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Subject: Wrestling Season Part One Chapter One – Meeting William My freshman year of high school I decided to join the wrestling team. The prospect of seeing other boys in tight uniforms and getting to roll around with them just seemed like the thing for me. I had known I was gay since I was about 12. My dad owned a gym, so I often hung around in the locker room as a child. I guess the sight of all the naked men seemed more arousing than a naked woman did. Now to describe myself. My name is Peter Johnson. I am 5′ 4″, 125. My dick is about 6 inches when it’s hard, which has been happening a lot lately. Anywho, along with the story. The high school practiced with the middle school, so I was hoping to see some younger boys in spandex. It was then that I saw the boy of my dreams. He was a seventh grader named William, and he was the most gorgeous boy I have ever seen. Everything about him was perfect. He had light brown hair, green eyes, and the most perfect facial complexion. He was only 4″ 10′ and about 110 pounds at the max. He was the cutest boy I have ever seen. I couldn’t stop starring at him, and I noticed that he was also starring at me. Not many people showed up to the first practice, which was pretty hard. Our coach was already trying to whip us into shape. We didn’t even start on the wrestling part, just a bunch of conditioning. It was pretty tiring, and I knew I would need a shower after practice. I couldn’t wait to see the other boys in the shower. After practice, most of the boys headed home without showering, which I found kind of disgusting. In fact, the only boy to stay behind turned out to be William. This brightened my day kızkalesi escort a little more. I couldn’t wait to see him in the shower. William headed for the showers before I did, and I got an opportunity to see his bare ass without him knowing I was looking. It was all that I had expected, his perfect little ass lightly jiggling as he walked. I knew then that if there was any chance for me to ever fuck that boy, I would take it in an instance. I followed him into the showers about 5 minutes later, and what I saw I would never forget. William was leaning against the shower wall furiously jacking his 4-inch cock. I remembered being that age, jacking off at any time I could. “Mhh hmmm” I said, loud enough for the whole locker room to hear. William practically jumped 2 feet in the air out of surprise. “uh… um… uhhhhh” was all he could get out. “Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me” I said. “Uhhh… thanks” he said, obviously still shaken up. “When I was your age, I was jacking off all the time. There’s nothing wrong with it.” I said. “I didn’t think anyone was still here. I thought everyone had left” he replied. “Well William, you have nothing to be ashamed of. You’ve got a beautiful dick. I couldn’t help notice you from across the locker room.” I said. “Thanks, your dick looks pretty nice too” he said. This was getting hotter by the moment. “Do you mind if I touch it?” “Not at all William. I would love for you to touch my dick.” The young boy slowly walked over to where I was standing, and enveloped my dick with his soft, young hand. The boys touch felt so good, it was amazing I didn’t tarsus escort come right then and there. William started to slowly jack my dick, my foreskin going back and forth over the head. He then took his other hand and began rolling my nuts around in his hand. It was obvious to me that William had done this before. After a few minutes, I reached down and began playing with Williams small but rock hard dick. The young lads tiny member felt so good between my fingers. The feel of his foreskin gently sliding up and down over his small marble-like head felt amazing. I had to have his perfect cock in my mouth. I quickly got on my knees and took his dick into my mouth. He tasted even better than I had expected. I slowly began bobbing my head up and down, my tongue exploring his boyhood. I began probing his foreskin with my tongue, eventually licking up and down his piss slit. I could tell he was enjoying this, as he started moaning ever so softly. I took his dick out of my mouth for a moment as I gently began sucking on his nuts. They were about the size of grapes, but they still felt wonderful in my mouth. “Mmm, Peter, that feels soooo gooooood” he said. I continued sucking on his nuts, eventually making my way to his dick. “Lie down on the ground” I told him. William quickly obeyed, and was soon lying on his back. I stopped sucking for a moment to give more direction. “Now get on top of me” I commanded, “with your dick facing my face”. He again quickly obeyed, and was soon lying on top of me. I continued sucking his dick, and soon felt his mouth envelop my entire cock. It was obvious that William had sucked anamur escort dick before, moving his tongue expertly over my dick. Soon I took my other hand and began exploring William’s ass. I eventually found his pleasure whole and began probing at it with my finger. I eventually got my finger in, William letting out a soft moan. I soon began rubbing the boys prostate, which turned out to be too much for the boy. His body began shaking, as the boy dry came in my mouth. Although not as good as the real thing, it still felt good having this boy orgasm in my mouth. “mmm… Peter… that felt amazing” William panted. “Could you please fuck me now. Please?” Hearing this boy beg me to fuck him was the sexiest thing I had ever heard. “Gladly I replied” and I quickly rolled William over on his stomach. I reached for the soap on the floor next to me, and I lubed up my cock. Then I put some of the soap on Williams butt hole. I scooted up over his ass, and proceeded to insert my dick into his boypussy. I could tell William had been fucked before, because he barely even made a sound as I continued to speed up my motions. I soon found a rhythm, and began to pound away at Williams boycunt. “Oh yeah Peter, fuck me. Ohhhh yeahh that feels soooo fucking goooood” William just about shouted. This dirty talk was enough to set me off and I began to cum in his ass. Shot after shot of cum began to fill his young boycunt. It felt so good to blow a load in his cute little ass. “Ohh William that felt so fucking good” I told him. “Glad I could help.” “Well, my dad is probably waiting for me, so I had better get going” William said. “Ok, I’ll see you tomorrow you little cutie” I replied. William flashed me a smile, exited the shower room, got his clothes, and left. I still remained in the shower, thinking over the events that had just happened. I was excited to continue this relationship with my new lover. To be continued… Comments welcome: ive

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