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wife story 3Having broken down a few barriers my wife seemed a bit more relaxed telling me about her and the workmen. She did however get irritated when I pressed for too much detail. Like, where exactly was everyone sitting? What precisely was she wearing? It was the detail that created a picture in my mind of the sequence of events and gave me the biggest turn on. Sometimes I asked her to tell me the same story again but the details differed. She related how during the morning she would get excited and turned on waiting for them to come round. They would start off just chatting and having a drink, then she would sit on someone’s knee and they would all start to feel very horny.Sometimes she sat on a knee and they just chatted while a hand stroked her pussy, her dress pulled up so they all could watch. Other times it got more active. Her hand would be put inside someone’s pants and she would be asked to “play with it.” While that was going on her front would be undone and her tits would be on display. ” I started to wear buttons at the front all the time,” she once explained, “To make things easier.”She told me that sometimes she stood against the kitchen sink with one of the men, her with dress undone all the way down and her tits out of her bra, masturbating him while the others watched. Once they all took turns at this, ejaculating on her. Sometimes she stood with her legs parted leaning against the worktop facing the seated men, whilst the man stood with her had her pants pulled to one side, his fingers inside her bringing her off. He stood at the side of her, giving his mates the best view.”Did they ever take your knickers off?” I asked. “Couple of times,” she admitted quietly. “The first time they asked me I said no, someone might come to the door. I could button up my dress quickly but didn’t want to take my clothes off.” “Otherwise you didn’t mind?” I asked. “No. God, it sounds so bad!” she said guiltily. “We were stood against the worktop at the time, I had a man on either side of me, my dress undone. And before you ask – yes, I was playing with their cocks. I had one in each hand. They asked me to take them off, give them a proper look. When I said no one of the men told his mate to go and lock the door.When he came back they watched me take my knickers off. I let them look and play with my pussy. They rubbed me and put their fingers inside me. They lifted one leg up on a chair to see more.” “Did they fuck you?” “No, but I held their cocks against my clit whilst I wanked them off” “All three of them?” “Yes – all three of them,” she admitted, looking down.”Tell me something, honestly,” I said. “Tell me when they first fucked you.” Now this was a big step! “Don’t spoil it by lying, just tell the truth.””After I first took my knickers off for them I let them do it often. Sometimes they would take bahis firmaları them off to get an extra thrill; other times they watched me do it. Also it was just two of them that came round mostly. The third had gone on holiday. I had been sat on their knees, without my knickers, my skirt round my waist, playing with their cocks. It just went all the way. They stood me up and one kissed me more roughly than usual. I could feel both their cocks pressing against my belly. They rubbed my tits and nibbled them harder than usual too. One said open your legs, I said no, but did it anyway. My head was turned to the side and I got kissed hard. Then I felt a cock against my cunt.” (She had used that word again!) “I know I should have stopped it but I was too far-gone. I let him put it inside me. He fucked me standing up.” “Did you let them both fuck you?” She nodded, “Yes, both of them.” “And after that they did it often?” I questioned. She nodded again. “Whilst we’re being honest, answer me something else. Did you sometimes suck their cocks?” She took a deep breath and nodded yet again. “While other watched?” She gave another hesitant nod. “Did they come in your mouth?” She broke down – now she started to cry. “Don’t ask me any more,” she sobbed. I think I’d pushed it too fast.Now it all went wrong, I pressed for information like I was interrogating a criminal. Had she sucked them off? If she admitted to being fucked by two why be cagey about what else she had done? What was she hiding? One question however caused her to really go ballistic. That question was – “Have you done the same with other men?” She went absolutely “ape – shit”.The next few days were like World War Three. Until she had finally had enough and screamed at me, “None of it ever happened, it was all a lie. I only said it to turn you on in bed. You pestered me so I gave you a story. How long do you think their coffee breaks were?” she added mockingly. “Can you really imagine me doing something like that?”To be honest I could not, but in fact she had done much, much worse. However it would take me almost ten years to find out – and the evidence would come from someone else. Someone who was there!For the sake of brevity, and not boring the reader, I will summarise the next few years in a short paragraph or two. There were rows and recriminations. “Even if it wasn’t true,” I told her, “You have hell of an imagination. So how come our sex life is so boring?” Not helpful I know but there you are! It never stopped nagging at me. What was the truth?There were three possibilities I thought. One, it never happened. Two, it was a love affair with one of them and not just sex. Three, she had done something far worse that she had to hide at all costs. The latter was least likely – but turned out to be the one. Denying it happened was convenient, she kaçak iddaa didn’t have to remember which version of a particular story she told