Woman of the Cloth

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I never expected that a woman of the cloth could be as sensual as this. She has completely turned around my ideas of whom a church minister can be. She enjoys my rubbing her breasts gently and begins moaning softly as I start, and her eyes roll invitingly. I might add that they are large, generous ones. Her nipples stand out like pencil erasers when I touch them even before undressing her. Though it is a fact that her sisters breasts even larger, but I will come to that.

The Reverend Penelope Wairimu came to our parish 9 months ago and I was immediately attracted by her voice. It sounded like that of quite a mature woman yet her kids were of an age to suggest she wasnt much over 30. Her husbands looks confirmed this. Though her voice was strong and deep, yet it conveyed a warm, kindly personality. I wanted to get to know her on a one-to-one basis but I didnt know how to get myself up there where church ministers, elders and other dignitaries operate.

Then, a few months ago, I joined the Choir on the annual retreat, this time to Bamburi, in Mombasa. There, I met a woman whose whole manner conveyed a deep goodness of the heart. She made me feel she was filled with kindness, compassion, a love of people and naught that was uncharitable. Fionas face held a placidity that I found quite attractive. Even though she was on the plump side I liked her looks. She had so recently joined the Choir that I had not met her before the retreat.

On our return afterwards I got to talk with her and her sweet quiet voice really affected me. Fiona also had no compunction to embracing me in greeting. Quite unselfconsciously she told me she was the new ministers elder sister. I nearly fell over! But I could now see the likeness between the two gorgeous women. Two Sundays later when I asked her for her phone number she gladly took mine while giving me hers. We started communicating. I almost went overboard one morning when I sent her an SMS saying I couldnt do without saying good morning to her. She swiftly wrote back asking me to stop, but immediately called me to sort of explain that she only said what she did because such a message could be seen by her children and she wouldnt know how to answer their questions. Around the same time I found out that her husband was a deacon in the church.

I found that my attraction towards the Rev Wairimu was explained by the qualities I sensed in her elder sister and that the said sister attracted me in ways the ministers voice aroused. They were so alike in their warm sweet, kindness. Within a matter of weeks I had become close to Fiona, so much so that we would arrange to arrive a little early for choir practice to afford ourselves that chance to chat. In the choir room we talked openly and avoided seeming to whisper or smile across to each other in any way as to suggest a liaison. We made a point of including someone else in any discussion there, never to be seen alone. But the earlier chats were held either in my car or hers in the parking lot. This led to our meeting for a coffee or lunch when we could afford the time. I always made it clear how much I admired her younger sister and would describe those qualities, never losing an opportunity to draw parallels with her own. At this she just laughed in that bright trilling way she has, telling me I had the gift of exaggeration. By this time we knew we were very attracted to each other and touched frequently during our conversations. We wanted each other gaziosmanpaşa escort in bed and could now say so with little apparent effort.

Once we went out of town on a Wednesday afternoon and discovered great joy in each others bodies. She freely confessed she had never been pleasured in that way before, during or after intercourse. Her breasts are very large, nearly a size 40 cup, yet their firmness is a wonder to behold (or hold, to be honest!) I learnt that the area around her aureole and nipple were her pleasure spot. I spent a long time running my hands all over them, squeezing gently, pulling at a nipple and listening to her moans of mounting pleasure. I lowered my mouth close to them and let my breath tickle her. You should have heard her response! Putting my hands on her shoulder blades I drew her closer to me. I let my hand rove over her groin pausing at her belly button. One hand on a breast, my mouth assaulting the other, I stroked her smooth thighs up and down. She was in another world as she parted her legs when I neared her panties. The feel of her cunt lips nearly drove me out of my mind but I commanded myself to go gently.

Pulling her panties off, I exposed her puffy cunt lips to my explorations. By this time her hips were lifting off the bed in an orgy of lust. Inserting my finger between her fleshy lips into her hole, I cried out when I felt how wet she was for me. I let it slip into harbour slowly as her head thrashed about on the pillow, moaning softly, calling out my name. Such music to my ears, to be desired so powerfully by this woman! At last we could not hold it any longer and I lifted myself over her and placed my cock at her quivering entrance, pushing into her waiting vagina in one smooth motion. We were in highest heaven and to make it last longer I locked eyes with hers and stopped all movement. I commanded myself to hold it there for what seemed like a very long time but must only have been moments. Almost as if afraid, we started to move slowly against each other, fucking deeply. She wound her pelvis in the most slutty way as I worked myself in and out of her delicious cunt.

Delirious with pleasure I lowered my mouth back to the nearest nipple. That was like a trigger, setting us both off, letting out a sound from deep within our animal nature. We came wetly, noisily, after which we clung to each other almost desperately. Having rested a few minutes my flagpole was up again, ready to return to pleasuring this gorgeous woman, this time drawing it out into a 30-min event. Clamping her legs around my hips she screamed as if she were on the point of death and reached her peak, taking me with her. We only left our love nest with great reluctance, so many times did we return to our insatiable fucking.

One Sunday she invited me to join them at her sisters house where the cell group fellowship was visiting. No one at the meeting knew me directly save Fi, her sister and their husbands Josh and Job; I was introduced as a friend of the family, as indeed I had become. The two men had come to know me and we liked each other. We had been out a number of times as a threesome, which gave me a thrill of pleasure knowing that I was already cuckolding one of them. Little did any of us suspect that I would shortly be putting horns on the other. Actually I didnt regard it as though I was wronging Josh, Fi’s husband, in any way. I felt I was providing him with a service haymana escort he was unable to perform due to his busy schedule, much as he would be loath to pay for it were I to hand him a fee-note! And he was not going to discover it, of that I would make sure. In any case Josh was so talkative and self-assured that he almost always dominated our conversation, while his brother-in-law was much more introspective. When Job did speak, however, his voice did not convey any weakness. Instead his opinions were firm and he stated them forthrightly, not at all like one naturally withdrawn. I fell to wondering about that apparent contradiction. Did his wife overwhelm him, being the one always in the limelight?

