Yui’s Awakening. Part 5

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Yui’s Awakening. Part 5Ayaka had arranged for her two friends to come over at 7:00.Yui was nervous. Of course, she felt very comfortable with Ayaka when the two of them were alone, and of course she knew that Ayaka had other lovers. But this time was different. This time Yui was going to be sharing her time with Ayaka with two girls that she had never met.After some wine, and kissing and soft caressing with reassuring words from Ayaka, the intercom buzzed and Ayaka let the girls in.They were Haruka and Nanami. They were a lesbian couple and friends of Ayaka who sometimes played with Ayaka, although Yui didn’t know any details.Haruka was the taller of the two. She has quite voluptuous, with long straight black hair, a curvy body that she confidently moved around the room, and a lovely, round face with gorgeous eyes.Nanami was quite the opposite in many ways. She was not very tall, in fact, the shortest of them all. Her body was slim, lean, and her hair was a very cute bob that framed her very cute face.The four women chatted about mundane things for a little while, and then Yui asked how long they had known Ayaka.”About 2 years now, isn’t that right Ayaka san?” Ayaka nodded from behind her wine glass.”She visits our place, or we come here and she watches us…”, said Haruka, teasingly.”She loves watching us, isn’t that so, Ayaka san?” added Nanami in a teasing tone. Akaya giggled and lovingly caressed Yui’s arm.”Yui urfa escort knows what I like, don’t you Yui?” Yui nodded.Haruka held Yui’s other hand and gently ran her fingers along her lovely soft arm.”Ayaka san told us a lot about you, Yui. She said you were beautiful… and you are!” she said.Nanami laughed and gently hit her girlfriend’s hand.”Take it easy Ha-chan! She’s insatiable, Yui, watch out!” she giggled.Yui now felt completely comfortable with these fun girls, and was not at all surprised when they got up and moved to the big sofa. Yui and Ayaka watched as they kissed, their hands exploring each other’s bodies over their clothes.”Let’s go to bed”, said Ayaka as she got up and led Yui by the hand into the bedroom.Ayaka’s big bed was soon covered in four naked young women.Haruka and Nanami were still kissing each other passionately, this time their arms were wrapped around their sexy naked bodies. Yui was turned on immensely at how these two girls’ bodies complimented each other. Nanami was obviously infatuated with Haruka’s large breasts, ravishing them, sucking as much of those big brown nipples into her mouth as she could. Sometimes she would bury her face between them, grabbing handfuls of that delicious flesh and licking and sucking as much as possible.Soon Haruka had Nanami on her back holding her arms above her head, stretching her lean body so that her flat chest and ribs were exposed. escort urfa She rubbed her large nipples all over Nanami’s sexy little body, while licking her stomach, her chest, her small but erect nipples, and her smooth armpits.All the while Yui was leaning against Ayaka’s warm body, both of them caressing Yui’s soft naked body, both of them watching these two lovers.After some minutes, Ayaka whispered to Yui.”Why don’t you join them Yui chan?”Hearing this, Haruka and Nanami turned and motioned for Yui to lay between them, which she did with a few nerves.Her nervousness was soon gone as the two lovely young women caressed Yui’s beautiful body all over. She felt their soft hands exploring her nakedness and, with her lovely eyes closed, relaxed into a realm of pleasure that only another girl can give her. She relaxed more and raised her arms over her head, and the two girls began kissing her body. Haruka was nuzzling her neck, gently kissing her ears, shoulders, chest, armpits, arms… meanwhile Nanami was kissing and licking Yui’s soft, smooth stomach, running her hands over her hips, gently caressing her soft inner thighs.Yui was in heaven. She opened her eyes briefly to find Ayaka, who was there, intently watching, intently caressing her body, pinching her nipples and dipping her fingers into her wetness.”Ayaka san told us you were a beautiful girl Yui chan, but you are so much more beautiful than I imagined”, urfa escort bayan whispered Haruka into Yui’s ear. This sent a delicious tingle through Yui’s entire body.With that, Haruka moved down to get comfortable next to Yui’s left breast, while Nanami moved up to settle at her right breast. They both began a long, sensual period of licking, sucking and nibbling at Yui’s sensitive and erect nipples. At the same time, they each moved Yui’s legs to between their own thighs, so that their wet pussies were grinding up against Yui’s soft, white thighs.Ayaka moaned as she began a long slow orgasm, eventually sending her over the edge in a quivering, shaking ecstasy, her eyes fixed on her three beautiful, naked friends.With her new friends’ warm, wet pussies grinding against her thighs, and them making love to her nipples, Yui whispered to Ayaka “Ayaka, please lick me…”.Ayaka, by now only slightly recovered, climbed between Yui’s parted legs, and surrounded by grinding, soft, smooth, naked legs, she buried her face into Yui’s soaking pussy, her tongue entering Yui, sometimes flicking across her swollen clitty, sometimes sucking her swollen lips into her mouth.Yui wrapped her arms around Haruka and Nanami as they ravished her nipples, and with Ayaka making love to her with her tongue, she closed her eyes and succumbed to an earth shaking orgasm that made her moan loudly. Her legs, pinned between the thighs of her two friends were shaking, her body convulsed, and back arched, as if to push her aching nipples further into her friends’ mouths.It was possibly the most intense orgasm she had ever had, and it was now definitely time for a break.

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