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Author’s Notes: This story contains small penis humiliation, wife sharing, threesomes, and other themes that aren’t appreciated by everyone. If that doesn’t sound fun to you, move along.

“I’ve been thinking,” My wife, Alisa, seductively whispered as she sat between my legs slowly stroking my dick.

“I’d like to invite Sharon over and test the waters with her.” She said with a raised eyebrow. Sharon started working with my wife about 3 months ago, and almost immediately it seemed to spark a dormant desire inside her. We’ve always been open with each other about our fantasies, people we find attractive, and desires. Alisa had been with a couple of men before me, none of which seemed to have much of a lasting impact on her. But, she had also had a sexual relationship with her suitemate, Jessica, in college that she had talked about quite a bit.

Alisa would often share deep and vivid memories of being with Jessica, at first I thought it was more of a tease, knowing I enjoyed hearing about it, but as time went on it became clear she was really voicing how she struggles with wanting to be with another woman. She’s always been honest about her attractions, but recently it seems to have grown from a desire to a need. She needs to be with a woman again.

“What are you thinking?” I asked between strokes.

“I was thinking I’d invite her over for drinks and tell her to bring a swimsuit for the hot tub, and just see how the night goes.”

“What do you want me to do?” I huffed edging closer.

“I think it will depend on her comfort level, I’d love for you to participate, but I’ll at least try to get her to let you watch… that is… if you want.” She stopped jerking me and clamped down at the base of my throbbing dick keeping me from cumming. “I really think I need this, Lee. But, I’d understand if you don’t really want to be there. Sometimes things are best left as a fantasy, seeing me between a woman’s legs may not be as sexy as you’re hoping.”

“Oh, Shit!” I grabbed her hand and jerked them cumming hard as I shot three thick ropes of pearly white juice.

Sharon had been to our house twice before with a group of girls from Alisa’s work. She’s an attractive girl, tall with dark wavy hair, full lips, and from what I could tell a nice firm body. She had never come across as overly sensual, dressing casually and never drawing much attention to herself. But there was something alluring about her that was hard to put into words. She carries herself like a quiet librarian, but every now and then she gives off a vibe that she’s hiding something.

Several days later I got a text from my wife,

*Sharon’s coming over tonight* She sent with a winking face.

*What did you say to her?*

*I asked her if she wanted to come over and enjoy the hot tub with us*

*Do you think she knows what your intentions are?*

*Well, she asked who else would be there. I told her it would be just the three of us. Then I asked if she was okay with it being a threesome.*

*Holy Shit! You said that?*

*Yea, my heart was pounding. She just whispered, “that sounds like fun”* Alisa texted.

I couldn’t believe this was really happening. I wasn’t sure my wife would actually ask Sharon over like that. I started growing a little anxious. I know my dick is on the small side, a pretty forgettable 4×4, measuring just 4 inches long and 4 inches at its thickest. Not only is it not big, but my stamina often leaves me finishing a lot quicker than my wife who I usually finish with my mouth or one of our toys.

I stopped by the nearest Adult Book Store on my way home from work, I looked around trying to find something that might help me last a little longer. I bought a box of wipes that claimed to help extend your lovemaking by numbing the sensation and a set of silicone cock rings.

I hurried home to find Alisa’s car already in the driveway. I went inside and hurried to our bedroom. Through the bathroom door, I could hear the distinct buzzing of the hair trimmer.

“I am home!” I shouted while knocking on the door.

“OH MY GOD!” She cried out, “You scared the shit out of me!” She chuckled

“Getting bursa escort bayan ready for tonight?”

“Yes,” She laughed, “I’m almost done” A few moments later she came out wearing her robe and slight blush across her face. “We’re really doing this.” She huffed.

“I guess so, are you okay with that?”

“I think so, I mean I just don’t want it to be awkward at work after this, and I want to make sure you’re okay with it? What do you have there?” She asked seeing the black bag on the bed.

“I just want to be ready,” I said and showed her what I bought. We sat down and talked about what we were feeling our concerns, and made an agreeable plan that if anyone was uncomfortable at any time for any reason we would stop. Alisa also relieved my fears by telling me not to worry about trying to satisfy two women, but the goal tonight was to have fun, and that we would work together to make this night memorable for her Sharon.

Alisa took a shower while I decided to take advantage of the clippers and trim up my area too. Once she was done I hopped in and washed up. I came out of the bathroom to find my wife checking herself out in the full-length mirror in a swimsuit I’d never seen before. She was absolutely gorgeous, Alisa is a short, thick, dark-haired woman, barely five feet tall, she has a round full ass, wide hips, and 32 DD breasts. The swimsuit she had pulled on was a shiny black two-piece that seemed about a size too small on the top.

“Is that new?” I asked.

“No, I’ve just never worn it, it’s a little skimpy and not very comfortable. But, I thought maybe it was the right one for this evening. What do you think?”

“I think even if I was gay I’d find you sexy,” I wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her to me. “You are fucking hot.” We kissed and teased each other over our clothes, making out and getting worked up for the evening.

