You are never really past it

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You are never really past itTina had been married for over 15 years when things started to go wrong. She got to the stage when she just stopped having sex with her husband Paul and eventually, just over a year ago, he left her for another woman.Although he’s been fairly good throughout the divorce, she’s been left high and dry with her young, 12 year old daughter Zoe and the future looked hopeless until just a couple of months ago, straight after the New Year.Tina is just 5ft 2 inches tall, 46 years old with a slim, almost skinny, figure and she’s never really been a demonstrative or overtly sexual person; which is probably what caused the tension with Paul. She was in her early 30s when she married and she’d been quite suppressed sexually prior to that, only having lost her virginity when she was 23 on a one-night-stand with a neighbour and had not had sex much prior to meeting Paul.Since the divorce and especially over Xmas, things had been tough for her as she had to get used to the split family with all that this entailed, but most of them rallied round her which made her feel a little better about herself.Zoe is in her first year at her new school and is doing quite well but Tina noticed the subtle changes in her as the divorce went through. It’s hard on the k**s but in Tina’s case it was hard on her as she did not have a large circle of friends outside the family. They were good friends but this was not enough for her.The fact is – she was lonely.Her brother-in-law Jack had always been a bit of an enigma to her with them never really having much to do with each other, but he’d bent over backwards to take her side during the split and divorce as he had little time for Paul, even if he was his brother-in-law.Previously Tina had only really had any contact with Jack for the Mr. fix-it things which he was quite good at, but that was all it was until recently. Jack was nearing his 60th birthday, nearly 6ft tall and he was somewhat overweight. He was hardly the role model for a stud which suited him fine. He’d been married to Tina’s sister-in-law Sarah for over 30 years and Tina had heard that they weren’t very sexually active; mostly his fault according to the family g****vine.So it was quite a surprise for her one morning as she was still in bed having a bit of a lie-in, when Jack phoned up just to see if she was in and he wondered if he could come round for a chat. Sarah was at work and Zoe was at school so Tina was more than a little surprised as he’d never done this before but she agreed and quickly went to have a shower before he arrived just about an hour later. He was always a nice chap and very knowledgeable about so much that he got on well with her daughter, helping her with school work and Tina always found some of his little sayings amusing.Tina had the kettle on and had dressed but she still had a towel around her longish brown hair. Tina made a coffee and brought it through to the living room.The room was spotlessly clean and tidy and Tina had redecorated after the split with her husband. It was one of her ways of taking her mind off her life and the shitty way it had turned out.She sat on the settee and Jack in one of the armchairs. He immediately asked how Tina was really coping as he’s noticed she was looking a bit low when they met up on Boxing Day for a family dinner at her house. “I thought you looked rather tense when I last saw you and wondered if you wanted a heart-to-heart with someone who’s on your side? I never got the chance to speak on Boxing Day as there was always someone around” he explained. Tina nodded, a little lost in her thoughts, as she wasn’t quite sure whether she could open up to her brother-in-law.They chatted away with Jack asking mostly about Tina’s well-being and assuring her that he, for one, wouldn’t see her abandoned just because Paul had a new family.Jack noticed that Tina was a bit weepy but she kept herself in check not trying to demean herself. He also noticed she was holding her head and stretching her neck rather a lot. Tina said she’d nodded off in the chair the previous night and woke up with this stiff neck which wouldn’t go away. Jack asked “Do you want me to massage your neck and shoulders for you?Tina pondered for a second but a massage sounded good and Sarah had mentioned that Jack had good hands.”Yes OK then” she agreed.Tina came over and sat on the floor in between Jack’s knees. Jack took off her head towel and he started kneading and massaging her shoulders with his strong hands as she relaxed at his exquisite touch. He moved onto to her neck for a while before moving down between her shoulder blades. Her bra strap was in the way so she reached up behind her an unhooked it. Jack got a quick view of her back as she pulled up her tea-shirt.”I’m not trying to pry or be underhand or anything Tina, but when did you last let anyone touch you?” as Tina tensed up a little bit.”If I’m brutally honest I’ve not been with anyone since he walked out, and I’m not that bothered either,” she said quietly almost regretting saying anything at all.There was quite a long pause as Jack carried on massaging her spine and up to her shoulders and around her neck. Tina was starting to relax as he started massaging her scalp and forehead before returning to her neck and shoulders again.There was no doubt that Jack was good at this and Tina was almost nodding off as she lay back into his lap whilst he