You Me Him Ch. 02

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*Author’s note: Thanks to Saunaaddict for helping to edit. This chapter does eventually follow on from the event of Ch 01, but follows the new perspective of Nina, a character briefly mentioned in the first Ch 01. It can stand alone if you don’t want to read the earlier chapter. *

She couldn’t breathe, and I didn’t really care. Her mouth was buried deep in the dark folds of my pussy lapping and sucking for all she was worth, and I was gushing. My hands were twisted in her long dark hair and I couldn’t stop myself from humping her face as orgasmic waves built inside me.

God I was so close.

Frequently she’d moan or gasp which would send a tremble through my thighs, my body stiffening as the pleasure coursed through me. I suspected these were a result of the periodic spanks her boyfriend landed on her gorgeous pale ass while continually plunging his dick into her. It also had the added benefit of shoving her mouth and fingers harder against my slick pussy as we all built towards our mutual climax. At a certain point all I could do was hold on as her actions pushed me over the edge and words left my mouth in a desperate flurry that seemed manic in its intensity.

“Make me cum Jess, you’re going to make cum. Oh fuck you gorgeous fucking bitch make me cum. I order you to make me cum. Jess, Jess you’re making me cum. Fuck her harder Carlos, oh fuck I’m cumming.”

As the waves crashed over me my toes curled, and my body arched as I rode out the intense pleasure trying not to burst with all the sensations coursing through me. I quickly lifted Jess’s head away from my pussy as the sensitivity became too much to handle. Jess looked up at me with a self-satisfied smirk that quickly contorted into something much messier as Carlos’s motions became more frantic.

It seemed he was reaching his own orgasm and if I could judge from the urgency of the fingers on her clit, so was she. The two came together in a loud groan that filled the room, making clear to any passer-by exactly what was going on. Not that any of us cared at this point. As I caught my breath, a realisation slowly floated through my mind which I took the time to examine. I had just fucked my best friend and her boyfriend, and I was really hoping it wasn’t a mistake.


I like being in charge. I like being the centre of attention. And I especially like people following my orders. So, if I was going to submit to someone and, follow their orders, they had better have my respect or I was going to be difficult. Which is why when my latest partner ordered me to call him ‘Master’, my only response was “Make me.” To his credit, he tried to fuck me particularly roughly, using fairly colourful derogatory terms, complimented with delicious teasing from his tongue.

Usually, I would be delighted with a course of good, old-fashioned debauchery. But this time? Honestly…it just wasn’t that creative. If he wanted me to call him master, I’d require proof of some sadistic imagination. A simple blindfold, ice cubes – or anything that could be used as a nipple clamp would’ve made a world of difference. Alas, it was not to be. And when his attempts failed to illicit the desired response, he had the gall to be frustrated with me as if I were subbing wrong. It’s true – the whole point of playing this game is to lose. But if I made it easy for him, then what’s in it for me?

Suffice to say he didn’t want to play for long after that. Shame too – he was the first boy I’d been into for a while. Although I’d never admitted it, my tastes tended towards nice curves and a devilish smile, but after Diletta well, boys were a familiar haven, and much easier to explain to my parents. The problem was finding the right one.

Tinder was the ‘all you can eat buffet’ that Jess hailed as the best way to live out the hoe phase I had missed at uni. Whenever she remarked on this apparently missed phase, I usually pointed out that being mostly single for 3 years had technically counted as my hoe phase (if the idea was to always have the option to sleep with someone). She’d follow with the insinuation that unless copious amounts of questionable decisions and even more questionable sex accompanied this singledom, it didn’t count. Which mine had not, at least according to Jess’s standards.

Back in our student days, more often than not, she’d be the one drunkenly dragging her hot guy back into our taxi, while I’d be sending mine off, making sure Jess wasn’t too drunk or the guy wasn’t too shady. I liked my boys sober. Just better that way in my experience. To watch his reactions, his twitches and squirms at every tease and taunt from my naked actions. As a result, my sexual experiences were a series of long-term situationships and very brief relationships that ended due to loss of interest (usually from me). Every time things got serious, I was hit with the realisation that while I liked a lot of these guys, and lusted after most of them, I never wanted to make them mine. I wouldn’t find that till Kadıköy Öğrenci Escort I graduated and moved to Manchester.