“When will she be here?” I asked,

“Any minute, she actually lives in the back of our neighborhood,” She paused looking at the clock, “Do you want a drink?” Alisa pulled her robe back on and I slipped on a simple knee-length swimsuit and we headed to the kitchen for a couple of quick shots of whiskey, followed by sipping on a bottle of beer.

“I think she’s here,” Alisa said hearing a car pull up. Seconds later the doorbell rang, Alisa waited a few seconds before going to open it, not wanting to seem too eager.

Sharon and Alisa greeted each other with casual conversation, as they made their way from the door to the kitchen.

“Hey, how are you doing!” Sharon called out to me, I greeted her with a quick hug. She’s a bit taller than me and was wearing heels so she stood about 5-6 inches taller than me. We shared a few pleasantries and talked about work and life in the neighborhood.

“So… I am not sure how to ask this,” Sharon said meekly. “I am sorry I just want to make sure I am clear on what we’re doing.” She blushed.

“Well, right now we’re going to pour some drinks and go sit in the hot tub, and… well if something else happens then it happens.” She smiled reaching up to brush Sharon’s hair over her ear.

“Ok, I’ll meet you out there.” She said and headed to the guest bathroom. Alisa grabbed some glasses and an assortment of drinks, beer, wine, whiskey, not really knowing what Sharon would want.

We set up a make-shift bar on a table in the enclosed patio near the hot tub. I heard the back door open and looked over to see Sharon coming out. She wore a sexy one-piece suit with a reptile print and had a wrap worn around her thin waist. We grabbed some drinks and got settled into the tub. Sharon left on her wrap, while Alisa took her robe off and tossed it aside as she stepped into the tub, it was obvious she was turned on, her nipples stuck out drawing attention to her large chest. My wife sat closer to Sharon than to me, but still leaving a gap between them.

We talked for a while, I had met Sharon before but didn’t know that much about her. So we spent time talking about where she was from, how she ended up here, and her past relationships. She shared that it was hard growing up in a small görükle escort town, “like this” I began to suspect that Sharon was a lesbian and that I might not be welcome to play later.

“Alisa,” She said sheepishly, “how did you know about me?”

“Well, I guess I didn’t, I just felt attracted to you and thought I’d give it shot.” Alisa share about her experiences in college, as we drew closer to getting sexual.

“But… do you know about me?” Sharon eeked out.

“I am not sure what you’re getting at,” Alisa said and slid over closer to Sharon taking her hand and placing it on her chest.

“There’s something you need to know before we go any further,” She sighed, “I really like both of you, and your both sexy as hell. I hope this doesn’t change anything.” She paused. “I… well I like both guys and girls,” She smiled. “And… I… I have… well… I have a penis.” She finally shared.

“Sorry?” Alisa spat

“I was born a man… I’ve had top surgery, but I still have male genitals. Are you gonna be okay with that?”

“Umm, wow! I uh, had no idea Sharon,” Alisa stammered looking for the right words and trying to be sensitive. “I… well… I am still game.” She looked over at me wanting some type of answer.

“Let’s just see where this takes us,” I said. Alisa stood up, took Sharon’s face in her hands, and placed a long passionate kiss on her full lips. Sharon slid her hands up Alisa’s back and quickly untied her top. Alisa sat back and pulled her top off. I moved over to the other side of my wife, rubbing her back and kissing her neck. She leaned back into Sharon as she gripped my wife’s tits and pulled them to her face, sucking and licking her dark puffy nipples.

“Oh, God!” Alisa sighed, “I want to see you.” She huffed tugging at Sharon’s shoulder straps. She stood up on the seat and pulled her suit down over her breasts. She must’ve had a great surgeon, they looked amazing with only the slightest scar. “More,” Alisa encouraged, “I want to see all of you.” Sharon sat on the edge of the hot tub and pulled her swimsuit off holding it over her groin.

“Are you sure?” She asked coyly, stood up, and held her swimsuit out to the side revealing her long hard cock.

“Holy shit!” I muttered to myself, she was easily 8 inches long and thick, much thicker than my dick.

“Oh my God,” Alisa laughed, “Oh my God,” she said again looking at me. “Come,” She waved me closer slid her thumbs in my swimsuit, and quickly brought it to my knees showing Sharon my small dick.

“So cute!” Sharon coughed with genuine delight, she reached across my wife and fondled my stiff little pecker.

“Oh God, that’s hot!” Alisa cried and bent over taking Sharon’s dick in her mouth, jacking her, and licking her hairless balls. I stood beside Sharon who was playing with my dick with her left hand and holding my wife’s head to her cock with the other. Alisa pulled off Sharon’s cock licking it from balls to slit, she was now fully hard and looked closer to 9 inches long, her head was slimmer than the shaft that had a prominent raised vein, and was thicker now too. My wife held her cock with about an inch gap between her thumb and fingers.

