wife’s vacation

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wife’s vacationWith this years vacation coming in less than a month I thought I should tell the story about last years trip. This time of year my business is wide open. I’ve been working long hours and when my wife said it was time to take our vacation I told her to make the reservation. When the date finally got here we where both extremely ready for a week at the beach. My wife said she had everything packed and all I needed to do was shower and get dressed. She was already dressed in a short yellow print sun dress. It came about four inches above her knees and was low cut in the front and the tops of her tits shown just enough to be sexy without looking to forward. She had on a pair of sandals with a stacked cork sole. She looked beautiful. As I started toward the shower she said I will load the car and I have laid you some cloths out to wear.I walked into our room after my shower to get dressed. There on the bed was a pair of cargo style shorts and a golf shirt. I didn’t see any underwear. I called out to my wife and she said hang on a second. I was towel drying my hair when I heard her say here I almost forgot this. As I pulled the towel from over my head there was my wife standing there holding my chastity device. I looked at it and then at her. I didn’t say anything , she held it out. As I reached for it I asked if she thought this was going to be needed? She said now don’t be a cry baby , its just makes me wet knowing I have you locked up. OK baby I said , just for the ride down. She smiled and flicked my penis and told me to hurry up. I came in the den fastening my belt and said I’m ready. My wife said me too , let me inspect your chastity device. I unzipped my pants and they dropped to my ankles. She walked over and took it in her hand. She squatted and began fondling my caged up little buddy. She said it looks secure then she planted a red lipstick kiss right above it on my smoothly shaved pubic area. She stood up and said can you get hard in that one? I said I don’t think so its the shortest one so far. I bent over to pull up my pants but was told to hold on a second. She said I’m getting wet looking at that stainless steel prison on your little pee pee. She raised up the front of her little dress to show me she wasn’t wearing panties. She ran her finger right between the folds of her pretty pussy and stuck it in her mouth. I started to get an erection from this. She noticed the cage starting yo raise up. She stared at it and rubbed her self again. She parted the lips of her now noticeable wet vagina. WOW , I said baby you are hot. She moaned and she I’m so horny, then she dropped the hem of her dress. She spun on her hills and said put that away and let’s go. Damn it I thought, she always does that to me. I tucked away my hardon and pulled up my pants. When I got in the car I told her she was mean. She knew what I was talking about and said you haven’t seen mean yet. As I started driving she started reading on her tablet. I stole glances at her tanned legs as we drove. I know she knew but didn’t let on. She eased the hem up to allow her entire thigh to show. I said you are showing a lot of leg baby. She said I’m working on my tan ,then she laid her tablet on the console and eased the back of her seat all the way back. She pulled her dress up to expose her shaved pussy. She told me to show off her pussy to some truckers while she took a nap. I did this for a couple hours but I couldn’t keep my eyes off her myself. As she slept her legs parted just enough to allow her pussy lips to be seen. I reached over and pulled the hem down to cover yüreğir escort her. It took another half hour before my caged cock went down. I got off the interstate and was pulling into a truck stop. I woke my wife and asked if she needed to use the rest room? Back on the road I asked her if she could keep her self covered. She said aww have you got blue balls? I told her I was startingbto get them. We had a nice ride the rest of the trip. When we got to the motel I noticed our room had a connecting door to the room next door. My wife told me she had booked both rooms and that sometime that afternoon two of her friends where coming down to stay in that room. I was about to ask who they where when she pulled her sun dress over her head and tossed it on the bed. She was butt naked wearing only her high hill sandals. She said I’m going for a swim my pussy needs to cool off. I acted as if I was enjoying the view out our window while she put on a modest bikini. She asked how she looked. I said that’s a nice suite , it looks very nice. She said I know nothing hangs out , its for daytime at the pool. There are k I d s down there and I can’t be all sexy. She told me that she couldn’t go cold turkey on flirting. Then she said she had cut the lining out of