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“Doesn’t she look lovely today,” Yvonne said as Clare carried a tray of drinks into the meeting room.

“Yes, lovely,” I said with enthusiasm, and then as she handed me my tea whispered in her ear, “Good enough to fuck.”

A little pinkness touched her cheeks, complimenting the pink and white colour scheme of her oversized t shirt. But she held my gaze and I watched her pupils dilate.

“Turned eighteen at the weekend. Didn’t she tell you?”

“Really?” I said. “That’s naughty.”

“We’ll have to do something special later.”

“Definitely,” I said, stroking Clare on the bare shoulder, caressing the exposed bra strap pulled taut over her shoulder blade.

Yvonne said, “We can take her to the pub later.”

“That’s the very least we can do,” I said.

I thanked her and sipped my tea, before sitting down to a meeting that I knew I wouldn’t be concentrating on fully. Yvonne and I continued with our usual Monday morning state of play meeting. Our little corner shop of a business was developing a reputation and building a client list. Just Yvonne and then my help. Recently she gave her niece a job, light office duties. Fetching, filing and photocopying. Clare was a bit on the quiet side, took her a while to pluck up the courage and practice to answer the phone in a professional manner. “Awkward teen, late developer.” Yvonne said.

I was pleased with her progress in a purely work setting. She wasn’t like your average teenage temp. No gum chewing cloud of bad attitude surgically connected to her mobile phone. She was family, and a good middle class family at that.

Clare brought refreshments in mid-morning. Yvonne called her svelte. I disagreed, called her gamine. At this exchange she blushed, perhaps not knowing what the words meant.

I whispered to her, “And very fuckable.” I brushed her cheek. She rushed out of the room.

“Nick. I can hear the dirty disgusting things you’re saying to her.” Yvonne adopted the tone of a haughty school matron chastising a silly boy.

“Yvonne, I want to make love to your niece.”

“Are you asking me for permission?”

“Sort of, but she’s a bit distant.”

“She’s just shy, especially around you. Fallen for your charm, no doubt. She’s untouched, very sheltered upbringing.”

“She’s beautiful. I can’t stop thinking about her.”

“Do you think she looks like me? Can you see the family resemblance?”

“Yes, and I must admit that’s part of the attraction.”

“Do you really, really want to make love to her, or is it just a fuck of an innocent young girl. Be honest”

“Yvonne, I just don’t know. Like you and me. Make love from time to time but still be friends.”

“I’m a mature woman who has separated her emotional needs from her physical ones.”

“Please Yvonne.”

“Oh Nick, you know I can’t resist when you beg like a puppy.” Yvonne stroked my cheek, “I’ll have a chat with her. See if we can both help her overcome her shyness around you.”


Yvonne called me into her office. She was standing hugging Clare. The family resemblance was uncanny. The sweet eighteen year old and her sexually confident, and some might say sexually aggressive, aunt; a forty three year old cougar.

She beckoned me into their embrace and kissed me on the cheek.

“It’s arranged Nick. I will be out of the office this afternoon. You have permission to lock the front door and put the answering machine on.” I couldn’t quite believe that Yvonne was being so matter of fact.

“You will seduce this beautiful girl. You want this to happen, don’t you Clare?”

Clare blushed. She managed to mumble a quiet, “Yes.”

My cock was throbbing in my trousers, from this situation and at the thought of what was being offered to me. Carte blanche to make love to a sweet teenage girl.

“My darling, Nick will be gentle and charming. If he isn’t I will make him pay a heavy price.” Yvonne kissed Clare on the cheek and sent her from the room.

“If you hurt her, physically or emotionally I will cut your balls off.” She grabbed my crotch, and discovered my arousal.

“Oh you are keen. Be gentle with her. I know she hasn’t had cock before, maybe a finger. She’ll be tight down there. It runs in the family.”

I şişli escort wasn’t really listening, just enjoying Yvonne’s expert touch handling my cock through my trousers.

“Damn, I should have just kept you for myself. Forgot how nice and thick your cock is. Don’t go ramming it down her throat. Her aunt hasn’t got round to teaching her the subtle art of the blow job yet.”

My mind flashed back; Yvonne and I had been intimate, I remembered just how skilful her fellatio was. It was so refreshing to work with a woman whose attitude towards sex and sexuality was so open.

“Fuck, Nick, how am I going to concentrate on my meeting this afternoon? He’s quite sexy too. My pussy’s getting very wet.”

She pulled away from me. Flushed. Excited.

“Do it in here. Across my desk. Three o’clock on the dot. Be sitting at my desk. I’ll phone you.”

I bumbled around my office for a few hours. Yvonne locked herself in hers. The ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door. Not really necessary with a workforce that consisted entirely of Yvonne, Clare and myself. A little edge of town suite of offices. A reception and meeting room, two offices, one for Yvonne and a smaller one for me, a kitchen and bathroom. A business facility about the size of a two bedroom apartment, but all that we needed for now. It was cosy, welcoming.


