Zhinv and Niulang. Pt. 02-03

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(Note: The first part is listed as “Zhinv and Nuilang” under the category of “Romance”.)


Zhinv and Nuilang (Parts 2 and 3…continued.)

ZHINV, laying in the darkness of her Jade Palace bedroom, silently fell asleep petting her little fluffy kitty; purring, wet, hot and…sticky; down between her open legs, luxuriating in its soft, silky pouch, sewn into the front of her panties; to hide the kitty-cat from her father. It smelled of creamed honey and cinnamon, tinged by light whiffs of flaked fish and nutmeg. Zhinv fell asleep, sobbing in the thought of her forlorn, absent, love — Nuilang.

Down in the town, Nuilang was readying for bed himself. He disrobed and bathed, and he sat on a mat, in front of a candle-lit shrine, and paid homage to his personal Buddha. He offered thanks for the day just ending, and prayed that the night will pass quickly, until tomorrow’s light comes, and he will be reunited with his beloved wife, Zhinv, upon the golden rays of the bridge beam’s light.

Nuilang, being a Yoga master, limbered up on the mat, before turning into bed for the night. He would lift his leg, up high, whilst sitting on the mat, and lock his ankle behind his neck.

Nuilang, sitting there on the mat, in the flickering light of the shrine candles, wearing only his under pants, thought of Zhinv, and how he would see her tomorrow on the bridge.

The little grass snake, a present from Zhinv, sleeping, curled in the silk pouch sewn into the front of his under pants, sensed that he was thinking about his wife – Zhinv, and stirred, and uncoiled.

The little snake, slithered around in Nuilang’s pouch, and peeped out, to look around.

Nuilang felt the little snake peeping out of its pouch, and it made him miss his wife Zhinv even more.

The snake got longer, and started to get thick, and stiff…and it rose out of its pouch, from out the silk pouch, rising up, past his belly-button, sticking up, looking at him, as he sat there, in the light of the candles, with his leg locked behind his neck, in his Yoga pose.

Nuilang took hold of the snake, and started to rub it and caress its head, slowly at first.

The snake loved being rubbed, and caressed, and its little yellow head swelled up to more than three times its size and started to turn a deep red, almost purple.

Nuilang gasped, and reeled around on the mat in utter bliss, as he rubbed the long, thick snake, and its deep, hot, red swollen head, faster and faster.

The little snake had grown massive, and it bent up out of his pants, way past his navel.

The little snake, felt how much Nuilang missed Zhinv, and as he pumped the rigid pole, the little snake, started to cry, and white, sticky, creamy tears spurted out of its eyes.

Nuilang, being so nimble, and supple, because of his Yoga training, slowly bent over, and gently kissed the snake’s swollen purple head, and he licked some of the thick, creamy tears, running out of its eye.

Nuilang panted and gasped, as he licked the head, and he just wanted his Zhinv, so he opened his mouth wide, and pushed the big, red snake’s head deep through his wet, open lips, and as he pumped the snake’s long, hard, throbbing shaft, he also sucked, and sucked, and ran his sticky tongue over the purple head.

The little snake, cried for Nuilang, and squirted its tears into his suckling mouth. Nuilang, gulped and swallowed copious amounts of the thick, creamy, solution until his tummy bulged with the snakes protein-rich tears. Shaking and gasping with unadulterated pleasure, and unbridled ecstasy, he fell back onto the mat, writhing around on the floor panting out his wife’s name.

“Zhinv… Oh, Zhinv… Oh, my darling Zhinv I have missed you so, so much!” he breathed hotly.

The little snake, almost drained of its tears, slipped its ebbing head out of Nuilang’s hot, gaping mouth and rested for a moment over his parted lips. Nuilang breathed in the damp musky scent from the snake’s head and tears, and it reminded him of his wife, stained panty-gusset, which he loved to sniff, secretly, in the bathroom, as he did his daily pooh-pooh; when they had lived together. Zhinv, of course knew what he was up to though, and would wear, at least one pair of panties, off and on, for over a week, until they were howling. Then she would leave them lying over the top of the laundry basket, or hanging on the inside knob of the bathroom door, for him to find, and when she heard the noise of sniffing and rustling through the bathroom door, she would grab hold of a cucumber from the cold slab in the pantry, and squatting down on her haunches, knees wide apart, she would pull her gusset over off the top of her vulva mound, and hanging onto the outside bathroom door knob with one hand for balance, she would peep through the key-hole, and as she watched her husband sniffing her panties, and rubbing his rod madly, she would Silivri Escort do both her holes under her, alternately, with the cucumber.

