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Young and curiosShe had never had sex before. She thought about it all the time. But she was a virgin. She heard her parents fucking in the next room all the time. She knew people loved sex. She was just young a kinda of geeky and no guys ever paid her attention. So one hot evening in July, she was with her family at a 4th of July fireworks display. She grew bored and left her family to us the restroom. when she entered the ladies room she could hear loud groaning from the other side of the building in the boys bathroom. Curiosity got the better of her and she decided to peek into the bathroom to see what all this moaning and groaning was from. Sure enough, and old man and a young boy were rubbing each others penises. They were so focused on getting each other off, they did not notice her peaking in on them. fethiye escort She knew she should leave but the sight of those two hard dicks fascinated her. She had never seen a dick before. Let alone two at once. The older gentleman hand a long skinny penis, while the younger lad had a shorter and fatter one. She watched in amazement as they went to town on each other. Her own crotch grew very wet the more she watched. The older gentleman pushed the young guy to his knees and shot some kind of stinky goo all over the younger boys face. It was in his hair, his eyes, dripping down his chin. She couldn’t understand why she didn’t run away, something compelled her to stay. The older man rubbed his penis all over the young boys, smearing the wet stinky goo all over and the boy loved it. He rubbed it intensely.She escort fethiye got so wet, and this was new to her, she had been turned on before but nothing like this. The sight of two men fucking eachother pushed her over her ability to think. Before she knew it her fingers were in her pants, reaching for that hot wet button that begging to be pressed. She began fingering herself, she had never done this before but it just came so naturally, rubbing her clit back and forth furiosly, before long she felt her brain explode, it was her first orgasm. As the fog cleared and she could see again, both the men were standing over her. Drooling with lust in their eyes. Before she could even say anything, the younger boy grabbed his fat little dick and shoved it in her mouth. The older man rubbed his dick in fethiye escort bayan her hair. She was a virgin before this moment and now she was happily fucking two strangers, and loving every inch of their beautiful dicks. The younger guy pushed her to the floor and began to drive his hard prick into her over and over while the older guy stroked himself above them. She came almost instantly, but the young man was not done and he just kept fucking, her tight cunt being stretched by his fat short dick. Just as he was about the cum in her, the old guy blew his cum all over her face, at first she didnt know what it was, but soon she realized this man just came all over, and this boy came in her virgin pussy. In the course of one hour, she went from being an innocent geeky girl who got good grades and worked hard, to being a complete cumslut, and she loved it.As she returned to her family after the fireworks her father noticed she had something sticky and gooey in her hair….=DHope you enjoyed my little story, this is a work of fiction!!!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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