Wife WebCam affair with Husbands black co-worker 1

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Wife WebCam affair with Husbands black co-worker 1Sitting down on the bed I opened my laptop and clicked on the Internet button waiting for a signal from the hotel’s wireless. Took only a moment before I was connected and right away contacted my wife Marisa through an instant messengers. She had been sitting at the desk waiting for me and replied almost instantly. I asked her if she was ready? Confirming she was I hit my web cam software. She did the same and I was soon staring at my wife’s face as she sat in front of our computer in the living room. “Can you see everything clearly?” she asked. I told her she was crystal clear and that the extra money we spent for that good camera was worth every penny. Looked like she was right in front of me in person. Marisa stood up and moved to the side asking me if she had to adjust the camera so I could get a good view of our living room area and our sectional sofa. Peering into the screen I told her it was a perfect view and I could see everything. I also told her the sound was perfect as well.”Good, as long as it doesn’t need to be moved or played with. I was worried we wouldn’t get this set up soon enough since I’m expecting him any minute now” she said. “I can’t believe we’re actually doing this. You remember the signal I’m going to give for you to call me and interrupt us right?” I assured her I remembered it was a thumbs up motion towards the camera. I told her she looked sexy tonight. Being dressed in a somewhat short black skirt that goes down only to her mid thighs. A green tee shirt with a v neck design with showed an ample amount of cleavage. She had considered wearing heeled boots but decided last minute to wear only a pair of ankle socks for comfort. Underneath she wore a matching sexy bra and panty set. Man was she hot tonight. She was right though it was good timing. We didn’t have it set up five minutes before there was a knock on the door. Looking surprised she said he was early. Looking down at the camera she blew me a kiss telling me it was show time. Reaching down I saw her click the computer monitor off and turning it to face away from live couch. Watching as my wife walked away from the desk heading towards the door to the left of the sofa. She went out of my screen’s view but I could hear her opening the door and the clear sound of Dwane’s voice.Before I continue I should explain how we got to this point with me sitting in a hotel room watching a web cam of my house. I have been married now for nearly five years to a wonderful woman named Marisa. When we first met we hit it off quickly and it was barely more than a year before we got married. What surprised me was that she was a virgin when we met. At the time we met she was twenty years old, I’m only two years older. I thought she looked sexy from the first day we met. She had lovely natural red hair, pretty blue eyes, and like most redheads, very pale skin. Used to joke that the only people whiter then her were dead. She also had freckles on the areas of her body most often exposed to the sun. Her legs are strong and well shaped. She has naturally wide hip bones which give he a decent figure. To top it all off she also has naturally large breasts wearing a size 36 DD bra. I can’t say I’m just a boob guy but they are hard to miss and not stare at. During our marriage we both admitted to certain sexual turn on’s but never thought of acting on them. She likes the idea of being watched but never had been before. I myself kind of liked the idea of watching. We would play around with these during love making over the years and would have a good time and as close to the real thing as we could get together. She also admitted liking to play the submissive role and to being tied. The one that really surprised me though was what she told me about a year ago. She explained that it didn’t happen until after being married a few years and wasn’t sure how to bring it up to me. That looking at interracial porn of black guys with white women had become quite a turn on for her. It was the color difference that drew her to it. She said that the thought of someone as pale as she is with a black guy was a hot to her. I wasn’t sure what to say but she told me it was only a fantasy; one that we ended up using in bed more then a few times. I could tell that when we did she would get more aroused then normal. Yet, that was as far as it went. That is up until now.I work for a shipping company and my days are four on, three off every week. Dwane works with me. He’s a darker skin black guy, a little bigger then me, and about half a foot taller. Not a bad guy, just very horny it seems. Always wanting to talk about sex. He loved to talk about how his penis was big too and how the ladies loved it. Always considered that just as boasting and exaggerating. He hasn’t been in too many relationships since I’ve known him. He said he would love to just find a girl who wants sex and nothing more. Maybe a married girl since she won’t want a relationship. He even mentioned more then once that he thought Marisa was hot. Telling me to take no offense but he’d had sex with her even if she was married to me. Asking me a few times if we were swingers so he could get the chance. I never thought much of it though and considered it just screwing around. Marisa knows him as well since we have hung out with him a few times. She told me that he often just looked her up and down or stared at her chest. Even I noticed that. She also said he has talked to her when I’m away for a few minutes about how he wishes she was single or would consider being with another guy because he had never been with a redhead and thought she was sexy. Marisa and I blew this off more so since she actually felt a little flattered. We never spoke much about any of it until a few months ago when Dwane entered our ‘Marisa with a black guy’ bedroom fantasies. She admitted to me that she even