Wife’s adventure on new years eve

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Wife’s adventure on new years eveMy wife was invited to a new year party by one of the ladies in her cuckold group. It’s a small group of married women that get together for sex with well hung black men. She has hosted parties at our home a few times and on that occasion I was allowed to watch the action. Now back to the new year party, I wasn’t invited in fact non of the husbands where allowed to be at the party. I asked my wife who was serving the drinks if no husbands where allowed? She said that Mattie ( the hostess ) had hired a couple of guys to tend bar. The day of the party I sat on the bed and talked with my wife while she was getting ready. She had gone and had her roots touched up that morning and now her blonde hair was totally beautiful. She had gotten it trimmed and now she had bangs that came right above her eyebrows. And it was just to her shoulders and perfectly straight. Her blue eyes looked even bluer thanks to blue tinted contact lenses. She was doing her makeup and she was going just a bit heavier than she normally does. With her face done she stood and looked at herself in the mirror. As she turned around she asked me if I thought she was sexy? I assured her that she was extremely sexy. At thirty five years old her five foot four one hundred pound body is perfectly proportion ed. Her public area has been totally laser treated and is completely hairless. Her breast are thirty four b cups, just perky enough to not need a bra. She picked up her black corset and asked me to help her. After fastening the front she held to the door knob and I pulled it as tightly as possible. This made her waist about twenty two inches around. Her hips where accented by the tiny waist. This corset doesn’t cover her nipples. She next had me help roll a pair of black thigh top stockings up her legs. The wide lace band reached all the way to her pussy lips. Up on tip toes she again looked at her legs in the mirror. She said the guys are going to love these. I asked , the stockings amasya escort or the legs? She said both. Then she sat on the bed while I buckled a pair of black four inch hills on her feet. Then lastly the little black dress. It was just long enough to cover her butt cheeks. The neck line was a deep v and her small tits could almost be seen. As she was getting her stuff swapped over to a small black purse her cell phone rang. I could tell that something was wrong by how she was talking to the caller. Then I heard her say I have someone, then she said no there won’t be any trouble. When she hung up she shook her head slowly. What’s wrong sweetheart I asked. She said the dumb ass guys that where to work the party got stopped for speeding, and the cop smelled pot. Both of them are in jail. I asked what is she going to do? My wife said you are going to be the waiter. Me I said? Yes you. She had me hurry and shower then she said I had to wear my chastity cage so there was zero chance I would have sex with anyone. After I put on my stainless cage ( her favorite ) she snapped the lock closed. Then I pulled on a very tight pair of Lycra bike shorts. My chastity device could easily be seen. My wife rubbed it and told me to get a tank top and meet her in the car. I have to say my body isn’t bad for thirty six years old. No pot belly and my legs are firm and tight. The only problem is my cock when hard is only four inches long and one and a quarter inches wide. Well we arrived at the party, the lady hosting it was happy to see me. She kissed me and thanked me for saving her party. She then gave me a good once over and patted my chastised penis. I see that won’t be a problem, then she asked my wife who has the key? My wife told her it was at home. Great she said. She and I got everything set up with some help from a couple of other ladies that started arriving. The music was just loud enough to be heard without being over powering. At about ten o clock several black gentelmen started amasya escort bayan arriving. By ten thirty there where twelve extremely well dressed black guys all around twenty five years old. I walked around serving drinks to the guest. I saw my wife talking to one particular guy. He was about six foot one and two hundred pounds. Bald head and very well built. I noticed his slacks did nothing to hide his thick cock that was laying down his left thigh. There was no hanky panky going on at all with anyone. At midnight everyone cheered and kisses where going on everywhere. I was the only person not being kissed. I noticed one lady openly giving a blow job to a guy next to the fireplace. Then one by one the ladies where starting to get naked. I looked for my wife and saw her leaning over the back of a dinning room chair while the guy she had been talking to was slowly sawing his cock in and out of her pussy. She noticed me looking and through half closed eyes she gave me a sexy smile then blew me a kiss. She kept her eyes locked on mine while taking that thick black cock in her white pussy. I saw her beau stop moving and after a minute he he stood up straight and patted her ass cheek. He pulled up his boxers and looked my way. He motioned for a drink. I hurried over with the tray. He thanked me and when he walked away I was able to see my wife’s Vagina. It looked sexy. It was a little shiny from the mixture of sweat and cum. She saw me looking and stood up quickly. She said go get me a water. I went for her drink. When I returned I didn’t see her. I sat her water on the table where she had been having sex. I got busy serving the other ladies and gentlemen and lost track of my wife . It had been over an hour since I’d seen her and I was bargaining to worry. I was able to slip down the hall toward the bedrooms. I saw one of the doors not quiet closed and I peeked in. There was my wife laying on her back while a muscled up black guy beat his cock into her pussy. Her escort amasya thin white legs where wrapped around His waist. Her legs fell to either side of him and he later got off her. As soon as he was off her another guy took his place. He started right away fucking her extremely hard. I could hear her grubts between his strokes. I was afraid of getting caught so I went back into the den and started serving again. My dick was hard inside my cage but since the cage is only two inches long it is hidden. After another hour my wife was still in that room so I went to check on her. There she was still on her back being fucked by another black guy. She had been in there over two hours being fucked none stop. The party stated breaking up around three in the morning. As the party got smaller and smaller I had more time to watch. As I was watching through the crack in the door I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was a guy and he asked if I wanted to go in so I could see better. Before I answered he said that slut is hot. He didn’t know she was my wife. I watched as she had sex with the last two guys. The guys left the room leaving my wife spread eagle on the bed. Her vagina was red and the lips where swollen. There was white foam around the small open hole. I called her name, she opened her eyes and raised her head. I asked if she was OK? She smiled and said yes. She sat up and told me to hand her her dress. It was laying on the floor. I asked if she needed help putting it on? She said no that she wasn’t going to wear it. I helped her walk into the den, there wasn’t any one left there. She told me to go start the car and warn it up. I did and in a few minutes she came out wearing only the corset and carrying her stockings and dress. At home she had me give her a general tongue bath on her tender lady parts. She slept till five that next day. I asked to be released from my cage but she thought it would be best if I remained locked away untill Sunday evening. By that time her vagina wasn’t sore any longer and she let me put my dick in her. She couldn’t feel it and I couldn’t feel her. After showering together she put on one of my t-shirts and a pair of bikini panties. We spent the rest of the evening talking about what happened.

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