even if they hadn’t mentioned it during the call.

Carl was looking to see if they could meet up tomorrow, he had been invited to a party at a new nightclub in town with VIP access, but had forgotten that Chastity had work commitments with the opening of a housing complex for all of the next week.

Chastity wasn’t an estate agent but for this opening event it was all hands on deck and she was expected to work late and keep prospective buyers topped up with alcohol and nibbles. It didn’t hurt that she was very easy on the eye and had a beautiful smile to go with it.

Obviously Carl was disappointed but he understood and played down the nightclub offer saying he could get tickets for any night really to soften the rejection. Chastity too felt bad but as her fingers drifted through her pubic patch she promised him that she would make it up to him for not being able to go.

“Make it up to me,” Carl smiled, “like for being late?” he teased recalling how only four hours earlier Chastity had sucked his cock in the cinema and asked forgiveness for making them almost miss the start of the film. That was the kind of apology that will always get acceptance.

“And don’t forget that you got me wet too.” Carl was pushing his luck now, although he did receive a giggle on the other end of the phone.

“I think we can call that evens on getting wet, don’t you?” again the unspoken alleyway sex at the forefront of both of their minds.

Eventually they settled on meeting up for drinks, the first opportunity between work commitments for the pair being over a week away.

Chastity put the phone down and sighed, if he had asked she probably would have slipped on a dressing gown and gone to his home there and then, but then she realised that actually she had no idea where he lived. Putting the thought behind her she reached for her razor and carefully shaved her legs, the fine blonde hairs pretty much invisible anyway disappearing under the razor as it smoothly glided over her skin. Legs finished she moved the razor up and made short work of the small patch of hair just above her pussy, Chastity had always trimmed it to keep it neat and pretty but this was the first time she had actually shaved it completely. Stepping out of the bath she applied moisturiser over her legs revelling in the silky smooth feel before repeating the process on her freshly shaved crotch. Chastity liked the smoothness of her legs but her pussy felt divine all soft and smooth, her fingers casually drifting over herself inducing a trancelike daze as she basked in the sensations. Only being startled out of it when the bath made a gurgling noise as the water drained away.

It was almost midnight and she had to be at work early. She finished in her bathroom and pulled a pair of short PJs and a vest top on and quickly dived into bed, drifting her hand down once or twice to admire her handiwork before finally relenting and going to sleep.

Chastity was up at 6.45am. Showered, dressed and out of the door before 7.15am

Today was the first day of the launch for Century Park, a housing complex of sixty new homes, ranging from 2, 3 and 4 bedroom houses to the dual flagships of the complex which were two 6 bedroom mansions that were expected to sell for close to a million pounds each. Both had extensive gardens leading down to a river that marked the edge of the property. The mansions were full of features and luxuries that you would expect for the kind of price tag the company was hoping to sell them for. In-door swimming pools, electronically controlled gated driveways, expansive views over the river. The both came with an option to buy several acres of land directly over the river but that was only an option and not included in the selling package this week.

The whole complex was being marketed and sold by the company she worked for and they were going all out for sales over the next week. Most of the regular houses were fixed Isparta Escort price and examples of highly polished very well finished houses were going to be open for prospective buyers to visit and view, the two mansions and a few select others though were going to be auctioned throughout the week.

The office had four estate agents and her as the support staff to run the event. Her role primarily consisted of making sure the four estate agents had all of the necessary paperwork available and running menial tasks for them. She didn’t mind doing the coffee runs for the clients, she considered that part of her job. Fetching lunch for the estate agent or cleaning up their car though she didn’t think was right, but she was relatively new so she smiled and did what was asked.

Today she wouldn’t be fetching lunch, each of the show homes had fridges stocked with Champagne and cold nibbles and the main reception building where the team was based had a buffet spread that was being tended to by a local catering company.

Chastity was in the office before 8am and by 9 had all three hundred of the documents she had printed the day before in presentation packs and distributed to the four estate agents.

As always the one estate agent that gave her the creeps patted her firmly on the ass when she walked by with the packs. Brian had propositioned her a couple of times but his coffee breath and smarmy grin just wanted to make her get a brillo-pad and scrub her skin whenever he came near.

Chastity wasn’t the only woman at the estate agents but was definitely the only one that got the hassle. The other one, Brenda was about sixty, but despite her age still looked fabulous and always dressed immaculately. On her first day Brenda had taken Chastity aside and gave her a few do’s and don’ts for the office, partially aimed at helping her survive the ego’s and wandering hands in the office but also designed to help with customers if she was ever put in an awkward situation.

She took a deep breath and mentally ticked off number three and four on Brenda’s list, giving smarmy man a brief admonishing for groping her ass but smiling while doing so and moving quickly out of range of his wandering hands. The last person to get the packs was Brenda.

“Anything else I can do for you?” Chastity casually asked as she placed a stack of property packs on her desk.