thought of him in a sexual way more then once. Then a week ago she asked me during sex if we wanted to do it for real, just on a limited bases. Marisa went on to explain that she wants me to watch her make out with Dwane, maybe allow him to feel her up. When we finished making love I asked if she was serious or if it was just another play fantasy. That’s when she said she was serious. We spent some time laying in bed that night talking and came to an agreement. She would invite Dwane over while I was in a room at a nearby hotel. We would buy a good web cam with clear sound, set it up with our living room computer, and I could watch the two of them. Dwane would have no idea I was watching to make it more natural for him. Telling him that I was going to be gone for the weekend. Marisa said that she just wanted to make out with him, allow him to feel her up a bit, and then she would give me the signal to stop. The signal would be a thumbs up towards the camera. I was then to call our home phone breaking them up. She would then explain to Dwane I was coming home that night instead because I wasn’t feeling well. He would leave, I’d come home, then we’d have wild sex talking about how my black co-worker felt up my white wife. At least that was the plan.We bought a good web cam to have a perfect picture. Marisa gave Dwane a call a few days before hand inviting him over for the night after dinner but not telling him why. As the day came around both of us were nervous and excited. That morning Marisa took a bath and shaved her legs smooth along with her pussy for when I got home later that night. Going over the plan for the last time I gave Marisa and kiss as I walked out the door. Getting to the hotel I went into my room, set up my computer, and made myself comfortable. We had perfect timing since it was mere minutes after we set the camera up that Dwane came knocking on the door. My wife gave me a wink and smile as she headed for the door.I could not see them but I could hear them. Marisa welcome Dwane in and told him to have a seat. Ushering him over to the couch into my view he sat down. Marisa asked him is he wanted anything to drink but Dwane wasn’t in need. Turning away from him she bent over to switch on the TV. Dwane right away stared at her ass with a slight grin on his face. Asking Marisa where I was she stood back up and turned back to face him.”He had to step out for a moment but will be back soon” she told him. “Would you like anything to drink?” Dwane said he would, asking for beer if we had any. Marisa walked off into the kitchen. I knew she was trying to get him more relaxed but most likely was also trying to get herself more relaxed as well. She was very nervous about doing even just this much and after a drink or two she would be loose enough to go through with it. Coming back into the living room with a few drinks in hand she sat down right next to Dwane. Handing him one they both sat back watching TV. “Since you’re husband’s not here now I have to say that you look really good dressed like that. Got a nice pair of legs girl” he told her. Marisa almost right away blushed from the comment thanking him. As time went by they both had a couple more drinks. It had not been about a half an hour and they hadn’t moved much. Just watched what was on and talked about work, life, etc. Dwane asked again when I was expected back.”Well, I’ll be honest with you. He actually is going to be away until late Sunday afternoon” she explained. Dwane got this puzzled look on his face. “John has no idea I invited you over here. Thought that with him away and with me home all alone I’d give you a call. You know, to get to know you better. Maybe get a little closer. Just you … me … alone. You know what I mean?” Dwane wasn’t sure at first. Marisa turned to face him, placing a hand on his thigh rubbing it. That’s when I could see the change in his face quickly as he realized what she meant. “I have always wanted to get some ‘personal’ time with you. Was too nervous though and my husband was always around. But now it’s just you and me with no chance of being caught together.””So, you’re saying about what I think you’re saying right?” he asked her. “Because if you are I’m sure as hell not turning this chance down.”Marisa smiled telling him it’s exactly what she means and hopes she wasn’t too forward. “Fuck no girl! Better then wasting time. Can’t tell you how long I’ve been wanting some alone time with you. To see more of what you’re workin’ with.”Smiling my wife gave him a kiss on the cheek then his lips. Dwane moved in close and they began to make out as I watched them from my hotel bed. It did make quite a sight with her pale white skin against his black. I now knew what her turn on was with interracial porn then ever before. They sat there kissing and could clearly see tongue. Dwane had already placed his left hand on her side but in time he slowly began to move it upward. I am sure my wife felt this as he went higher until it was resting just below her right breast. He stopped there for a minute I think to make sure she wasn’t going to push his hand away. Once he knew it was fine he moved it higher, cupping her right breast in his hand, softly kneading it. I could hear a very faint moan come from my wife in approval.As I watched the two of them I could feel my dick getting hard in my pants. Never thought I would find it hot watching my wife making out and getting felt up by a black guy. Reaching down I began to gently stroke my dick over my pants. They stayed that way for some time until Dwane broke the kissing. “You have a lot of freckles on your body baby. Mind if I play a little game Marisa called kiss the freckles?” My wife asked him how it’s played. “Well, like this” he replied. Taking his hand off her breast he pushed her head to the side. Leaning in he began kissing her neck. I could see my wife almost melting instantly. She loves having her next kissed and played with, a big turn on, and he was doing a fine job of it too. Once he had