Winter Break

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It was winter break, my sophomore year of college. The semester had been brutal for me, I had hardly had time to finish my schoolwork, much less worry about partying or getting laid like the majority of my fellow students. In fact all semester I had been known as the tall skinny kid with thick glasses who spent all of his time in the library. I had barely even gotten to know my roommate I was gone so often, but going pre med isn’t easy, especially for me. I’m not even that smart, I just know how to work my ass of studying, but now I could finally head home and relax for a few weeks. I just had to make the long trip home from Ohio back to my parents home in the Philly suburbs. The only hitch was that I didn’t have the money to get home on my own. My car was a bit of a gas guzzler, my grandfathers old pontiac, it was a big boat of a car, with bench seats and a broken radio, but hey, it was better than nothing. I had put up a flyer a few weeks before class ended looking for someone to carpool with who could throw me a couple bucks for gas, but no one had answered, at least not until the day I was getting ready to leave. In fact, I was loading my bags into the trunk of my car, figuring I would just put the whole trip on my credit card, when I heard the sweet high pitched voice from behind me.

“Hey, is this you? Is this your flyer?”

When I turned around, I recognized her immediately. Her name was Tegan Ross, she was only a freshman, but already had a reputation around school as a serious party girl, who just happened to be drop dead gorgeous. She was tall, almost six feet probably, with long blond hair with bangs cut just above her piercing green eyes and the type of body that you only dream about. She had long tan legs and big full c-cup breasts, neither of which she was shy about showing off. In fact, her outfits had become a frequent topic of conversation around campus among both the guys and the girls, usually, how short her skirt was or how low cut her top was, and today was no exception. Despite the cold, Tegan was wearing a denim skirt that seemed to just barely cover the soft curve of the most perfect ass I have ever seen, while her legs were only covered by a pair of knee high black boots with stiletto heels. Her top was no let down either, even though she wore a furry grey jacket, she wore it open over a tight green top, with an oval cut out of the chest specifically for showing off her ample cleavage. The girl just oozed sexuality in a way that I had never encountered. In a different section of town she might have been mistaken for a hooker, before you saw her well manicured hands and perfect skin. No, Tegan was pretty obviously a rich girl in some sort of sexual rebellion, and she was standing right in front of me while all I could do was stare at her dumbfounded.

“ummm… hello? Anyone home? Is this your fuckin flyer or what?” she asked. Her voice was high pitched, almost squeaky like that of an annoying child, and laced with a thick layer of sarcasm and a warm smile. It was obvious that she was used to this reaction from men, and she knew how to handle it.

I shook myself out of my lust fueled coma long enough to come up with an answer for her.

“Yeah… yes… sorry, you kind of caught me off guard.” I told her “I didn’t think anyone was going to respond…. how far are you going?”

“Well, I’m going to King of Prussia, but if you can just get me close thats cool too.” she said while her eyes moved over me from head to toe. It was actually quite intimidating to have a girl like Tegan so obviously sizing me up. I tried to remain cool… quite unsuccessfully.

“oh.. no, not a problem, not a problem at all, I’ll even drop you right at your doorstep, or carry your bags if you need me too…” I said, instantly realizing that I sounded like a total tool.

She only laughed a warm and reassuring laugh.

“Maybe just help me get my bag in the trunk?” she said, motioning to the small suitcase she was pulling behind her.

“Ummm… yeah… sure thing” I replied, as I reached down to pick up her bag and place it in the trunk, while Tegan watched me intently. When she seemed confident that her bag was secure she walked to the passenger side door, and bent down inside my car, giving me an amazing view of the pert round ass squeezed snuggly into her denim skirt. I could feel my cock growing down the leg of my jeans at just the sight of her, thinking to myself… god, this is going to be a long ride.

“Can I move some of this stuff?” she called out to me, looking back at me from inside the car while I stood there staring at her ass. I looked back at her apologetically, knowing she had caught me staring. Tegan just smiled and batted her eyes at me a little.

“Its alright,” she said, “but can I move this shit?” motioning towards my hoodie and a few maps and my ipod.

“oh…. let me get it, please” I told her, moving quickly around to the cars driver side door and meeting her face to face over the front seat. balgat escort I had a clear view down her shirt this time, and her tits jiggled wonderfully as I shook the car hurriedly moving all of my things out of her way. Having learned my lesson this time, I didn’t stare, but caught several incredible glances from the corner of my eye.

