You, Me & Her

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You, Me & HerI answer the door naked. Why? Because since I like being that way and we are both nervous, this will help to put her at ease. Seeing me unclothed and bear before you, I cannot deny you this or much of anything else. I stand back as you two enter the room. We smile at each other but nothing more. She is pretty, just like I thought she would be. You pull out the only chair for her as she sits. You take the bed and I sit in the window, of course.After what feels like an hour of time passes you introduce us. She and I shake hands. We are both uncomfortable but this is for you and we know how much you want it. We make small talk about the ride up here. It isn’t until you unfold your arms that I notice you have the riding crop. Shit! I think to myself, as I remember why that is in your possession. She will see my humiliation. And I look to her for some compassion. None given, she smiles. But why should she feel compassion for me, a stranger? I am sure she knows the feel of that all too well. “Angee, come here.” You say to me in your panty wetting voice. “You will feel this before I leave this room.””Yes, Daddy. I know. Can we wait until after we play?””I will decide that.” Your voice is stern and I cringe inside, sparking my fear of the pain and flood in my folds. As if reading my mind, “Are you wet?” Looking at the crop, I nod, unable to speak. Afraid of saying something stupid and earning more stinging swats.Then you unexpectedly touch my breast. I think thank you, I have been waiting for weeks for you to touch me. I melt as you touch my nipple and roll it between your fingers to watch it harden. “Open your legs for me,” you say. Like you had to ask. Your finger creeps up my thigh as my head rolls back and my eyes close. If I didn’t know any better, my clit is swelling, reaching for you before you can reach it. Treacherous damn thing, every last inch of me, to be honest. “Mmmm”You slip a finger in my pussy and my muscles clench. I hear her behind me “Baby girl, take off your clothes, please. Then get on the bed.” You say without missing a beat. My eyes open to see her removing her clothes. Wow, so much alike but so very different. Yup, she is even pretty without clothes.She walks to the other side of the bed and crawls on all fours to the center of the bed then waits. You instruct her to make herself comfortable by propping up on the pillows. She spreads herself out before and slides her pussy right up to my face.Daddy, you are so gonna have to help me with this. I am looking at her beautiful nudeness as she looks at mine. I have no clue what to do to her. How do I make her wet? Hell, how I do make her cum? No, no, no, can I… I have what it takes to make her cum? I feel you slip another finger inside my pussy. Damn, that feels good. You play with me for another minute or two before you tell me that I will pleasure her while you watch. Then your fingers are gone and I am empty again. “Taste your cream, lil girl.” You tell me as you present your sticky cum soaked fingers to my mouth. I bahis şirketleri clean them, thinking, you are pretty damn wet for someone who isn’t sure about this.’Angee, I want you to touch her breasts. Would you like to suck on them?”I am slow in my response, not sure of what I want to do. Do I really need to answer that? But I move a little bit faster as I notice you reaching for the crop. “Yes, Daddy I would.””Then do it.”I settle beside my sister slut trying to figure out how you do play with boobs. The same way you want you yours to played with stupid. So, I begin to play with my first set of boobs by feeling the weight of them in my hands, tweaking the nipples and then sucking them.”She doesn’t like her to be fondled as rough as you do. She likes gentle caresses.””Mumph,” I acknowledge my tutor. “She has spread her pussy open for you, Angee. That means she wants you to finger her. Just like I did you.”I stop with boob play. It was pretty nice. I guess she liked it. I heard some moans and felt her moving. What’s next Daddy? I have never seen another woman’s pussy before so I have to check this one out. I move so that my ass is closer towards her face but not near her. I begin by sliding my hands down my sister’s thighs to spread them wider. I see her clit begin to show some. I want to see more so I gently glide my palm up her pussy. She shivers from the touch and you move closer to see what we are doing, but not touching either of us. I slide my other hand in the same manner as the first, only this time make sure to touch her clit more. She is wet. Ok, so far so good. I then use both of my hands to open her more spreading her lips. Yup, she is wet. I spread my fingers while I glide them up and down her pussy lips a time or two before you pull me up, moving me on my stomach with my head between her thighs. “Kiss her pussy. Angee, I want to see her pussy juice on your lips.” You tell me as you let go of my hair, which you grabbed while moving me in position. Shit. Damn. Damn. Shit, is the rhythm in my head as I close my eyes and move forward. Shit…Damn…Damn…Shit.”Eyes open, please.””Really,” falls out of my mouth and the first sting of the crop hits almost that same time. And my lips touch pussy.”Open her pussy and lick her clit. I want to see you sucking her clit.”It did not take long for her to achieve orgasm, twice by your coaching skills. By my handy work and bruised buttocks.But that would not be the end of it. I was made to get on my hands and knees as u coated my sphincter with lube. “You need to make her cum at least 2 more times before you cum.” The statement was made as you forced the head of your thick cock in my ass.”Ugh! Please, wait……give me a minute.” I squirmed trying to adjust to the feel of you being in my ass. “Not too deep………..not yet.” Those words seemed lost on you as you leaned into me, plunging deeper and deeper into me. Trying without much success to not cum as I feel your balls slapping my pussy as you move in and out of me. As your hairs tickling mobilbahis my hole I know that you must be all in and I cum without notice. You ride my