covered her neck Dwane began to trail his lips down to her upper eryaman escort chest. His lips moved lower until he reached the tops of her breasts. “Looks like you have a few here too” he told her just before he began kissing her exposed cleavage. Her breathing became heavier and even from my view I could see her nipples were hard, pressing against her clothing. He then reached up, slipping a few fingers under the top front of my wife’s shirt. Pulling it down he exposed more of her breasts down to her bra. Kissing again lower, right down to the laced edges of her bra cup, across between them and then doing the same to the other one. After finishing he pulled away, looking up at her.”Are you hiding any from me?” he asked. Marisa nodded no. “Well, if you don’t mind I’ll just take a look to make sure” he told her as he moved his other hand up to her breasts. Guiding his fingers to the top of her right bra cup he slowly pulled it down until her exposed he hard pale pink nipple.”See, I almost missed a big one there!” he exclaimed. Leaning back in he wrapped his lips around my wife’s nipple, sucking on it. Marisa let out a sharp moan. Dwane didn’t stay there for long. Sitting back up he moved both of his hands down to the hem of her shirt. Without saying a word he began to pull it up. Once it was above Marisa’s chest she helped him the rest of the way, pulling it up and over her head, tossing it to the floor. Dwane quickly reached around her back and in a moment unhooked my wife’s bra. I already knew this was past the point she said she would go. Yet as he slipped the straps off her shoulders and down her arms she did nothing to stop him or give me the signal to bring it to an end. She had only the look of lust in her eyes as he threw her bra on the other side of the couch leaving my wife topless. “Fuck girl! Been wanting to get my hands on your big lily white tits for a while now” he told her. Reaching over to grabbed both of them in his black hands, fondling. “Such nice, soft, pale white skin. Looks so fucking hot against me. You have got to be the whitest white girl I have ever known.” This caused Marisa to laugh. Telling him she had always dreamed of watching a black guy touch her like this. That Dwane’s dark hands looked hot against her pale white breasts. Dwane smiled and told her he has something that would be even hotter. Leaning in he pushed her against the back of the couch. Grabbing her breasts again he began to lick and suck on her nipples as he fondled them. My wife began to softly moan. Picking up the phone I called our house. Knowing this was already past the point she said she wanted to go. It began to ring. After the answering machine picked it up I acted like I didn’t know what was going on asking my wife to pick up the phone if she was there. At that point she opened her eyes and looking directly at the computer, waving me off and mouthing ‘not yet.’ Hanging up I went back to watching as Dwane played with my wife’s breasts. Which he did for a good amount of time.Eventually pulling away he looked down at her legs.”I think there’s a few freckles that I missed” he told her. Pulling his left hand away from her breast he moved it down to her left thigh, rubbing it. “Yep, you have a bunch here too! How high do they go up your legs?” he asked. That’s what Marisa said something I wasn’t expecting.”Why don’t you find out” she told him. Dwane got a big grin on his face as he slowly moved his hand up her thigh to the hem of her skirt. He surely didn’t stop there though. Pushing further her skirt was soon creeping up her leg. Higher and higher his hand moved until her panties were fully exposed and he was touching her upper thigh. He then asked her if she might have any on her inner thighs? Marisa told him to take a look as she parted her legs for him. Dwane slid his hand between her thighs, pushing them open more.”Doesn’t look like you have any there. But there’s one more place I haven’t checked yet” he told her. Quickly moving his hand up he softly ran a finger across her crotch over her panties. “Mind if I take a look?” he asked. My wife actually told him it was fine! Smiling Dwane grabbed the waistband of her panties and pulled them out as he looked down into them from above. “Nope, none there” he said with a moan. “Only thing I see if a nice little shaved pale white pussy. Very nice looking! Do you mind if I touch it?” Marisa didn’t say a word, just watching as he slipped his fingers into her panties. Opening her legs more I could see the outline of Dwane’s hand under the front of her panties, his finger’s moving around inside. My wife began to gently moan as I watched Dwane rub her pussy under her panties. This was followed by her yelping out loud. I didn’t know what had caused that until he told her how wet she was and how tight she felt around his finger. He actually had his finger inside of my wife! From what I could make out he was fingering her and rubbing her clit at the same time. Marisa seemed to be enjoying it too.While Dwane was fingering my wife she took it upon herself to reach over, placing her left hand on his crotch. She began rubbing his dick over his pants. Looking at Dwane’s crotch for the first time I was shocked. From my angle it was hard to see but from what I could see of the outline of his hard cock straining against his pants was impressive. He looked big and I mean really big! Something that didn’t pass the notice of my wife either who commented on his big he felt. He told her to take it out to see for herself. He also threw in that since his finger felt snug in her pussy he couldn’t wait to shove his dick in there. Marisa began to undo his pants as he continued to finger her. That’s when I called the house a second time. I didn’t even get a chance to talk on the machine before she waived me off. Mouthing for me to wait a minute. Doing as she asked I hung up and continued to watch.Marisa moaned as Dwane rubbed her pussy. I could clearly hear the sound of a zipper opening as my wife undid his