Tegan gratefully got into my car, and crossed her long legs. The whole graceful process caused my cock to swell a little more and I had to toss my hoodie into my lap as I slid into the drivers seat to cover up the large tent forming in my pants.

Tegan rubbed her legs with her hands and turned to me.

“So, its James is it?” she asked. Motioning to my signature on the flyer.

“Thats right, and your Tegan.” I said, extending my hand.

Her long slender fingers griped my hand tightly.

“Ohhh.. so you know me already huh? Hows that?” she teased with a sly smile. Her nails dragged against my palm and sent a shiver through my body as she released my hand.

I smiled back at her, a little unsure how to answer her question, “I don’t know, I guess I’ve just seen you around, you know, heard some stuff…” my voice trailed off, hoping she would not take that statement the wrong way.

“Oh really, what kind of stuff?” she asked,

I gave her a warm smile despite the rather large foot in my mouth. “Maybe we should just get on the road?”

She laughed…

“Oh don’t worry, its a long car ride, ill get it out of you.” she shot me a teasing glance and punched my arm playfully.

Smiling to myself, I started the car and we were off. Over the next two hours Tegan and I got to know each other quite well. Surprisingly we had a lot in common, we liked the same movies and music, she even scrolled through my ipod happily declaring me her musical soul mate. Tegan had a great sarcastic sense of humor and the foulest mouth I have ever heard. Every other word out of her mouth seemed to be either fuck, shit, or cunt, which was so unexpected coming from her squeaky high pitched voice. The conversation was so good that I actually started to relax around her, totally forgetting that she was a sexual goddess and the object of nearly half my fantasies over the last year. By the time we hit the pennsylvania turnpike, it was starting to get dark, so I took a chance and asked Tegan if she wanted to smoke a joint with me. Tegan graciously if not giddily accepted in what I was quickly learning was her own signature way.

“James you little cunt! Fuck yeah I want to smoke! I can’t believe you’ve been holding out on me this whole fuckin time!” punctuating this by punching me in the leg.

We cracked the windows and began passing the joint back and forth. The tip was wet with her saliva and I savored the experience of feeling the wetness against my lips. After a loud fit of coughing, Tegan proclaimed, “This is some really good weed… are you sure you’re ok to drive?”

“Don’t worry, I’m fine. I’m kind of a closet pothead…”

We both laughed and continued down the highway. I could tell Tegan was pretty high, when she started stretching out across the bench seat of my car, “mmmmmmmm….” she moaned, as she lifted the armrest and put her feet in my lap. The heels of her stilletto boots were digging into my thigh, but I didn’t care one bit. I even let my free hand rest on her knee while I drove. Then Tegan turned to me and became very serious.

“Oh! So what is this shit that you say you’ve heard about me?” as she stared into me with her brilliant green eyes. I tried to play dumb.

“What? What are you talking about”

“Come on James! I’m not an idiot, I know that people talk about me. I just want to know what you’ve heard.”

I could feel the calf of her leather boot pressing against my groin, and when I turned to look into her eyes there was no way I could do anything but exactly what she asked of me.

“What did you hear? That I’m EASY? That I PUT OUT?” she joked, egging me on.

“Well, I did hear from Mike Stevens that you were the best lay he’s ever had” I confessed. Thinking that this was one of the nicest rumors I had heard.

“Oh god, well thats no surprise.. I practically popped his fucking cherry!” She laughed. “Come on, you must have heard better than that!” She teased.

“Ok, ok… well, what about the rumor that you had a threesome with Megan Corman and Tyler Dorsemieser?”

“Ha! Megan and I made out at a party in front of Tyler but thats as far as it went… god people have big mouths. What else you got? There’s got to be something more interesting that this shit going around about me?” She pushed, bouncing her feet in my lap. I thought some more, but really I didn’t talk to that many people, or at least the right people for getting good gossip.

“Thats really all I’ve heard… except for the whole boob job thing that is.” I said without thinking. This was the first time Tegan seemed generally offended. She moved her feet batıkent escort from my lap, sitting up straight and staring into my eyes.

“What fucking boob job thing?!” she said angrily.