“Did you want to run through the details for any of the homes one last time” Brenda offered. Although Chastity wasn’t an estate agent with the expected auctions and viewing they already had booked for today Chastity was going to be showing a few clients around when the others were already busy.

As this was her first time doing proper home viewing she had made a special effort with her outfit. Her shoulder length hair was pinned neatly in a couple of places, allowing it to cascade over her shoulders. Today she wore her business suit. Skirt, blouse and jacket, topped off with a small pair of heels. Her look was sharp but not over the top.

The first customers began arriving at 9.20 and the team of four estate agents quickly sized up their prey like sharks in a fish pond. By 10am all four agents were out and showing prospective clients around the complex leaving just Chastity in the complex reception. She knew her role, if any further clients came in she was to provide them welcome packs and direct them to one of the three 2, 3 or 4 bedroom show homes. The mansions were by appointment only until an hour before the auction, and most of those appointments were being handled directly by the boss.

Chastity had briefly been around one of them a month or so ago but it hadn’t been furnished or fully decorated so she hadn’t got the full effect. She had however been through the other show homes and knew the details of each inside out if she needed to answer any questions from clients.

The estate agents slowly drifted back some with clients some without, Chastity was quick to offer a glass of something fizzy as paperwork was signed and the first contract for purchase was done under Brenda’s careful eye.

Four more houses sold over the next two hours, champagne popping and clients fizzing with excitement at possibly the biggest expense they would ever make in their lives. By 2pm all of the estate agents had closed a sale and the first auction was looming fast.

3pm was the first auction, an end plot 3-bed detached house with master en-suite, utility room and double garage. Guide price was £245,000. The opening bid was £1 which fortunately for the complex owners then climbed rapidly. The house had been chosen for auction because of the location and opportunity for the house to be further developed. A final bid of £270,000 won the house but the bid was by telephone which removed the opportunity for further celebrations.

By 6pm the clients milling around had doubled, and Chastity was used to show a number of clients around the different houses, handing over any serious interest Isparta Escort Bayan to one of the agents who no doubt would make a huge commission from her hard leg work.

At 10pm they closed for the day. Twelve confirmed sales, another ten with holding deposits of £100 and that didn’t count the two auctions which had raised over half a million for two 3 bed houses. Overall a very good but long day. Chastity drove home stopping for milk on the way and finally closed her front door at 11.12pm.

Lucky for her the rest of the week was 10am starts. She put her milk in the fridge, stripped, showered and cleaned her teeth and was asleep within fifteen minutes of walking through the door.

The second day of the event was much like the first, the numbers of people rising steadily through the day peaking at about 8pm and then finishing again by 10pm. As expected they didn’t sell as many houses as on the opening day but still made a good number of sales. A bit of gossip in the complex reception as they closed up for the evening revolving around a bed in one of the show homes that looked as though someone had actually got in it. Smarmy agent suggesting a couple had been sealing their own deal before heading on his way, probably for a meal for one and an evening with the porn channel Chastity thought as he let his gaze drop to Chastity’s chest and lingered there longer than anyone should ever have been comfortable with.

Chastity managed a quick phone call to Carl when she got home, surprising herself at how much she actually missed him at not seeing him for two whole days. Although the conversation was short she monopolised most of it with stories of work and the auctions. Finishing the call and going to bed but still far too awake from both work and the thought of Carl.

She had shaved again in the shower and once again her fingers admired the smooth hairless skin of her pussy. Fingers gently caressing herself, teasing and toying as she closed her eyes and imagined it wasn’t her hand. Chastity slipped a finger inside herself, moving slowly against the tight muscles, slowly relieving some tension and stress. In her imagination she had Carl laid between her legs his tongue making her quiver as he licked at her hot wet pussy.

Playing with her pussy was very nice and she knew she could easily bring herself a quick orgasm but she wanted a big one and for that she needed her toy. With an experienced hand she plucked her baby rabbit from under the bed, the five inch vibrator buzzing to life as she moved it to position.

A little friction and resistance as the buzzing head pushed against her skin, only to disappear as her pussy accepted the tool and Chastity push the rabbit firmly in. Now the rabbit ears too came into play, the pulsating rubber vibrating directly against her clit. Chastity bucked at the intense touch clamping her legs together. This not only now locked the vibrator in place but increased the pressure, as now hands free the vibrator drove her wild.

Chastity couldn’t help her reactions, now locked in a spiralling loop of action and reaction. She clenched, the intensity spiked, she bucked, new sensations flooded to adjacent parts of her pussy, she clenched again and so on. Her hands were gripping the sheets, clawing as the inevitable built. The only question was how long. She bucked again arching her back. Forcing her hips back down trying to relax under the onslaught inside her. Again she clenched and this time she exploded, the sensation pulsing outwards from her core making her moan with pleasure as the toy blissfully ignorant of the pleasure it was delivering carried on buzzing away. Chastity thrashed on the bed briefly before rolling on to her front and driving her hips down hard into the mattress pseudo fucking the bed driving the buzzing toy deeper and harder against her already cumming pussy. As the orgasm slowly subsided she relented from grinding her hips into the bed, just allowing the vibrations and movements of the toy to keep the last ripples of pleasure gently going. She lay facing down for a few minutes basking in her post orgasmic glow, before flicking the switch to turn the contraption off. A satisfying presence still inside her as her thoughts drifted back to Carl and his tongue. Chastity pulled the rabbit from its hole and ran the head over her lips, she tasted her cum, cleaning the vibrator with her mouth before carefully dropping it onto the floor beside the bed and drifting off into a pleasant sleep.

