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You walked into the gym and couldn’t believe your eyes. There was Carol, the female body builder you had been lusting about for some time now. Her huge muscles were glistening with sweat from her work out. When she bent over to set her weights down your eyes were drawn to her magnificent ass. You looked around the room to see there were very few people about. This may very well be your chance.

You walked over to the corner of the room where she was. You pretended to be busy setting up your own work out but you only had eyes for her. Each move she made caused her skin to ripple. You got excited just watching her walk across the room. She exhumed confidence and sexuality. To be so near caused the blood to flow to your manhood. It wouldn’t be long before it would be obvious you were excited.

“Excuse me,” she interrupted your fantasy. “Do you need some help?”

You looked around to see you were standing there caught in your wild imagination by the woman who had fueled the fire in your loins. “I-I-I was just admiring your form,” you stammered out. The innuendo could go either way.

“Thank you. Would you like some help with yours?” she offered.

You really didn’t know what you were doing but anything to be close to this hot vixen was ok by you. “Sure. I am pretty new at this stuff,” you confessed.

“Come over here then. We’ll start pretty slow.” She led you over to a low bench. “Lie down here and we’ll try some bench pressing.”

You took your place on the intended bench and waited for further instructions. From where you were lying you had a great view as she prepared some weights for you. You hoped she wouldn’t see how hard your cock was as she straddled the bench above you to place the bar.

“Now put your hands here and here,” she said when she had the bar in place. You put your hands to the bar and couldn’t Anadolu Yakası Escort help but notice how close you were to her fabulous tits. Your cock kept rising and the heat was intense. She was standing with her legs right under your arms putting her sweet smelling crotch practically in your face. You could almost taste her female juices. You weren’t paying any attention and when she lifted the bar for you it slammed down onto your chest.

“Oh my god!! I’m sorry!! I thought you were ready,” she apologized as she lifted the bar from you and set it back on the bar. She stepped over you and knelt down to be sure you were ok.

“I-I-I’m ok,” you coughed as you caught your breath. Her face was next to yours. You could feel her breath on your cheek as she looked into your eyes. Getting a huge burst of courage you looked her back in the eye and blurted out, “I am ready, just not for weight lifting.” With that you let you eyes roam down your body towards your enraged cock.

“I see what you mean,” she said as she followed with her eyes and saw your predicament. She looked around the room and noticed that everyone else had disappeared. Her hand snaked over your work out shorts to caress your hard cock. “You ARE ready,” she purred. Her hand slid down to cup your balls as she brought her lips to yours. Your tongues danced between your lips as she grasped your hard shaft. “Looks like this muscle is in need of a work out,” she breathed as she broke from the kiss.

Standing over you she reached down and pulled her top over her head. She took bra and all letting her gorgeous tits fall free. She took one in each hand, and kneeling back down offered them to you. Your hands flew up to each one, tweaking nipples and bringing them to your hungry mouth in turn. Her moans echoed off the gym walls as you suckled at her chest, devouring Bostancı Escort her luscious globes.

Her hand reached down, sliding inside your gym shorts and grasping your ridged cock. She began stroking it in time to your nibbling causing electricity to run between your two bodies.

Just when you thought you could take no more she broke from your grasp. You were about to protest when she stood and dropped her shorts. There before you stood the perfect pussy, all neatly trimmed and glistening with her juice. She resumed her position of straddling you on the bench and this time lowered her snatch over your mouth. You inhaled her scent deeply as her cunt came to rest on your mouth. Your tongue had a mind of its own as it sank deep within the folds of her moist lips. Your hands rested on each full ass check as she began to rock back and forth against your face.

“That’s it you little shit. Eat my cunt. Lick that pussy if you want to fuck me!” she growled out at you. Her nasty words only spurred you on. You had been waiting months for a chance at this hot bitch and now that you had it you weren’t going to waste it. Your tongue dove deep inside, fucking her hole and sucking out her juice. You let it roam up over her clit and back down again, teasing her.

She bucked wildly against your actions. You could feel her pussy walls begin to constrict and you knew any minute now she would cum for you. You weren’t to be disappointed when you felt the flood start. You licked and sucked as best you could to get every drop. She screamed and thrashed until her climax subsided and she shakily stepped off from her perch above your face.

While she was taking a moment to catch her breath, you took advantage of the break to remove your clothes. Taking your hard cock in your hand you rose up from the bench to stand beside her. Ümraniye Escort Without a word she bent over and surprised you by taking your whole length into her throat with one swallow. You hissed as she took your breath away, your hands going to the back of her head just to hold your balance.

Her tongue slid all across your shaft as she bobbed her head back and forth along your meat. When she had your eyes rolling back into your skull she let your cock pop loudly from her lips, as she stood naked before you.

“Fuck me, you bastard,” she growled as she leaned over the bench you had just been eating her on. She spread her feet apart giving you easy access to her dripping cunt. You stepped in behind and let your cock slid through her moist valley, bumping against her swollen clit. “Inside!! Put it inside!” she growled once again.

Stepping back to get a good view of your cock sliding into this hot snatch you slowly leaned forward, felling every inch of your cock sinking into her wet box.

“UUHHNNGGG!!!” she hissed as you hit bottom. Giving yourself a moment to enjoy you reached up and grabbed those magnificent globes again. “Fuck me!! Fuck me hard and fast!” she ordered. Not wanting to disappoint you began sawing in and out, slowly at first then faster. You could feel your balls slapping against her clit on each stroke. You reluctantly dropped her tits to grab onto her ass cheeks for leverage.

“Oh YEAH!! That’s it. Fuck me!” Her heat was building. You could feel her pussy sucking you in deeper. You held on and pumped her for all you were worth. The familiar boiling in your balls started just as you felt her pussy clamp down on your shaft and begin the flood again. She screamed out as she came around your cock. It was more than you could take as you began to shoot your seed deep in her cunt. Blast after blast hit the mark as you emptied your balls in this tight, muscled bitch.

When you both had reached the end you collapsed on the bench gasping for air. It had been an incredible ride. Just as you were almost asleep she nudged you saying, “Ready to go again?” Could she EVER get enough!!??

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