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WORKOUT WITH LAURAWORKING OUT WITH LAURA.My doorbell rang and I went to answer the door. It was Laura whom I been working out with for months. We went up to the workout room as we always do. She has a fantastic body and she is helping me get into shape. Her outfits and so form fitting. So we started our routine. It usually takes about 1 ½ hours. As we worked out I told her I was taking a massage class. I asked her if I could try what I learned so far. She told me okay. After we got done, I told her to use my bathroom and shower. She took her bag and off she went. I set up the table for her massage. I went to my husband bathroom and showered as well.When we were both in the room. I asked to lay on the table under the cover. She told me she didn’t have a problem laying there nude. I got out my oils and started to massage her shoulders. Her body so warm and soft. I continued around her neck and shoulders. After a while I moved down to her güvenilir bahis legs. Massaging her legs as I moved up her thighs. Inside and out I rubbed the oils into her legs. She told me that I was doing a very good job. Then it was her ass. It was perfect in every way. As I was massaging her I saw her bag on the floor. The flap was open. I saw a pink rabbit vibrator. I thought to myself it would be fun to use on her. I had her turn over and massaged her front. I stayed on her breasts for a long time. Moving down to her legs I massaged them and up around her pussy. She was so relaxed. As I was rubbing her thighs she asked me to grab her vibrator in her bag. I was shocked. She then asked me to use it on her as I rubbed her legs. I bent down and grabbed it. As I came back up she had spread her legs wider. Still with her eyes closed. I turned it on low and started to massage her pussy with it. I watched as the head of it spread türkçe bahis her lips apart. I moved it up and down across her lips. I then pushed into her pussy. It was tight at first but then as it got wet it slid in easy. I then turned on the vibrating tip. As it touched her clit she moaned. Her hand now guiding mine as we both used it to fuck her. She would hold it all the way in as the tip vibrated against her clit. The rest of it inside her. She then opened her eyes and asked if she could move to the edge of the table. With a yes I helped her move down to the edge. She laid back down and lifted her legs straight up. I was behind her so she could lay her legs on my shoulders. There we were using her vibrator on her pussy. She then shocked me again by grabbing my hands and moving it to her ass. “Massage my ass with your finger please”Without a blink of the eye I did as I was told. My finger slid up and down the crack of her ass. güvenilir bahis siteleri Circling around her asshole. She tells me to place 1 finger inside her. I do so as my other hand rests on hers as we use the vibrator. After a few moments of fingering her asshole, she asks me to bend down and watch her vibrator slide into her. I did and moved down to watch her vibrator. As I fingered her she reached for my head and pulled it in to her ass. I knew what she wanted.I moved closer and started to lick her ass as I fingered her. Watching her fuck her pussy from behind. After a few moment I hear her say “faster Baby. Faster” As I quicken my pace, she did too. As her juices began to flow, I licked as fast as I could. Then I heard her scream as she drenched my face with her cum. Lapping and yet still fingering her. Her juices flow down her ass and into my mouth. Shuttering I used my free hand to hold her. I lick her as she pulls out the vibrator. Her hand guides me to her pussy. I lick her as she wishes. Her thighs hold my head tight against her.As I finish cleaning her pussy, I stand up and look into her eyes. She says “You learned a lot in school. Same time tomorrow”. I just nodded yes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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