Zhinv always timed it so she got hers the same time as she saw her husband shooting his icing up over his face, trying to catch the globs in his mouth — he was good at it and caught most of them, like flipping popcorn up into the air, and dropping them studiously into the open cake-hole.

Zhinv liked to finish herself off by rolling backwards onto the floor, her legs up over her shoulders, ramming a good nine inches of cucumber hard, and deep, up her rear coal chute. She would squirt and spray everywhere, usually hitting the outside of the bathroom door, and Nuilang was always puzzled, why, when he went for to the bathroom for pong-pong, why there was always a wet puddle outside the door when he came out? And sometimes, if Zhinv had sprayed really hard, he would watch, from his throne, as steaming liquid slowly crept under the bottom crack of the door. Of course, when he came out, Zhinv was always in the kitchen, slicing up a cucumber, or something. Nuilang noticed that Zhinv always made a ham and cucumber sandwich, after he came out of the bathroom after taking a shit, and she had the habit, of kissing him long, on the lips, sniffing at him as she did it, and saying, “Mmmmm…you smell nice.” She would look into his eyes, and flutter her eyebrow; he would lower his gaze in guilt and shame from the memory of the sniffing. Zhinv loved it when she smelled her clout on Nuilang’s lips and face, and that night she would rub the real thing all over his lapping mug; a shiver ran up her spine at the very thought of it; Nuilang noticed the goose-flesh rise over her arm, but said nothing, as he ate the pungent ham and cucumber sandwich.

Nuilang always wondered why, his wife would sit at the kitchen table, squirming, and giggling to herself, as she watched intently, as he ate? After the snack, he would get the ladder out, and check the roof, for leaks, just above the bathroom door area; scratching his head. Zhinv, his wife, never ate cucumber sandwiches with him.

As the memory faded, Nuilang found himself on his back once more, on the mat, in front of the candle lit shrine, still holding the snake by the neck, its hot, swollen head resting on his lips and chin. The scent, rising from it made the little snake get very hard again, and Nuilang stroked its massive head, slowly at first, then – furiously! In no time flat, his face started to contort. His eyes were squinted, and his teeth were hanging out to dry. The little snake was afraid, but Nuilang picked up the pace, and was now frantically pumping at the head. His face had twisted into that, reminiscent, of a stone-carved gargoyle one sees hanging out of turrets of old castle walls. He let out a blood-curdling yelp, and the snake started to cry again in sympathy of his loneliness, and separation from his love – Zhinv.

The rigid proboscis recoiled, like the muzzle of a howitzer unloading a shell into the air, then spurted, shot after shot of creamy, hot, wet tears from its winking eye. Some loads landed in Nuilang’s open, gasping, mouth, others over his teeth and lips. Two shots went up his left nostril, one in his eye, and several more powerful tears splattered, and splashed up his face, and into his hair.

The maelstrom raged for some time, but finally when the storm, and the fury, had passed, and the fire and the rain had subsided, the little snake shriveled back to its original size, and slipped limply, back into its cool silk pouch, in the front of his under pants.

Nuilang, lying prostrate, quaking with joy and feelings of well-being, licked his lips as he dragged his sweated carcass from the floor, and threw it into his bed. He fell asleep instantly, the glistening tears of the crying Viper, drying, white and crispy over his lips, nose, face and hair — and he shed a tear, as he fell asleep, thinking of his lovely wife…

Nuilang’s love for his wife floated into his dreams, and he drifted, wonderfully into her arms, and at last, was blissfully happy again.

Zhinv and Nuilang (Third Part.)

At last, the day had come, St. Valentine’s Day: The day the Great Emperor – Odin – had set aside, for his beloved daughter, Zhinv, to meet her husband, Nuilang, upon the magical bridge of light, constructed by the very incarnation of the His witches and wizards, for a moment, of her delight… It is a father’s dream, to come to his daughter’s plight, and he wanted her happy, at least for one night.

The bridge was hexed into existence. Zhinv bathed, and dressed in her finest silks. She painted her toe nails, and scrubbed her crack wildly. Nuilang washed the crusty white stuff off his lips, and swilled the bottles out for the babies, and packed them into his knapsack. He washed his snake, and rubbed Şirinevler Escort it with scented oils.

Zhinv petted her little kitten, snuggling in her silk pouch, sewn into the front of her panties, and set off for the bridge.