“I’ve never had a big cock before,” Alisa gushed, “It’s so much bigger than Lee’s.” She sucked Sharon’s cock again. I was turned on by both watching my wife with this massive dick and the humiliation of knowing I didn’t measure up to this woman’s cock.

My hot horny wife pulled off her bikini bottoms and turned around pressing her bulbous ass into Sharon’s cock. “Fuck me” Alisa swooned, “Please, Sharon, I want you inside me.”

Sharon rubbed her massive cock against my wife’s cunt and slowly penetrated her pussy, stretching her wider than I ever could and sinking deeper inside her than I could ever reach.

“You’re so big” Alisa drooled, “you feel so good Sharon, you’re so deep!” She continued. I began to get concerned that the neighbors would hear us and got Sharon and Alisa to break apart long enough to go inside. We scampered into the house and up to our bedroom, Sharon’s large glistening cock bouncing uncontrollably as she walked bursa escort bayan while my little nub barely shook.

Sharon dropped to her knees grabbed my hips and pulled me to her sucking my smaller dick inside her wet hot mouth. I’ve never been with a guy or anyone who used to be a guy, but she definitely knew her way around a dick. Her sucking and licking felt amazing, and within seconds I felt like I was going to explode. I pulled away and excused myself to the bathroom. I quickly slathered my dick with one of the numbing wipes and snapped the cock rings in place, one around my balls and one around my dick.

I opened the door to find my wife sitting on the bed with Sharon standing in front of her.

“Holy Shit!” Alisa laughed, “you’re a little over 9 inches!” I stood beside Sharon and looked down to see my wife measuring her cock with a cloth tape measure, it stood out long and hard from her hips. Alisa wrapped the tape around the shaft and read it out loud. “OH my GOD, 6 and a half inches round!” I stood beside Sharon with the hardest erection I’ve ever had, the cock rings helping to enhance my size, and even still she dwarfed me.

“You’re next baby!” Alisa teased, grabbed my dick pulling me closer. She ran the tape down the length of my much small dick, she looked down and then into my eyes. “Baby… you told me it was 4 inches, this is as hard as I’ve ever seen it, and you’re under 4 inches, actually closer to 3 and a half. Did you lie to me because you were embarrassed?”

“Yes,” I sighed.

“Hmm, I knew you were the smallest I’d ever been with, but I’ve never measured before. Now let’s see the girth.” She teased and wrapped the tape around my short cock. “You know they always say girth is better than length” She taunted. “Oh honey,” she said in a mocking baby voice. “Just under 4 inches. Your little baby dick is so tiny,” She squealed. She pulled me closer to Sharon, pressing out dicks together, and smacking my little guy with Sharon’s fat baton.

“I want to feel this cock deep inside me Sharon, please fuck me!”

Before I knew it my wife was on top of Sharon riding her thick cock, Alisa’s tits jiggling wildly. They looked amazing, it was easily the sexiest thing I’d ever seen. I stood watching that massive tool working in and out of my petite wife stretching her like I never could.

“Oh God, OH MY GOD!” Alisa’s legs quaked, she grabbed her tits and flung her head back as she came on Sharon’s cock, her creamy discharge flowed down Sharon’s fat meat pole. Alisa flopped down beside Sharon convulsing in the aftershocks of her orgasm.

“Look at you,” Sharon smiled at me and gestured for me to come near her. I came around the other side of the bed to Sharon, she grabbed my hard dick and pumped it several times, she scooted around on the bed and draped her head off the edge, and licked my balls as I straddled her face. Alisa rolled over and sucked Sharon’s dick while Sharon sucked mine.

“Will you fuck me?” Sharon pleaded, rolled over, and stuck her ass in the air. Sharon’s hole was coated in Alisa’s juices, I rubbed my little dick head against her opening and pushed inside, slipping up her ass. “Mmm!” She sighed. Eventually, my wife wedged herself beneath Sharon and impaled herself on Sharon’s dick grinding her as I fucked her ass. “Oh my God, you guys, you’re amazing!” She panted.

Moments later Alisa was quivering underneath Sharon cumming again, and cumming hard on Sharon’s cock sending her over the edge too.”OH YES!” She cried, pulled her cock out, and came all over my wife’s chest and stomach. I kept pumping away even as she collapsed on top of my wife. They kissed and fondled each other as I kept fucking her butt.

“Come on, baby! Come on!” Alisa coached. “Fuck that ass! Fuck her with your tiny dick!” That was too much, I looked over Sharon’s shoulder to my wife laughing and holding up her hand in a small penis sign. I gripped Sharon’s hips s drilled as deep inside her as I could and erupted my load inside her. I pulled out and kept cumming, I jerked the rest of my loadout on her ass and laid down beside my wife.

“Well, it’s not what I was looking for, but maybe what I’ve needed all along was a big fat girl cock.” Alisa laughed and held me to her.

Sharon stayed the whole night and came back the next evening, and since then has become a regular part of our sex life, and we couldn’t be more satisfied.

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