Agatha Allbut , The Bimbo Squad Ch. 07: Reunions

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© 2012 Sal De Klerk, All Rights Reserved

Authors Note:

This is a long story, containing 10 chapters a prologue and epilogue. All chapters have been submitted and should be posted within a few days of each other.

The idea for this story came from a story idea forum. Thank you janetsexy77!


This story contains lesbian sex. If this is not your kind of smut, please find another story, more to your liking.


As soon as the bedroom door closed, Aggie and Christina fell into each other’s arms and began exploring the other’s body. They collapsed onto the bed and hands and tongues were touching and tasting anything they could reach. Eventually, they ended up in a sixty-nine with both girls ravenously licking and sucking on each other’s creamy pussy.

Christina was on the bottom, and she slipped a finger into Aggie, as she sucked on her clit. When her finger was well lubed she pulled it out and without warning, she pushed it into Aggie’s ass. Aggie screamed when she felt the digital penetration, as Christina started flicking Aggie’s clit with her tongue, and Aggie began to shudder in orgasm.

As her orgasm drove Aggie to heights of pleasure, Christina began to finger fuck her ass as she slurped up the cream gushing from Aggie’s body. The waves of pleasure from her latest climax made the feeling of the finger in her ass much more enjoyable than Aggie had thought it would be. When Aggie finished her climax she let Christina continue to finger her ass while she continued to lick the sexy Latina’s cunt.

Christina’s orgasm wasn’t far off, and she pushed her hips into Aggie’s face trying to get over the edge. Aggie slurped and licked Christina using her fingers on her clit trying to give her the same satisfaction she had gotten. Christina felt her orgasm approach like a tidal wave of pleasure, and when it crashed down upon her she screamed “AGGGGGIIIIIIIEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” as she involuntarily rammed her finger into her lovers virgin asshole. Aggie joined in the scream, not sure if it was from pain or pleasure.

When both girls were fairly well sated, they lay on the bed, legs intertwined not talking. After almost 20 minutes, Christina broke the silence. “Well, that was fun.”

Aggie was smiling, having learned how much fun sex could be, and she finally understood why Lars always tried to get her to be more adventurous. Too bad it’s too late she thought to herself, as tears started flowing.

Christina saw her new lover so distraught, wrapped her arms around Aggie, and pulled her close letting her cry. When Aggie had no tears left, Christina kissed her forehead and looked into her eyes. Aggie, are you okay? Did I do something…”

Aggie shook her head no. “It . . . it wasn’t . . . wasn’t you, it was me. I did something stupid,” and then she began to spill her anguish to Christina. Starting with the infamous kiss through her latest humiliation from Bree and Pris. Ending with how Tina got her into The Sisterhood of the 7. “And now that I know how wonderful sex can be, it’s too late. I don’t have the man I love to share it with.”

Christina had no words that would comfort her lover, so she just held Aggie and lightly caressed her until they both fell asleep.

The next morning, Aggie and Christina were awoken by someone pounding on the door. Christina extracted herself from Aggie, who was still asleep and opened the door still naked. Hannah was standing in the hallway wearing a white satin robe. “Good morning sisters,” she said brightly, “in case you didn’t explore anything but each other last night, there’s a shower in your room. Bathe quickly, and put these on. The sisters and I will have breakfast for you soon.” As she handed Christina two robes, identical to hers.

Christina woke Aggie up and then they found the bathroom. The shower stall was built for one person, but the girls were skinny and liked being close, so squeezing in the phone booth sized shower stall wasn’t too difficult and a lot more enjoyable than it should have been. Despite the cramped space and time constraint, They washed each other thoroughly, very THOROUGHLY.

Once they were clean and mostly dry, they pulled on the robes, took each other’s hand, and went off in search of the dining room. It would have been easy to find, even without the smell of coffee and bacon leading them straight to it.

“Help yourselves to some breakfast, but don’t leave. There’s one more thing you need to do before you rejoin the world,” Hannah said hugging both girls and heading off. The two girls sat at the table and started helping themselves to the food piled on top of it. They ate one-handed, not wanting to lose their hold on each other.

They ate in silence, enjoying each other’s company. Soon the other contestants from last night joined them. Everyone one of them looked like they spent the night fucking instead of sleeping. None of them had anything to say, just shy smiles and glances were exchanged, as each Escort Sincan one sat down to eat.

Once they had eaten their fill, a girl none of them knew came in and called them away one by one. As each girl left, none of the girls who left before her returned. Eventually, only Aggie and Christina were left. “What do you think is happening?”