massaged away her stresses.”Tina: Can I be really bold and suggest a full body massage?” he asked rather guardedly. Tina didn’t quite understand until he explained that a full body massage is performed on a naked body and that no part of the body is left out. “Are you suggesting I strip naked in front of you?” she asked quite disturbed.”Well yes,” he said quite openly, “In fact the usual outcome for the receiver of such a massage is orgasms” he looked her straight in the face.”Don’t worry Tina, I’m not asking to have sex with you, but I can give you a massage to relax and satisfy you at the same time”.Tina was stunned but something clicked inside her as her imagination was working overtime thinking about what he’d suggested. “What do I have to do?” she asked and Jack smiled as he knew she was going to agree.”Leave it all to me” he said “Where do you want to go? Here on the floor or on your bed?””I think I would prefer the bed” she replied and Jack noticed that she was shaking.”Come on then,” as he took her hand and they went upstairs after first checking that all the doors were locked.The heating was still on as they went into the spare room where there was a single bed and Jack took off his shoes, leaned over the bed and laid the pillows down the centre of the bed.Tina just stood at the side of the bed shaking slightly as Jack came over to her.He lifted her thin tea-shirt up over her head exposing her white bra which was still unhooked and he slid it off her shoulders exposing her small firm pointed breasts with large nipples. “You’ve lovely breasts Tina” he said as he reached down and unzipped the side of her skirt which dropped to the floor. Tina had no tights on and she was just standing in her pants in front of her brother-in-law.His fingers quickly hooked his fingers inside her panties and down they came as she stepped out of them, leaving her standing naked. She kept her legs slightly crossed but Jack could still admire her nakedness as she stood there quite embarrassed but getting very excited and shaking.Tina always kept her pubic hair neatly trimmed keeping a bikini line; which was ironic as she never really had many chances for a holiday where she could wear a bikini. She was almost too thin with very little spare flesh and her ribs showed, but she was a good healthy colour and Jack was ready to get started on his sister-in-law.Jack asked her to climb onto the bed and lie on her tummy on top of the pillows. She dutifully climbed on trying to keep her legs closed coyly as Jack was standing behind her at the foot of the bed. She settled down onto the soft material as Jack came up alongside the bed and leaned over her naked back taking hold of her arms and laying them at her side as he started to massage down her spine then up and around her shoulders. He slowly massaged as Tina tried to relax but she knew it would not be long before he touched her private areas.Jack’s hands were all over Tina’s naked back as he slowly worked his way down to her bottom and he felt Tina tense slightly. Tina had quite a small bottom and thin legs which left that beautiful triangle between he thighs and pussy and Jack was now starting to work his magic across her buttocks with his fingers getting closer to the inside of her thighs.Just for a split second he allowed his hands down in between the triangle as she tensed and shook slightly. He then started down to her feet where he concentrated his efforts. Foot massage is particularly pleasurable but Tina was now slightly let down that he’d not gone between her legs as she could feel how wet she was getting.Tina had not had these feelings for so long and now she could feel Jack moving slowly back up her legs again. He then moved back to the bottom of the bed, took hold of each of her ankles and pushed them wide apart as he climbed onto the bed between her knees. She could feel his legs keeping hers apart as his hands started caressing the inside of each thigh moving inexorably towards her, now exposed, pussy.She was making little moaning noises as her breath shortened. Jack’s hands were now back on her bottom and his thumbs suddenly stroked across her exposed pussy. Tina jerked sharply as the moment he had been building her up for arrived.As he slowly took hold of her pussy lips and eased them apart, Tina let out a little squeal as the sensations gripped her.Tina’s pussy was dripping with her arousal and Jack knew the rest was going to be easy. This woman was ready for coming and he was going to bring her off: — But not quite yet.”Come on Tina, let’s have you on your back”, he said as he stood back.Tina was moaning slightly as she dutifully rolled over. Jack took her shoulders and manoeuvred her across the bed with her head over the side and tucked two pillows under her back leaving her arched across the bed.He then went around to the other side and knelt at the side with his head between Tina’s legs. She didn’t need any persuading this time as she opened them for him.Jack now started massaging her again starting at her shoulders and working his way down her sides before moving back over her breasts. He gently caressed each small breast as he leaned across her naked tummy from between her legs. He gently teased both nipples until they stood up even more than usual which was obviously giving Tina real pleasure as he eyes were tight shut and she was squirming under his expert touch.Tina was moaning and shaking as Jack left the breast and worked his way across her tummy and hips before he pushed