She must have been a lot more high than I thought, because she seemed seriously mad. The rumors had been around since she first arrived and no one had known for sure. To be honest, even I wasn’t convinced either way. Her tits were large and firm and always pressed tightly together, but they were suspiciously large for Tegan’s slim frame.

“People think I’ve had a fucking boob job!” she shouted. “That is sooo ridiculous! Seriously do these look like implants!”

Lifting her shirt, she flashed me her big c-cup breasts covered only by a thin black lace bra. My eyes bouncing back and forth from the road to her tits.

“No.. no they certainly don’t.” I replied quietly, salivating as I stared into the two large orbs only inches away from me while my cock began to swell in my lap.

“Here! Feel them! Do these feel like fucking implants!” she squeaked in anger, grabbing my hand and placing it on her right tit. I sat in shock for a moment before eagerly massaging her obviously NOT fake breast. It felt amazing in my hand as I squeezed and explored, moving from one to the other over her bra. My cock stiffened in my pants as Tegan continued talking angrily. I felt like I could cum then and there.

“I mean seriously, its not like I’m not showing the girls off enough… shit, I don’t even own a top without cleavage.. do people seriously not know the difference?” Tegan seemed to come to a sudden realization of what she was doing and looked down at my hand hungrily molesting her breasts. I felt her nipple harden against my palm, even through her bra, and I did my best to squeeze it between my index and middle finger the next time I squeezed her breast.

“ooohhh.. that feels pretty good.” she said, changing gears from her earlier anger. “careful there James, your getting me all wet.” she teased.

“sorry, I couldn’t help myself…” I said quietly, shooting her a shy smile.

Tegan pulled back a bit and pulled her shirt back over her breasts, still giving me a wide smile.

“You liked that huh?” she teased.

“What can I say? I love tits.” I shot back.

Tegan just laughed. “You know what this means don’t you?” she said, as she leaned into me and started running her fingernail up and down my arm. “You got to second base, so now I get to see your cock.” she said calmly.

“What?” replied, flashing her a quick smile, still trying to stay in good humor, not sure if she could really be serious.

With a half smile on her face, she rested her hand on my upper thigh.

“You heard me.” she replied calmly. “I let you touch my tit, so now I get to see your cock.”

Her eyes moved down to my pants.

“And it looks like he is really fucking ready to come out too…” she giggled, motioning to the large tent in my jeans.

“yeah…” was all I could reply, and meekly at that. Suddenly becoming extremely shy and self concious. I mean, some harmless flirting was one thing, but this was Tegan Ross. How could I not be nervous about casually whipping my dick out in front of her. Tegan leaned into me, I could feel her breast on my shoulder as she reached for the top of my jeans.

“Wait,wait…” I said, looking into her deep green eyes “What if someone sees? Or if I crash the car or something… I… I’m not sure this is right…”

I could feel her breath against my cheek as she told me. “Don’t be fuckin shy, I just want to see it.”

I kept my hands on the steering wheel and watched the road anxiously as I felt Tegan fumble with the button and zipper of my jeans. My cock swelled and throbbed as I felt her hand feel around and eventually slide inside my boxers through the waist band. I let out a sharp moan when her slender fingers wrapped around my shaft.

“Shit James, I could tell you had a big dick, but I didn’t expect a fucking monster like this.” she told me. Her usual high pitched, squeaky voice now soft and sultry as she pulled my hard member free from my boxers and let it flop against my stomach.

“God! Why is it always you quiet guys with the huge cocks?” she asked as she reached back down into my jeans, cupping my balls and pulling those out the top of my boxers as well. All I could do was let out a low moan as she briefly squeezed before releasing them. I was embarrassed and the same time proud and extremely turned on as Tegan used the thumb and index finger to grab my cockhead and examine the length of my shaft.

“James, this may be the biggest cock I have ever seen…” she said, and made my cock throb a little bit more “Hold on a sec…” she said, as she began digging through her purse, eventually pulling out a small rectangular silver object, and proudly holding it up to be seen in the light.

“Hold still.” she said. And fumbled with the object. I heard something ankara escort that sounded like scotch tape being pulled off the roll, and the next thing I knew, Tegan was lifting my cock so it pointed straight up at the ceiling and telling me.

“Here, hold it like this.”

