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Woods SexI am a Bi Seaxuall male have been all my life, yea i had my dick sucked by a male first but i always liked pussy. the first pussy i fucked i had to lick it first taste it loved it and always have loved pussy. But sometimes i like to go down on a guy eat his cum and even have my ass fucked by the right type of cock .Or even fuck a guy in his ass if i am into it . But the best sex is when there are more then just two people three four five even six is cool at the same time . Like a small orgy when ever there is more then four. So this older guy i know he tells me about this park that guys go to and they get in the woods and get naked sometimes there are even woman there . Have had my cock sucked by both male and female there.Have even fucked a few girls up there .There is a area in the park where this happens . This one day i decided i was going to go there and spend the day and see how many cocks i could suck in a day up there .I took a cooler and some lunch cold cut sandwhiches and some ice tea and chips . I had a light blanket that was in my car that i took in the woods with me along with this bottle of lube i like to use olive oil it is edible and it dosent absorb as fast.. Something to lay on instead of the grass or leaves. When I get out of my car there are a few guys sitting in the lot checking me out .They were in there cars . I take my blanket and i head down this path and i find a open field that has a row of honeysuckel bushes in between two open i go past the fields and over to the right there is this tree that got hit by lightning and it is leaning over like a bench to sit on . so i go over and sit on this big log and not very long a guy is coming towards me. I sit and watch to see what he is doing i dont think he sees me and when he does finally look to see me he stops and stands there. From what i could see as he was 30 yards away from he was looking at me. When he knew i was looking at him he rubbed his crotch .I didnt do or say anything i just kept watching . When he stopped rubbing diyarbakır escort his crotch he still just stood there looking at me. I then did a quick glance of the area seeing if there was anyone else around and i didnt see anyone.. i got up off the log and i stood there when i knew he was watching i just pilled my shorts down and i stepped out of them . so now my cock is in full site it is not hard . He then starts to head my way i put my shprts on and sit back down on the log . I then pull the leg of my shorts up so my cock is hanging in full view.. I sit and wait as he makes his way over to me. When he get clos to me like five feet away he stops and says hey whats going on. I say just thought i come up her today and see what i could get into . And then he saw my cock hanging there between my legs and it was getting hard. Now i do have a pretty nice fat cock and as he looked at it seeing it swell up . I said what do you have over there and i scooted off the log and and walked over to him . i then reached down and i grabbed his crotch and said get that dick out i wantto suck it off i pulled my shorts off and i layed them down and i got on my knees infront of him . i helped him step out of his shorts and i grabbed his cock . I lloked up at him with his cock in my mouth and i said i hope you got some cum for me . I ran my tongue up the length of his hardening cock . when i had him all the way hard which was about 6-7 inches and a big head like a mushroom and a skiiny stem .The head of this guys cock was huge for the thickness. He had a big piss slit . I could get it down my throat with no problem even though his head was so big . I slid it in my throat a couple times letting my spit flow out my mouth down onto his hairy nut sack. I hear him moan and then he said you keep that up and i will be cumming . I knew that and i did exactly that i let my spit flow out as i opened my mouth and just fucked his cock with my throat I reached down and i squeezed his balls hard as i had his fethiye escort cock in my throat . i felt his cock go ff as i did this he was filling my throat with his hot sticky cum . I just kept going till i was driving him nuts and he pulled away breathing hard. I stood up and my cock was hard as hell and he saw it all hard and said wow you have a nice big cock dont you . Then he grabbed his shorts and put them back on as i stroked my cock some . he watched me for a few seconds and said thank dude i got to go . I put my shorts back on sat back on the log and thought ok one down . IT was only like 9 in the morning and i knew it was going to be a long day. I sat there on the log and i pulled out my cock and started stroking it some . I was watching to see if anyone was comming down my way.Ten minutes later i see my next victim he is headed in my direction i put my cock away and i wait he comes right over to me and asks me if i know what time it is and i say well id say about 9:30 at the most . He says oh ok i need to be some where at noon thats all. I looked at his crotch and said you have plenty of time.Then i looked at him and licked my lips. He asks me what i like to do . i say what do you mean what do i like to do . He says i meant to say what are you doing up here . i Said i was up here hanging out for the day. He then says that the guy i just sucked off told him to come down here that i might suck his dick . I said well lets see it and he pulls out his cock i have him hard in no time he is not big at all about 5 inches. he has some big balls and he is completlely shaved .I like a guy who shaves his pubic area. I grab them balls and i suck on them putting one n mt mouth at a time. I try to get them both in my mouth at the same time . and i finally do. he lets out a moan of pleasure as i let them fall out my mouth and i lick them letting my spit coat them . I then hear a noise and i look behind him and there are these two guys standing about 20 yards away they have there edirne escort cocks out and they are stroking as they watch from behind. They slowly make there way over to us and they say suck his cock. i look and they both have nice cocks balls shaved looking good to me . I pull on this guys balls and i swalllow his hord five inch cock Then i grab it with my hand and i look up at him and lick the head real good.Looking at him with his cock right by my mouth i say feed me i need your hot cum . And i jack his cock in my mouth . He shoves forward and says oh yea eat my cum i need my cum ate . I stroke him off into my waiting mouth.The two guys they come over as he puts his shorts back on and they put there nice cocks in my face . there cocks were all most identical nice and straight and about 8-9 inches long and pretty thick the kind of cock that lets your throat know when you get done getting a load from that it was fucked These two guys they abuse my throat and i love it they take turns on me. I get my balnket out and i lay it down. i get on my knees and they hold my head and force there cocks down my willing throat till my tongue is on there balls. I spit on them and that makes them hold my head tighter and fuck my face harder. They I feel there balls hit my chin. i am letting my spit flow out of my mouth then it isnt long before one is holding my head as the other one puts his ass on my face and says lick my asshole stick your tongue up in me. and i did i reached up and i spread his ass cheeks and i spit on his asshole and then i licked his ass. Ran my tongue along it then i slid my finger in his ass and he let out a moan as i buried my finger in him.I slid around and i kept my finger in him and with my other hand i grabbed his cock and i throated him as i slid my fimger in and out of him real hard . I felt his ass go off on my finger then he let loose he pulled back and his cock came out of my mouth I watched as his cock let loose all over my chin and chest . i scooped it all up and ate it all.Then the next guy he said he wanted to suck me and i said thats ok give me your cock . He put his cock in my waiting mouth and i sucked him he just held my head and drilled me till he let loose in my throat. i had four loads and it wasnt even lunch time yet i thought .The rest i will write later

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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