Ye Olde Pub

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Ye Olde PubOn a recent business trip I was strolling along the sidewalk in a strange city looking for someplace to have dinner. I rounded the corner to see a group of people laughing and descending a set of stairs. Above the stairs was a sign which said, “Ye Olde Pub”. At the top of the stairs there was another sign, which was actually a framed menu, listing both the food and drinks available. At the bottom in bold letters it stated “AND OTHER LIBATIONS”.I was in the mood for a good beer with my dinner so I decided to give it a try. As I entered the pub, I could see people everywhere, all laughing and talking and I decided it looked like a good place to eat. I found a table in a corner near the bar and started to review the menu. As I waited for someone to come and take my order I noticed a very cute young lady waiting tables. She was wearing a white blouse and a red plaid skirt. A very short red plaid skirt!I guess I must have been staring because I did not notice that the bartender had come out from behind the bar to take my order and he startled me when he commented, “Nice view huh!” I kind of mumbled something and nodded my head, rather embarrassed to have been caught gawking like that. Then I noticed that he had on basically the same outfit and I realized they were wearing kilts. He asked me what I wanted to drink and after I told him he walked away.I could not help myself as my eyes followed him as he walked away and I wondered if he had anything on under that kilt! Just then the young lady that I had been looking at before walked past my table and simply said that they follow strict tradition with their uniforms. My mind was really spinning then, thinking about what both she and the bartender did not have on beneath their kilts!The bartender then returned with my drink and asked if I wanted anything else. Instead of thinking to give him my food order, I just blurted out, “Are you wearing anything underneath that kilt?” When I realized what I had said I apologized and told him that it was none of my business.He just istanbul escort laughed and told me that it was alright, lots of folks asked him that same question. Then, instead of telling me, he simply lifted up the front of his kilt and showed me. I nearly choked on my beer as I looked down. There just inches away from my leg was this stranger showing me his cock, with no embarrassment at all! At least not on his part!Needless to say, I was a bit shocked and could only say, “Wow!” He then simply said thank you and walked away. At that moment the waitress came back past me and said, “Nice view huh!” I was speechless.I quickly looked around to see if anyone was looking as I felt rather foolish, not necessarily because the bartender had just flashed me, but rather because I realized that I was sitting there absentmindedly rubbing my own hard cock through my jeans. I knew that the waitress had seen me by the smirk on her face, but no one else seemed to be looking my way, nor could anyone see me clearly how my table was situated.I sat there for a while, sipping on my beer trying to figure out what I should do. Should I stay, order dinner and see what else might happen, or should I just pay for the beer and leave. Before I could gather my thoughts, the waitress stops at my table and asks if I would like to order anything to eat. That forced my hand and I decided to stay. I ordered dinner and she asked if I wanted another beer. I told her that I did and she walked away.Again I watched her, what a very nice view from behind I thought. I could feel my cock twitch and I instinctively began to rub it. Again I glanced around to see that no one was watching and I decided to continue rubbing since it felt good and kind of naughty being in public. I then got even bolder and slowly unzipped my pants and put my hand inside, directly on my cock. I was lost in my thoughts, imagining the cute young waitress coming back to my table and lifting her kilt. I watched avcılar escort her moving from table to table, hoping that she would have to bend over to pick something up to give me a peek.Just then the bartender appeared out of nowhere it seemed, with my beer and here I was with a hand in my pants playing with myself. He could not help but notice what I was doing and he stepped closer to me, his leg touching mine and he asked, “Would you care for some help with that?” He added that Cristy (the waitress) had told him how I had watched him when he walked away so he thought I may be interested in a little extra service.I could hardly think and definitely could not talk. I guess he took the silence as an affirmative answer because he reached down and put his hand in my pants on top of mine on my cock and squeezed. He moved his hand back and forth on my shaft. I pulled my hand out, giving him better access and he wrapped his hand around my cock, slowly stroking it in my pants. I was looking at what he was doing, then looking up to see if anyone was watching, then looked at his face and he licked his lips. I thought to myself, “Oh man this guy really wants my cock, what am I going to do!”Without saying a word, he reached down with his other hand and completely undid my belt, unsnapped my pants, then pulled my cock out of my pants. He continued stroking with one hand while he slid the other deeper into my pants and began to fondle my balls. The table at which I was sitting was one of those high bar tables with the circular foot rest on the bottom and when I looked down he had put his right foot up on the footrest. The kilt had ridden up some and fallen open so that I could see the end of his hard cock peaking out.I was so out of it at that moment that I could not even think straight. Here this guy is jacking me off in a bar and his hard cock is only inches away from my leg. What am I to do! I had fantasized about this kind of moment, wondering what it would be like to take another man’s şirinevler escort cock in my hand, feel his smooth head and hard shaft, play with his balls and jack him off while he did me. All of that was going on in my mind but in reality I was just sitting there with a stranger playing with my cock!Finally I got the courage to reach out and touch his cock. My fingers touched the smooth head and he moaned. I ran my fingers down the length of his shaft. Slowly I wrapped my hand around his hard hot cock and began to stroke it back and forth. Soon my pace had matched his and we were jacking in unison. Next I thought, “Oh shit, I am about to cum!” “What am I going to do!” Just then I heard him say that he would take care of it, so I must have said it out loud, not just in my mind because the next thing I know he leans over and takes my cock in his mouth.He did this just in time as I immediately started to shoot rope after rope of hot cum. By the way that he was devouring my cock I knew that he had done this before, many times. He knew just when to squeeze my balls and even dip a finger in my ass to really shoot hard. I then realized that his cock was throbbing as I stroked him and I looked down to see him shooting his cum onto the floor under my table. I was amazed at how much he came.He finished sucking me dry while I milked all of the cum from his cock. He then stood up, took my napkin and wiped his mouth and just then the waitress appeared with my dinner.Cristy said, “It looks like you two had a little appetizer thing going on here!” She turned to the bartender and asked, “Duane, was that good?” MMMMM was all that he said as he started to walk away and Cristy added that maybe she would be back for dessert!The meal was delicious and true to her word, Cristy came back and asked what I would like for dessert. My reply did not surprise her as I simply said, “You!”With that she took me by the hand and led me through a side door to what was obviously where the employees dressed for work. There were some lockers, some chairs and a sofa. She led me to the sofa, sat me down, and proceeded to undo my pants, pull them off and then sit on my rock hard cock. In not time she was bouncing up and down as fast as she could and I was ready to explode. She was amazing.As I was walking back to my hotel that night, I made a mental note, “I will have to make another stop at Ye Olde Pub!”

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