Wife’s First swap

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Wife’s First swapThis takes place several years ago when my wife J**n and I were in the earlier days of our marriage.We were just getting started in our career so money for entertainment was tight and we spent most of our time playing cards and other games with a few couples that were our age and circumstances who lived in out neighborhood.Our favorite couple was J* and T* who lived on the same bock we did. We got together several times a week to play cards and board games, etc. Over time this turned into Truth or Dare which led to everyone getting nude and a lot of sexy talk.One night the subject of how quickly the girls could come to an orgasm. I maintained that my wife was very fast to cum while J* maintained T* was the fastest. We decided the only way to know for canlı kaçak iddaa sure was to have a race. At first the girls were not keen on the idea but we managed to talk them into it.The lights in the living room were dim, but not dark, everything could been seen. We had started out sitting on the carpet so I laid my wife on her back and started sucking her breast and fingering her pussy. J* did the same thing to T* We were in full sight of each other.While my wife was fast T* was faster to cum and in just a short time her butt was bouncing on the floor and she was having a good orgasm.As soon as she came we all stopped. The conversation then turned to which of us guys could last longer before we shot our load. Again a race was proposed. On out backs canlı kaçak bahis we allowed the girls to jack our dicks and play with our balls. Watching T* play with J*’s cock and balls soon had me shooting my load.When I came the contest ended and we had a few more drinks and now the conversation was about nothing but sex, who did what, what the girls liked and didn’t like, etc.It was then brought up (I really do not know by who) That I had came and T* had came but J* and my wife had not. So it was drunkenly decided that they would make each other cum.T* and I got up and sat on the couch so we could watch our spouses fondle and pet each other. As we watched J* finger fuck my wife and she playing with his dick and balls I noticed T* beginning to breath bahis siteleri canlı harder and faster. I’ll admit I was getting turned on also. I started fingering her and sucking her tits. I honestly do not know who started the fucking first, but next thing I can recall I had T* under me on the couch and I was fucking her with gusto. I looked and my wife had her legs around J*”s hips with her ass off the floor and in the air and he was pounding her cunt like there was no tomorrow.I continued fucking T* and as I had came once already and had a few drinks I know I brought her to at least two orgasms before I finally shot off in her. (we knew the girls were on birth control pills)When I finished I noted my wife and J* were sitting up and watching us.It was a bit awkward but it was agreed that each had fucked the others spouse, that we all had enjoyed it and no harm was done. So for the next year and a half (until we moved due to work) we would get together and fuck about once a week. Sometimes in the same room sometimes not.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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