her legs even wider apart. He just looked felahiye escort at her open vagina with the well groomed hair surrounding it, before holding her pussy lips apart again. This time she was going to get it.The sensation of Jack’s tongue on Tina’s exposed clitoris as she received oral sex properly for the first time in her life was like a bolt of lightning to the prone naked form as something amazing happened to her. Tina came immediately as his tongue flicked across her swollen sex and the electric shocks of pure pleasure were followed by an ear-piercing scream as Tina had the first real gut wrenching orgasm and certainly the best of her 46 years. She was bucking and screaming as Jack lapped at her pussy and a fine squirt of cum shot over his face as he buried himself deeper inside her open vagina.Tina’s whole body was jerking as she screamed in the exquisite sensations which were ripping through her slight form. Jack took full advantage and pushed two long fingers, palm up, deep inside her sopping wet vagina and started caressing her G spot with slightly hooked fingers as he caressed her clitoris with his other thumb.Without any shadow of doubt, Tina came again less than a minute after the first and, if anything, this was even stronger than before. Even though her tummy was already arched up due to the pillows, her orgasm caused her to rise up off the pillowsJack fingers worked in and out of her pussy so fast Tina was never going to calm down. Faster and faster he went until he was gasping for breath, but the result was brilliant as orgasm no: 3 was preceded by a fine squirt of spray as the orgasm of all orgasms ripped through the lucky Tina like a giant tidal wave as her body went into an orgasmic spasm.Tina’s head was nearly on the floor as her hands were white gripping the bedclothes and her body just shook like she was having a fit. She was; it was an orgasmic fit.Jack knew he could do no more as Tina was still twitching in her ecstasy as he pulled his fingers out and stood up to admire his handiwork. He’d only come round on the vague hope of getting to know Tina a bit better and to help her as best he could but he hadn’t visualised this even in his wildest dreams.He looked down at the beautiful naked form still gasping in great gulps of air with her legs still wide open and he could not believe how much she had cum. The bed was wet through between her legs and his shirt was wet, his hands were wet and her fluids were still on his face from the first orgasm.He reached over and took Tina waist and pulled her back fully onto the bed as her head was nearly on the floor. She looked up at him with a look which turned him to jelly. Her eyes were bloodshot from her exertions as though she had been crying as she lifted herself unsteadily to a sitting position.”Oh my god, Jack, what have you done?” she was still shaking, “I’ve never felt anything like that before in my life. Where the hell did that come from? I had no idea that I could cum like that.”She reached out and pulled him to her and kissed him full on the mouth whispering “thank you, thank you” over and over again. She gave a little laugh as she removed a little collection of her pubic hair from Jack’s face.”Where on earth did you learn how to do that?” she asked him as he stood up again.Jack shrugged his shoulders and said quite openly “I’ve spent quite a bit of time looking at porn over the years and I’ve always wanted to experiment but Sarah’s always found some reason or other not to even try.”Tina looked up at him and asked “Am I your experiment then?””No, No, Sorry but I ——–,” he stammered as Tina interrupted.”Don’t worry Jack, I’m not offended; especially if that’s how your experiments turn out,” she was almost purring as the after effects of her exertions were still affecting her. She touched her wet pussy which Jack noticed.”I suspect there’s still more to cum yet, do you want to experiment some more?” as Tina squirmed on the bed.He pulled her up off the bed and pulled the wet bedclothes back and lay on the bed himself, still fully clothed.”Come on Tina climb on and sit on my face so your pussy is on my mouth,” he encouraged her as she finally knelt on top of him with her open pussy right in his face.Jack opened her right up again with his fingers and he started licking her prominent clitoris and all around her vagina again, before moving his hands all over her breasts and as much of her naked body he could reach.Tina gasped again as those familiar feeling started to return as he caressed her breasts.”Move your hips Tina, masturbate yourself on my tongue,” as she slowly ground her pussy onto his mouth.She was in ecstasy again as her orgasm was building and building until it exploded for a fourth time in less than 20 minutes.Jack was nearly choking as she came all over him but he kept licking. She was crying out “Oh god yes, yes oh my God yes!” before she slowly started to calm down again and the pent up feelings were ebbing away. She climbed off Jack and fell back on the bed. This was one very satisfied and spent woman and Jack was quite rightly proud of himself. Jack leaned over to kiss her and she could taste her own cum all over Jack’s mouth and he had even more pubic hair on his face. His hand was slowly caressing her pussy but there was no response and he knew he’d done his bit.Jack got up and looked back at the prone naked figure of his sister-in-law still breathing hard after her latest exertion and he looked the wet patches on his shirt.”The next time you’d