pants. Looking down at his crotch she reached into his pants. I could see he fiddling around as she pulled his penis out. The look on her face said it all.”Holy shit!” she said out loud. “I never imagined you were so … so … big!” I don’t think I could have said it better. He was at least eight inches long, if not a little longer. He had to be over two inches longer then mine but most likely more. To top it off he was thick, really thick with a good amount more girth then I have. From the looks of it he is no less then five inches around. Never did I once consider that he would have such a big, thick black dick. He surely fit into that so called stereotype. Marisa started to slowly stroke it as he kept playing with her pussy. She looked entranced as she stared down at that thing. I could tell she was getting closer to an orgasm. Her breathing became heavier, her moaning was louder and more constant, and she began stroking his dick quicker. Dwane continued fingering her. Seconds later my wife’s legs began to shake, her chest and face became flushed as she let out a very loud moan climaxing. She looked completely exhausted from what had just happened, relaxing back into the couch. Dwane didn’t waste a second though. Jumping up he striped off his shirt as his pants fell to the floor followed by his underwear. Kicking it all off he was now completely naked. His big black cock was sticking out, hard as a rock. My wife opened her eyes looking up at the naked black man before her. Reaching down he took both of her hands helping Marisa up to her feet. Turning her around to face away from him Dwane undid her skirt, letting it drop to her feet. Immediately he grabbed her panties, pulling them off her waist, and down her legs as the dropped into a pile with her skirt. “Marisa I’m going to give you something you’ll never forget” he told her as he took her by the hand. I’m not sure if either of us knew where he was going with that as he lead her to the other side of the sofa. Our sectional has a lounge side for laying down to relax, a big open space that’s more then wide enough to sleep on. Manuvering her back onto the couch he moved down with her, pushing her onto her back. What he said next made me realize exactly what he had planned.”Are you on the pill Marisa?” he asked. She told him that she was, which is true. “Good because I wasn’t expecting this tonight and didn’t bring any condoms along with me as I always do. But I’m clean and know you are too. And I’m not going to lie, I’d rather go in you bareback anyway. Have always wanted to.” He said this as he positioned himself above her. Marisa didn’t say a word, just stared up at him. Quickly I picked the phone up, calling my house. As it rang I watched as Dwane pushed my wife’s legs open. My wife seemed to be helping as she spread them wide to allow him to move between.”That’s right baby! Open those nice pale white legs for your black daddy!” he ordered. As the answering machine picked up I began to call out for Marisa to pick up the phone. Doing my best to act like I didn’t know what was happening as I watched it. This time she didn’t even bother responding, just ignored me completely. Dwane was now fully between her out stretched thighs. As I continued asking if she was home Dwane laughed. Marisa asked him what was funny?”Your husband has no fucking clue that his pretty white wife is about to have my big black dick shoved into her” he explained. “There he is talking as I’m lining my cock head up with your tight little hole. Can’t wait to see him on Monday. Knowing that he has no idea I fucked his wife while he was gone. Even more so that I’m about to fuck you bareback to!” She never bothered to stop him nor did she make a motion towards me. Hanging up I was about to call again when Marisa let out a quick, sharp, and loud moan. Looking back to the screen I could tell it was from Dwane, who was now in the process of pushing himself into her. They both had the look of slight discomfort about them.”Fuck girl your pussy is tight!” he groaned. “Never thought it would be like trying to stick my dick in a vise!” Marisa explained that it didn’t help he was so big. I personally knew myself that my wife is usually tight around me and I’m not nearly as big as Dwane. On top of that she’s always tighter after she has an orgasm. It didn’t really seem to phase Dwane much as he continued trying to work his massive black dick into my wife. He told her that he shouldn’t complain about it being tight since it felt so good. “Just go slow okay?” she asked him. “My husband isn’t anywhere near your size and I’m not used to having something so big in me.” Dwane told her he would be gentle, at first. I sat there watching as he kept pushing slowly in and out of my wife, each time their bodies would get closer as he worked it in deeper. Roughly two minutes into it Dwane let out a deep sign and stopped moving.”Fuck baby girl your tight pink pussy took me balls deep!” he said loudly. “I haven’t been with too many white girls and none of them have ever taken it all in.” Marisa looked as surprised as he was telling him she never expected that to happen either. That it was luck because she could feel the very tip of his dick lightly touching her cervix so there was no way he could go any deeper. Dwane smiled asking her how it felt. My wife explained she felt very full, very stretched, and though it was slightly uncomfortable there was also some pleasure in there. “Just wait baby. It’s about to feel a hell of a lot better. Sex with your husband is never going to be the same” he insisted. At that point Dwane pulled slightly out of her then slowly slid it back in.Marisa let out a low moan. Asking her if it felt good my wife just nodded yes. Pulling out more a second time before shoving it back in. This time she moaned louder. Grinding it into her Dwane asked if it still hurt any? “No” she replied. “It’s just going to take a little getting used to, that’s all. It doesn’t hurt though. escort eryaman Other then some slight