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As soon as I walked in the door from being out on the road for a week, my wife told me to go have a shower and then to get dressed in what she had laid out for me on our bed.   I could see that she had that certain twinkle in her eye when she is either really anticipating something or really horny.   I just wasn’t sure which one it was this time.   As a long haul trucker, I don’t get too many opportunities to really have a good long soak in the shower.   But now I was home and I was so curious about what my wife had up her sleeve that I showered in near record time.   Making sure to shave the stubble of pubes that had grown in since the last time that I had a chance to shave them off.   I got out of the shower and was drying myself off when I thought that I heard a couple of women chatting and giggling.   I just assumed that Kim had the T.V. on and was louder that usual.   I used the side door of the washroom to go straight into our bedroom to see what Kim had put out for me to wear.   I was surprised to see my black mesh thong and her short silk robe.   My cock twitched at this as I knew we were in for a good time.   I slid the thong up my legs and checked myself out in the mirror.   Not bad for a forty one year old, I thought as I gazed on my reflection.   Through the nearly transparent mesh of the thong, my cock and balls could clearly be seen.   I was getting harder the longer I looked so I grabbed Kim’s white silk robe and tied it loosely around my waist.   I am not much taller than Kim but her robe only just covered my ass and if I bent over, there would be nothing left to the imagination.   I took one last look at myself in the mirror, took a deep breath and opened the door.   I strutted down the hallway and into the living room hoping to find Kim in a sexy lingerie set.   Instead I found her and two of her friends chatting away to each other.   Even dressed as skimpy as I was, none of them even looked my way when I came into the room.   I was just about to say something when Kim looked at me and said that I had very poor manners.   We had guests over and I had not gotten them a glass of wine yet.   Taken completely off guard, I didn’t know what to say.   I just went into the kitchen, grabbed three wine glasses and filled them with the wine that was already opened and on the counter.               I took the first two glasses in for the guests but neither looked at me nor spoke as I gave them their wine.   When I returned with the third glass for Kim, it was only then that I noticed what she was wearing.   She had on my favorite white tank top with her pink push up bra and her little grey stretch mini skirt.   I couldn’t tell if she was wearing panties or not because her legs were crossed and she was sitting upright.   I looked over at the other two and saw that they were wearing jeans and t-shirts.   I thought this was a bit odd but didn’t make mention of it.      Just like a command she would give one of our dogs, Kim motioned for me to sit on the floor beside her chair.   Still not knowing exactly what was going on, I did as she requested and took a not very comfortable position beside her.   The others had still not stopped their idle chit-chat nor had they looked at me.   Kim fell into conversation for about five or ten more minutes before rising to her feet and telling her friends that as a special treat, they will have a man-servant for the evening.   That he is there to serve their needs but will only take orders from her.   She asked her friends if this was OK and they both said yes in unison.   Kim then told me to stand and get each of the ladies another glass of wine but to make her a “special” drink.   I took the two wine glasses and refilled them and gave them back to the friends and then set about making Kim her special potion.   All it was was coconut rum and orange juice, but I knew that is Kim’s favorite drink.   I returned to the room and handed her her drink which she immediately drank almost half.   She motioned again for me to sit beside her on the floor, which I did.   As soon as I was seated she stuck one of her feet in my lap and told me to massage it.   I grabbed her by the ankle and began to rub and massage her foot and toes.   She then had me do the same to the other foot.   This went on for about fifteen minutes and then she told me to stop and stand up.   As I did, she reached out and undid the tie to the robe and pulled it open.   She told me to take it all the way off and to throw it on the other chair.      So there I stood just in my see through thong with a semi erect cock trying to bust out and three hot women looking at me expectantly.   Both of the other women scanned my body briefly and held out their wine glasses saying that they needed another refill.   I looked at Kim and she told me to hurry up and fill their request.   I could feel three sets of eyes on my exposed ass as I made my way back into the kitchen to do their bidding.   Upon my return and giving each their respective glasses, Kim told me to stand in the middle of the room for a while and model my thong.      “See ladies, this is what I get from a man who likes to be manly on the road but when he comes home it is I who gets to be the boss” Kim said as she pointed a finger and made a swirling motion.   I took this as a hint to do a slow pirouette for the ladies enjoyment.   As I came back around to face the three of them, my cock had grown in my excitement so that now it was almost standing at full staff.   “What do you think?   Is he pretty enough in that thong? Or would he be even prettier in something a bit less manly?” Kim asked her friends.      “Let’s see what he might look prettier in” Sue said to Kim.   “I agree.   Here you go” Kim said as she held up one her tiny g-strings.   “Go and put these on and then we will see if they make you any prettier.   I went to the washroom and skinned down my thong and slid her tiny red g-string on and fit my cock into place.   I walked back and stood before them to get their approval.   “That’s cute, but not really very pretty.” Kim said and motioned for me to stand in front of her.   As I stepped forward Kim reached out and grabbed my cock and said “look girls, his little cock is getting all excited from having my panties on.”   