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Subject: Zachary All Grown Up Chapter 59 Zachary All Grown Up Chapter 59 By JJ [ ail ] LET’S ALL THROW INTO THE POT ANYTING WE CAN TO KEEP THIS GREAT ENTERTAINING PLACE ALIVE!!! Chapter 59 I actually slept another hour I got up and got dressed and decided to get on the treadmill. I ran for about for almost an hour, lifted a little and did some sit ups. I went up and put coffee on and decided I was going to make them soft boiled eggs. Tonight was going to be pasta fagioli. Tomorrow would be the rigatoni and ricotta and Friday would be liver, bacon, and onion sandwiches, and Saturday pizza. I figured Sunday would be pulled pork subs. Next week would be Stephen’s last week and each day I would make him whatever he wanted. I got everything ready for breakfast and I wasn’t going to let them sleep that late. I was going to get them up at 8 or so, I looked at it this way if he wanted to sled and still make it to Maria’s they had to get up. I had my coffee and made oatmeal and realized it was after 8, so I went up and woke Zachary first, he laughed and said he felt that he was being awaken by Prince Charming. We smooched a little and I told him to get dressed by the time I got to Stephen he was a little harder to get up, and I told him he could sleep but if he wanted to go sledding he should get up I left it up to him, he wanted to sleep and I rubbed his back and he was asleep in a few minutes. Zachary had oatmeal with me this was the first time in I don’t know how long we actually had breakfast alone and together. As soon as he finished he was on my leg, I just said keep an ear out for Stephen. But I knew we could explain why he was sitting on my lap anyway. If they moved up here eventually all the boys would know. Zachary said “We have to get work and gym clothes ready for the next three days, not to mention lunches.” I told him I worked out this morning while the two ‘Sleeping Beauties’ slept. Zachary said he thought I was a little ripe this morning. It was almost 9:30 when I went back upstairs; he was laying there looking at the tree. I felt his forehead to see if he was warm and asked him if he was okay. Stephen said he was just tired well I said you guys were up late at least two hours past your bedtime. I asked if he was hungry and said he was. Evidently he got up went to the bathroom while I was on the treadmill. He told me Zachary was sleeping and he came downstairs and heard me in the cellar and came up and went back to bed. I made him a couple of soft-boiled eggs on two English muffins and OJ. Zachary told him that they couldn’t go sledding there was school today and he said maybe we should take a walk to see if it the snow is still good there before he goes to lunch. Stephen ran to go get dressed after he ate. I helped him wash, etc. I made him put on thermals and two pairs of socks seeing we were just walking he didn’t need the snow suit. We walked and it was weird everything was still kind of quiet but you could tell everything was getting back to normal. The hill behind the school was lousy; it had bare patches from being used and being in the sun the past few days. I told him I will see if there was anywhere else we could go. We had to hurry home we both had to go to the bathroom. Zachary got our clothes ready for the week. Stephen and him made the beds and straightened up the house. It was noon and they both got ready to take him across the street. I told Stephen I was making pasta fagioli for supper and he let out a cheer then asked loud enough so that Zachary could hear if it was okay if he slept with Zachary tonight. I told him he could, knowing what he was up to. Zachary came in the room and sat across from him and said to him you realize I will be eating the same thing for supper. Stephen looked at me and went I changed my mind. I looked at the two of them and told them they should stay together I didn’t want to be around either one their ‘swamp butts’. Stephen latched onto me and said “No Papa ewwww I will resuscitate being with him I’ll be dead by morning.” Zachary just gave him a smile and said the word is suffocate. Stephen said “Yeah that.” I told him not to worry he has to sleep in his own bed Zachary and I are going back to work tomorrow. I got him ready and they both left laughing about not ankara escort saying anything to Noni she won’t think it is funny. I watched the two of them cross the street and hoped I lived long enough to watch all my grandchildren become adults especially this one. As I sat with a cup of coffee my phone rang and it was Andrea she got pictures and videos from Darla. Sr. and her talked about it and sent them to her mother-in-law. Her mother-in-law went on line and did a little research and told them what to offer but don’t put the offer in till they actually saw the house but to put a deposit to hold it till they could come up and see it. So I offered to run a bank check over to them and she could send me the money. She said that would be great, Darla told them they didn’t have to but the mother-in-law told he her to do it to protect themselves and let it be known that they weren’t going to get up here for another week or so. Sr’s mother also said to have a lawyer draw up something stating on seeing the house they would make an offer and the deposit returned if no agreement was reached. Andrea said she already talked to my lawyer that the paper was being drafted and it should be ready late today or tomorrow. The Berrios agreed with all of this, they didn’t think this was going to happen so fast, but were happy another family from the neighborhood was maybe going to live there. So the plan isn’t finalized on how they are coming up. She would like for all of them to drive up but