I reached down to hold my cock like she told me as she held something cold against the base of my shaft.

“Tegan, what are you doing?” I asked just before the flash of her camera went off.

“What…what the hell are you doing?” I asked as I almost lost control of the car, swerving back and forth for a few seconds.

“Shit! Settle down, I’ve just never seen a twelve inch cock before, I wanted a fucking picture alright.”

“No, its not alright Tegan!” I told her “I almost crashed the damn car!”

Tegan just laughed, “Shit James, I’m fucking sorry. But you’ve got to learn to fucking relax.” she said, while reaching down and started stroking my cock. Her slender fingers just barely reached all the way around my shaft, as she moved her hand up and down with long soft strokes.

“There, does that make you feel better James?” she teased as she let her fingers slide down to cup my balls. Her fingers wrapped around them at the base and gently pulled down on them before she stared kneading and squeezing them. I could only moan in pure ecstasy. When she let her fingers slide back up to my shaft, I let out a loud moan and precum began to drip from my cockhead.

“Tegan, maybe we shouldn’t…” I whispered, in spite of how good her touch felt.

“Fucking relax James. I like you, and I don’t say that very often. So just relax and let me play for a while, ok?” she said. I could only nod in approval, and returned to trying to watch the road as her slim little fingers worked up and down my long shaft. She worked her fingers up to the head and tapped the drop of precum sitting at the tip, using her fingertip to slide my warm wet precum around my mushroom tip.

“God! My pussy is soaked just playing with you.” she whispered softly in my ear. I stole a quick glance down between her legs and saw that her skirt was hiked up, showing off just a bit of her wet white panties that she was was lightly tickling with the tips of her fingers. My cock throbbed at the sight and let out another drip of precum that slid right into Tegan’s hand as she stroked up and down.

“Feel’s like somebody’s ready to cum already.” she whispered, her lips grazed against my ear and truly did make me feel ready to cum. Before I could even respond, she leaned into me and kissed my lips. I could feel her tongue slide across mine, but only briefly before she lowered her head into my lap.

“Tegan, you don’t have to …. Uhhhhhh…” I moaned as I felt her lips circle around the head of my cock. Her hot wet mouth made my cock swell and pulse as she wrapped her lips around my cock head, moving her tounge in slow circles as she took me slowly deeper and deeper. Tegan started humming on my cock while reaching down to grip my shaft. She bobbed her head over the tip while her hand went to work on my balls. She cupped them in her hand, squeezing gently and I could feel her long manicured nails dragging lightly across my taint. Her lips circled and teased my cockhead, taking me down into her mouth and then pulling me out again with loud wet pops. I stole a look down at her and our eyes met briefly. Tegan shot me another sly smile as she flicked the tip of my cock with her tongue.

“mmm…so tasty.” she muttered before sliding her tongue down my long shaft and lifting my balls to be flicked with her tongue. My heart was pounding as I tried to manage my anxiety over potentially crashing the car and trying not to cum with every flick of Tegan’s tongue or touch of her soft hands. My cock was aching and my balls felt like they were about to explode. Tegan must have sensed this as she quickly ran her tongue back up my shaft and wrapped her lips around the head once again. She positioned herself so that she was on all fours across the big bench seat of my car with her perfect little ass almost pressed against the passenger window. Anyone driving past us in another lane could have clearly seen what she was doing. She looked up at me one last time, whispering softly,

“I’m going to make you cum James.” before going to work hungrily on my cock sucking and humming as her head bobbed furiously up and down. I could feel my dick hitting the back of her throat before she went up and down for more. Humming loudly as she gripped the shaft and stroked up and down, her other hand reaching between my legs to grip my balls tightly. It was all too much, with a loud moan I cried out,

“Oh… fuck Tegan, I’m cumming…. I’m cumming soo fucking hard!” while spurting out thick strings of cum straight down Tegan’s throat. She started to gag a bit after the first few seconds but kept my cock in her mouth. Stroking the remaining cum from my shaft and still sucking hard, despite her choking. I looked down to see cum and saliva dribbling from the corners of her mouth and down her chin as she came up for air.

“Holy shit.” she said quietly. “I’ve never seen a guy cum that much… you’ve got a fucking supercock James” she joked as she licked her lips and wiped up the remaining cum on her chin.

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