like a chat about anything or need a massage, just let me know darling,” as she smiled up at him nodding. He started unbuttoning his shirt. “I think I’ll pop this under the tap for a second so it doesn’t dry on. It might take a little explaining to Sarah why I’ve got your cum on my shirt!”Jack reached the bathroom and was sponging off the worst of the wet patches when he felt a presence behind him as Tina joined him. She was still naked and opened the shower and stepped in. “Why don’t you join me? I’d love to return the compliment and make you cum as well sweetheart,” she beckoned him but Jack knew that this was the step he had avoided.”It’s not that I’m not flattered or don’t fancy it but I’ve got an ongoing problem getting an erection and I’d hate to disappoint you or get myself all frustrated, so perhaps we’ll think of something else,” he really did fancy what was on offer but he knew what it meant to be let down by his manhood.”I might have just the solution in my room. Hang on there a sec,” as she stepped out of the shower and went to her room.Jack had finished cleaning his shirt when she came back with a little blue plastic and foil pack with two diamond shaped blue tablets sealed inside.Jack suddenly realised what she had brought. Viagra. “Have you not tried them before? They’re very good for getting erections especially with your problem? Paul got hold of these from the doctors when he thought it would enhance his performance,” she was looking rather cynical when she mentioned him. “It worked in getting him erect very quickly but all that happened was he came that fast that he got little out of it and, quite frankly, I didn’t really care as he never thought of me or my needs at all.” She spat the words out with some venom.”Go on Jack, try one; you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain,” as she rubbed her hand across his trouser front squeezing his dick under his trousers.Jack, naturally, was quite turned on anyway after the events in the bedroom and her touch did start some movement, so he took one of the tablets.”Let’s get your clothes off Jack and then you can join me for a shower,” Tina ordered, and Jack agreed.He stood there as she undid his belt and trousers, unzipped him and started pulling his trousers down. He lifted each leg in turn leaving him in just his socks and pants. Jack could feel it and the slight bulge in his pants was noticeable to him if not Tina who was pulling his socks off, nearly causing him to fall over.As mentioned earlier Jack has a weight problem with a biggish belly and extra folds around his groin.Tina didn’t care about his looks as she wanted to reward him for what he had done to her and she quickly pulled his pants down and off.Jack’s penis was not particularly big but not too small either, measuring just 6 inches long when erect, which it was not at that moment. He’d been circumcised when he was a baby, for medical rather than religious reasons, and Jack had always wondered if that might have been part of his problem.Although he would never say it; Sarah was the problem as she’d piled the weight on and Jack did not like fat women and this definitely turned him off and the erectile dysfunction was a natural consequence.Tina took Jack’s manhood in both hands and started caressing his balls and pulling gently and there was no doubt that something was happening as his erection was now growing albeit rather slowly.Tina stopped and she took Jack’s hand and they both went into the shower. The water was really warm and her close presence, her two handed stroking and the Viagra were having the required effect as it grew bigger by the second.Jack’s ego was given a real fillip when Tina announced “It’s bigger already than Paul’s at its best,” which is always guaranteed to give any man a boost.The Viagra was now having an effect on Jack as well as his dick, as he was feeling flushed and it was not the heat of the water either. It was as if this was the trigger as his dick suddenly started that old pumping as the blood flowed through it and his full erection was almost there.Tina could feel the hardness in her fingers and she stroked his balls lightly with her nails whilst wrapping her other hand around his now-nearly rigid erection. Jack was in another world as no woman had ever made him feel this good as his erection twitched and pumped with life for the first time in years.Tina’s shower was a powered type and she reached up and unhooked the showerhead and turned it onto the finest powered spray she could and started moving the fine jets over Jack’s rigid penis and his balls.It was Jack’s turn to be in ecstasy now as his manhood had never enjoyed anything like this, then Tina made his day complete when she whispered in his ear:”I’ve always refused to even try to do this but, just for you darling, would you like me to have a go at a blow job?” Jack could not believe it.After all these years hoping and looking at thousands of videos of men getting it, not only was it now going to happen to him but with his sister-in-law.Tina took as much of him in her mouth as she could before gagging slightly then she closed her lips around his erection and commenced to perform her first and his first oral masturbation.Tina proved to be very good at it, which surprised her a bit, and Jack’s orgasm did not take very long at all as he was so worked up and he shouted “God yes I’m coming,” as Tina her head lifted of him and wanked him for all she was worth until the first huge spurt of his hot cum