they would have to leave early Thursday to be for Thursday night for court the next day then would have to leave early Sunday so everyone could be there for school Monday. The other thing would be to fly up Thursday with Sr. but she didn’t want to impose on anyone to take in the other three boys. Worse came to worse Sr. and his mom could look at it and put the offer in. Andrea said she could live with that she knew the house and I laughed when she said I already know what colors I’m changing. Then she reminded me the house they were in was bought sight unseen and look at it. Then she asked how I and her son were and I asked her how was she doing, she laughed and said she talks to him every day when he is at Maria’s and all he talks about is you and Zachary. I told her I didn’t know that I apologized for not calling more. She assured me that I called enough. But she asked again about me I said I will miss him, but he belongs home with his family. She got teary eyed and said “Dad that is true, but there isn’t anyone that neither Sr. nor I would want him to be with.” She told me that Maria told her that Mario was already talking about putting a gate in his fence between the two properties so Stephen could come and go. I said that didn’t surprise me in the least. After that we hung up. I have to keep myself upbeat and to enjoy the next twelve days. Who knows maybe they will back in a few months for good. I called my lawyer and he told me that there would be two copies and have the Berrios sign both and keep one. He said he was waiting for Sr. to fax them back with their signatures. He also said not to give more than $1,000.00 for a deposit that was more than enough to hold the house and I should get a bank check. He would let me know when everything was set. First thing first I ran to the bank to get the check then came back to start supper. Zachary was home waiting for me and I got him up to date with what had happened. He was sincerely hopeful that they were going to be so close. I went upstairs once the pasta fagioli was finished. Zachary had our bed covered with a sheet, and was already naked except for his white socks waiting for me. He seemed to be deep in thought; I asked him what was he thinking about. Zachary looked at me and said we were both so lucky that we had each other some people never find that and I don’t ever want to take that and you for granted. I smiled and asked him are you sure you are only 18. He helped me get undressed and pulled me on top of him. As soon as I was on top of him Zachary legs wrapped around mine and he had his arms around my neck seeking my mouth. I didn’t want to rush this; there was no hurry Stephen would be across the street for at least another hour. Zachary was already lubed and was begging me to do it. I laughed escort ankara a little and told him he has to let loose me to mount him, he moaned but did it. I started to push towards his pucker when he grabbed me by the ass and pushed me in. Zachary growled ‘this isn’t the time to take your time, I need it hard make me cum.’ I lowered my mouth to his and started taking deep fast strokes into him, I knew I was hitting the spot because he eyes were somewhere in the top his head. He quivered and shook and his ass tightened around my boner and he shot so much I thought I felt it up near my pecs. He was on fire and if I lasted another 10 minutes it was a lot. We lay there completely spent and then he got up and I followed and we took a nice long hot shower and got off again. As I was getting dressed the house phone rang and it was the lawyer, he was going to drop off the papers on his way home if that was okay, he would put them in the mailbox. I thanked him texted Andrea asked her to find out from Darla when would be a good time to bring them over. I was told that Darla would be there from 3 to 4 or so. As I was reading that text I saw my lawyer pull up and waved to him and he put it in the mailbox. I texted back that I would be there at 3:30 I could walk over before Stephen came back. Zachary was going over to get Stephen and I waked around the corner to the Berrios. Darla answered the door I remembered her slightly. We talked she explained the paperwork to her Dad and he had no problem with signing the agreement. But he didn’t want the check he said he faith in us, Darla explained that it was to protect us in case someone came and was interested in the house, then he got insulted that he would never do that to anyone finally the only way he agreed was that she called his lawyer and he was told to take it in good faith. On my way back I stopped at the grandparents and the two boys were still there. They were up in Zachary’s room looking for a game or something. Mario and Maria were having coffee and she got me one too and I told them fast while they were upstairs I caught them up on what was going on. I said I don’t want to ‘malocchio’ this and Maria blessed herself and we dropped it. There was big plate of frosted sugar cookies on the table plus two tins. I asked “How many cookies did you make?” Maria answered almost seven dozen she says two tins are to be frozen and this dish is going home with you and I have dish here for him for the rest of the week. Maria told us that he likes sugar cookies and so does his Papa I had told him they were my favorite too and he says then that is what he wanted to make. She also told me he didn’t nap for more than 15 minutes when he heard Zachary come in and they have been upstairs ever since. Mario yelled up that I was here and the little one came down shoeless and got on my lap and said hi. Zachary came down with Stephen’s shoes. Mario and Maria said something in Italian which I didn’t get all of, but basically comparing the Zachary to Stephen at that