Yes, Anne, I Do Remember You

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I had parked my caravan on a very quiet site in Central France, preferring to use it rather than hotels, as I was combining business with pleasure this year, with appointments only every two or three days. This meant that I had quite some time to myself in between schedules, and could relax.

On this particular day I had taken a short journey on business into a nearby town, and was on my way back after a successful sale. It was a very quiet road, as I prefer to travel by minor roads when not in a hurry to anywhere, and so was a little surprised to see a pedestrian, complete with rucksack emblazoned with a Union Flag denoting that the hiker was evidently English. As I drew nearer I could see, too that this backpacker was also female, for she turned towards me as I slowly drew up to see if she (as I knew she then was) wanted a lift of any kind.

Her face, when she recognised an English car due to the registration number, seemed to echo her wish for a lift, and so without hesitation I pulled up alongside her.

“I seem to have taken a wrong road,” she began, just as I was asking her if I could be of any assistance.

To cut the story short the next thing was that I had placed her rucksack on the rear seat and she climbed in alongside me.

I was helping her adjust her seat-belt (rather clumsily but purposely so as it meant that I was able to surreptitiously touch her upper body giving me a quick sexual thrill as I did so) when she suddenly said, “Sir!”

I looked her fully in the face when she said that, and found that she was somehow a little familiar to me.

“Do you not remember me, sir?” she then asked. “You used to teach me in Junior School. Anne. Anne Dean.”

Suddenly I remembered her. A pretty pig-tailed blonde girl who used to sit at the front of my class and whom I often wished was some ten years older at times.

“Anne!” I replied. “Of course I remember you. It is just that you have grown somewhat older and you have changed, naturally.”

“Changed how?” she cheekily asked. “Am I prettier or uglier, or something?”

There was only one word I could use, of course. “Matured,” I said. Then, also a little cheekily I added, “And prettier!”

“Of course,” she laughed. “I was only ten or eleven when I was in your class, and I’m now twenty-three!”

“Is it so long?” I asked her. “I remember you so well, though.”

She looked me full in the face, grinning as she did so, as she then said, deliberately, “I’m sure you must remember me so well. You were always mentally undressing me whenever you thought I was not aware of your eyes looking at me.”

I began to feel a little uncomfortable at this revelation — that had always fully aware of my feelings at the time!

But her grin widened as I tried to apologise, meaning to say that she had been mistaken when she stopped me by saying, “I did not mind, then. I don’t hold it against you, as we were all just maturing at that age, and I had just begun to realise that boys (and men) had something between their legs which we would appreciate more and more as we got older, and I used to try to visualise you without your trousers on. I did see you grow there once or twice, I must admit, especially after I had “accidentally” shown you my knickers! I got quite adept at doing that in such a way that it would appear unintentional.”

I was beginning to feel a little uncomfortable at the way this conversation seemed to be going, but Anne now started to relieve my feelings somewhat as her manner of speech changed. “So you could have called it ‘tit for tat’ I suppose, except that I did not know what ‘tat’ was, or even is, but I did know what ‘tit’ was, even then. And mine were just growing!”

I now became aware that her eyes had gone from my face downwards towards my crutch, where I could feel the blood beginning to pump there and cause my cock to begin to swell.

And Anne was certainly aware of it, too, for she now said, “And I am having that effect on you again, aren’t I? And I’m flattered, too. Would it grow more if I repeated what I used to do all those years ago and accidentally let you see my knickers?”

And to my utter astonishment she twisted towards me and tugged up the hem of her short skirt to reveal a brief pair of delicate black lace knickers which scarcely covered her pubic area, as they were so tiny.

I quickly had to pull in to the side of the road. It would have been dangerous to have continued to drive with eryaman escort that distraction.

But as I did so, she suddenly changed and quickly covered herself up again.

“Sorry!” I started to say, thinking that she had realised what was happening and decided that she had been going too far.

“It’s me who should be saying ‘sorry’,” she apologised. “I’m taking you mind off your driving. Look, let me be frank with you. I’m no virgin, and no prude, and I would dearly love to fuck with you, but this is not the time or the place. Where are you going to? Perhaps I could book a room in the same hotel?”

“I am not using an hotel,” I told her. “I am using my caravan, and I was just on my way there. And yes — I am entirely on my own, as this is a business trip for me, as I gave up teaching some time ago, but I make these trips here every so often, and my wife is still at home in England. But I must warn you — I am camping in a very remote area, which means that should you want to escape you might find it hard to reach any other civilisation.”

“Better and better,” came her answer. “I am looking forward to seeing something I have wanted to see for the past twelve or thirteen years! And to give you proof of my intentions, here!” And with that she lifted her bottom off the seat in order to strip off those minute knickers and place them on the dashboard in front of me!