Yvonne phoned me at three o’clock exactly.

“I sent her out shopping. Told her to buy something nice to wear. Get her out of those jeans and sloppy t shirt. Maybe you could do the decent thing and take her out to dinner after you deflower her. Use your expenses credit card.”

Somehow, I was no longer in control. To think this morning I declared my undying lust for my colleague’s niece, and now, Yvonne was stage managing her seduction.

“Are you enjoying this Yvonne?”

“Yes, very much.”


“Because this is special, for her, and for me too. She’s becoming a woman, and doing it under my wing. Her mother’s such an uptight frigid bitch. I guess this is what Auntie’s are supposed to do in the modern world.”

“You are so very modern and broad minded Yvonne?”

“It had to happen sometime, and with someone. I’m happier that it’s with you. I can quality assure that nice hard cock you have, and your ability to use it. Better this than a dirty drunken fumble with some useless teenage prick. Look in my left hand drawer Nick.”

I pulled open the drawer to reveal a pair of pink cotton panties, a disposable razor and a packet of condoms. I had a merry chuckle down the phone line.

“It’s not meant to be a joke, Nick. She’s not on the pill. Please don’t get her pregnant. If you do, I’ll make you marry her. I’m not joking about that either. I would quite happily have you as my sister’s son-in-law.”

“Okay, Yvonne, Point taken. What about the other two items?”

“She wasn’t prepared. I’ve instructed her to shave herself down there and to let the fresh air around her private parts. Don’t just go jabbing your fat cock into her. I know how useful you are with that tongue. You’re taking her virginity remember. The least you could do is let her experience expert cunnilingus for the first time.”

“I’ve been dreaming about the taste of her pussy for days.”

“Look in the other drawer Nick.”

I found a pair of black silk knickers. Very expensive designer label. No doubting who they belonged to. There was a reason why Yvonne had locked her office door.

“See what you made me do Nicky darling. Can you see how much I’m enjoying all of this? It’s wicked, I know.” She could hear me inhaling her scent, tasting the damp patch.

“I’m still on edge Nick. Clare’s uncle might get the night of his life when I get home.”

I couldn’t even begin to imagine what the conversations or atmosphere would be like in our little work place tomorrow morning. I was living in the moment, Yvonne was enjoying it vicariously. I was about to make love to her niece across her desk. She had set this up so that my mind would unavoidably think of her when I was seducing her teenage lookalike. I had to salute her brilliance. She was as astute in business as she was sexually deviant.

Lucky old Uncle Tony, a man I’d never met but who Yvonne described as a “dirty old pervert with a big cock and a fat wallet”. He had bank rolled this little enterprise for Yvonne, mostly to keep her occupied. Keep her out of the way while he fucked a string of mistresses. The business was making money. It didn’t need Tony to underwrite it. Yvonne refused to become anyone’s mistress but she did enjoy vigorous recreational sex. Occasionally with me, and with a collection of discreet young studs. Better than going to the gym, she claimed.

My cock was throbbing. “Are you ready Nick?” Yvonne purred down the phone.

“Call her in.” she ordered, and then the phone line went dead.

Call her in. How? Shout out? Dial her extension number? I got up and walked through to reception. She was physically trembling. I reached out and took her by the hand.

“Clare, you’re beautiful,” I said.

I wasn’t lying. She was wearing a simple pink shift dress and high heels. Timelessly elegant. Like her aunt. I worked hard at putting images of Yvonne out of my head.

“Are you sure about this Clare, darling? We can stop, just say the word.” I would be devastated if she called a halt to this but I knew it was the right thing to do.

“I want this, Nick. And I want it with you?”

I hugged her tightly.


The inevitability of what Yvonne had engineered was starting to fall into place. I felt like phoning her up to tell her how fucking happy I was; grateful for her liberal and libertine views. My arousal throbbed as I explored under Clare’s dress. Knickerless as promised. Yvonne was a wicked woman but she delivered on her promises.

I pushed Clare across the desk as mandated. Pushing the hem of her dress up over her thighs, around her waist, exposing her virginal pussy. Pink and raw, freshly shaved and left naked under her skirt for hours. Perfectly prepared like a confectioners window display, beckoning me to taste her.

“Show me,” I said.

“Show you what?” she asked.

“How you masturbate. How you touch yourself.”


“I want to do it properly. Exactly the way you want it.”

“But your hands are different to mine. Big and bony and strong. I want to have your fingers touching me, Nick.”

“Show me, please just a little bit. Like your giving me a clue.”

She closed her eyes, tried covering her face. I said, “Don’t be embarrassed.”

“You must do it too,” she said.

“Do what?”

“Get it out.”

“Get what out?” I teased her, wanting dirty words to emanate from that innocent mouth.

“That… you know.” She was blushing more than ever now, but her hand was between her legs pleasuring herself.

“Say it,” I instructed.

“Get your cock out,” she gasped.

And then I did as she requested.