“I don’t know, and I’m scared. I don’t want to be separated,” Aggie replied, pulling Christina’s hand to her mouth and kissing her fingers.

Before anything else could be said, Christina’s name was called and she kissed Aggie and said: “Meet me at IL Positano as soon as you’re done.” Aggie nods and holds Christina’s hand as she walks away.

Almost an hour later, Aggie is called. She walks out of the dining room, and into a room where five girls are sitting at a table. Tina, Hannah, and Nat there with two other girls Aggie didn’t know. There was an empty seat at one end of the table. All the girls are identical yellow sweaters with the international symbol for women on the breast with the horizontal crossbar making the top the number 7.

Hannah smiles at Aggie and Tina nods at her. Nat stands up and hugs Aggie, and kisses her on the cheek. “Now Aggie, take your clothes and get dressed,” she says pointing to a door off to one side of the room. “Then come back and sit down so we can talk.

Aggie takes the box and goes through the door. She quickly pulls on her clothes, finding the stuff she locked up last night in the bottom of the box. Once she’s ready she returns to the other women. She sits in the seat and looks at the ladies.

The woman in the middle starts to speak in a familiar voice, “I’m the current Headmistress of the Sisterhood of the 7. You already know Sister Hannah and Sister Tina. You’ll meet more of the sisters at the party tonight to welcome our five newest members.”

“Aggie, you played well last night and showed sportsmanship, open-mindedness, and more courage than should have been required. We were especially impressed with the way you dealt with Sister Erin.”

“Wait! What?” Aggie exclaimed. “Sister Erin?”

“Yes, Sister Erin,” the headmistress said smiling. We always plant one of our newer sisters into the game. She’s there to see how the players react to hostility,” Tina told her smiling broadly at Aggie.

The door behind Aggie opens and Erin walks up to Aggie holding her arms open for a hug. “No hard feelings Aggie, it was my job. I hated treating you like that.”

Aggie takes a deep breath and stands up hugging the other girl. The sisters applauded as Erin whispered in Aggie’s ear, “This is for stomping on my foot,” as she steps on Aggie’s foot. “Now we’re even.”

Aggie was so happy that she let Erin getaway with her revenge. Erin and Aggie stopped hugging and Aggie sat down as Erin took the empty seat at the table.

“Tonight there is a party to welcome our new members of The Sisterhood of the 7. Is there anyone you would like to invite, a boyfriend maybe.” Erin asked.

Aggie replied “No!” very sharply, making the other ladies glance at each other. Remembering how everyone was addressed last night she hung her head and said “No worthy Head Mistress, there’s no one. Not anymore.”

Tina heard Aggie’s voice crack and saw the tears forming in Aggie’s eyes. She quickly spoke up on her behalf. “Aggie recently went through a bad breakup with her first boyfriend, who is now dating her ex-best friend. To make things worse Aggie found out her Ex friend is friends with two girls who bullied and tormented her throughout middle and high school. All three are on the cheerleading squad. What is it you call them?”

“The Bimbo Squad,” Aggie said looking down at her feet, ashamed to let these powerful and sexy women see her crying like a little girl. All the women in the room cracked up when they heard this expression.

“I love it. From now on all sisters will refer to cheerleaders as the bimbo squad.” the room erupted in applause, and Aggie was smiling through her tears.

When order was restored, Hannah told Aggie “There’s a dress code for tonight’s party, to go with the theme. Tina will meet you at your dorm with your costume by 6. Once you’re dressed, she’ll bring you to the party.”

“I’ll be there,” Aggie said. As she stood up to leave each sister hugged her and welcomed her.

Aggie drove back to campus and parked her car. She was walking to her room when she suddenly froze in her tracks. She almost forgot she was supposed to meet Christina. She took her phone out to call her, then realized she never got the Latina sexpots number.

Sighing in exasperation, Aggie turns around to head over to the restaurant. As she gets her keys from her purse, she bumps into someone, knocking them to the ground. “Oh I’m sorry,” Aggie says looking down. When she sees Tiffi, her blood began to boil. Aggie was not the same person she was yesterday, so instead of running away from the woman who stole her man, she was ready and willing to fight for him.

“You bitch!” Aggie screams, Sincan Escort and jumps on top of Tiffi, one hand scratching her face, the other grabbing a handful of her hair. Tiffi started to fight back, smacking Aggie across the face and grabbing a handful of Aggie’s hair. A crowd quickly gathered and began cheering on the two sexy coeds as they wrestled.