the bottom and top. I asked what that ment. She said when it gets wet its going to be like she is nude. I said see through? She said no, but the thin nylon will stick to her like a coat of paint. At the pool she got a lot of looks from both male and female. She would come out of the pool on the shallow end walking up the steps very slow. Usually sipping her hair back away from her face. This pulled the top of the thin bikini tight across her hard nipples. Every dad and most moms watched each time. That evening we where getting dressed to go eat. My wife had showered first and as she was getting dressed I got in the shower. I’m still locked in my device. I came out of the bath room to ask my wife if she would take it off of me. She wasn’t in the room and I could see the pass through door was open. I peeked in and there was my wife talking to a tall well built guy. She was dressed in a very short mini skirt and tank top. The aic conditioner was on and her nipples where hard. She saw me and told me to come meet her friend Jacob. I said I’m not dressed. She don’t be shy he don’t care. I stepped in the room to shake his hand. I asked if he and his wife where down for the week. She smiled and said I’m not married and that noise you hear is Thomas. Hey Thomas come meet the husband. A equality tall and well built black guy came out of the bath room to shake my hand. He was very well groomed and well spoken. He said I really want to thank you for inviting us two down for a week of sun and sex. I let go of his hand and said what? He said thank you for the use of your spare room and wife for the week. I looked at my wife , she had a giant smile on her face. She said I invited them down to fuck me . she told them to show me their equipment. Without a second of hesitation they both dropped their shorts. They both hand seven inch long soft cocks hanging between their legs. My wife giggled and said aren’t they beautiful? She then grabbed my towel and pulled it off me before I could stop her. Both guys laughed at my caged little piece of man meat.After the laughs where had and we all dressed we had a very nice friendly dinner of seafood. Then to a club for a few drinks. We where all tired from the ride down and agreed to return to the motel early. In the room I changed into a pajama adıyaman escort bottoms and laied back to watch some TV. My wife put on her nighty . it was totally see through and the panties where g string. She spun around and asked if I liked it. Yes I do I told her. I thought she was coming to bed with me but she told me she wanted to tell the guys good night. She opened the pass through door and went into their room. Then she did something that surprised me, she closed the door and I heard it lock. I got off the bed and walked to check if it had in fact locked. I pushed it and sure enough it was in fact locked. I put my ear to the door but couldn’t hear due to their TV was on. I watched the TV until sometime around midnight I must have fallen asleep. I woke at two AM to take a piss and my wife still wasn’t there. Just as I was coming out of the bathroom I heard the lock on the pass through door. I ran and jumped into the bed. From half closed eyes I could see the light from their room spill into ours as the door was opened very slowly. She closed it behind her and came to the bed almost tiptoein. She easedbinto the bed real easy and turned her back to me. I acted as if I where still asleep. She said in a whisper I know you are awake. I didn’t answer. She said I heard the toilet flush just before I came in here. She said my pussy is full of cum if you want to eat it. I whispered roll onto your back.she did and I moved in to eat her. Her panties where missing. She had a strong smell of sweat and cock on her. Her pussy wasvtotalled. I are her for a good hour. She fell asleep while I cleaned her. I didn’t want to wake her so I laid down beside her and went to sleep. The next morning I woke to the sun coming through a small crack in the curtain. I rolled over to find my wife gone. First thing I did was look at the pass through door. It was wide open. I got up and walked into the other room. No one was in there. I put on my swim trunks and grabbed the key card. I walked down to the pool where I found all three of them laying on towels by the pool. I sat next to my wife and touched her back. She turned her head to face me and said well look who is up. All three of them sat up and looked my way. Good morning the two guys said. I greeted them back. They both said we are going for a swim. And as soon as they left I took Thomas’s seat. He was closest to my wife. I turned my head so we could talk with any one hearing. I asked her if she where having a good time. She said yes are you? I said did you have a good fuck last night? She said yes and this morning too. I said you already had sex this morning? She said