You dirty boyyy

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You dirty boyyyI show up at your house unannounced, knowing you’d be inside waiting for me anyways. I walk right in and see you sitting on your couch, and to my surprise, you’re naked. I feel my pussy tingle and then feel the warm feeling of wetness soak my panties. Oh my, how the sight of you turns me on. I’m wearing a trench coat with only panties underneath and in a sexy manner rip the coat off exposing my breasts but leaving you to still wonder about the last private part of me. I’m also wearing stilettos that’s click hard when I walk, so as I slowly walk over to you, all that is heard is the sweet sound of inevitability. “You think you can handle this?” I ask. You reply “get on your knees, bitch. You do as I say” and grab me by my hair and drag me down to your raging hard cock where I proceed to suck on you. Soft and just a little tease at first, going down a bit, coming back up, making eye contact with you every time I get to the tip. türbanlı iskenderun escort Then you decide you’re tired of my teasing antics and shove my head down on your dick, allowing me to break my reflex and I take your whole cock down my throat. You keep me down, moving yourself quick and rough, telling me how damn good this feels. I take off my underwears and start to finger myself because I just can’t stop the urge to feel something inside my pussy. You notice this and pull me off your dick. My saliva a heavy coat on your cock, you pick me up and set me on top of you, sliding right in. In that moment, I’m blinded. It felt so good, your head pushing its way up me, reaching what feels like the end of me where the pain begins. I start riding you slowly, staring intently in your eyes, leaning in to kiss you every now an again. Then I stop to turn around and ride you in reverse, türbanlı iskenderun escort bayan as to reach the absolute deepest entry. I’m moaning and screaming with every other pump, excited by my own movements when you literally push me off just as I’m about to cum and slap my ass hard. “Not before me, you filthy whore”, you tell me. So you stand up and make me suck your dick again, asking me if I taste good and of course I do, so I reach my fingers up into me and put them in your mouth to give you a taste. You lick your lips with delight and then tell me to just turn around and bend over. I do as I’m told and you grab on my hip with one hand and slide the other hand down the spine of my back all the way to my still ridiculously soaking wet pussy and open up the tightness to make room for your cock to get in once again. Of course with the amount of juices you’re making my body türbanlı escort iskenderun produce, you enter me with ease and begin fucking me hard and raw. I’m screaming your name, begging you to hurt me bad, smack me up, make me bleed I need pain. You rip me back by my hair and push in me as deep as you can and I literally fall silent from the extreme intensity of this. Tears roll down my face as I tell you I love you over and over. You start slamming me in that position, just tearing me up inside and by this point I’ve already came twice with orgasms you had to hold me up through, and you were about to get yours. I felt your dick pulsing hard in me and getting thicker and thicker i knew what was coming. I beg for it in my mouth, but you tell me no. You want to know I’m walking around with it inside my pussy, marking me as yours. I feel your warm cum fill in me, and I orgasm once again just from this. So fucking hot, the feeling of your cum just pumping loads in me. When you’re finally finished you sit me back on you, holding around me, kissing my neck softly. You tell me thanks for the surprise visit, and how much you enjoy my company. Then we just sit, in absolute silence, except for our heavy breathing, and just make out for a while. Nothing beats a passionate kissing session. Not even radical sex ;)[prettykittymiaos]

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