Working late

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Working lateThis story follows on from my last story “On the Road”Working Late.Dannielle had been woken by a call from Paul asking her to come into work early as they had some figures to go over. She knew what that meant, a quick fuck before work. As she was getting ready she remembered what those builders had said yesterday, the photos they had taken and the note they had left. “Wonder if they where actually going to come to her work and find her if she did’t get in touch” she thought as she got ready. It wouldn’t be that bad, she had fun with them and she loved Johns cock. “Bet they where just pushing their luck, as if they knew where she worked” she thought as the phone rang,” i want you in work in 30 minutes” said Paul. “Yes Sir” she replied as she checked herself out in the mirror. She looked so hot in her new black dress and her black sling backs with the red soles. The seemed hold ups topped of her outfit perfectly. The thought of how hard it would make him made her start to get hard. She was so horny. As she approached the table by the door she noticed the note under her car keys. “See you soon Paul” she said hanging up the phone. She picked up the keys and the note and left the house.“Well that needs a wash” she thought as she noticed to mud and dust that was splashed all over the paint work of her car after her jaunt into the countryside yesterday. She put the keys in the ignition and read the note that was in her hand. “Give us a call next week you little slut! X x Andy and John”. “I could always phone, but then they would have her number” she thought. She had to see them again because she didn’t want Paul to find out, and get those pictures that John had taken. As the dash board lit up as she started the car she noticed that she was late.“Thats it, i will have to get in touch” she thought as she sped out of her driveway.Her heart was beating as she made her way to her floor in the lift. She had made it in 27 minutes and was out of breath as she came into her office. She sorted her hair out and caught her breath noticing the pile of files on her desk before walking into Paul’s office. He doesn’t even look up. “Morning” she said resting her hands on his big desk and giving Paul a nice view of her cleavage. “Morning Danni” he said looking up from the paper work that he was reading. He puts the paper work on the desk as he gets up. Danni turns round and leans up against the desk as he draws level with her. She smiles and kisses him on the lips. “ Umm” he moans kissing her back before pulling away. “May be later Danni we have work to do, i need you to check these figures and the ones on your desk please”, he says with a smile. “Yes Paul”’ she replies, “thats Sir!” he says back. “And by dinner please” he says as she makes her way to her desk. “Yes Sir” she says sitting down,staring at the two piles of files on her desk. “But i want to suck him off” she thought, picking up the first file. “Why was he being so nasty to her” she thought as 12:30 came and went on her computer screen. Most of the office had been to the pub for lunch for with him and he hadn’t paid her any attention all day. At 1:30 she had finished and put the paperwork on his desk. “All done” he said from the door way, as he walked in behind her. “Yes Sir” she replied, ”grab your lunch then Danni” he said sitting down. “Don’t be long, we have to go through the calender when you get back and sort out my meetings!”’ he shouted after her. She caught the lift and rushed to the sandwich shop for a quick lunch. On her way back she missed the lift so decided to take the stairs. “Damn” she thought, bet i have been to long. As she walked back to her office she passed a office that was being refurbished, she stopped in her tracks as she heard a laugh that she recognized. Looking through the office door she saw John and Andy plastering! She rushed back to her office and looked out of the window to the car park and there it was, John and Andy’s white van! “Oh no” she thought “is that why he has been so off with her today, may be he knows”. She felt a nervous feeling. Andy and John where working on her floor where she worked. If Paul found out she knew that he wouldn’t be happy, he was very jealous. She sat at her desk, “don’t panic” she thought, she would just try and get to see Andy and John and have a word. She would just have to tell them to keep quiet. As she ate her sandwich she sarıyer escort opened her draw to get out Paul’s diary. On top of the diary was a folded piece of paper. As she unfolded it she noticed it was a printed picture. Oh no it was a printout of the photo that John had taken of her. On the bottom of the picture they had written” wow you look really sexy today, hope that you fancy some after work! XX John and Andy”. She looked out of the glass front of her office in the direction of the refurbished office to see John and Andy stood there smiling and waving. “What are you doing!” she heard Paul shout. “I said i wanted to see you to sort out my meetings!”. Paul was stood in the door way to his office. She hid the picture quickly, “Yes Sir” she replied looking at him. Danni glanced back towards where John and Andy had been stood as she rushed into Paul’s office to see that they weren’t there. “Hope that Paul hadn’t been stood there to long and seen the picture or those two” she thought. After going through Paul’s diary for two hours she was panicking, she wanted to catch John and Andy before they left. “Can i go to the toilet please Sir?” she asks Paul. “Ok I think i could do with a break, make me a coffee on your way back”. “Yes Sir” she replied as she got up from her chair. Automatically she made her way to the refurbished office. She looked through the door to see the office empty. If she didn’t find them soon she would miss them, Paul wouldn’t let her out for another toilet break. May be they where in the staff room, she had to make Paul a coffee anyway. There was no sign of Andy or John as she filled the kettle and turned it on. May be the toilet she thought. As she shouted “hello” in the male toilets she noticed Simon the post boy doing up his trousers. He smiled at her, she smiled back as she thought sarcastically ”yeah thats just what i need some more cock!” “Coffee” she thought,” may be they have already left?”