Before either girl could inflict any real damage on their adversary, campus police arrived and quickly pulled the two combatants apart, put handcuffs on them, shoved them into the car and took them to the police station.

Neither girl said anything. Both were breathing hard, and seething with anger. They were escorted into the police station, “Sit there and don’t move,” a cop told them.

Once the officers were out of earshot, Aggie, her heartbreaking, said to Tiffi, “Even if you didn’t want to be friends anymore, why did you have to start dating Lars, knowing how I felt about him?”

“What the fuck bitch?” Tiffi said, giving her a disgusted look. “What kind of freak do you think I am? I don’t date relatives!”

“Wait! You and Lars are cousins? Why didn’t either of you say anything to me? Why did Bree tell me he’s your man? Why did you delete me from your Facebook?”

“He never told you? He promised me he would. It’s not a secret, but there’s some dark family history and if anyone takes more than a surface look at our bloodlines some things might get out we’d rather keep to ourselves, so we keep our familial connection quiet.” Her voice trails off. “Wait! When did Bree tell you we were dating?”

“Yesterday. I went looking around campus for you, and when I saw you, you were standing next to Lars and wearing a bimbo squad uniform. I saw you and Lars talking, so I hid behind some bushes and waited for him to leave, so we could talk. The next thing I know, Bree and Pris showed up. I tried to leave without those bitches seeing me, but they came right up to me and told me you were their best friend from cheer camp and were dating Lars.”

Tiffi shot upright in her seat. “Those skanky bitches! I’m gonna kill ’em!” She was furious, and Aggie could tell it wasn’t with her. “Okay let’s go from the top. I went to cheer camp with Bree and Pris, and couldn’t stand them. I was only in cheer because my mom was a former cheer captain of a champion team, and forced me to cheer. I hate it. My folks went through a nasty divorce over the summer and spent my college fund on their court battles. So I had to find a way to pay for school. I tried out for a cheerleading scholarship and got it. Then Bree and Pris were expelled from Alabama to avoid some kind of scandal, with those two it’s anyone’s guess what they did. Their high school coach was an alumni here, so she pulled some strings and got them in.”

Tiffi paused and took a few deep breaths to calm down. “I moved out of the dorm because I couldn’t afford it. Bree and Pris live in a three-bedroom off-campus apartment and asked me to live with them, rent-free. Pris told me the reason you hate cheerleaders is because you’re a closet lesbian, and had stalked and attacked several cheerleaders in high school after they refused to be your love slaves.”

Shaking her head Tiffi continued, “I foolishly believed her and decided to avoid you. When Lars found out who I was living with, he told me how they tortured you in high school. If I had known the truth, I wouldn’t have moved in with them. I deleted Facebook a few weeks ago because I couldn’t handle the nasty things they were posting about each other.”

Aggie realized that once again Bree and Pris had set her up, fucked with her head and tried to ruin her life. Not my life, she realized, just a few hours of a day. I got my best friend back, I have some cool new friends, and a shot at getting Lars back into, well not back into, into places he’s never been before.

Tiffi broke Aggie’s reverie “When I was talking to Lars yesterday, he told me what happened on your trip, and asked me to see if you were willing to talk with him. I was on my way to your room when you attacked me.” Aggie looked at Tiffi trying to digest all she had been told and trying to reconcile it with everything that had happened to her in the last two days.

Both girls sat in silence, processing their new truths, and rewiring their brains to align themselves with true north again. After a long wait, a police officer walked over and grabbed Aggie by the arm. He pulled her to her feet. “Officer, this is a misunderstanding. Tiffi is my best friend. We were roughhousing, and I accidentally scratched her face. Then she pulled my hair and I pulled hers, next thing we know there’s a crowd around us yelling catfight. The next thing I know we were in cuffs and brought here.”

“I don’t care girly. You get one phone call. He points to an empty chair by a desk, that has a phone and phone book on it. Aggie grabs the phone and quickly dials Tina’s number hoping she’s in her room and not tied up. Aggie quietly chuckles at the term that took on a whole new meaning for her in Sincan Escort Bayan the last few hours.

“It’s Tina..”

“Tina it’s Aggie. I’ll explain later, but I need your help. I’ve been arrested by campus police. Tiffi and I are here and there’s been a huge misunderstanding, along with some misinformation. Is there anything . . .”

“I got it, girl. Hang tight,” and the line went dead. Aggie hung up the phone, and the officer took her by the arm and led her back to the bench where Tiffi was waiting.