Day three was expected to be big again, it was Saturday and the first of the mansions was up for auction at 4pm.

She wore a simple knee length black dress tied in at the waist with a silver belt which matched her silver three inch high heels. Chastity had chosen to wear a fitted body suit under the dress, removing the need for underwear and still providing support for her breasts from the tight fitting suit. The body suit had the added advantage that if she had to raise her arms for any reason Escort Isparta the one piece suit pulled up applying pressure between her legs giving her a brief but pleasant thrill.

Work was manic. By the time the office opened there were already a dozen people waiting to view the houses. As a last minute change of plan the estate agents each took a house and allowed as many clients as they wanted to look around them themselves while the agent remained available for any specific questions they had.

Unfortunately that left Chastity alone in the office with smarmy. His name was Brian and no sooner than when the staff and clients went off to do viewing Brian was hitting on Chastity. It started in the normal way, comments about what she was wearing, comments on her underwear and then her body. Chastity could feel her skin crawl as Brian described how much fun he would have if he were Chastity for a day. Torn between the option of standing naked in front of the mirror or staying in bed to play with all the best bits that she kept covered up.

Chastity did her best to ignore him and play it down knowing he was examining every inch of her body as she moved around the office. At least she hadn’t worn stockings today, the dirty old perv would probably me making a grab for her to see if they were real or tights she thought.

Relief came in brief spurts as new clients came in and they were directed to the three show homes. Chastity let her guard down once when fetching Brian a cup of coffee, her thanks were a squeeze of her ass which she had managed to avoid so successfully until then.

The door opened and Brenda walked in with a sale in the bag, clients prepared to complete the initial paperwork there and then to secure the plot they wanted. Chastity was dispatched to open a bottle of fizz and get Brenda a coffee while Brenda managed to pack Brian off to the show home that she had just come from when another client appeared in the office door.

The new client was asking to see one of the homes on the other side of the complex apparently keen to see one that wasn’t filled with other people. Brenda keen to keep all of the customers happy pulled down the keys for the property and asked Chastity to escort the gentleman to the house, it turned out the house was to be the first auction of the day in a couple of hours’ time.

Having gone through the details with Chastity many times Brenda knew Chastity could handle this and she was tied up with closing the deal on another property anyway. It wasn’t until Chastity turned to ask the gentleman to accompany her that she realised it was Carl.

Carl was quickly out of the door in case Chastity started asking too many questions in front of what he assumed was her boss. Chastity had the use of a little golf cart for running around the complex and they both jumped in and drove the quarter mile to the house Carl had asked about.

“Good surprise or bad surprise?” Carl asked as they drove away from the office.

The grin on Chastity’s face was enough of a response as she checked her watch and made sure she had the key for the house ready. One hour fifty five minutes until the auction.

Carl had selected a large four bedroom detached house on the far side of the complex, having already had a wander around the site to see where it was and noticed the auction, viewing by appointment only board outside.

Chastity opened the door and was inside far quicker than was professionally accepted. She hadn’t pointed out the landscape gardening or the double garage or the new technology solar panels that would provide 20-25% reduction on all future energy bills. Carl hadn’t noticed. As the front door closed he was already pulling Chastity up against him, their mouths locked and tongues dancing in unison.

“What are you doing here?” Chastity managed between kisses, the pair manoeuvring to the foot of the stairs without breaking apart.

“I thought I’d check out the furnishings” Carl replied lifting Chastity and quickly carrying her up the stairs. He paused at the top looking at the various doors in between kisses before Chastity pointed to the first door on the left, “that one” she said once again covering his face in kisses as they moved into the master bedroom.

The room was furnished and in true show room style all of the furniture was slightly smaller than you would normally get, that way the room was made to look artificially bigger. The bed was a foot shorter and narrower than a normal double but for the immediate future it was all they needed.

Carl placed Chastity back on the floor slipping his hand under her dress stroking his fingers over Chastity’s covered pussy. Chastity wriggled with delight, positive that if Carl didn’t throw her on the bed and fuck her she would explode. His fingers were like lighting a fuse and when her first popper of the body suit went she gushed wetness instantly. A second and the third popper released quickly once Carl realised what they were and his hand had immediate access to Chastity’s shaven wet pussy. His fingers deftly parted her lips slipping a thick finger insider her right up to his knuckle. Chastity moaned and sucked on Carls invading tongue as he moved his finger inside her, pumping it in and out quickly, making her gasp with desire.

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