Nuilang, kissed the twin babies, bye, and left them with his mother, and told them that soon they would have Mother’s Milk, once again, when he returned. They both giggled, and kicked their legs in their cots.

It was just over a year ago, after Zhinv had given birth to two wonderful little babies, one girl one boy, when her Daddy, recalled her to the Jade City in the sky. Zhinv cried and cried, but had to obey her father.

When she could, Zhinv would fill bottles of Mother’s Milk, directly from her bulging breasts, and secretly send a messenger — a friendly wizard — who could fly to Earth, and deliver the milk for the babies, before it got cold, but it was only a few time a week, and her breasts hurt so much, as she sensed the wanting of her babies, of her sweet, warm, life-giving milk.

Many nights Zhinv, would rub her kitten’s stiff little pink nose, and as the fury of her rubbing, thundered between her thighs, she would pull her aching breasts up high, and in the dark, slip her weeping teats, between her gasping lips, and suck her own milk, draining each bursting mammary gland, suckling, and gulping her own warm, sweet milk, out of her overflowing cups… and she would cry, as she filled her little tummy, and shook, in the dark, as she yearned for her husband and children. Finally falling asleep, alone in her bed, her breasts deflated, and flopping flaccid, either side of her midriff, almost reaching down to her waist — only to find, that in the morning, her cups had filled again, and stood, hard, and turgid, upon her chest, and ached for her babies to empty them, once again.

Zhinv would have a select few maids, to empty her painful breasts, every morning, sucking them, and guzzling her milk, to relieve the pressure, before she got out of bed. The maids were very beautiful, and very clean, and they had orders to disrobe, before Zhinv woke up, and slip under the sheets, laying, and snuggling, one to the left, and the other on the right. And they would gently suckle her, cooing, and purring, and draining Zhinv’s breasts, so that she wouldn’t awaken with bursting agony.

And most mornings, as Zhinv stirred, in her huge Queen’s bed, one, or both of the maids, after draining her breasts, would slip down, under the sheets, and lick the little kitty-cat, that Nuilang had given Zhinv. The kitty-cat’s fur, soaked through and through, with the hot, thick, honey-cinnamon cream. And they would lick and lap, at the kitten’s lips, cleaning them off, until Zhinv, shook, and shuddered, and moaned.

The maids, after a while, had to be replaced, because they put on so much weight. Mother’s milk, and kitten’s cream is very fattening.

Zhinv and Nuilang, saw one another on the light bridge, and, slowly at first, but then, unable to contain themselves, rushed into each other’s arm. They kissed and hugged, and cried and breathed each other’s breath in deep, and hungrily, and drank the wetness from the other’s lips and tongue, and drank the tears, of rolling down their lover’s cheeks… And the little kitty-cat, and the snake, peeped out of their silk purses, and greeted, one another, as Zhinv and Nuilang held each other close, and drank their love, into the other, without limit.

Their hearts pounding, their eyes gleaming, they stood there, and held each other’s hands, and the look of love between them was truly immortal, even though Nuilang was not.

Toward one end of the bridge, there was a little thatched hut, where a guard stayed of a night whilst on duty, and they ran, like children over the bridge and into the shed together, hand in hand.

Inside, it was dark, with only one small window for illumination. It had a chair, and a table, but that was all. Zhinv and Nuilang, kissed and giggled, and Nuilang, gently hung up his wife’s garments, on the peg, which protruded out of the back of the only door, until she stood there, with her cups, filled to overflowing, wet patches, showing in huge circular rings through her satin bra, and her kitty-cat, soaking wet, hanging out of her silk pouch, fluffy and yawning, between her soft, expansive thighs.

Nuilang disrobed, and rolled his pants up as a pillow; laying his shirt down over the table, as a bed blanket for his beautiful wife, Zhinv.

Nuilang’s little snake, was huge! It rose out of the front of his pants, like a thick broom-handle, with a large red tomato, stuck on the end of it.

Nuilang moved close to his wife, and she averted her eyes shyly, as he kissed her passionately, and she instinctively reached between his legs, and grasped the rigid snake, by the throat, and delicately, Şişli Escort stroked its swollen head. Nuilang quivered, and let out an imperceptible groan of pleasure.