Two very intense years and a heartbreak later I was running back to Leicester to put myself back together. I don’t know what I would’ve done without Jess being there for me despite how much we had drifted. I never gave her the full details of what happened, and I never mentioned Diletta. But I think she’d gleaned enough from my early days of drunken sobbing that she never asked to know more. Still I was back in the city, living near Jess, and it was almost like I’d never left. Almost, as we both seemed to have changed in surprising ways.

The once self-proclaimed biggest slut in her year had been steadily dating a handsome Ecuadorian nerd for about two months now and things were quickly turning serious. I was surprised as Carlos was a significant detour from her usual type, (usually posh lads and Australians). But after meeting him a couple of times I started to get it. Besides having similar humour, taste in music, and an almost unhealthy obsession with Doctor Who, they had an energy about them that pulled them closer whenever they were together. I envied them a little bit – and after a year of regaining confidence in myself I decided it was time to throw myself back into the dating pool. Though there was now a new obstacle to overcome.

I learnt two new things about myself in Manchester. One was that I was legitimately interested in pursuing a career as a tattoo artist, and the other was a newfound love of kink. I needed to spank or be spanked, gag or be gagged, leash or be leashed, and I needed any future partner to be willing to explore that. This led to the problem of finding the right one. Most guys say they’re down to get freaky, until they realize that you’re more interested in doing kinky things to them. I’m happy to switch but like I said – I like to be in charge.

To facilitate my ‘hoe’ phase Jess convinced me to host a house party, which my housemate readily agreed to. I was good friends with a few people from the salsa classes in town, some of whom were on committee of the universities Hispanic society and decided to make it an unofficial Hispanic society event. I admit it was a really good idea, with lots of good sangria flowing and some deliciously revealing conversations. One such revelation was that Jess was into girls.

She mentioned it oh-so casually while explaining the nuances behind her open relationship with Carlos. Although I showed no outer display at the revelation, inside I felt mildly shocked. You’d think that wouldn’t be a surprise. Certainly, Jess had drunkenly kissed girls before, but this was the first time I realised she was into girls as much as guys. I don’t know if that made me a bad friend, or just oblivious. Was this a new discovery? Did she not feel like she could share this with me before? Or did she simply not think it was worth mentioning? Considering she was always all too willing to share the details of her sexual encounters, I was more inclined to believe this was a more recent development – or at least I hoped so. But then again what right did I have to expect her to share anything when I hadn’t told her about Diletta?

Even so…

The buzz of alcohol and the clumsy leading of an otherwise intriguing boy distracted me for a while. There had definitely been chemistry and I was almost tempted to take him up to my room, but eventually I decided I needed privacy to escape and think.

Once in the safety of my room I locked the door, and lay on my bed, placing a pillow over my head to try and muffle the noise rising from downstairs. ‘Jess liked girls’, I said it quietly to myself, rolling the words around in my mouth to see how they felt. I liked girls. This I said with more conviction, though still quietly. I had come to terms with this myself, but to say it out loud felt like someone would somehow overhear. Did I like Jess? The thought came unbidden and I almost dismissed it without taking a look. I paused and thought about it again. Jess was Jess. Playful, loyal, flirty, challenging, smart, warm, and hot. Before I had thought this way through the eyes of a best friend who knows her friend is attractive. Now I tried looking at her in a different light.

The way her hips effortlessly rolled when she walked in heels, how ripe her lips looked whenever she wore red lipstick, and the firmness of her plump ass whenever I playfully squeezed it. Yes, I decided with a smile: Jess was hot. Now what? I mean I loved her. I wanted her in my life, and I also found her attractive. Did that mean I wanted to date her? No. That line of questioning was pointless. I had already decided I wasn’t going to indulge that side of myself for a while, and before all else, she was my friend. After everything I’d been through, I valued that most of all. What I did need to do though was talk to Jess about Manchester. All of it, including Diletta. Especially Diletta. I couldn’t expect her to be completely forthcoming without doing the same. I resolved myself to meet up with Kadıköy Çıtır Escort her tomorrow to try to discuss it all.