Shortly after that I turned the car off the main road onto a farm track, then a few hundred yards further down I turned off that track and onto a very narrow dirt track through the trees until I arrived at an area which could only be described as heath-land and where my caravan stood. I was self-sufficient, with an adequate water supply, gas, battery, flushing chemical toilet and all mod cons so that I could have lasted almost a week without moving from there.

“How utterly delightful,” Anne shouted as she got out of the car and stared around in all directions. “You are entirely isolated here,” she went on, “and it all seems so peaceful.”

“It is,” I began, but Anne again was speaking.

“Please, I do want you to fuck me, but you must excuse me –I want to pee first!”

And with that she simply squatted down quite nonchalantly facing me, hitching up her brief skirt so that I was actually looking at her smoothly shaved pussy for the first time, and quite brazenly started to piss.

But on finishing she calmly unfastened her skirt, flinging it aside, and fell backwards onto the coarse grass with legs flung widely apart as she called for me to fuck her right now with no preliminaries, as all that kind of thing could come later.

I hesitated no further, and simply tore open my trousers in order to penetrate her immediately, although visions of Anne as she used to be flashed before me as I roughly pounded away until I felt my climax approaching.

“Don’t stop! Don’t pull out!” she cried out. “I’m on the pill — you won’t make me pregnant!”

I did not stop, and soon felt I had filled her to the brim, as the mixture of our juices oozed out around her cunt lips and the end of my cock.

Afterwards, feeling a little more satiated now, we rolled apart and lay side by side, gazing into the clouds. But eventually we roused ourselves as she thanked me (although it should have been me thanking her) for fulfilling one of her life-time ambitions!

But evening was drawing near, and so I showed her inside the caravan, and she insisted on cooking a meal for us both, although I had to help in the preparations, naturally.

She made no attempt to cover up her semi-nudity, though, and apart from her shoes and socks all she wore was a loosely tied shirt top, fastened in a knot just below her breasts, the tops of her thighs now beginning to appear flaky as my cum and her cream dried onto her.

We had a glorious meal, enhanced by our imbibing a full bottle of wine between us, but when we had finally drunk the last drop she astounded me by putting the empty bottle to her cunt and gently inserting it, I thought at first that she was about to masturbate that way, but instead I was delightfully taken aback when she asked me if she should fill it up again for me!

Before I could say yea or nay, though, I heard the obscene splashing which accompanied her pissing into the bottle.

She practically filled the bottle, as I could see when she finally held it up for me to see, then she deliberately re-sealed esat escort it with it cork and place it in the middle of the table.

“If you are into such a thing it will do for your nightcap!” she said lewdly, and seeing a slight disbelief on my face she laughed, and then told me that her brother, Mark, regularly enjoyed such a drink!

“Actually, I am on my way to visit him,” she now told me. “Do you remember Janice Webb, my close friend at school?”

When I nodded she continued, “Well, Mark and Janice got married a week or so ago, and they have taken a villa in France for their honeymoon. I agreed to leave them entirely on their own for the start of the honeymoon, but they have both insisted that I join them towards the end. That’s why I am hiking there — it takes up some time and I can enjoy seeing the countryside on the way there.”

“But I have just thought — I have some photographs of them both, and me of course, in my rucksack. Would you like to see them? I know you are broad-minded from the days when you used to watch me revealing my knickers for you and even on that one occasion when I was last out of the classroom when I deliberately broke the elastic and allowed them to fall down whilst I was standing at your desk. And then when I squatted to pick them up again I carelessly allowed you to see my bare girly pussy! And you just stared without any sign of being embarrassed, and all you did was to say “Oh dear!” as if such an occurrence was commonplace.”

“Anyway, these photos are not for pubic viewing, if you know what I mean, and they show more of me than you have even seen up until now — and Janice as well. And Mark! And on some of them there are all three of us!”

“But perhaps we ought to wash the dishes and generally tidy things away, first, don’t you think?” I asked her.

She agreed, and the next few minutes were spent in doing just that.

I then suggested that we should also re-arrange the caravan so that the table was put away by using it to make up the double bed, and as I started to do that I suddenly realised that I was taking for granted that we would be sharing the bed and not utilising the two singles which was the alternative arrangement.

But Anne seemed to take it for granted that we would be sharing and helped me without any apparent qualms whatsoever.

But she then went a little further, by suggesting that perhaps we should be on the bed when we looked at the photographs.

“You can then compare the pictures with me in the flesh, and see which you prefer,” she laughed, “although I doubt if you will prefer the pictures to the real thing, naturally.”

She rummaged in her rucksack and brought out a small album, but she held tightly onto it so that I was unable to see it.

“I shall decide which ones to show you,” she said, “as some of them may be a little ‘rude’,” she chuckled.

Then, looking me fully in the face she added, “And those are the ones I shall make sure that you see!”

Kicking off her shoes and socks she followed by unfastening the knot holding the shirt together and for this first time I saw her wonderful breasts, firm and compact, her long nipples standing quite proudly and rigid.