discomfort it feels really, really good.” This made Dwane smile as he no began to start a slow, steady rhythm moving in and out of my wife. Marisa respond by moaning with each movement he made. Could tell by the look on her face when the discomfort disappeared replaced by pure pleasure and total lust for the black man above her. As I watched Dwane’s black ass and hips rise and fall as he thrust he massive dick into my wife I felt my dick actually getting hard again. I soon found myself somewhat turned on by watching the two of them, rubbing my dick once again. Dwane was soon alternating between hard, fast thrusts and slow, soft ones. Marisa was in complete pleasure as he assaulted her body. Her fingers gripping onto her shoulders as she let out one moan after another. Some pretty loud. Was hoping that our neighbors weren’t home with the noise she was making. We live in a small two bedroom apartment. Thankfully on one of the end units but there is still one apartment next to ours. She was no doubt being loud enough for them to hear. The only good thing was that they usually work late and shouldn’t be home for hours. Was even more thankful for that as Dwane picked up his pace and Marisa was now moaning even louder. In fact louder then I ever remember hearing before as she wrapped her legs around his back. Her feet and toes curled up tightly in pleasure. Dwane took this of course as a good sign, giving it to my wife good and hard making her almost scream in ecstasy.Marisa – “OH FUCK!”Dwane – “Feels good doesn’t it Marisa?”Marisa – “YES … SO FUCKING GOOD! … OH GOD YES!”Dwane – “Good baby. Take that big black dick!”Marisa – “FUCK ME … FUCK … ME! … FUCK YES … DON’T STOP … FUCK ME!”Dwane – “Fuck you with what Marisa? Tell me what you want me to fuck you with.”Marisa – “FUCK ME WITH YOUR BIG BLACK DICK!”Dwane – “That’s right girl, that’s what I wanted to hear. You to say it out loud that you’re being fucked good and it ain’t by your husband. Wishing he would call you again so I can listen to him asking for you as I plow your pussy. I thought that maybe I would oblige him. By this time I was openly stroking my own dick as I watched the two of them. Picking up the phone I called the house waiting for the answering machine to pick up. The sound of the phone seemed to catch the attention of both of them. After the machine beeped I began to talk.Me – “Hey honey are you there? It’s me. If you’re home pick up.”Dwane – *laughing* … “It’s almost like he heard me. Going to enjoy it while I can though and fuck you good and hard with him in the background.”He was as good as his word as he thrust into my wife hard and fast making her scream in pleasure. Even had the part of the sofa they were on rocking some.Me – “Okay well I’ll talk to you later then. Give me a call when you get home if it’s not too late. Love you!”Dwane – “Tell me Marisa, does my dick feel better then his? Be honest girl!””Yes … yes it does!” she told him as she looked towards the scream and mouthed the words “I’m sorry’ and ‘I love you.’ Dwane was fucking her hard and fast, giving it all he had but I could tell he surely wasn’t going to last too much longer. The living room was echoing with the sounds of my wife’s moans and his testicles slapping against her body with each hard thrust.Dwane – “Fuck I’m getting close to cumming girl. Tell me again, I want to hear you say it yourself that I feel better!”Marisa – “Your dick feels better then my husbands!”Dwane – “My what dick feels better then who’s? Tell me!”Marisa – “Your big black dick feel so much fucking better then my husband’s!”Dwane – That’s right girl, do you like this big black dick? Tell me!”Marisa – “I love your big black dick … I FUCKING LOVE IT!”Dwane – “Yes baby! … that’s it … fuck! … this big black dick’s about to cum deep in your tight married white cunt! … shit can’t hold it anymore! … here it comes baby … fuckkkkkkk!”At that moment Dwane let out a long, deep moan as he shoved hard into Marisa one last time, holding it there. I watched his entire body go ridged. Then his butt cheeks tightened and released over and over again as he shot he hot black seed deep into my wife’s stomach. I could see a slight smile work across her face as he came in her. He seemed to have a lot in him as it took some time before he finally pulled himself off of my wife. Climb from the couch Dwane’s dick was hanging soft between his legs yet still looked huge. He walked off leaving my view and from what I could hear he went into the bathroom. Marisa just laid there trying to compose herself. Turning her head she looked over towards the web camera on the computer.”Thank you honey, I love you” she said so softly I was barely able to hear her. I had no doubt she meant every word. Neither of us once considered that this would have played out as it did if we put her in that situation. She had mentioned to me several days ago that she hoped it wouldn’t be too hard to stop it before it went too far or that she would have the will to not want to fully live out her fantasies and desires. I now realized that she certainly didn’t have the will to stop before it went all the way. I guess I can’t slight her for that since she is an extremely sexual person and has been dreaming of having sex with a black guy for over a year now. Including fantasies of having sex with Dwane. Once Dwane came back into the room Marisa sat up, getting off the sofa. Explaining that she now had to run to the bathroom herself because his semen was already leaking out of her. Pointing to the couch she explained some had already gotten onto it leaving a tiny wet spot. Dwane said he was sorry that he came so much but it had been a few days since he last had. My wife stopped dead in her tracks and turned to face him.”A few days!” she said. “As much as you shot into me and it’s only been a few days? My husband doesn’t cum this much even after a week!” That made Dwane laugh. He said that maybe it was because of his black balls, that like his dick are oversized compared to what she’s