Knowing I’d oversleep I set my alarm for a 10 am wake up when I saw a missed message from my mum. She was making sure I was working hard, and telling me to call more. What made me smile was a little GIF she sent in Punjabi which read: Goodnight my little cat, I love you. It was late but I shot off a reply saying I loved her too, before turning off my phone and lights to settle into sleep, hoping my housemate would kick everyone out at a reasonable time.

I didn’t manage to meet up with Jess the next day as we were both significantly hung over, and I slept through my alarm until noon, basically meaning I was going to do nothing with my day. We had arranged to meet the day after, and while I was happy with this, I was curious why Jess seemed so eager in her messages. I’d asked her how the party had ended, and she’d given me a weird response saying she could only tell me in person. Putting my curiosity on hold, I spent the rest of my day working on my tattoo design portfolio.

Apprenticing at a nearby shop, I had little experience doing anything but simple work so far. Though one of my designs had been the basis for a tattoo on the base of Jess’s spine. It was just a small tattoo of wings, but my determination and enthusiasm while working with the artist is what convinced them to take me on. Occasionally I posted some of my artwork on twitter and Instagram for exposure and feedback.

Soon enough the next day came around and I met up with Jess in a cafe spot nearby. When I was comfortably sipping my hot chocolate and Jess was done bemoaning the fact that I always got hot chocolate while eating her lemon cake, we started to talk in earnest. It was random chatter at first as I tried to work out the best way to bring up my main topic of conversation, but as if she had been holding it in, as soon as there was a gap Jess blurted out, “So I slept with Toni.”

I stared at her, trying to comprehend.

“The guy we were talking to at the party. Carlos’s friend. To be more specific, Carlos and I slept with him. We had a threesome.”

I was left speechless. I tried to come up with something to say to this but all I could come up with was an incredulous combination of “What?!” followed by “How?!” and then completed by “Why?”

She laughed at my reaction and began to explain what had happened. Apparently, Carlos and Jess had been talking about having a threesome for a while now. They had already had one with a girl, which I was going to need more details of later, and this time they wanted to try it with another guy. Toni was someone Carlos knew quite well, and Jess professed some attraction to him, so they decided on a plan. Instead of just straight up asking like a normal person, they decided it would be more fun to lure him back to their flat after the party and seduce him. It sounded like it came right out of some mediocre erotica but apparently it had worked better than either of them had expected. As she talked, I calmed down enough to vocalise more cohesive thoughts on the whole thing.

“Was it not awkward for the two of them, being completely naked together I mean. I know Carlos is happy with the whole open relationship thing, but I didn’t realize he’d be OK with watching another guy fuck you.”

She burst into a wide smile at that, leaning forward and almost bouncing in her seat with giddiness. “That’s the best thing. I think Toni might also be into guys because not only were they okay being naked with each other, they made out.”

I raised my eyebrow at that, “OK now you’re just making up stories.”

She shook her head adamantly, the smile still stuck on her face. “Dead serious. It was only for a few seconds but god it was so hot, and they were fucking me at the same time. I was living out my fantasy, loved it.”

I couldn’t help but giggle at how excited she sounded and motioned for her to quiet down as I remembered we were in a public cafe. A quick glance around revealed that there were a few patrons near us including two old women who probably didn’t need to hear the sordid details of her escapades. I couldn’t tell if the man in the far corner was failing miserably to look nonchalant or just genuinely engrossed with something outside the window.

“So, wait, they fucked you at the same time, like front and back or…?” I asked in a low murmur, genuinely curious if she had taken it up the bum. Bar a small butt plug I generally stayed clear of the area.

“Ha no, mouth and pussy. Although next time that may be something to try,” she said absently licking her lips with a far-off look before coming back to reality.

“So, there’s going to be a next time?”

She paused at that and for the first time in the whole conversation seemed uncertain before answering. “I hope so. Carlos and I talked about it a bit before we went to sleep and we both loved it. Though I’m not sure if we handled Toni well. Afterwards, I mean. It was a bit awkward when we finished, and I Kadıköy Elit Escort just really wanted to sleep but I don’t know if that came off as dismissive if you know what I mean. He seemed happy and said so when I asked, but he practically ran out of the house the first chance he got. Didn’t even say goodbye to Carlos.”