She was wide eyed as she watched me pull on my shaft, repeatedly hiding and revealing the head of my erection. When the shock of the situation subsided we found ourselves mutually masturbating. I showed her how I liked to be stroked and watched her fingers become coated in her juices as she circled her clit and penetrated her virginal hole.

I couldn’t wait any longer. I took hold of her wrist and brought her hand up to my mouth, kissing her hand like a gentleman and then licking her pussy juices from her fingers. Just an appetiser, she tasted sweeter than I could ever imagine. I couldn’t hold off any longer. Time to taste her sweet virginal flavour.

I locked my mouth onto her puffy pussy lips. She tasted wonderful. Sweetness heightened by the fact that she was untouched by cock. I threw myself down onto Yvonne’s sumptuous office chair. The black leather cool against my naked ass. My ankles restricted by my bunched trousers, I spread my knees wide. Clare instinctively knew what to do next. She knelt between my thighs, but when she brought her face close to my rubber encased cock she stalled. Her aunt’s words returned to my brain, “hadn’t taught her how to suck cock,” and her aunt was indeed a mistress of that dark and intimate art.

I thought that was to be the end of it, but Clare had other plans. She pulled the condom off my cock, and recovering her dress from the floor, she wrapped the pink silk material around my hardness. The pressure and rhythm from her delicate hands was superb. The look of concentration on her face was beautiful.

Maybe she lacked experience in oral skills, but her ability to masturbate my throbbing cock was wonderful. Definitely not the second choice option.

I warned her that the material of her dress would be stained from the lubricant of the condom. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, I was in danger of staining it beyond recovery.

She said she had taken precautions and used the lining side.

I said “That’s sensible,” but my throbbing balls were so full of cum I was going to create a huge stain.

The mention of my balls reminded her of their existence. She cradled them in her delicate hands. I warned her again that I was going to absolutely destroy the fine silk material, and it was going to happen very soon. She quickened the pace of her fist, massaged my balls a little more aggressively.

“I don’t care. Aunt Yvonne paid for it. I’m going to soak all of your semen up with it and leave it here on her desk. She can pay for it to be dry cleaned, but knowing that dirty bitch, she’ll probably keep it as a souvenir. “

A note of contempt entered Clare voice. I sort of approved of her motivation. This carnal act was the centre of one huge power play. Aunt Yvonne’s attempt to head fuck everyone.

Clare whispered urgently. “Come for me Nick. Make a huge mess of this dress. Do you like how the silk feels? Shoot your load into it.”

This quiet little beauty had suddenly found her voice.

I clutched the arm of the chair, started mumbling incoherently as Clare focussed on her handiwork. The pressure in my cock was immense and the first spurt of orgasm took her by surprise. She encased my cock head in the silky material and let it absorb my semen. In that moment I got a flash of her potential, not simply as a sex object, but as a woman. I felt honoured to be in her presence. In spite of being double her age, I wanted nothing less than for us to become a couple.


“Where are your own clothes?” I asked her.

“In my gym bag. I wasn’t expecting anything like this. Lucky I’ve got some fresh underwear,” she hesitated, “unless you don’t want me to…”

I stroked her hair, “I want you to be yourself. That sweet girl who I couldn’t stop thinking about today. Please, don’t ever become anything like Yvonne.”

She smiled, reassured, her confidence building. Clare retreated to the bathroom with her gym bag. I composed myself, straightened out my clothes and became presentable for the world at large. Clare emerged from the bathroom; sweet, natural and fresh faced, wearing flat shoes, fashionably cut jeans, and a t shirt.

“Gamine,” I mused, “Definitely gamine.”

Just an ordinary couple hand in hand, we stepped into a bistro and were greeted by the Italian family of staff.

They fussed around Clare with attention that’s only afforded to self-confident women and denied to wallflowers. I felt blissfully happy. Clare was radiant, deflecting their flirtation. The waiter poured some chilled white wine. I swirled it in my glass, more in reflection than appreciation, and raised it in a toast.

“Good luck Uncle Tony.”

Clare giggled, stopped herself and raised her wine glass; behaving with a new found maturity.

And as an afterthought I said, “He’ll need it.”

I sent Yvonne a text message.

“Taking tomorrow off, given Clare the day off too.” Curt, business like, no kisses or smiley faces on the end. Then I turned off my mobile phone. I was going to take Clare home with me. I was going to make love to her again and again tonight, and then some more in the morning. I had found a beauty that could only grow in confidence very quickly, a not-remotely-ugly duckling, who was about to become a beautiful and natural swan. I didn’t want her aunt to poison that; didn’t want Clare to model herself on some bitter cock hungry predator.

Yvonne could have the office to herself tomorrow. Her private office had the reek of sex locked up in it. And a pretty pink dress used to wipe up my cum discarded on her desk. She could bury her face in it, dance naked through the rooms, masturbating herself in every one of them for all I cared. She could call up one of her studs, several for what it mattered and get her rocks off.

I paid the bill in cash with my own money and dismissed all sexual thoughts of Yvonne from my mind for good.

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