used to. Dashing off into the bathroom I watched at Dwane put his underwear back on and sat down on the sofa relaxed. When my wife came back out she was wearing a black night gown. Walking over she sat down near him. “Do you might if I stay here for tonight Marisa?” he asked. “Only because it’s late and I had a few drinks and not sure if I should drive. Besides you’re husband’s not going to be home for another day and a half so he’s not going to know if I sleep on your couch.” Marisa didn’t seem sure at first but agreed feeling that it would probably be best if he stayed. They sat there for about an hour watching TV when my wife got up telling him she was tired and was going of to bed. Giving her a kiss goodnight he thanked her for inviting him over and for the good time the had together. Telling her she was the best he’s had in a long time. And also for not raising a stink when he asked not to use a condom. She thanked him as well and told him it was no problem because she trusted him. Leaving the room I heard our bedroom door open. Since our bedroom is located right on the other side of the wall behind our couch I could hear the sound of her opening our loud closet door. Coming back out she gave Dwane a pillow and blanket to use for the night before going back in and closing the door behind her. Finding myself very much turned on I clicked on the web camera icon and rewind the action from earlier. Unknown to my wife I had planned on recording the whole thing so she could watch herself when I got back home which was supposed to have been tonight. As I viewed it all again I began to masturbate until I came myself. Once finished I went back to the normal camera view to see if anything new was happening only to see Dwane settling in for the night on our couch. Taking my lap I put it up on the night table beside the bed and went of to sleep. The light from the computer screen was so faint it acted more as a night light as I dozed off.sleeping in a hotel bed was never the best situation for me and always found myself waking up often throughout the night. This was no different then any other except for the fact that I couldn’t get the image of my wife Marisa having sex with my black co-worker Dwane. She enjoyed every moment of it and looked like she was in heaven the entire time. Rolling over I looked at the clock to see it was almost 2:30 in the morning. Yet I couldn’t seem to get back to sleep. Switching the TV on I was unable to find anything worth watching or that would help me sleep again. While I was laying there some movement caught the corner of my eye. Turning to face the computer screen I could see Dwane sitting up on the couch. He looked around for a moment just before reaching down to rub his crotch. Even in the faint light coming from the kitchen I could see he had an erection again. Reaching into his underwear I watched as he began to play with himself as he looked across the room at a wedding photo of my wife. “Shit, fuck this! Why the hell am I playing with myself when I got the real thing all to myself?” he said as he stood up. This peaked my interest as I grabbed the computer and watched as Dwane walked around to the bedrooms. I heard our bedroom door softly opening follow by the same gentle sound of it closing. I right away figured out where this might be going and wondering if my wife was going to agree to it in our bed and away from where I could see them. After he went into the bedroom it was very quiet for over five minutes. Then through the thin wall I could hear what sounded like faint moaning of Marisa’s voice. Since our bed is literally right against the wall on the other side of the couch it was easy to hear sounds, just not clear ones. Was able to make out what sounded like Dwane’s voice asking my wife a question and like her answer was too muffled to understand. It was quiet again for another minute or so when I could again hear faint moaning from my wife. It was almost constant leading me to believe they were doing something sexual. Wasn’t sure what until the moaning got louder at the same time I could hear the bed’s headboard banging against the wall in a rhythmic manner. I had no doubt by that point knowing that they were having sex again this time in our bed. Marisa was moaning loudly in pleasure so much so that it sounded as if she wasn’t in another room. On top of the moaning and headboard banging I was now able to hear our bed spring creaking. What is the most amazing part of that is our bed is newer and doesn’t make noise unless you’re jumping on the thing. He was fucking my wife so hard by that time that he was actually causing the bed to make noise too. Around ten minutes from when the moaning began it ended with the sound of Dwane yelling out before everything went silent. The quiet was broken when the bedroom door opened followed by that of the bathroom door closing. A second set of foot steps came out of the bedroom and into my view in the living room. It was my wife Marisa. She was walking strangely with one hand covering her crotch. Was confused at first until I saw her grab a box of tissues we had sitting on the side coffee table. Pulling a few out she bunched them together. Propping one leg up on the couch and looking down she took the ball of tissues and began to wipe her pussy with them. That’s when I realized she was likely cleaning herself up after Dwane had deposited another load of his semen into her. I don’t think she even considered I would be awake since she paid no attention to the computer at all. Once Dwane came out of the bathroom she went in herself to finish up. When she got out he called her back into the living room. “Thanks again Marisa” he said before giving my wife a kiss. “No offense but you’ve got one nice little pussy. Your husband’s a lucky man.” Smiling Marisa thanked him before going back eryaman escort bayan to bed as Dwane settled back onto the couch for the night. I never once thought she would have sex with him a second time much less in our bed and where I