She then clambered onto the bed, and waited expectantly as he eyes indicated that I should follow suit until I was as naked as she was.

“Are you sitting comfortably?” she punned as I positioned myself next to her. “Then I’ll begin.”

With that she opened the first page of the album On it was pasted, full A4 size, a picture of herself, Janice (looking much older than when I had last known her in school, as did Anne as I said earlier.), and Mark, who I would have recognised anywhere. All three were fully dressed and were standing with arms round one another, just like a pose of an engaged couple with their sister or sister-in-law.

“See!” she said. “Quite proper and correct. Three innocents together!”

She then turned the page, but although the pose looked the same Mark’s hands were definitely under their tops and fondling their breasts. The next picture had the same again but this time without any tops at all on the girls, and Mark’s hands were certainly cupping two naked breasts.

Next one was similar, except that this time Janice had her hand down the front of Mark’s trousers, and the following one had Anne’s hand there instead!

This series was followed by ones showing less and less clothing each time ankara escort until finally they were all three fully naked, Mark now sporting a huge erection which both girls in turn were fondling.

The came one where both girls were holding onto his gigantic pole at the same time whilst his hands were reciprocating by caressing their cunts, both of which were smoothly shaven and prominently displayed.

There was no sequence to the remainder of the photos, but they involved two or even three of them each time, Mark being sucked by Janice, then by Anne. They ranged from Anne being licked by Mark, then by Janice; Janice being fucked by Mark; Anne being fucked by Mark; Anne and Janice in a “sixty-nine”; and you name it and there was a photograph of it!

“Finally, dare I show you this last set?” she asked, but with the tone of voice that told me that she was going to do whatever my answer.

This last set actually showed Anne, then Janice, peeing into a large jug, whilst Mark stood watching, licking his lips.

The final picture was of Mark, prick proudly erect, as he raised the jug to his lips and was evidently drinking from it.

“What I meant by my remark about the nightcap,” she said simply. “It is Mark’s favourite tipple.”

I could wait no longer, and my cock was inside her as she dropped the photo album to the floor, as she responded to my urges with urges of her own. Once again I flooded into her as once more she begged me to stay inside, wetting the blanket beneath us, a problem about which neither of us cared at the time.

And so throughout the night we slept in short bursts, as first one, and then the other, woke and took the initiative.

Next morning I was glad that I had no appointments that day, for I felt gloriously worn out, and so, I was sure, was Anne.

That did not stop us from indulging again, though, and we seemed to be coupling at every opportunity.

It was during the afternoon, though, just after one of our multiple fucking sessions, that I asked her where she was actually heading for.

She told me that she had not far to go from where we were, as the villa was in a village on the coast called “Gruissan”, close to Narbonne.

“What a coincidence!” I exclaimed. “I am due to be in Narbonne in two days’ time, as I have another appointment close to here tomorrow and then I move on to there. What about staying with me until then and I can give you a lift. Actually I would love to see Janice and Mark again, after all these years.”

“You mean after having seen their photographs!” she laughed. “You mean you want to fuck Janice, too!”

“Seriously,” I answered. “You have no idea what it means for an ex-teacher to see his ex-pupils again, if only to see what had become of them. But, ‘yes’, also. I would not be averse to fucking Janice, if she were willing, that is.”

“Willing?” queried Anne. “She’ll eat you alive, especially when I tell her that I have beaten her to it with you. As soon as I tell her that you have fucked me she will probably tear her knickers off no matter who else is there!”

“But she is on her honeymoon……”I began, to be interrupted by Anne as she said, “Honeymoon? Remember that when I get there she will have to start sharing me with Mark again, just as we did when they were still only engaged! And you are underestimating Mark, too, I think. I will lay a bet that he will take great delight in watching you fucking with Janice whilst he is fucking me!”

This was a revelation to me. This ménage-a-trois was not only incestuous but not averse to exhibitionism and voyeurism! And judging by the pictures it was not also just confined to straight heterosexuality! The two girls seemed equally in love with each other!

My appointment in Narbonne would have to be hurried, as it was scheduled to be my last call before returning home, but I could see that I would be extending my stay in France for some short time. What excuse should I give my wife, who was (according to what I had told Anne) waiting faithfully at home for my return? Or should I give her a call and ask her to come out to join me (and us)? This might prove a surprise to Anne, and certainly also Janice and Mark, especially so if I did send for her and she had to tell them that she had sacrificed spending more time with her lover/boy-friend in my absence.

Perhaps that decision was one which should wait until I had sounded out Mark and Janice in a couple of days’ time. In the meantime I would gently prepare Anne for this possible future when I rang home this evening to tell Marianne and Stephen (her boy-friend) about my meeting up with Anne.

But these thoughts had to be put aside temporarily — Anne was stripped off again and waiting for another fuck!

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