age. I asked him if he had a good day and he said he did and then I asked what were him and Zachary doing upstairs. Stephen told me that Zachary was looking to see if he had any games that we all could play. Then he showed me a football and a softball glove I could have when I get older if wanted to play those things. Then he told me how they made all these cookies some for the freezer and some to eat now. Maria told him he better go to bed early tonight that tomorrow was her club meeting and he better be rested that it was at the woman’s house that had all the toys for her grandson. Zachary asked him if they try to kiss him and pinch his cheeks. Stephen rolled his eyes and said yes and there are two that like to pinch my other cheeks. Zachary laughed and said that has to be Elena and Doris and Stephen nodded. Mario was lost and said what other cheeks and Stephen says to him ‘my butt cheeks.’ Zachary and Stephen laughed then Zachary says we are having pasta fagioli tonight maybe you should have some before you go and they laughed even harder. Maria whacked the table with her hand and looked at the both of them and said that’s enough and they both got quiet and replied ‘yes Noni.’ When she turned her back Stephen nudged Zachary which I’m ankara escort bayan sure she caught out of the corner of her eye because she smiled. I said get your shoes on and let’s get going it is going to be an early night for everyone. Stephen asked them if they wanted to come over for supper and Maria told him ‘Thank you’ but they were having the same thing. Zachary and Stephen kissed them goodbye and we got all the cookies and left. When we got home I put the tins of cookies in the freezer and told them to make a salad to go along with the meal. I asked Stephen if he talked to his mom today and he said he couldn’t only Maria did because he was frosting cookies with Mario. I said okay we will call after supper this way I could tell her we were all set. We sat and ate, Zachary said what do you want to take for lunch, I wanted fruit and yogurt he wanted fruit and PB,J& Banana sandwich. I told him I would make it in the morning. I asked if he wanted oatmeal he said yes so while we were still eating I put it on, there was no way I would get it done in the morning and he would have to reheat it anyway. They had Stephen’s cookies for dessert with eggnog. I passed I would take some for lunch tomorrow. After they ate Stephen and I cleaned up while Zachary packed both gym bags and put out our workout clothes. I asked Stephen if he wanted oatmeal for breakfast and he nodded. It was getting near 6:30 and he had just went to the bathroom I told Stephen let’s go up and get your shower out of the way. He ran upstairs and found Zachary putting clothes out and put his back to him bent over and farted. Zachary told him he was going to call Noni and tell her. Stephen said ‘Go ahead I’m cute and little and you are getting old.’ Zachary laughed and told him ‘You got it all figured out huh.’ I just reached the top of the stairs and asked what was going on and Zachary told me nothing. Stephen whispered to me in the bathroom that he pointed his butt and farted at Zachary in his room. I laughed and said you better be careful he may sit on you and fart. Stephen says DJ tried to do that to him once and messed his pants and mom got mad at him and made him wash his clothes. Then he got the giggles then the hiccups. Sometimes when you force it that is what happens. He puffed out his chest and said I never have that problem I laughed and said neither do I. Stephen is getting good at washing himself and even doing his hair. He did his teeth and put on his pajamas. Zachary went in next and as the two passed each other they just looked at each other and smirked. We went down and called Andrea I let him talk to her first. Stephen told her about the cookies and how we have to find another place to sled ride. He told her we were going back to work tomorrow and he was going to miss me. She must have asked if he was ready to come home and he answered not yet. He said “Even though Papa and Zachary are at work he does have a good time with Noni and Mario.” Then the little politician tells his mom that ‘They would miss him if he wasn’t here to have lunch and do things with them. You and dad have my brothers you aren’t alone like they are.’ She told him he was a good boy and he beamed and said she loved him and goodnight. Andrea asked me if I heard the conversation I told her I did. He will do and say anything to stay with you and at the same time doesn’t want to hurt my feelings. I said he is 5 going on 25. I filled her in on what happened with the Berrios and she said they put a check in the mail for me and we hung up. Zachary was through with his shower and the two of them were watching something. Stephen looked tired and asked him if he wanted to go up to bed while I took my shower and surprisingly he said yes. He hugged Zachary and told him he would see him in the afternoon. He told me to put the tree on and I teased him maybe we should take them down this weekend. Stephen told me to do it after he left I agreed. By the time I got out of the shower he was asleep. I went down and Zachary was dozing I told him to go to bed I would tuck him in too. I locked up, turned everything off grabbed a water and went upstairs. I got on the bed with Zachary and we kissed and spooned and talked. Before I knew it he was falling asleep and I kissed him goodnight and went to my own bed. We were all asleep before 8:30. JJ Any comments feel free and a big Thanks to everyone who reached out about this story. [ ail ] GUYS YOU ALL KNOW THE DRILL PLEASE DONATE TO NIFTY TO KEEP THIS SITE UP AND RUNNING !!!

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