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“What is it? I’ve never seen anything like it before…”You lift the object and roll it in your hands, eyes moving along its shape. Curiosity paints your expression while your fingers journey softly down and up its edges. Your eyes move to me.I stare at you, giving you a moment to inspect your new gift. It’s part one of two new additions to your bedside.  At least that’s what I hope. You’ve opened one box, its wrapping and contents strewn on the sheets. If you like what you’re holding, if it works how it’s supposed to, on the places I hope you put it – then I think you’ll love the second box’s contents as well.Maybe we’ll get to it. Maybe your fingers won’t be too wet to undo the gift-wrapped bow. Let’s see how this next hour goes.The object’s soft pastel color spans its form, the impossibly soft silicone slick against your hands. It looks like a little dolphin, curved like it’s jumping out of the water giving you a peek at its slippery movement. You move it closer to your eyes, peering into the small hole on one end. You look at me with a devilish grin.“Is this what I think it is?”I smile back and bring my hands to your hips, squeezing them firmly.“Why don’t you find out? Lean back and test it out.”You fall against the soft pillows and headboard behind you. There’s no clothes to remove, since we already stripped down earlier and covered each other with lips and tongues. I told you these gifts required you naked and open to anything for the next hour. So here we are, exposed and horny and ready for whatever.Except I know what comes next – you getting to know your new toy, and it getting to know you. And me getting to watch.You begin caressing the inside of your neck and your breasts with it, testing out the softness bursa escort of its material. I hear light coos coming from your throat as it circles your nipples, pointy and plump with arousal. It makes its way down your softly heaving stomach, tracing your belly button line as it makes its way to the inside of your thighs.They spread wide to reveal your pretty lips, the labia still pressed together but opening slowly. I love this view, when your moisture is just beginning to turn the inside of your legs wet. I’ll watch those lips go from wrapped and hidden to full and glistening, like a blossoming flower unfolding before my eyes.“Try out the button.”My words bring your attention to the single circular nub in the middle of the toy. You press it, and a light sound emanates from the end of the small hole at its end. You press the hole against the end of the skin of your thigh.“Oh… “You press the button again and the sound grows a little louder. I see your eyes grow wider.You move the hole from your thigh up to your chest, placing it against your waiting nipple. They’re almost the same size. As it presses down, your eyes go even wider.“OH.”The movement circles your nipples, on one breast and then the other. I can see you’re starting to get the hang of this thing.Your breath quickens and I see small sweat beads forming on your brow and your neck. I want to jump to you and lick them off your skin. Tasting you is one of the fastest ways to get me hard in an instant.But I promised myself I’d stay put and watch the show as it unfolds. So I’ll use whatever self-control I can muster to keep at a distance. For now, the sight of you beginning to whimper and wiggle as the new contraption moves with the exploring whims of your curiosity bursa escort bayan will have to do.You click the button a few more times, making the sound increase to a noticeable whirring. I can tell the toy is at work, and I watch you use your free hand to spread your pussy with forefinger and middle finger. I barely have a moment to appreciate seeking the gorgeous pink of your insides, before you bring the toy’s little hole end to your clitoris.Your eyes grow wider than I think I’ve ever seen.“Hoooooly SHIT.”I smile at your shock. I can’t take my eyes off of you, and your hands can’t separate from the object. It’s like it’s glued to the middle of your thighs.“What does it feel like?”My words seem to pull you out of a trance. But only slightly. Your gaze is hazy and I can tell you’re only half-hearing me.“It’s like it’s… SUCKING. Quickly, over and over. And my pussy is pulsating with it.”I let you a little laugh of achievement. This is what I wanted, what I’d hoped for. You like the feeling, and now I’m excited to see what it does to that eager pussy of yours.You lift your hands just slightly to peer down at the miracle you’ve just made. The soft silicone of your new toy is already dripping. I see liquids pooling on it, and my balls tighten against the base of my cock. I haven’t even begun touching myself and yet I can feel my erection so stiff that it’s almost painful how taught my shaft’s skin is.“Am I usually this wet?”Your free hand wipes the inside of your thighs and brings it in front of your face. The fingers and palm are absolutely soaked.I respond as best I can, distracted by the sight of your juices so close to your mouth.“Usually after I’ve been fucking you hard for a while and you’re about escort bursa to cum. I don’t think I’ve seen you soaked like this so quickly.”You laugh and begin licking your hand.“That’s because when you’re hitting it deep, I lose control and just release.”You suck on your fingers slowly like a sugary candy cane as you speak to me.“Sometimes when you pull out, the sheets are so wet, it looks like I squirted all over you…”While you suckle your drenched fingers, I take the opportunity to place my hands on your legs and massage them.“Maybe that’s why I got you this toy. I want to see what it does to that pussy…”My eyes become entranced once again, as you bring the little dolphin back to rest on your clit’s hood. I see your eyes glaze again. This time, I can’t resist getting involved any longer.I begin stroking my cock and kneading my balls lightly in my hands. They’re already screaming at me for attention and I’m happy to oblige, now that you’re sold on your gift and ready to lean into its magic.You instinctually click the button a couple more times, initiating the highest settings. It’s like you’ve used this mystic wand before. Your body responds in kind, breathing heavier than ever and muscles of your core and lower half clenching.I’m used to feeling you build to orgasm with my manhood deep inside of you, walls clenching around me. Now I’m witnessing a new kind of ascension. One hyper-focused on your clit, but clearly spreading across your entire body and consciousness. Judging by your face, you’re not even really in the bedroom anymore. It’s taken you to some other realm and I know asking you how you’re feeling would be pointless. I can see clearly that you’re approaching crescendo, and I can’t wait to see the fireworks.The moisture isn’t limited to your thighs. Your entire figure is sweaty, your face and breasts flush with redness, and your hair is already a mess. It’s like you’re possessed. Whoever it is, I love this new spirit taking over you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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