. She started to pour the water into Paul’s cup as she had the feeling that she was being watched. She turns round to see John and Andy stood in the door way looking at her. “Hi slut” says Andy “what you doing after work then?”. “I cant” she says “i am working late, we cant keep this going”. she pleaded.“See this Danni, my phones got the net on it, i could E mail everyone in here with that picture” said John leaning up against the wall behind Andy.“Please don’t, will meet you later if you want just dont tell my boss” she moaned.“Give us a kiss then” say John. She picks up the coffee and makes her way to him. She leans in and kissed him on the lips, as she did so Andy came behind her and grabbed her hips grinding his cock against her ass, nearly spilling the coffee”. You have got our number just phone us when you finish.” Andy says as she stands back up. She could feel herself getting slightly hard as she hurriedly made her way back to his office.She knocks on the door to Paul’s office , waiting for a reply she thinks about what was she going to do. If she told Paul he would tell everyone thats she knew and he had done so much for her. Right she would just have to meet them after work and tell them straight. May be Paul would tell them to leave her alone? “Come in” she hears him shout. She goes in and puts his coffee on his desk he is chatting on the phone. He motions to her to sit as he continues with his conversation. Paul keeps Danni sitting in her chair while he chats and drinks his coffee. After 30 minutes he says goodbye to his mate on the phone and turns to Danni and says “ hope that you want to work late tonight Danni”. Smiling she says ”yes Sir”. As they continue to go through his diary Danni made the decision to have a word with John and Andy herself. She could try and tell them to leave her alone and see what happens, and she would love to play with Johns cock again.“Well thats my diary finished” Paul says. “I want you to take a memo please Danni” he says standing in front of her. “Yes sir” she says staring up at him. “Right take this down Danni” he says looking down at her.“My name is Dannielle” he says, she begins to write.“I am a dirty little transvestite slut. I have not been giving my master the attention that he deserves. I must try harder.” As he says this he leans down and looks her in the eyes. “Because i have not been doing as esenyurt escort i should i need to be punished” he continues, “ and do as my master says.” He pauses as he returns to his side of the desk and sits down. She looks him straight in the eyes as he smiles and continues. “ My master has asked me to stay late and he has one more meeting to attend” he grins. “I will sit under his desk while he has this meeting and pleasure his cock”. She smiled as she wrote this. “Signed Dannielle”. She signs the memo and passes it to Paul who folds it and puts it in his shirt pocket. She makes her way to his side of his big desk and kneels down and crawls under, into the foot space. She reaches up and feels the front of his trousers. He is really hard. She slowly rubs his length feeling how hard he is. He puts his hands under the desk and un zips himself and points his cock in her face as there is a knock at the door. “Come in” she hears him say as she wraps her mouth round his cock. She hears someone enter the room and sit down. They are obviously mates as they begin to talk about their last round of golf. He has such a nice cock and he knows how to use it. She lovingly sucks on his length sucking it all the way to its base then all the way to the tip. She knows that he loves it when she does that. “Hope that he fucks me after this meeting” she thinks as she starts to listen to their conversation as she sucks his cock. She cant really hear what the other man is saying but she can tell that they are talking about sex. His hands come under the table and grab her head as he speeds up her sucking. “So you fucked her in the woods” she heard Paul say as she sucked him, “that dirty slut”. Then she recognized the second voice, “ Yeah, she is”. It was John!!Paul pushes his chair back and slips his cock out of her mouth. “So this is why you havn’t been giving me the attention i deserve” he says looking at her on her knees. He gets up off his chair his cock bobbing around and reaches down to her and lifts her up. She gets to her feet as he spins her round so that she is looking at John with Paul stood behind her. “Is this the slut” he asks John. “Yep thats her” John replies. Paul pushes her off balance so she has to support herself on the desk with her hands, he then tugs up her new dress and yanks down her panties. “You dirty little slut” he hisses as he spanks her hard on the bum. “Sorry Paul” she replies. He spanks her again “thought i told you to call me Sir”. She looks at John in the eyes as she replies “sorry Sir”. She can see that John is getting a hard on in his pants as Paul spanks her again. Paul stands behind her and grabs her by the shoulders. He leans forward and whispers in her ear “ You dirty little slut i will deal with you later but for now i am going to fuck you”. He slowly begins to feed his cock in to her ass, this makes her flinch but he holds her, “are you going to cheat on me again” he says as he pushes in deeper. “No Sir” she replies. He pushes more of his thick cock into her ass” what did you say” as he fills her to the hilt. “No Sir” she repeats. He pulls out of her ass “pardon” he says as he slams back into her. “NO SIR!” she shouts