me.I did discover she was having an affair, which is hell of a tale in itself. However that’s another story. The point is I realised that even though she seemed shy and naïve and never went out drinking or clubbing with the girls (her choice) she was capable of being quite naughty! Male readers beware! My wife’s adventures happened in the house or at her part time job. Do not underestimate the opportunities for your wife to be unfaithful.If this were a film a caption would appear on the screen saying “Ten years later”.I was at a self – defence class – (no it hadn’t got that bad!) One of the guys there was chatting to me and in the course of the conversation asked me where I lived. When I told him he said, “Oh yeah, I worked on those houses when they were modernised a few years ago.” I avoided telling him how long I’d lived there and let him tell me about the work. “We had a good time,” he said. “The bosses didn’t give a shit, we could disappear for ages and no one bothered. The site was vast and most of the people had moved out whilst the work was done. It was the way it was financed, no time limit, building inspectors and bosses on bribes. Plus they couldn’t get the enough proper tradesmen, so they turned a blind eye to most things. You could do what they thought was three days work in one and half days then do what you liked. Some entertained the housewives, if you get my drift,” he said laughing. Now this guy could tell me a few things I thought.I offered to buy him a drink to loosen his tongue but he didn’t have time. He was still very forthcoming though. “A few housewives had extra work done for favours – one red – head went though plumbers, electricians, carpenters you name it, depending on what jobs she wanted doing.”After listening for a while I said, “Yeah, I once met a guy who worked on that job, think he was called Bob.” It was a lie of course but that was the guy’s name that my wife most talked about, the one that seemed to lead. Where was he from now?”” Oh him, Bob. Yes well he did have a good time. With a young blonde piece, sexy looking girl she was. Took her k**s to school then Bob and others visited.””Really!” I said trying not to look so anxious. “What you mean “others?””Two of his regular mates at first, but he let some others in on the action. They had a wild time.””Sorry, it seems a bit hard to believe,” I smiled. “So they queued up?””No, course not, not everyone was friends with each other, little groups formed, some weren’t interested others went to the pub some even sunbathed. Then again some stories you heard were not true, some guy bullshitting. So you didn’t take much notice sometimes. It was also wise not to ask too many questions. kaçak bahis Some secrets were not secrets, if you follow me.He carried on talking, I became more convinced he was talking about the same guys – and my wife.”So how do you know this stories true? Were you one of the privileged few?””Unfortunately no, but one Friday morning I had to go round to the blonde’s house. The building inspector wanted another guy and myself and I had to and find him. Usually on pay-day morning people drifted away to the pub or had a sleep somewhere, but I’d noticed for a couple of weeks that odd ones went into this house. Maybe about five or six, not all at once – singles and pairs. It would have looked normal only I knew that there was no work scheduled in there. The area was usually more or less deserted by lunchtime.Well the guy I went for wasn’t a friend but I’d seen him go in and seeing that other workmen had gone in I didn’t think the door would be locked. I thought maybe that they had a card school going or they were having a drink with the blonde though it seemed unusual. I had to knock on the door.A guy that knew me answered it and when I told him what I wanted he ushered me in and shut the door. That was unusual it was bloody hot weather. He left me in the hallway and went into the kitchen, I could hear muffled conversation but it was quiet for five or six guys.He had pulled the door closed a bit but there was a gap, when I moved towards it to have a peep I could see the backs of a couple of guys and others at the side all staring at a corner of the room. I thought they must be watching a TV, my view was blocked. When one of the guys moved I had the shock of my life! The blonde girl was sat on a kitchen chair; she had nothing on top. Naked from the waist up – and she was sucking a guy off! She was jerking it while another had his hand in front of her. When he moved a bit I could see she had her legs wide open, skirt round her hips and – no knickers on. She was letting the other guy finger her, and her hand was playing with his cock too. I guess the others were waiting their turn,” he laughed loudly.”So you stayed and joined in?””No, I was ushered out again when the guy came in the hallway. Told you, not everyone was friends and some guys you didn’t complain to. Keep quiet and protect your kneecaps. Know what I mean?””Well,” I said laughing, “You tell a fine tale, but it was interesting if unbelievable. I think you’ve been winding me up.””Please yourself,” he said laughing to. “Anyway, I’m off home, see you next week.”Fucking hell I felt like shit. That was my wife. So it was true – but worse. Or was it someone else? No, too many details fit even the guy whose name I’d offered. Having told myself years ago that I should be grateful my wife was not as unfaithful as first believed I was now back at square one. What was the truth? I had had enough she was going to fucking tell me. I had been treated with contempt.One thing I noticed on the way home – in spite of the hurt and anger – my cock kept getting hard. It had turned me on.

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