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Work Office FuckTheres a new boss at my office, and all I can think about is his cock. I am so shy in person but as soon as my clothes come off there is something inside of me that goes crazy. Today is Friday and I am still at work typing away. He and I are the only ones in the office, and as the sun sets, I feel as though I’ll never get done with work and his muscular body rippling through his tight shirt makes me so wet. I tighten my legs together as I shake my head and try to think of something else. But all I can think about is his hot abs dripping with my cum as I ride his face. I unbotton three buttons of my shirt hoping to get air to my heaving chest, and one of the button pops off my shirt. I clumsily try to squeeze my DDs back into my shirt but the buttons are all on the floor, just as my new boss walks out of his office and shockingly stares at my breasts. Mr. Smith is a 6’3 white man with a strong sharp jaw and a killer blue eyes. I am caramel mixed with african and irish descent, and I can only imagine his thick white cock spreading between my voluptuous thighs. illegal bahis I inquisitively try to look to see his dick growing inside his grey Dolce and Gabbana suit. I blush as my black skirt immediately soaks with the hope of sex with this sexy man. He raises his eyebrow, and he kneels down to open my quivering legs as I widen my legs with pleasure. I was rushing today so I am not wearing any underwear and I happily blush as he slides his rough hands across my soft skin, up my leg and to my awaiting pussy. I sigh as I help him unzip his pants my huge tits now fill his mouth as he hums softly. his hands now thrusting into my wet pussy making me shake. My caramel skin glistens with sweat and I gasp for breath, finally lowering myself until I pull down his boxers to find a huge white cock throbbing right in front of my nose. I moan happily and instantly spit on his dick, shoving it whole heartedly into my mouth, his pre cum dripping down my chin and onto my waiting tits. I am suddenly grabbed by the back of my head and Mr. Smith shoves his cock deeper into my throat youwin making me gag. He clears the desk of all its contents and pulls me up, slapping me on the ass as he does. Then he bends me over the desk and slowly puts his hard dick inside my pussy, slowly, then as he fills me with his huge member, thrusts harder and harder as our cum drips onto the desk and floor. I scream and he shoves two fingers down my throat, he grabs some oil out of his pants pocket on on the floor, (he had been thinking about this all week he tells me) and starts rubbing my anus with it until it is soaked and slippery. My mouth whimpers since I have never done anal before. He flips me over on my back and slowly puts one finger, then two into my ass as he fucks me slowly and plays with my clit. I moan with pleasure until he moves faster and faster, my boobs flop up and down, and he quickly slides his dick into my ass. I scream as he jabs his hard cock into my ass, rubbing my tits with oil and cum. I moan and smile, and tell him to fuck me harder. He teases me a little until youwin giriş hes fucking the shit out of me, and im squirting with pleasure. He thrusts even harder and as im cumming he sticks his dick back into my pussy and until hes filling me with his thick sticky cum. I scream and he moans, and pulls his now limp 9 inch dick out of me, I slowly bend over and suck all the juices off, my mind whirling. He smirks and carries me to his car, already hardening as his dick slaps my ass as he walks. My pussy still wet, his dick gets thicker and harder and he throws me in the back of his BMW sedan. my pussy rubs against the buttery leather and I spread my legs, inviting him to get in. He chuckles, just as he turns around, we see a coworker walking over to us swiftly. Her blonde hair glistens in the artificial light as her Loubotins clack arcoss the concrete. He looks at me and then her, and I get even wetter as she frowns inquisitively at us. “what in the fuck is going n here?” she screeches, but Mr. Smith is quick, flipping up her tight dress he flips it up and calls to me to come over. I slide between her legs and lick her clit. She moans and sits on my face as Smith rubs his already hard cock against her tiny white ass. My nipples harden and I manage to get two fingers to her vagina…. (To be continued)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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