as he fills her. Paul begins to fuck her roughly, as she looks at John, her cock getting hard. “Are you looking at him you little slut, bet you want his cock don’t you” Paul grunts. He spanks her again. “Bet you would suck it if he stuffed it in your face” Paul says as John takes his cock out of his flies. She looks at Johns cock which looks bigger than it did yesterday and covered in pre cum as Paul pushes into her ass as deep as he can. He reaches forward and holds her head. “Fuck the dirty sluts mouth” He says to John. John replaces Paul’s hands with his and waves his cock towards Danni’s mouth. She stretches out her tongue as John teases her with his cock. John lines up the tip of his cock before sliding it all the way into her mouth. She begins to get really horny as these two men fill up both her holes. They start to rock together in unison as they fuck her over the desk. Her cock leaking on the desk top. “Oh fuck yeah” says John as she sucks him. “Want to come have some of this” Paul says to John, “hell yeah” he replies. John pulls out of her mouth and makes his way behind her as Paul pulls out of her ass. His cock is quickly replaced by Johns. Paul comes avrupa yakası escort round to the front of the desk and looks at Danni in the eyes as John really begins to fuck her. “Do you want him to come in your ass slut” Paul asks Danni. “Please Sir” she replies as she tries to catch her breath. “Well you had better ask him then” he smiles. “Please cum in me John” she moans as John fucks her. He spanks her as he gets faster. “Going to fill you up you little slut” he grunts. She tries to reach out for Paul’s cock but he doesn’t let her touch it, waving it around just out of reach. He was really teasing her and letting his mate fuck her. Her bum was beginning to sting a little as John spanks her again, and this makes her harder. She could feel him getting close as he slams into her then, he came. “Oh fuck yeah” he moaned. She could feel Johns cum fill her ass and some leak out as he slammed back in. He was cumming for ages. Loads of it dribbles out of her ass as he pulls all the way out and it runs down her legs over her hold ups. She begins to lift herself up “stay there slut!” Paul barks at her as John wipes his cock on her panties. She stays bent over as John and Paul shake hands “thanks for helping me get her back in line mate” Paul says to John. “No worries, see you at the bar later?” John replies. “Yeah wait for me outside this wont take long, we will go for a pint”. John turns and smiles at her before leaving the office. “Right then you little slut, what are we going to do with you?” says Paul his cock still rock hard and sticking out of his trousers. “What ever you see fit Sir” she replied still bent over the desk, Johns cum running further down her legs. ”Good girl” he says on his way back round her side of the desk. ”Get on your knees” he orders. She kneels down in front of him. “Finger your cummy ass”, she does as she is told and inserts her middle finger slowly into her ass and feels all the cum that John left behind. Her cock pointing at the ceiling. Paul stands over her, he begins to slowly wank his cock as he watches. “Bend over”, she bends over still working her ass with one hand as the other supports her. “Right i want you to taste him” she removes her fingers from her ass and sucks Johns cum from them. This really turns him on and he begins to wank faster. She wants to suck him, she reaches out to try and grab him, “No you slut you don’t deserve it” he says pushing her hand away. “Finger yourself again, two fingers this time”, she looks at him,”do it!” he orders tapping the memo in his shirt pocket. She realizes that she has no choice but to do as he says. She pushes her fingers into her ass and begins to work them in and out. Cum running all over her hand, her balls and hard cock. Paul moves behind her his hand getting quicker and quicker on his cock. She looks at him and watches him pull on his cock as he watches her. She begins to get harder watching him get so turned on looking at her. She reaches round with her other hand and begins to pull on her own cock. “Get on your knees again” Paul says coming over to her and pointing his cock in her face. She instinctively reaches reaches for it but he pushes her away again. “Play with yourself” he tells her as he spits on his hand and really begins to wank himself off. “Right slut, are you ready”. Paul’s cock cums shooting big strands of cum all over her face and dress. She could feel it land in her hair and it running from her chin and between her tits. Just then she came covering herself with her own big load. “Right get out of my office” orders Paul, wiping his hand on her dress . She gets to her feet and looks down at herself, her black dress stained with cum. “Go on out!” he shouts. She bends down and pulls up her panties and leaves Paul’s office. As she begins to clean her face Paul comes out of his office and locks the door,”come on hurry up”. She grabs her things and they make their way to the lift. She looks down at herself she was a mess, She could feel cold cum between her legs, on her face and her tits.” Sorry Paul” she says. “you better be” he says back. They exit the building and as Paul locks the doors a car pulls up. In the car is John, as Paul gets in he says ”early one tomorrow Danni, you need to clean my office”. He gets in the car and she can hear them laughing as they pull away. She gets to her car and catches her reflection in the window, there was loads of cum everywhere, “may have to throw this dress away” she said to herself trying to rub some of it off. “Better get home and have a shower” she thought as she hurriedly got in her car before anyone saw. “Going to have to clean the inside of my car too now”. As she started the car she looked at the clock 9:30pm she really had been working late.Danni 2010

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