With Interest Ch. 02

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Ted watched his Dad put the golf clubs in the back of his pick up truck. Ted watched to see that the old truck turned west toward the country club. Once out of sight Ted walked slowly across the alley and up the steps to the kitchen door. Through the screen he saw his mother sipping a cup of coffee while standing at the sink. She had a full view of the back yard Ted knew his mother had seen him coming. He entered and stood just inside the back door.

Ted said “Morning Mom. I see Dad’s gone to play golf.” Pause. “Mom can we talk?’

Molly stood frozen looking at her son. Molly wanted to speak but she was at a loss for words and so she just stood there looking at Ted. Molly tightened up seemingly to freeze as Ted came to her and put his arm around her shoulders. Taking the cup of coffee from her fingers he set it on the sink.

Molly did not resist as together they moved down the hall towards Ted old room. Ed had started to move a desk and a couple of chairs in Ted’s old bedroom. Ted’s old bed was pushed to one side and was made up. Ted sat his mother on the bed and then together they lay down side by side.

Ted was on the out side resting on his back Molly on her side with Ted’s arm still around her shoulders. Molly was stiff as a board arms crossed on her chest, her head touching Ted’s shoulder and her legs were together and not touching Ted.

Ted did not speak but held his mother to him. Time passed with out a word being said. Ted closed his eye and after some minutes Ted fell asleep. After an eternity Molly relaxed and closed her eyes. How long they had rested in one another’s arms neither was sure. Ted woke, sat up and helped his mother to her feet. He kissed her on the cheek and left the house. Molly felt less fearful than she had in days. Molly returned to the kitchen and started to clean up from breakfast. She had things to think about and some how this brief interlude has some how set things nearer to right than they had been. Molly was smiling to herself.

It all happened so fast. One day Quincy was talking to his father comparing notes about the women each had known. Father and son had crossed paths on two occasions but not at the same time. Each had known Mrs. Verling. Doctor Verling’s widow and Mrs. Black; Dear Eleanor the sweetest chubby widow in town. Quincy had learned of Ely’s charms a few months earlier and was very happy with this arrangement. It was Eleanor Black that introduced Quincy to the sweetest threesome of his life. Two old ladies and one young stud that took care of both ladies to everyone’s satisfaction.

Quincy often talked to his Dad about his sweet encounters.

Quincy’s father smiled and said in his youth he had also scored a home run with both those ladies well before they had married. Young Quincy told his Dad they were both still very desirable and in sex over load. His Dad said that one day soon maybe the two Dexter men should pay a call on these two dear widows and give them the time of their lives.

However that plan was short lived because Mr. Dexter fell ill on the next Sunday and dies on Thursday. The small town paper carried the story of Mr. Dexter’s sudden death and the plans for the funeral.

Ted called his Dad and asked if he had seen the obituary on Mr. Dexter. Ed said he had and in return asked Ted if he was friends with young Bomonti Escort Quincy. Ted said he was and that he and Sara would be attending the funeral. Ed said he and Molly would also be there and would most likely do a visitation the night before at around eight o’clock. Ted said he and Sara would pick up his parents at seven thirty on Sunday night and all four could go in one car.

In the back of Ted’s mind he thought this would be a good time to see if his mother was still very stiff and uneasy when she was around him. Ted had talked to Sara and told her about the close encounter and both agreed it had been a good move. But as to Molly’s willingness to venture into the family incest affair further was yet to be seen.

Ed just sat down next to Molly from viewing his old friend Thad Dexter. When Molly jerked on his sleeve. Molly said “There are a couple of faces I have not seen in many a year.”

Molly was pointing at Mrs. Verling and Mrs. Black walking in together holding each other by the arm as they made their way down the center isle. The two women paused at the first row of chairs where young Quincy was seated. Quincy stood as the two women can up. First Quincy hugged Eleanor Black and lifting her veil they kissed lightly on the lips. Then Young Quincy hugged Mrs. Verling and also kissed her lightly on the lips. After both women viewed Mrs. Dexter they sat down on either side of Quincy and each held a hand.