“Your turn rocky,” he says grabbing Tiffi by the arm and leading her to the same desk. Before she could lift the receiver, a female lieutenant strutted over. I got it from here McFadden. Go grab me a cheesesteak from the Waikiki diner, and get yourself something, my treat. She tells the overweight but young officer, handing him $20.

She brought Tiffi back to the bench and quickly uncuffed the two girls. “Don’t get into any more trouble. I won’t be able to help a sister twice without someone noticing.” She tells them gruffly, then turns and walks back to her office.

“A sis . . .” Tiffi starts to ask.

Aggie grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the station whispering, “STFU, I’ll explain later.”

As they stepped out into the sunlight, Aggie saw Tina hurrying up the steps. Aggie hugged her and introduced her to Tiffi. As they rode back to the dorm in Tina’s car, Aggie and Tiffi told Tina how they had been set up by Bree and Pris.

“What bitches. No wonder you hate them.” Tina says to Aggie.

“I guess they didn’t learn their lesson from Lars after all,” Aggie told the others about the video Lars had played at their graduation. Thinking about the group of naked females, she exclaimed, “Oh shit, Tina. I was supposed to meet Christina and I forgot when I left the house. I don’t have her number…”

Tina tosses her phone to Aggie, “Number 5 on speed dial” Tina says.

“Hey, girl it’s Aggie. Change of plans. My dorm ASAP, I have some news and need your help. Thanks, see you soon.” She’s on her way Aggie tells the other girls.

“So you and Tina seem pretty friendly, and who is Christina?” Tiffi asks.

“a friend,” Tina says shooting Aggie a warning look.

“How did you make these friends Aggie?” Tiffi asks, sounding perturbed that no one is answering her questions.

“Tina took me to a…party last night, and I joined Christina and a few other girls in an intense game. We kinda formed a bond.” Aggie told her hoping it was enough to stall any more questions but satisfy her friend’s curiosity.

“You’re in the Sisterhood of the 7?!” Tiffi asks in shock. Aggie looks at Tiffi in aghast. “I thought that was some perverted frat boys idea of a sorority.” She said in shock. “It really exists?”

“It’s a SECRET society.” she says to Tiffi, “how the hell do you know about it?”

“I read an old school newspaper for a project last year and there was an article about secret clubs on campus.” Tina nods her head, I know the piece, she said ending the discussion.

The three girls head up to Aggie’s room and wait for Christina. When she arrives, Aggie introduces her to Tiffi, and they tell her how Bree and Pris once again were screwing with Aggie. After hearing the whole story she’s seething with anger.

“We’ve got to take care of those bitches once and for all. I don’t want Lars fighting this one for me. I want to handle this, with the help of my friends. But I’m not sure what we can do.” Aggie looks at her friends for any ideas.

“Don’t the cheerleaders have their Bikini car wash fundraiser soon,” Christina asks.

“That gives me an idea,” Aggie says pulling out her phone. She searches and finds the phone number she’s looking for. She walks to the other side of the room and holds a quiet conversation and hangs up. She walks back to her puzzled friends smiling, “Here’s my idea… .,” and tells them her plan.

When they hear it, they all start to laugh and agree to help. Tiffi even agreed to be a mole for the plot, glad to finally get revenge on the two stuck up girls who always made her feel like crap while pretending to be her friend.

“We can work out the details later, but now we have to get ready.”

“Ready for what,” Tiffi asks.

“We have a party to go to tonight,” Tina tells Tiffi.

“Ohh can I come?” Tiffi asks.

“Not tonight, it’s by invitation only,” Tiffi says, “But I think there might be another event in a week you can come to,” Tiffi says handing Tiffi a card with an address on one side and some instructions on the other.


Aggie opens the box Tina left for her, she pulls out a yellow plaid belt with three buttons to hold it closed. There were black thigh high stockings and black 4″ stilettos. At the bottom was a white button-down shirt that wouldn’t have fit Aggie properly in sixth grade, now it would be scandalous. “Shoes, stockings, belt, and blouse,” Aggie asks Tina. Is something missing?”

Tina laughs at her. “That’s not a belt, it’s a skirt,” she tells her. Aggie turns a deep red when she realizes this skirt would not only leave her ass cheeks exposed, she didn’t think it would even cover her pussy lips, and she had to walk out of the Dorm wearing this. Aggie had never seen an outfit so revealing before, then Christina opened her box.

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