couldn’t see them. Felt different then the last time they did because it was out of sight. Not that I was really pissed off as much as I was shocked by it. Laying back down I did my best to get some sleep and eventually dozed off again for several hours. Around a little before nine in the morning I was woken up by my computer. Unsure what it was at first I at up to see my wife sitting in front of the screen sending me an instant message. Pulling the computer to my lap she asked me how I was doing. Telling her I was fine she said she was sorry about going all the way last night. That her desire and lust got the better of her along with drinking which loosened her up too much and asked me if we were going to be okay. I explained that I wasn’t really mad at her, was just surprised and shocked. I never considered it would get near that far. I knew she had a real big fantasy about being with a black guy yet never figured it would actually happen for real. I explained that we would be fine though. That made her happy. I asked her how she slept which she said fine except for Dwane who woke her up around 2:30 in the morning. I asked her where he was now, she said in the shower. I then said that I was awake when they had sex the second time in the bedroom. She asked if I was pissed about that? I told her no I wasn’t.She said she was sorry anyway since it wasn’t something that was planned. Telling me she was sound asleep when he snuck into the bedroom and crawled into bed with her. She woke up to him behind her fondling her breasts. In her half awake state she explained she thought it was me at first until she turned to look and saw Dwane behind her. She was shocked and was about to jump out of bed but he had a tight grip. That’s when he began kissing her neck again and finding ways to make her more relaxed, and turned on. As she laid there on her side she could feel he was totally naked behind her. His hard black dick pressing against her butt. Marisa explained that she knew this was even worse then the last time with me watching. Not only because I wasn’t able to see what was going on but it was happening in our bed. She was trying her best to fight her urges of wanting it even though she really did. Feeling like she not only wanted it, she almost needed it. To feel his hard black dick inside of her again.She said he started rubbing her pussy. By then she gave up resisting. He kept it up until she was wet which didn’t take too long. After taking his fingers away she felt something much bigger looking for access. Could feel the soft, spongy head of his cock rubbing her pussy getting the tip wet. Once he was lined up he wasted no time pushing he big dick into her. In that position though he couldn’t as deep, wanting to put it all into her again. So he pulled out and told her to get on her hands and knees. He got behind her, grabbed her waist, and slammed into her; burying himself fully into her body. She told me that he was soon fucking her hard and even got her to orgasm around him without having to rub her clit. Which is something that has never happened. She said he came soon after she did, pushing his dick all the way into her from behind as he did. Holding her tightly against him he told her he wanted to make sure he would get every last drop of cum as deep as he could inside her body. She explained that he didn’t cum as much as the first time but it was still a lot. She also told me he mentioned last night she was the first married woman he has ever had sex with that he knows of and that he thought it was making it hotter then normal because of that.At that moment the shower turned off and we had to start a new conversation so Dwane wouldn’t read what was said before. As he walked out of the bathroom and into the living room he headed right over to my wife asking her what she was up to. Marisa explained that she was talking to me through the computer while I was free. Dwane was in nothing but a towel standing to the side of my wife. He was too close to see his face but everything from his upper thighs to his chest was in view. “Really?” he asked. “You’re talking to your husband?” When Marisa said yes she was. “This can be fun” he told her as he bent down looking at the screen. I could now see an almost evil grin on his face. Asking my wife if she had breakfast yet she told him she hadn’t.”Good then you won’t be too full to eat a black sausage” he told her. Marisa looked up and gave him a strange look. “Now breakfast they say is the most important meal of the day so I think it’s time you had something to eat” he said as he undid the towel around his waist. Dropping it to the floor he moved so he was standing against Marisa’s right arm. His dick was semi soft as he grabbed it with his right hand. My wife looked unsure what to do. I could tell in her eyes though she wanted to as she peered into the camera at me. Without saying a word I knew she was asking for permission by the expression she gave me. Trying to act like I wasn’t watching I wrote her telling Marisa it was fine and to do it while pretending to be talking about another subject. Though Dwane may not have known my wife fully knew what was being said. Witting a quick thank you back to me with a smile and wink.”Open your mouth girl, breakfast is served” he said. His left hand moved up grabbing my wife’s red hair, turning so she faced him and pushed her head towards his dick. I watched as her face moved closer to his massive black cock until the tip was touching her mouth. Dwane began rubbing the head of his dick on my wife’s lips. Without saying anything her eyes looked up at him as her tongue darted out, liking it. She then began running the very tip of her tongue around the head before opening her mouth letting him slide it in. “That’s right baby. Suck that big black dick like a good little white girl. Want you to keep talking to your husband while you do this. Fucking turn on with my dick in your mouth as he’s talking to you on the computer. Is almost as hot as last night