hit her full in the face.Jack was jerking almost uncontrollably as he came and Tina made up her mind to do something she swore she would never do, and she took him back in her mouth and carried on with the blow job.Jack was nearly collapsing now as Tina’s tongue and lips were caressing his engorged helmet which was almost agony as this was the most sensitive area for a man when he’s cum.Tina was quite surprised at her brazenness and she actually thought his cum tasted quite reasonable if a little bit salty. She owed this to this man who had brought her out of her depression and given her life again.She lifted off him as the erection finally started to fade. She stretched up and kissed him, so now he had to taste his own cum from her lips and mouth as they kissed passionately.The shower seemed to be running with his cum and as Jack stepped wearily out of the cubicle Tina washed his fluids away. After dressing and having a coffee downstairs, Jack put on his coat and gave Tina one last long kiss and they promised to do this again as soon as possible and as Jack said just as he left.”We must experiment more, and often Tina, our motto must be NEVER GIVE UP – IT’S NEVER TOO LATE.”Jack was smiling all the way home after his wonderful morning with Tina, his sister-in-law. He’d not reached that level of sexual satisfaction at any time in his near 60 years and sex during his 34 year marriage had been OK but nothing that reached this level of pleasure. He was determined for his new sexual lease-of-life it to continue and soon.Tina had agreed to carry on experimenting with him now that she had found out what she had been missing after all those wasted years with Paul, and she spent the rest of that morning just sitting thinking about the extremes of sexual joy Jack had brought out of her.Neither of them felt guilty about Jack still being married and they didn’t see any reason for that to change. They could carry as long as they liked, for nobody would even dream about them doing anything like this. It’s so out of character for both of them.Jack rang Tina straight away as soon as he got home. He’d forgotten to ask when she was likely to be at home again in the mornings as that offered the best opportunity for them without complications of daughters or wives being around.”Thanks again darling for that. I can’t describe how I feel or what that meant. It was just so, so special” he was almost purring as his mind took him back to just a couple of hours ago.Tina was almost crying as she just couldn’t really find the words. “Special just doesn’t describe what you did to me Jack. I had no idea that my body was capable of multiple orgasms or even just one that good and I lost count of how many I had as it seemed like one massive one,” she paused as her mind also wandered back to those cherished moments. They arranged to meet the following Tuesday giving them a full week to recover and compose themselves. “Before I go,” Jack said, “How do you fancy being shaved? Everything I read suggests that women get more feeling when there is no hair in the way.”Tina was taken aback a little. She’d never really considered this even though Paul had broached it some years ago, but this was different. It was jack asking and she trusted him.”Yes OK,” she said “I’ve only got my lady-shaver for my arms and legs.””That’ll do sweetheart. Do you want me to do it for you next week?” and she agreed, rather pleased that she didn’t have to do it as she was scared of cutting herself or worse.Jack spent the next morning in the City Centre where there was a Sex Shop selling marital aids and he’d been there a few years previously when he bought a vibrator for Sarah which was virtually never used.He spent a lot of time looking through various vibrators and he felt quite embarrassed as it was young girl assistant, not much out of her teens, who enquired if he needed any help.”Is it for your wife or girlfriend?” she asked. “Is she young or more mature?”Jack answered but was getting more embarrassed as this girl was so brazen in trying to help.”I’m sorry,” she said, “It’s just that we get so many men who don’t know what a girl needs that I try and point them in a direction I think they should. After all I know what I like.” Jack decided to open up and tell her what he thought he wanted and the girl smiled and went across to another display and opened the locked panel. “I think this is what would suit you and your girlfriend best initially. This is sometimes called a ‘pocket rocket’ and is perfect for massaging the clitoris with very strong vibrations.” She passed it over to him and showed him how to turn it on and it buzzed strongly but quietly in his hand.”I love that one,” she said quite openly, “I’ve come many a time with mine.”Jack was getting quite red in the face as she fetched a larger box out of the drawer. “Now for afters, I suggest you get one of these,” she opened the box to reveal this long latex vibrator with ribs and lumps and a hooked branch at the bottom which looked like rabbits ears.”This is the latest ‘Rabbit’ vibrator for not only clitoral stimulation but it has rotating pearls for G Spot stimulation at the same time. If that’s not enough it also moves in and out and from side to side at the same time. It also has a hands-free feature which means your girlfriend can push it in set the switch to random and just lie back and come. Oh fucking hell! The thought of that nearly makes me come now,” she said knowing that she had Jack convinced.Jack was very red in