Ed said “What do you make of that?”

Ted leaned across in front of his mother and said “I do think there is something going on there we’re not privy too. Marlene told me that those two women had, shell we say a well documented youth. You don’t suppose they have taken up with Quincy in that department do you?”

Sara said “I’ve heard that Quincy is hung like a horse and he’s happy to use it on older ladies. I’ll bet.” Sara stopped talking as the threesome turned to look back over the mourners.

Quincy stood and walked back to talk to Ted and his wife. He also shook hands with Ed saying he was happy to see an old friend of his Dads’ here. Kneeling he looked in to Molly’s eyes and said very softly “My Dad has spoken of you too Mrs. Keaster. He said he had known you from his school days. I think he had some very fond memories of you. Quincy looked at Ed and said”Dad was always telling me of all the wonderful times he had as a young man.”

Ted stood and put his hand on Quincy’s shoulder and said “When this is all over Sara and I would like you to come over for dinner one night soon.”

Quincy said he would like that and that he would call. He then returned to sit between the two older ladies.

Sara said “I was thinking the same thing. If he is all I’ve heard this might be fun.” Sara looked at Ted and said “When he calls tell him if he has any one special in his life to bring her along too. We just might find out what the hell is going on up there.”

Ted nudged his mother on the shoulder and said “Just how well did you know the old man? Maybe you and Dad should come to dinner on the same night. This could be very interesting in deed.”

Much to Ted’s surprise he thought he saw a hint of a smile on his mother’s face. In thirty minutes the small room was filled with visitors so Ted walked up to the front and Bostancı Escort told Quincy they were going to go but they would be at the funeral the next afternoon at two O’clock.

Ted parked in this back drive and when his mother and father got out Sara said “Would like to come in for a drink?”

Ed hugged Molly and said “How about it? What a drink? I sure could use a night cap.”

Molly said “Just one.”

The just one came and went to three and then after that the small talk turned to more personal things. Sara said “Did you two swing with Mr. Dexter and his wife back when you were into that stuff?”

Ed said “His wife was a cute chubby little thing that talked as dirty as any sailor when she got a few drinks in to her. Thad was devastated when she died I don’t think he ever got back in to swinging after that. But I heard roomers he was getting a hell of a lot of pussy on the side. He had a small home repair and paint business that he worked out of his home. I’ve heard his son Quincy has taken up the gauntlet and if what we saw tonight is any sign of what he’s up to I say the family tradition is well and thriving. I’ll bet that young man is banging both Regina Verling and Eleanor Black. What a hell of a threesome that would be.”

Sara said “Mom; did you fuck the old man? Was he well hung? I think it will be fun to have Quincy over to dinner. What do you think Mom?”

Molly smiled and took the last of her third drink before she said “It been a lot of years but I think Thad was rather well hung. Do you remember Ed? If I remember rightly you enjoyed Sally’s chubby round ass. I seem to remember how you like to take her doggie while you looked at Thad and me going at it across the room.”

Ed said “As I remember it you had his cock in your mouth more than in your pussy.” Ed laughed and nodded to Ted to make his mother another drink.

Sara had moved in between her in-laws and Ted sat next to his mother after handing her another drink. Sara was working on Ed’s belt and pulling up her skirt. Ted moved over to the far end of the sofa to make room between Sara and her. Molly sipped and watched as Sara fished out Ed’s cock and quickly went down on it.

Molly as about to say something when Ted slipped a hand up between her thighs and pushed her legs wide apart. Molly jerked back closing her thighs. Then she looked into Ted’s eyes relaxed and scooted her hips closer to the edge of the sofa. Ted got on the floor on his knees and with both hands he reached up under his mothers’ skirt and pulled her panties down and off her legs.