“I mean, did you want him to stay over? Three of you in a bed. That would’ve been an awkward morning.”

She pursed her lips and tilted her head as she thought about it. “I don’t know if I wanted him in bed with us. At least not that first time. But I would’ve liked him to stay over so we could chill and talk about it in the morning. Is that bad?” she asked.

I put my palms up and shrugged. “Well I have never had any kind of threesome, so you’re asking the wrong person. Have you at least talked to him since?”

“Carlos messaged him yesterday and they talked a bit, but he was giving really short answers. Which could mean he was hit with a bad hangover and didn’t really want to talk or anything else. Carlos said he’d try again today and let me know.”

“Damn,” I said. “I knew you were crazy I just didn’t realize the both of you had reached this level of perverted deviancy. I’m kind of impressed. Nothing I’ve ever done has come close.”

She laughed at my remark and leaned forward to place both her elbows on the table, resting her head on both palms to stare at me with a naughty glint in her eyes. “So, Nina,” she said with feigned nonchalance. “What are these things you’ve done?”

I stuck my tongue out at her as answer, smiling as she slipped into her usual character of the inquisitive bad influence, fishing for a juicy story. I remembered what I had come here to say, and thought about bringing it up now, but this new revelation had filled my head with some silly questions and I felt the heavier topic of Manchester could wait. The more pressing issue was her direct insights about threesomes.

“I’ve got to ask, you said you had a threesome with another girl before. How was that? Also, since when were you into girls?!”

She looked away as if embarrassed, covering her mouth with the palm of one hand, while her brown eyes shone with a warmth that made me think she was covering a smile.

“Umm, they kind of have the same answer,” she said. “I was on a night out and met this girl in the club. We were just dancing and having fun when Carlos came up to join us. I thought he’d enjoy it if we both sandwiched him, and she was up for it. So, the both of us were just grinding on him from both sides. I don’t know how it happened, but at some point, it just got more…serious. We changed positions, so I was in the middle and they were both grinding on me, when she just started kissing me. I didn’t stop her. Then Carlos started kissing my neck and it all kind of escalated.” A flush started to appear on her cheeks as she described what happened and her voice started to sound more breathless as events in the story got more heated. If I was being honest it was starting to turn me on. My eyes were rapt on her mouth as she continued.

“I can’t remember her name, just that she was Costa Rican and she and Carlos would occasionally slip into Spanish while talking. But it was just so hot, there was so much chemistry and I just went with it. She stayed dancing with us throughout the night and at a certain point someone suggested we continue this somewhere else. It might’ve been me. It all just became a blur, we got into the taxi and she was just all over me – kissing me, touching me, while Carlos was whispering all these things in Spanish. I almost came right there in the car. We got back to our flat and yeah…It was…Magical.” She looked directly at me when she said that last word, and the heat of her gaze made me look away this time. My heart had sped up and I could feel it thumping in my chest.

“She left the morning after and I haven’t seen her since, but yeah. After that we worked out an open relationship. I love Carlos but I’ve never experienced anything like that before and I need room to explore that side of myself.”

I nodded dumbly. There was no reason she could know how much her words would resonate with me. Still there was something nagging at me. “Why am I just hearing about this now? Like I get you don’t have to tell me everything, but you pretty much always do. So how come?”

She stared at me for a moment, an expression I couldn’t read on her face. She opened her mouth to say something, then stopped as if debating whether to say it. Eventually she took a deep breath and in a halting voice said, “If I’m being completely honest… I was going to tell you, but I was hoping when I did, it would also be to check if you would be interested in having a threesome with us.”

I blinked, stupefied.

“To be clear, it’s not that I’ve had a crush on you or anything. I genuinely love you as a friend and I wouldn’t want anything to hurt our friendship so feel free to say no. I’ve just known you for ages and I’m comfortable with you. I always said if I were going to turn gay for anyone it would be you. I just feel like it’d be fun to try it, and Carlos is up for it. I know it might be weird for you to fuck my boyfriend, but with you I know I won’t be jealous so that’s not a problem. If I’m sounding like a crazy person, please feel free to stop me so we never have to talk about this again…”

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