when he was on the phone. Just suck it when you’re waiting for him to get back to you, write him, then get back to sucking it again.”She did as she said as we both tried to act like I could see what was going on. I tried to waste some time between responses so I could watch. As he requested when she was waiting for me she either had he tongue running up and down his dick or her pink lips wrapped around it, sucking it in and out of her mouth. Could tell that he lips were stretched as far as they could get around that monster black dick. Had me thinking about what her pussy looked around that massive thing. They kept this up for a few minutes until Dwane pulled her head away. Asking Marisa if her pussy was wet she told him it was.”Good, then tell your husband you have to run to the bathroom and will be right back” he ordered. “It’s not fair that you’re mouth should get it all when that white pussy is hungry for some black sausage too. Besides didn’t you ever learn it’s not polite to talk with your mouth full.” Doing as he said he then had my wife stand up. Taking her hand he walked her back over to the couch and sat down. His big black dick was still rock hard and pointing straight up towards the ceiling.”I’ve already fucked you on you back and like a dog. Now Marisa it’s your turn to get a workout. You’re going to get on top of me now and ride me baby. You’re husband will wait for you until we’re finished” he told her. I wasn’t sure what to say about this but Marisa didn’t even question it as she climbed on the couch, straddling him. “Take this fucking thing off. I want to play with you big tits” he said talking about her night gown. Marisa pulled it up and over her head leaving her like him, nude. I watched as my wife positioned herself above him while using one hand to line his dick up with her pussy. Though I could only see her from behind it was more then enough to see it all. Once she was ready Marisa started to slide down onto his dick, a little as a time. This time around I actually had a view of his black dick disappearing into her body. “Damn Marisa I can’t believe how fucking tight your little pussy is. This is the third time now and it’s still as tight as the first” Dwane grunted. I knew what helped was my wife did kegel exercises so she could stay tight. Plus, as she again pointed out he was really big. Gradually she worked it in until she was literally impaled on the thing. Rocking back and forth as Dwane okayed with and sucked on her breasts. Marisa was moaning.”Ride me baby!” he ordered. Doing as he asked she began to slowly slide up and down on his dick. I watched as his massive black cock disappeared again and again into my wife. She would alternate between fast and slow. At times pulling it nearly all of the way out and staying there teasing him before sinking the entire thing back into her. She was soon moaning loudly as she rode his dick and told him she was actually close to cumming. Asking him to rub her clit as she rocked on his dick. Doing as she asked in no time at all she screamed out in pleasure, cumming around his dick. Once she caught her breath after coming down she went back to riding Dwane.”That’s it baby. Slide that white pussy down on my big black pole! Going to stretch that little hole open. Feels good doesn’t it girl?” he asked.Marisa – “Fuck yes! Feels so fucking good!””Can’t believe how fucking nice your little pink pussy feels around my dick! Ain’t never felt something this good before” he told her as she continued siding up and down on it. Marisa was moaning loudly as she was now riding him hard and fast. From behind I could still see his black dick quickly going in and out of my wife’s body. Dwane – “Already going to make me cum Marisa. Do you want me to me to cum in you again?”Marisa – “Yes! … cum for me!”Dwane – “Tell me you want it in you! Tell me like a good married white slut!”Marisa – “Please cum inside of me … cum as deep as you can in me!”Dwane – “Fuck … keep it up … yeah … tell me again … tell me where you want me to cum”Marisa – “Deep in my pussy”Dwane – “Oh shit … fuck … going to cum again deep in that married white cunt! … ahhhhh!”He let out another deep moan, pulling my wife all the way down onto his dick until he was fully into her. Holding her waist tightly as he also pushed up into her. Watching his body react I knew he was once again shoot his hot semen deep up in my wife’s body. He didn’t let go for a second until he was fully unloaded into her. Explaining he was starting to get soft Marisa moved up sliding his dick out of her. His cock flopped down onto the couch between his thighs as she went off to clean up. Reaching for the remote he just sat there naked watching TV. Couldn’t help but notice his flaccid cock limp on our couch yet still fucking huge!When Marisa came back into the room she was wearing a robe. Dwane asked why she put clothes on that’s when she explained that I told her I was coming home early and was expected by this afternoon. Dwane looked upset telling her he was sorry to hear that since he was looking forward to spending another day with her alone. Getting up he left the room for some time before returning fully dressed. “I guess I had better run so he won’t catch me here. I hope we can do this again soon; real soon” he told her. Bending down Dwane gave my wife a kiss before saying goodbye. As he was heading out the door he turned around thanking Marisa for the best weekend he has had in a long time. Closing the door behind him Marisa walked back over to the camera. Telling me to come home she reached over turning it off. Without wasting a second I packed up and checked out of the hotel. Was home in less then thirty minutes from when Dwane had left. I barely got through the door when my wife jumped me, dragging me to our bed and was soon riding my very hard dick. The whole time going into detail how it felt and asking me how it looked until I came in her. It was some of the hottest sex we ever had.

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