orgasm with me, until I stop shaking.”Baby girl, did you cum?””No, Daddy.” Her only answer earned me a hard slap on my ass.”Angee, you better get busy making her cum.” Another hard slap.”Yes Daddy.” I slip two fingers in her pussy in hopes she will cum fast. And shortly after that I am rewarded for my efforts. Only to lose the battle to another of my intense orgasm.We have had time to regroup. You are in middle of the bed with each of us on one side you, as you explain that you want me and her to please you by sharing your cock. Never shared a cock before so I have to follow her lead. Haven’t swallowed cum before either, let’s see where this will go. “Angee, Baby Girl is going to show you how to swallow my cum. Watch carefully, she is good at it.””Yes, Daddy.” I think to myself the less I say the safer I am and me is trying to prepare my body for what will happen.I need to kiss you. I haven’t been able to touch you in weeks so I let my hands roam all over you as I caress your mouth with mine. “Mmmm,” that is what I wanted to taste. The taste of your cigarettes in my mouth. It fucks with my head every time I taste it. Nicotine should not taste so good but on you I want to swallow the taste. To hold it in to remember you until I can drink it again. I work my way to your nipples, kissing and sucking each of them on my way to join her. You play with my nipple as they grazed your hand. I want you to suck on my breasts so bad. They are heavy from craving your touch. Put them in your mouth and nibble on one then the other. I am disappointed as you nudge me southward to her. “Angee, I want to feel your lips around my cock. Lick my balls. You are stalling.””Yes Daddy.” I am at your abdomen and stop a moment to play in your there. You remembered to not to shave for me. So, I take a minute to play there, letting my fingers touch you and enjoy the feel of you. “Thank you Daddy for not shaving.”She looks at me with you still in her mouth as I lick your hair there. She looks stunning with you in her mouth. I kiss the bottom of your shaft in hopes that she will share. She removes her hand allowing me to have more of you. We lavish you with wet kisses and take turns sucking your cock and balls, until you cum in her mouth. She has licked you clean and I am glad. I have yet to swallow. I haven’t perfected the art of swallowing and you promised me that it will happen on this visit. Suddenly I am pulled up by my arm. Recovered, you say in that voice that means I have fucked up, “The next time I cum will be down your throat. You have put me off to long lil girl.””Yes, Daddy. But she didn’t give me a chance to. I was going to but I couldn’t tell when you were cumming.” My lame excuse did not even fly with you. I felt the sting of your hand and my ass cheeks. “Oh!” “We need to finish your punishment. On the bench.” You move from the bed pulling me with you. mobilbahis giriş The bench sits in front of the window and the curtains are open. “Hands on the bench, ass out.” Turning to her, “My belt is in my bag. Get it for me, please.””Yes Daddy” She retrieves your belt, which isn’t a belt at all but a wide leather strap made for this purpose.”Angee, you still have punishment coming for your disobeying me last week. This is for trying to lie your way out of this. I have told you how I detest lies.” You kick my legs further apart.”Daddy, I did not lie. I am just not ready yet.” I am wet from touching him and having him in my mouth. How hard can it be to swallow cum? If you lick to suck cock, swallowing can’t be that hard, try to convince myself of this.”Your loop holes aren’t working this time.””Daddy, please don’t do this with her in the room.””You knew she would be joining us and you knew to be on your best behavior. But you continue to make little slip ups over things that you should know by now. Maybe her seeing you being punishment and your embarrassment will help you learn your lesson with me.””Yes Daddy. How many licks will I get?” Hating to hear this number. I close my eyes hoping that it won’t be a high number.”It will only be 20 but they will increase in their intensity because we have gone over this. The penalty gets stiffer when we have been over this time and again. Count”I brace myself for the pain. “One, two, three, four, five, six.” As we get to ten it is starting to sting. Twelve is burning. Fifteen and I am in tears and my ass is on fire. Stopping long enough to tell her to get some ice, “You might need to get another bag from the lobby, Baby girl.” I barely notice her coming and going between the sobbing and the pain.”What’s the count?”Hick-uping, I can’t remember where he stopped. Fuck!!”Give me a number, or we start all over.””Thirteen….f******n….no, it was fifteen. We were on fifteen.”I am on fire and can’t finish my count as you have to finish for me. I am hysterical at this point and angry. You help me to the bed and sense my anger. “You have brought this on yourself. I suggest you get rid of all the misplaced anger. Finish your tears and rest. This is a long weekend and we have a lot planned.”Cold bastard, I think to myself. Sometimes you can be so cold. I am so wrapped in my anger that I barely felt the ice pack on my ass. She put it there and pulled the blanket over me. Someone is on the bed with me but I won’t turn to see who it is. “Baby girl, none of us has eaten at all today. I am going to the restaurant across the street to see what they have. Are you coming or you going to stay?” The rustle of clothing being put on tells me she is on the bed and you are getting dressed.”No Daddy. I am staying.” “Keep your phone by you so I can call you to see what you all would like me to bring back.” You leave the room.”He is not like that often. He did not want to do that.” She tells me how it was with her when she first came to you. My suspicions are correct when she tells me that you react different to me. She says that she thinks it is because you and I don’t have the chance to be together as often as you and she does. I hope that the newness wears off soon because my ass really hurts. I am sleep by the time you return.

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