Wifey makes friends with benefits

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Wifey makes friends with benefitsThe wifey was looking to make some long term friends with benefits. Whoring around for one night stands gets to be a good deal of work. She wanted something that was easier to manage, get in get out move on. Tonight she was going out to meet someone for their first date. The met on xhamster’s friends page. He was apparently a well hung black guy. Aren’t they all according to their profile pics? I was to stay at home. She promised to text updates. We were both excited. We had been a cuck couple for a while now. She had really gotten in touch with her inner whore. If things go well and she chose to permit, I would get to listen. Maybe even watch. My favorite though were the sloppy seconds. I love a well used pussy.This night she wore some matte black high waisted leggings, bright red knee high boots, and sheer white top over a red camisole. It had padding so she went without a bra. Plenty of jiggle in her fits, but still classy. I didn’t get to see her panties. Now when she dresses she teases me. She leaves the bedroom door slightly ajar so I can barely see in, but cannot see her, only hear as soft, sexy things slide across her curves. If I disobey and enter without permission,she chastitizes me and I don’t get sloppy seconds.Out she went to meet a potential lover. If it didn’t work out she planned on hitting the nearby ghetto dive bar. She canlı bahis şirketleri was well known in there, her and her easiness. It was a while before she texted. Things were staying somewhat tame. As they left the restaurant, he grabbed her ass. Only it wasn’t a pinch, she said he held onto it with a grip as they left. He maintained his hold as they approached his car. He told her it was quite the spectacle, her ass. She thanked him and they headed out for drinks in his car. Again nothing for a while. Finally she sends a text. It read “this can’t be real”. That was followed moments later with a selfie of her in a bathroom with what appeared to be every bit of twelve inches of semi erect black dick.I was losing it. I wanted to jerk off so bad. I was on edge waiting for another message. She finally sent another text, ” gagged with only half in my throat”.I replied “drink it. Tell me what he tastes like”. She replied ” hide! We’re almost there and I haven’t mentioned you yet.”I hid in a closet in a guest bedroom. It seemed like forever. Eventually they stumbled in the door. My skank wife took him directly into our bedroom. There was quite the commotion. Plenty of lip smacking and heavy breathing. I heard him talking gently to her. I peaked out and looked down the hallway. The door was open. I could see the back of her head bobbing. She was still fully canlı kaçak iddaa clothed. She would stop and exclaim her amazement at his size, then continue sucking. He moaned a little then giggled. “Its a lot to stroke ain’t it baby” he said. She kept at it, occasionally gagging trying to take it deeper.I kept my distance, but could barely see her. She finally stood up and said “I need that inside me”. As she stood up, he jumped up and took control. ” bitch don’t me what’s up! Get on your face” he said as he shoved down on the bed. At first I was upset, not quite the ladies man here. She had started to undo her pants as he pushed onto the bed. He yanked her leggings down and ripped her panties off. I did not recognize them. This asshole got new panties and now they’re destroyed.He didn’t even hesitate. “Oh holy fuck my womb! Aaaahhhhhhhh!” My wife screamed loudly. He stood motionless. He thrusted his entire length in her and held it in, pinning her against the side of the bed. My wife whimpered and groaned.”All night, lolly gagging with that shit. Bitch you need to work this cock. Don’t play wit some of it. Bitch its all or nuthin.” He began to thrust, back and forth. Each time she shrieked ” ahhhh, noooooo, fuck! It hurts its too much uuunnnngh uuuuuhhhh”He slowed down. Sh kept moaning, now she was working into orgasm. As she drew close to gumming her would canlı kaçak bahis slam his whole cock into her. She would yell. I was rock hard. I had now crept closer and could see. His strokes were so long he nearly had to step back. Using her toys,I knew she liked it deep. After half an hour of long strokes he picked up the pace.She started shrieking again. His lapnwas slapping her ass. She was taking it all, but was yelling at the top of her lungs. I worried the neighbors may hear. Then she started talking filth. This is how she gets most guys to cum when she’s had enough. “Fuck me fuck my cunt fuck my fat white cunt”. I was ready to cum and I hadn’t even touched myself. “Cum in my cunt cum on my eggs. Fill me up!” She grunted.”You want this bitch? You gonna be my baby mama. I’m gonna spray that womb full whitey” he said to her.”Uh uh uh uhhhh ungh all yeah put that nigger in me. Imma have a nigger baby”He yelled “AAARRRRRHHHHHH” He planted his load. She was hoarse from yelling. she panted “now get out”. He began laughing, ” baby you a freakass whore” he continued to laugh as he left. I came back from my hiding spot.”Holy shit what was that?” I asked. “You need to clean this cunt up unless you want k**s soon” she gasped. I stuck my dick in her pussy. It was draining cum and wide open. You could see inside of her. I gave her another load within seconds. I don’t even think she noticed. She finally got angry with me. “I told you to clean it!” She yelled as she slapped me. Lots of salty goo and pussy drippings later we dozed off. She literally walked funny the next day. It would be a while before I would get to feel her snatch again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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