In the third month of the two lovely sisters having landed in my life, in her capacity as the Arch-moderator, Rev Wairimu had to travel to the coastal town of Mombasa some 500km distant for the biennial meeting of the national governing synod of the Church. Her driver’s wife was very ill in hospital so he was off-duty, and one evening while visiting the reverend and her husband the subject came up. Both seemed to think that I could go down with her since Job was occupied that week, otherwise he would have stepped into the breach. My heart almost leaped out of its chamber on realising I would be with this lovely woman for a whole week. I could see a twinkle in her eye and something like pleading, so I readily accepted. And what a journey it turned out to be!

We were hardly out of the city limits when she expressed herself overjoyed that she could now partake of my conversation all by herself. She told me that whenever I was in their company she always felt my opinions were closer to her own than the other three, and that she felt she was in safe hands. When I remarked that her husband had not seemed to fight the idea of the two of us going away together, she made a very uncharacteristic shrugging gesture and looked out of the window to the Ukambani plains rolling by. I gently brought conversation back to our usual grazing grounds; I cannot remember all that we talked about for we seemed to be jumping from one interesting subject to another fascinating one. I discovered that like me, she was a Science A-Level student but had always felt the pull to the church and ministry. We turned well-known Bible stories inside out, discovering new angles to them. Politics, our church, and the characters we observe there all came under scrutiny, as did new discoveries in science. She felt she had many fresh ideas with which to populate her sermons in future.

During the week at that conference we would spend the evenings together at dinner, where the lords of the church welcomed me in their midst as if I, too were in a collar. I spent the days exploring my old haunts in and around the old town. On the third evening the reverend asked me to stay behind after dinner instead of leaving immediately for my hotel. She looked strained as if the issues coming before the church fathers had weighed heavily upon her shoulders. As we conversed in our usual easy manner she started to give me details of her personal life.

“I shall let you in on something so deeply personal I have not yet shared it with any other living soul,” she astounded me by disclosing. Why me, then, I wondered to myself? I hoped my consternation did not show.

“I am very disturbed by Jobs behaviour,” she said.

Now I knew we were onto very ankara escort classified information. “In what way?” I queried.

“I am sure you know Eileen.” I nodded. “She works with him, and they have been spending far too much time together. Last week he dropped a bombshell. He wants to leave me for Eileen.”

Shocked silence occupied our table for some moments before I could frame a reply of any kind.

Finally, “But you have shown no sign of it all along, my dear! You must be very strong to have borne such pain without betraying it.”

At this point she broke down and cried freely. I could see she had been holding herself together only with great effort. The strain of having to conceal her feelings in order to preserve her position and dignity had nearly broken her. Now the emotions came pouring out. I decided to escort her to her room where she would have more privacy in her moment of distress. My thoughts all a mess, I could only hold her gently in my arms. Why would Job desert such a sweet woman? No matter that Eileen was not bad looking herself, especially being 7 years younger, but I could not imagine why he would be dissatisfied with this lovely creature I held in my arms. The softness of her body had begun to affect me as I cradled her on the sofa. I could not leave her alone that night. Our lovemaking was very tender, very warm and at times vigorous. Having the same plumpness as her sisters, large eyes mirrored in the size of nipple, she was very sensuous and altogether so soft. Her aureoles were just as sensitive as Fi’s and she enjoyed my sucking her nipples. When I slowly, almost ceremoniously undressed her and peeled her panty down I found her cunt lips to be just as puffy. I gave her many orgasms that night, during which she screamed just like her sister did. How could sisters who are not twins be so similar?

Well, as I write these lines, our passports are being processed for migration to Australia where we will settle. Job did make good his threat and moved in with Eileen, and in church the whole matter was hushed up. The venerated and august Moderator of the National Church placing a call to the Lord Chief Justice asking him to make a divorce declaration, quietly arranged the divorce. The two old men had gone to Alliance High School together in the old days and this was no big problem. When a wedding was announced between their minister and the tall man they knew as a singer in the Choir, the congregation took it coolly. But by the time the wedding came round, most of them were just as enthusiastic as the Choir members. It was a beautiful, lovely wedding.

My darling Reverend will be kept very busy injecting new life into a church that had dwindled and almost died. I know that my musical skills will be taxed to the utmost supporting her efforts, while my pen will continue to pour out books of the kind I love to write, and that my readers treasure. Mainly expounding on scientific subjects, they are distilled in a language that any reader can enjoy. I am told that the humour I manage to inject into say, a discussion of the Theory of Relativity, is the main reason my books are so much loved.

Fiona and I still meet clandestinely and our lovemaking is always ravenous. She tells me I have awakened the beast within her. If only it were Josh who had behaved cravenly and handed me the gift of being married to you! she says. I know I will miss our trysts painfully, and we have explored the fantasy that the two sisters (Penelope does not yet know about us) would not mind my loving both of them together. In my wildest ones, Fi leaves her Josh and elopes with us. Our household Down Under consists of the three of us plus our children from our previous marriages-12 souls, all told. What pleasure that would be!

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