yes. I asked her to tell me about it. She said both the guts did her at the same time. I said head and sex? She said no anal and sex. I didn’t say anything. She said I woke up horny and it was my idea to have them fuck me like that. I asked who got your ass? She said Thomas has such a thick cock she thought it would feel better in her pussy and Jake took to stretching her ass. I asked her if she still had their cum in her? She said yes I haven’t been in the pool yet. She asked if I wanted to clean out her ass hole? I said I’d rather you unlock me and allow me to have sex with you. She said baby don’t be mad but I have something to tell you. I said what is it? She said the guys and I talked about how they where going to have sex with me every chance they could. I said so what’s that got to do with me? She said well the three of us discussed you and we decided that I should leave the key at home. What ! I said loud enough I got afyon escort a few looks. You can’t be serious I said. She said yes you will spend the full week locked up. You are welcome to eat all the pussy you want but you can’t have sex. I reached over and rubbed her pussy hard enough to push the fabric between her relaxed pussy lips. She said what are you doing? I said show off those pussy lips you hot wife. She wiggled her ass like she was getting hot. I asked if I could watch them fuck. She said no. But , I started to whine. She said I’ll leave the door cracked so you can listen. When are you going to fuck again I asked her. She said I’m going to fuck them at lunch time you can listen then. I said can you get them both to do you again? She said my ass is a little sore I don’t know. I told her to get ass fucked by the black guy, let him stretch your ass I added. We lay around until noon sipping adult beverages. At just after noon my wife stood up and tapped they guys on the shoulder to get them to follow her. They three left without a word I think they thought I was sleep behind my shades. I gave them a half hour head start. I went to our room and opened the door very quietly. Sure enough the pass room was half way open. I looked in but couldn’t see anything. I could hear them fucking. They where at it hard and heavy. I weighted out in my mind what would happen if I just walked in. The guys are to busy enjoying my wife’s body and my wife has me locked up so she can’t cut me off from having sex. Fuck it I pushed the door open and walked in. I sat in a chair next to the table and watched the three of them having wild sex. My wife was ridding the black guy , his thick meat had her pussy lips pulled tightly around it. And Jake was busy hammering her little butthole. They never saw me. Jakebcame first and when he was to soft to stay he pulled out and went to the rest too. He never looked my way. I could hear my wife whimpering and whispering how she loved his fat black meat. Jake came back in the room and saw me. He grinned and put his finger to his lips as if to say he quiet. I knoded my head. Thomas fucked my wife for almost a half an hour longer before he came inside her. She fell to his side and then went down and took his nasty cock in her mouth and licked it clean. I had a perfect view of her pussy lips and they where gapped enough to form a small black hole. I stood and walked over to the bed. He saw me and smiled I got down a buried my face in her pussy. She moaned and reached back to pull my head in tighter. She noticed the difference in mine and Jakes hair. She started to lift her head to see who was eating her pussy but Thomas pushed her back down. After I finished I stood up and went back into our room. I expected my wife to follow shortly. After ten minutes I begin to wonder where she was. I walked back in their room and saw Thomas fucking my wife in the ass. She as on her knees bent over the bed. Her face was buried in the covers. I walked up behind him and looked over his shoulder. He looked up and smiled , he leaned back so we both could watch his thick cock slide in and out of her ass. He said does that hurt? She said God no, my ass is about to rip wide open and I love it. I spoke up and said me too. Her head popped up and she tried to turn see me. What are you doing in here she managed to say. I said I’m watching my slut wife having a big fat black cock shoved in her ass. She moaned and laid her head down. The rest of the week was a lot of the same. Those two guy had sex with her fifteen times each in five days. On the ride home she slept a lot. But we did talk about me getting out of my cage and getting to gave sex with her. I fucked her pussy just enough to get it wet then shoved it in her ass all the way to my balls. I told her to tighten up her ass so I could enjoy it. She said I can’t. Its loose from all the sex.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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