face and the girl just smiled at him before asking if he would like to buy these. Jack just nodded before asking, “Have you got any bondage restraints?” feeling rather sheepish.”Jesus babe, you’re going for broke with this girl aren’t you? I take it she’s not your wife?” she laughed as she went back to the rack and came out with an under-bed kit which had four restraints attached.”I might come and join you when you’re using this lot, sweetheart,” and Jack was not sure whether she was joking or not.She was wrapping everything up and placing it all in a large plain bag and all the time carrying on her sales pitch. She could tell she’d got Jack where she wanted him and she was on a good commission.”Would you like anything for yourself? I bet you do” she asked so suggestively that Jack nearly burst a blood vessel. “I’ll tell you what, as you’re such a good customer, I’ll throw in a vibrating vagina for free. How’s that? It’ll do for you or your girlfriend to use on you.”She fetched this pink soft latex vagina in a box and popped it in the bag. “Don’t forget to hide this lot so your wife doesn’t find them babe,” she offered very politely and Jack started to leave.”She’s a very lucky girl Babe,” she smiled, “I hope everything goes OK. Bye babe. Keep it up.” Jack left the shop not sure whether he was on his head or his heals but his wallet was certainly a lot thinner.Both Jack and Tina had been on tenterhooks since arranging their next meeting and had found it a little difficult adjusting to their new-found friendship. Trying to do all the normal day-to-day things at home and with the family was strained by their knowledge of what they had done and were planning to do soon. Jack had called Tina one evening but Zoe answered so the conversation was a bit disjointed.Jack was fidgeting on the Tuesday morning as he was itching to get away but didn’t want to leave until Sarah had gone to work, but this day Sarah on a late start. In the end Jack made his excuses and left for Tina’s house with some mundane excuse about seeing a mate about some job which needed doing.When he got to Tina’s house she was only just arriving home from taking Zoe to school. She’d got up late and missed the school bus.As soon as they went inside and the doors were locked they embraced and kissed like long-lost lovers and Jack picked up his bag and then lifted the slight figure of Tina and carried them upstairs to the same bedroom. As usual everything was spotless and tidy and Jack laid her gently on the bed and took his jacket and shoes off. As he laid his jacket on the arm of the bedside chair he noticed the smooth shape of Tina’s lady-shaver all ready for action.”We may need some cream sweetheart,” as Tina climbed off the bed and went into the bathroom.This gave Jack just enough time to throw the under-bed straps into position and bring one up in each corner before Tina came back into the bedroom.She didn’t spot the straps as she stood next to Jack, nor did she notice that the bag was open and all the unpacked sex aids were there for all to see. Jack leaned down and kissed her passionately whilst moving the bag under the bed out of sight.He started to undress Tina who willingly helped him until she was naked again. This time she insisted on Jack being naked as well and soon they were standing kissing caressing each other until Jack lifted Tina easily and laid her on the bed.”Shaving time Babe,” he said taking hold of the shaver and turning it on. It had push up trimmers which he quickly started to use of Tina’s neat bush. It was a good trimmer and the pubic hair yielded easily coming off in large amounts until it was very short stubble. Then he opened her legs wide and quickly spotted that there were the tell-tale signs of arousal on her pussy which was already moist.Tina was lying back clutching the bedclothes tightly as he started to trim all the longer hairs around her mound, clitoris then around her outer and inner labia lips being extremely careful not to nick her in this very sensitive area.Once all the longer hairs were gone Jack started to use the smooth foil shaver on her mound until she was as bald there as the rest of her skin. Tina was really squirming now as the vibration from the shaver were turning her on even more and Jack had to tell her to keep still as he was now in the delicate areas. The only short stubbly hairs were around her anus and labia walls with a few between the inner and outer lips. Tina was nearly coming as he shaved her so close and when he shaved over her clitoral hood she could no longer hold back and Tina erupted in a glorious exhibition of a woman in ecstasy. Her back and hips were jerking and Jack only just moved the shaver out of her vaginal area in time.When she had calmed down enough Jack finished off shaving the final few hairs and leaned back to admire his handiwork. Tina didn’t know that he’d never done this before but he had made a good job and she was al bald down there now as when she was a young girl.He rubbed some of the soothing cream onto her red areas and just the movement of massaging the cream in, got her jerking again. “God she was up for this again,” he smiled to himself. He stepped back off the edge of the bed and pulled her up with him as she looked down as her shaven pussy and felt wonderful. “Doesn’t it look different?” she mused as she went over to a full-length mirror and looked at herself.Jack looked at her reflection in the mirror and pointed out that in the pornography world she would have a ‘camel-toe’ with the pronounced crease produced by her large outer pussy lips.”Do you like it?” she asked and Jack nodded.”I fucking love it darling. In fact I could eat it again but I have another experiment to try out first,” he pronounced.Tina noticed that Jack had the start of an erection which was a good sign and she’d found another pack of Viagra in her drawer which was good, as there was only one of the others left. Jack had suffered from erectile dysfunction for quite a while and Tina had given him Viagra during their first session last week and it had worked brilliantly.”What do you want me to try this morning O Master?” she quipped with a smile.Jack rearranged the pillows again like last week and lifted her naked body and laid her on her back along the pillows with and extra pillow under the small of her back.”Open your legs as wide as you can without hurting yourself.” he ordered and took one of her ankles and fastened it into the anklet near the corner of the bed. Before Tina could react or even work out what he was doing he had her other ankle tied into the other anklet.”I hope you’re going to like this darling as everything I’ve read says that sex whilst tied up is the greatest sexual experience you can have,” she didn’t resist as she trusted him not to hurt her, and after all his track record for sex with her was 110% so far. She lay back and let him tie her up.As he tied her wrist into the other two armlets he told her that this is called Bondage. “I think you’ll love this especially with the new toys I’ve bought for you,” as found the adjusters and slowly tightened them until Tina’s body was stretched out tight with her tummy really stretched — She was ready.Her freshly shaved pussy looked fantastic as he picked up the long mirror and angled it so Tina could see herself. She could not believe that it was her stretched out like a porn star ready for fucking.Jack could not resist the temptation and took his digital camera out of his bag and took a picture of the glorious sight in front of him. He’ll treasure this photo forever. Tina was not so sure but she soon had her mind taken off it.Jack now took the two vibrators from the bag and concealed them from Tina’s view as he climbed between her spread legs. As Tina lay there the only contact she had with Jack was his finger gently rubbing her clitoris and this was all it took to bring her off again to her first orgasm in bondage and her second of the morning.Jack took the pocket rocket, turned it on and replaced his finger with the intense vibrations directly onto her clitoris. Her orgasm just grew and grew as the vibrations went through her most sensitive bud like an electric shock. What little movement she had in her restraints didn’t stop her body jerking and twisting with this exquisite sensation.Holding the pocket rocket with one hand pressed on Tina’s clit he took hold of the Rabbit and turned it on to adjust it to its fully retracted position then pushed the penis like head up to her pussy lips and gently pushed it inside her. The girth of the vibrator was larger than her ex Paul so her pussy stretched open around the Rabbit and Jack gently pushed it all the way in until the rabbit ears tucked under the hood and touched her clit. Even though it was over 7 inches long, Tina was still receiving such tremendous sensations from the ‘rocket’ that she didn’t seem to notice the intrusion penetrating her vagina.When Jack turned the rabbit vibrations on she noticed with a scream of surprise and pleasure as the vibes from the rocket were replaced by the vibes from the rabbit. He then switched on the rotate, then the in-out moved and the twisting and took his hands away leaving Tina being fucked by the rabbit with no-one else touching her. She squirted slightly as the orgasm exploded but there was now stopping the monster inside which was fucking her so wonderfully. She was moving as much as she could in her tight restraints but all she could do was come, and come she did until the pillows between her legs were really wet with her fluids.Orgasm followed orgasm as the rabbit did its thing. Jack used the pocket rocket on her nipples to enhance her pleasure even more and looking down on her face screwed up in ecstasy and her eyes tight shut. He kissed her and she opened her mouth and their tongues met.Tina was in heaven again as the ‘new’ man in her life brought her, once again, to heights of pure sexual pleasure that she’d never even dreamed were possible. She could feel the monster inside her twisting and moving all on its own and her clitoris felt as if it was on fire with intense vibrations. She’d lost count of how many orgasms she’d had as she was so exhausted from her orgasms; and still the rabbit carried on fucking her. The feelings it was generating in her were too wonderfulJack just watched and smiled as Tina lay there twitching and jerking as the rabbit continued to bring her off but it was plain that there couldn’t come much more as her chest was heaving with the stress of it and he decided to give her one last peak before releasing her.He took hold of the rabbit and started fucking her with it. In and out at high speed as Tina bucked and twisted with this sudden change. He pulled it right out and turned it round, and pushed it as far in as it would go but with the ears, which had been massaging her clitoris, now hard up against her anus.Tina suddenly tensed as this new sensation took hold of her and another orgasm racked her from head to toe. What a sensation