Molly felt the cool air fill her gaping sweet lips. She knew she was wet and she knew why.

Ted pulled her ass right to the edge of the sofa spread her legs and pushed his face into her wet pussy.

Molly sighed and let out a large breath then she grabbed Ted by the hair and wiggled her ass from side to side.

Ed said “Holy fuck would you look at that. Never thought I’d see that.”

Sara said “God I loved to eat Mom’s pussy after Ted fucks her.”

Ed said “Good idea and I’d love to fuck you’re sweet ass while you lick your husbands cum out of Molly’s cunt and if we can get it all together Molly can suck Ted’s cock at the same time.”

Sara laughed and said “Daisy chain, daisy chain. Esenyurt Escort Daisy chain.”

Ed busted a nut for Sara while watching Ted get on his knees and lift his mother’s ass off the edge of the sofa and wiggle up between her legs driving his cock in to his mother’s pussy for the first time. Molly cried out and grabbed her son tight. Molly was crying and yelling for Ted to fuck her all at the same time.

Sara was slobbering, drooling and spiting Ed’s cum all over the place as Ted rammed hard and deep into his mother. Ed was so hot he busted another load into Sara’s little mouth as Ted cried out “Oh fuck Mom, God I’ cumming. I’m cumming in my mother’s pussy. Holy shit was a great fuck. Dad I’m fucking Mom.” Ted hunched over and pulled Molly ass even closer and rammed another load into her.

Ed said “Fuck her, God damn it; fuck her good son.”

Sara had stood turned around and sat down on Ed’s cock. Ed had come twice and was still hard. How fucking exciting is it to watch his son Ted; fuck his mother. God this had to be the most erotic and sexiest thing of all time. Ed was unable to take his eyes off the coupe next to him.

Sara said “Mom, Mom God all mighty. Fuck him. Fuck my husband.”

Molly heard the voices and was brought into the frenzy of the moment. Molly head herself screaming as she had a climax joining her son in his moment of triumph.

Ed realized that Sara was so excited she had no idea what she was saying but on the other hand neither did Ed.

True to her word as soon as Ted pulled his cock out of Molly’s cunt Sara wiggled down between Molly’s legs and started to lick Ted’s cum out of Molly’s gapping cunt. Ted stood to the side and leaning into the sofa his lather covered cock was hanging where Molly could see it and with a little effort Molly leaned forward and took her sons’ cock in her mouth.

When the reality of the moment settled upon the four players they each had a moment to think and look at each of the others. Molly had let the cock slip from her mouth. But the taste lingered on. Sara was still resting her head on her mother in law’s thigh. Ted had moved back on unsteady legs to sit on the arm of a chair. Ed sat relaxed next to Molly and looked at the gang of sexually perverse foursome around him. Ed liked what he saw and his smiled was returned as he winked at this wife Molly.

After a few words Ed and Molly went home into the shower. Ed and Molly needed time to ponder what had happened. Molly never left her bedroom the next day. Sleeping dozing on and off as her thoughts would allow Molly had mixed emotions as she thought of things to come and the many what if’s if she allowed it to happen again.

Ed went out to his work shop to fiddle around not doing any thing special while his thoughts were of things to come. Ed was so excited he was still feeling his cock get hard and the placid and then hard again. Watching Ted fuck his mother was almost too much for Ed. He was now thinking beyond the four of them. Ed was thinking of Carol and what if young Quincy was to get involved how would that play out.

Ed had heard how well hung young Quincy was. What if he and Ted were to engage Molly in a threesome? For one fleeting instant Ed could see Molly with a cock in her mouth and another in her pussy. Ed counted the players that could play if they all came together at one time. Seven as he saw it. Four girls Molly, Marlene, Sara and Carol. Three men Ted, Quincy, and himself. Ed laughed as he thought of all the way that could play out. Then Ed let out a loud laugh he had forgotten the two widows. It would take more men to get through that bunch of over sexed women.

The great Party…

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