Zhinv grasped the red, hot, and dug her nails deep under its outer rim, Nuilang writhed and whimpered, as she bit his lip, and sucked his tongue deep into her open mouth. Nuiland reached down between Zhins open thighs, and flicked the kitten-cat’s stiff little nose, and Zhinv let go of his tomato, and squealed like a little squirrel, bringing her hands up behind his neck, tearing at his hair, pulling him into her open mouth and flicking tongue. Nuilang reached down a little further, and found the dripping wet, open kitten’s mouth. It was hot, and wet, and velvety-smooth, and he slowly pushed two of his long, stiff, fingers deep into the kitten’s dripping mouth. Zhinv screamed and wriggled around in his arms, her hot breath, blasting into his lungs, as they breathed each other’s spent breath, and her had to hold her up, as her knees buckled under her, and her body quaked, as waves of pleasure rocketed through it, without mercy.

Nuilang, taken by the moment, lifted his wife up off her feet, and laid her gently on her back across the table; placing her head on his rolled up pants as a pillow.

He ran to his knapsack, and took the two bottles out, unscrewed the caps, and knelt down on the floor at Zhinv’s side.

Together, they placed her stiff, red teats, one at a time, into the bottles, and they both massages her bulbous breasts, and watched as the warm, sweet, mother’s milk, sprayed in white fountains into the bottles, filling them to the brim, for the babies, when Nuilang returned to the mortal world later.

Zhinv’s cups were so large, and she was so, so full, that the bottles couldn’t hold all of her milk, and so Nuilang screwed the tops on, and returned. He gently raised one of Zhinv’s half empty breast teats up and touched her lips with it. She tasted the warm milk, and took to the breast immediately, sucking greedily, and gulping down the sweet nectar, as she did, Nuilnag took the other nipple, and suckled her too, letting her thick, hot brew, trickle down his guzzling throat, filling his little tummy, and they looked into each other’s eyes, with pure love, as they both, sweetly, drained her dry.

When Zhinv was emptied, Nuilang rose from his kneeling position, and got up onto the table. He raised Zhinv’s legs, and placed them on his shoulders, and Zhinv’s kitty-cat was drooling, thick cream, out of its mouth, and Nuilang’s snake, was weeping, thick white tears of joy.

Nuilang, looked into Zhinv’s eyes, and she, almost imperceptibly gave him a little smile, and a nod, and reached down under him, taking hold of the huge, stiff snake.

Nuilang shook as she grabbed the snake, and guided its huge, swollen head up to the soaking wet, open kitten’s mouth.

As the snake’s hot, red head, touched her kitten’s lips, she moaned and nodded again.

Nuilang, started to push his pelvic, slowly forward, and for a moment, Zhinv’s little kitten’s mouth couldn’t swallow the huge snake’s head, and she bade him to stop, for she was afraid, but Nuilang, pushed on, harder and harder, and Zhinv begged him to stop, “Please, Oh please stop, oh please stop…!” She whimpered.

Nuilang was entranced; he had become almost a wild animal, and pushed even harder, until finally, the kitten’s mouth opened up as wide as it could, and swallowed the snakes head entirely. Zhinv screamed in pain and pleasure, and begged Nuilang not to stop!

Zhinv writhed and flailed around on the table like a landed eel, but Nuilang kept on pushing the long, red, stiff snake deeper and deeper into the creamy wet kittens steaming mouth. She pleaded for him to stop, and in the second breath, implored him not to…

Nuilang got every inch of the snake, into the kitty-cat, and they both began to dance.

It was a beautiful, slow, then fast, then slow again rhythmic dance, and Zhinv was screaming, and biting Nuilnag’s neck, and digging her long, sharp talons deep into his back, and buttocks: Tearing at the flesh, ripping at his core, gnashing at him with her fangs, and pleading, pitifully…not for him to ever, ever…ever …stop!

It was as if the two of them were riding a galloping horse, and they rode it in perfect unison…until…until…until wave after wave, of blistering glory, ran over the two. Quake after quake, shuddered through their convulsing bodies, and the kitten, drooled its hot cream down the long rigid shaft of the snake, and the snake, cried tears of passion deep inside the kitty-cat, crying, its thick, white tears, and filling Zhinv’s kitty to the brim, until the tears squirted out of the sides, and splashed down between them, soaking Nuilang’s shirt, upon which they lay.

They bath collapsed, sobbing into each other’s arms, and lay there for a long time, holding each other, and breathing in the pungent scent, of their encounter.

When it came time for them to part, they kissed, and waved goodbye, for another year, and as Nuilang stepped off the bridge, with his two bottles of mother’s milk for the babies, the light bridge disappeared, and the world seemed a darker place.

(To be continued.)

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