after all that she’d been through as she screamed the house down in her ecstasy.Jack just held the rabbit in place until the orgasm subsided then he started fucking her pussy with it again, but there was little reaction now. Tina was totally fucked and he’d done it again and it was a lovely feeling of pride to bring a woman to such sexual satisfaction.He pulled the rabbit out of her and showed her what had been giving her such wonderful feeling and he pushed it up to her mouth so she could taste herself. She opened her mouth and Jack pushed it in as she closed her lips around it.It was time to release her from her bondage and Tina just laid there totally spent until Jack lifter her off the pillows so she could sit up on the side of the bed. She reached over to Jack and they embraced and kissed as she thanked him over and over again.Tina picked up the Viagra packet from the side of the bed and took out the little blue diamond shaped tablet. Jack willingly swallowed it.”I think it’s your turn Jack sweetheart,” she said holding on of the restraints up, “let’s see if we can do the same to you.”Although you could hardly call Jack’s body attractive with his pot belly and surplus fat, when he was stretched out tight with two pillows under his bottom and his arms and legs taught, it was hard to tell he was overweight.Tina wasn’t bothered, she owed this man so much and she was going to do as much as she could to make this moment stand out in his memory for ever. She strained to tighten his bonds even more until his chest was stretched. Jack’s erection was growing even before the Viagra took effect and it was now almost fully hard as she gently tickled his balls and along his shaft.Tina picked up the pocket rocket and started touching it around his nipples and down to his groin where she worked it all the way round his balls and she noticed how he twitched when she got near his anus. She touched the vibrating head again right on his anal opening and he jerked again, so she kept vibing him until she suddenly thought of something.She left the rocket tucked between the cheeks of his bottom and the tip touching his anus then picked up the rabbit and tried all the settings until she settled on the ‘vibration only’ setting.She removed the rocket and pushed rabbit under his bottom until the ears were just touching his anus, then she pushed it slightly until it was inside him.Jack was moaning loudly as he’s never had anything like this, even though he’d seen it on the internet. The vibration though his anus made his prostate gland go mad and his erection was now like a bar of steel as the exquisite treatment he was getting took hold of him.Tina could see a drip of his fluids from the engorged head of his penis and she gently took him in both hands and lightly wanked him as he moaned and jerked and even to an amateur like Tina she knew he couldn’t last long and she pulled his erection vertical and slowly worked her hands up and down his bar-like manhood.Jack was in absolute heaven, even more extreme than the wanking in the shower last week as the intense feeling of the vibrator up his anus and Tina’s almost teasing slowness as she stroked him caused him to swoon and cry out “Oh fucking hell yes!” as the seed in him rose to a crescendo. “Ah! I’m coming,” he screamed as Tina carried on in the same way gently rubbing concentrating on the inflamed helmet.Tina was amazed when the sperm shot out nearly two feet in the air before dropping back on her hands. There was so much of it and there were three distinct ejections as jack’s orgasm ripped through him.Last week at this point Jack had tried to pull her hands away before she took him in her mouth, but this time he could not move as she went down on him and licked and sucked his helmet as his orgasm continued. Tina had enjoyed doing this last week even though it was the first time, but this time she got a shock as Jack arched his back as best he could in his restraints and he jerked again and a small amount of his hot sperm hit the back of Tina’s throat nearly choking her. Tina didn’t lift off as she carried on sucking and licking and she actually swallowed his cum.Jack was desperate for her to stop as the sensations of her tongue on his highly sensitive helmet was causing him to nearly pass out, but she was not stopping until he had one last jerk as his body ejected the last of his cum. Then she stopped as he felt his erection starting to fade.She still has some of his cum in her mouth as she leant over and kissed him licking his cum into his mouth. She told Jack to swallow his own cum before she released him and they hugged each other in a lover’s embrace. They were a very special team now and they knew that they were going to carry on doing this until they were too old.It was still only 10.30am and Jack was free until lunchtime, so they read the instructions on the Viagra to see how soon it could be used again. They waited an hour holding each other naked on the bed before Jack took another tablet.For the first time they had sex as a loving couple in the normal way and both came together with his seed deep inside her and they fell asleep fully satisfied.This all happened just a few weeks ago and Jack and Tina’s relationship has developed into a fully-fledged loving affair and they have sex and experiment as often as possible and no-one in the family suspects anything. This just proves that:-YOU’RE NEVER TOO OLD & IT’S NEVER TOO LATE FOR LOVE!

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