Wild Iris

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She’s a little wild, has been all her life. A free sprit is what her dad called her, nut if you ask the men around town, they’ll tell you that she is the best cock sucker in three states. At 18, she finds trouble where ever she goes. The last time her daddy told her if she did it again, he was going to take everything away from her. When the boy she was with ran a red light and hit the parked car, then ran leaving her to face the music alone, she new that the sheriff was going to throw the book at her this time. The Jugde told her it the last time she was in his court room.

The Sheriff walk up to the car.

“Okay Iris where is Bobby, I know he wouldn’t let you drive his car.” he ask.

“He took off.” she said.

“What were you doing to cause him to hit the parked car Iris?” the Sheriff ask. She didn’t want to say, but she knew she had to.

“I was sucking his cock Sir.” she told the Sheriff. She saw him pull out his ticket book and knew that if she got a ticket her dad would kill her.

“Oh Please Sheriff don’t tell my dad, he’ll kill me. please, please I’ll do anything, anything if you don’t tell him.” she begged. He look at her. He knew what she did with his bother the Jugde, Billy brag about what a great cock sucker she was, He wondered if she would suck his cock and let him fuck her.

“Well, Iris we can work it like this, I’ll give Bobby the ticket because he was driving the car, and if you do what I want I’ll let you go.” he told her.

“Okay what do you want me to do?” she ask.

“MMMMM. I want you to suck my cock till I’m hard and then I want to fuck you up the ass.” he said.

“Okay I’ll do it.” she told him.

“Go get into the car, front seat.” he told her. She went and got into the front seat of the car. She watch as he put the ticket on the windshield of Bobby’s car and got into the car, and they left.

He pulled into a secluded road that lead up into the mountains, Beşiktaş Escort stopping at the cabin he uses for fishing. He help her out and they went into the cabin, Turning on the lights he pointed to the bed and tole her to have a seat. Closing the door and locking it, he went over to stand in front of her. She watch as he unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. She had never saw a man’s cock that size before. He was enormous, it had to be at least 10 inches long and it was as fat as bat. He was bigger than Jugde Bates, and they are bothers.

“Suck me Iris.” he said.

Taking his cock, she lick and kiss the cockhead. Running her tongue around the tip and licking the little drop of cum.

“MMMMM, BABY DON’T STOP, SUCK ME, TAKE MY COCK DEEP DOWN YOUR HOT THROAT, YES THAT’S IT BABY, SUCK MY HARD COCK, SUCK ME GOOD NOW, GET ME NICE AND HAD NOW, I WANT TO SLIP IT UP YOUR ASSHOLE.” he grunted. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and made her turn around. She was laying on he bed and grab her hips, holding his cock he pushes in, pulling back out and pushing back in.

“Oh God so fucking tight, Iris, my wild fucking Iris.” he whisper in her ear as he pounded into her. She was so close to coming, so close that when he yelled that he was cumming she push her as back hard onto his cock and had him buried deep in her ass. When his cum exploded , none came out when he pulled his cock.

“Now Iris reminder our deal, I wont tell your daddy, if you meet me here everting at midnight. Is that agreeable with you honey.” he ask her.

“Yes I agree Sheriff.” she told him.

“Call me James, come here and let me thank you for what you gave me tonight.” he said. Pulling her into his arms, he kiss her.

“Oh James, dad’s going to wonder where I’m at. mmmmm. have to be home by 11pm, Oh god yeeeeeesssss,” she cried out as he slip his finger in and out of her Beylikdüzü Escort pussy. He was moving his finger faster now getting her to the point of no return, she felt her body getting ready to exploded . He lick her ear and whispers.

“my wild Iris cum on my finger baby, give me your hot cum.” he said.

“Oh God, please suck my pussy, please, please suck me.” she begged, shaking her head back and forth. He moved down between her legs and suck on her pussy and slipping his tongue inside and she exploded in his mouth.

Iris open the door as she walk into the house, she fond a note on the Ice box.

“Iris, had to go out of town, Grandma was rush to the hospital, I should be home tomorrow after 3 pm. Love Dad.” she read the note. Grabbing a drink from the ice box as she sat down on the couch. All of a sudden she got an idea, her dad wasn’t coming home till tomorrow, so she could have someone spending the night here with her. {just then the phone rang} Answering the phone she soon found it was the Sheriff checking to make sure she had gotten home okay.

“Oh Sheriff could you come over here tonight, daddy’s gone for the night and I miss you.” she said. He got the message and told her that he’d be there as soon as he could. She ran up to her room and took off her clothes, slipping on her silk robe.

Sure enough she heard a knock at the back door half an hour later. She stood in the door way with her robe open.

“Come in.” she said quietly. He open the door to find her wearing nothing but a robe and it was open to his view. He felt his cock stiffen at the sight of her large luscious titties, and her massive cascading hair. He reach down and unzip his pants, pulling out his hard cock. Closing the door he went over to her and took her hand.

“Where’s your bedroom honey?” he ask. She lead him up to her room. Closing the door behind him Beyoğlu Escort . Locking the door he turn to her.

“Get down here and suck my cock.” he said. She kneel down and took his cock in her mouth, sucking him deep into her throat.

“AAAAAGGGGHHHHH, GOD BABY, SUCK ME GOOD.” he groan. She move her mouth up and down fast on his cock, pulling him to the bed as she did. Pulling out of her mouth he took a step back and look at her.

“Stand up baby and come give me a kiss.” he told her. Kissing him she wrapped her arms around him and he pick her up and carried her to the bed, Laying her down, he following her down and his chest rubbing against hers. He pushes her legs apart and puts his cockhead against her. With one thrust he was inside, buried deep.

“Oh baby You feel so good being inside you. I going to stay inside you all night long baby.

“he said.

Standing outside of her room was her daddy. He’d came home early, he watch as the Sheriff ramming his cock into his daughter’s pussy. He felt his cock getting hard. He has wanted to get his cock inside his daughter for years now. Pulling out his cock he was working it hard and fast as the Sheriff’s was going into his daughter’s pussy.

“OH BABY I’M CUMMING!!!!” he heard the Sheriff scream, and he felt his cock exploded all over his hand and the wall. Walking into the room, he surprise his daughter when he sat down on the bed. She looked up at him.

“Oh Daddy, I……..” was all she got out.

“Hello Bob, it’s about time you got here. Did you like watching me fuck your daughter?” he ask.

“Hell yes I sure did. Been wanting to get inside her for awhile now. Now I want her to suck me cock hard again, What do you say baby. Do you want to suck Daddy’s.” he ask.

She got up and went over to him and kiss his cock, slipping her mouth over his cock.

“OH GOD BABY SUCK ME, SUCK YOUR DADDY’S COCK, THAT’S IT, GO AT IT BABY, SUCK ME, SUCK ME DEEP BABY, I LOVE HAVING MY COCK DEEP IN YOUR THROAT.”he cried out. He was moving in and out of her throat, he couldn’t stop he was moving faster and faster.

“Oh god James get up her and get your cock up her hot little ass, fuck her, fuck her ass hard and fast.” her dad said. He thrust into her asshole hard and they all exploded together.

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