She grabbed my ass with her other hand and turned me toward the others awhile still keeping a grip on my hard on.   “I think that he might even get more excited if he looked even prettier” With that, she gave me another pair of panties and again told me to put them on.   I was about to go back to the washroom but she told me just to turn around and get changed.   I turned my back to the three of them and slid one pair down and tried to slide the other pair up but they got stuck at my knees.      “Look girls, he can’t even dress himself.   And he calls himself a man. I think that he might need some help getting his little cock tucked in”   Kim taunted as she got up and walked to me and slapped my ass before reaching down and helping Üsküdar Escort me tug the hot pink satin g-string up my thighs and into place.   This pair was even smaller, tighter and more see through than the last pair so my cock was just barely contained.      Kim went to her chair and sat back before she told me to turn around so they all could see if I looked prettier.   “Well ladies, what do you think, is he any prettier in these?   I know his little cock likes the satin.   Look how hard his tiny little pecker is.”      “That’s an improvement” Tina said “his tiny penis is all hard now, but my wine glass is empty”   “So is mine and I’m thirsty.”   Sue chimed in.               I looked at Kim and saw that she had slid back in her chair and let her legs drift apart so I could now see that she was wearing a very tiny totally see through g-string that I got her for her birthday last year.   Very sexy indeed.   It was wet in the crotch area so I had no problem seeing her pussy lips through the scant fabric.    “Go fill the wine glasses and hurry back with that little cock.” Kim said   I went to the kitchen and poured the rest of the wine and hurried back.   After I had handed the full glasses back, Kim told me to stand and let them admire her handiwork in creating such a pretty man.   I did as I was asked but had to reach down and adjust my now very hard cock.      “I never said that you could touch yourself, did I?” Kim barked.   “No.” was all I could say as I hung my head down.   Kim had Sue hand her some nylons which she quickly looped around each of my wrists and tied them securely behind my back.   “There, that should keep you from touching your little cock for a while. Now come over here and get this bra off me.”      I just looked at her and wondered how with my hands securely fastened.   “You’ll just have to use your mouth and teeth if you want me to show off my tits to everyone.” Kim said.   I knelt on the floor before her and started to raise the bottom of her tank top with my teeth.   Kim helped a bit my sitting forward and arching her back.   I finally got the small top free from her body and looked in awe at her magnificent breasts encased in a bright pink push-up bra.   Kim knows that I have trouble undoing the clasps of her bra when my hands aren’t tied so she knew that I would never be able to do it with only my mouth.   “Tina, would you please be a dear and give this excuse for a man help with my bra?”   Tina only nodded, moved over to Kim and undid the clasps for her.   It was a sexy sight indeed to see another woman undress your wife for you.   “Now Chris, come and finish the job if you can. And while you are doing that, Sue can you paddle Chris’ ass for not completing my order to get my bra off by himself?”   With that, she pointed to a wooden spoon on the coffee table.   I crawled to her on my knees and slipped one shoulder strap down and then the other.   Finally, the bra fell away and exposed those glorious tits to my eyes, not to mention the others as well.   The whole time that it took me to complete this order, Sue was slapping my ass with the spoon getting harder and harder the longer that I took.   “Good job girly man.” She said to me. “Now you can kiss my feet and work your way up slowly.”               I kissed her feet and started working my way slowly up her legs. As I got to her thighs, she slid down in her chair and presented her g-string covered crotch to me.   I could smell her arousal as I got closer to her pussy and couldn’t resist snaking my tongue out and licking the length of her wetness through the material.    “I never said you could use your tongue.” She barked and sat up a bit. “You will need to be punished for that little indiscretion.   Sue, since you did such a good job last time, could you give Chris fifteen good hard spanks?”   “Girly-boy, come here and kiss my cunt while you receive your penance.”               I began to kiss her fragrant pussy all over as Sue rained whacks on my ass with the wooden spoon.   All three girls counted as Sue continued her mission.   Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen.   They all cheered when the beating stopped and looked at my sore, red ass.   What they couldn’t see was my rock hard cock still restrained by the tiny pink g-string.   I longed to pull Kim’s panties to the side and really go to town eating her to orgasm but I had been admonished once already so I just kept on kissing her pussy.   “OK Chris, have you learned your lesson that I am the one giving the orders here and you are only to obey them to the letter?   Kim hissed at me.   I lifted my lips from her wet crotch only long enough to say “Yes ma’am” and went back to inhaling the glorious scent of her womanhood and continued kissing.   “Now that’s a good girly boy, now continue your path up my body.”   As I kissed my way up her body, I wanted so bad to take one her very hard nipples in my mouth and suck on it but I decided against it in fear of more whacks with the wooden spoon.   I soon finished kissing Kim’s forehead and planted one final kiss at the top of her head for good measure.   “Very good, girly boy.” Kim praised me. “If you are untied, can we trust you to behave and not touch your hard little cock?”   “Yes ma’am” was all I could say as I looked down and saw my hard cock sticking a good two inches above the waistline of the g-string and a large drop of pre-come rolling down the head.                  Kim noticed this and stuck her finger out and wiped it off and told me to get on my hands and knees and beg for a meal.   I did as was told as Kim stuck her come soaked finger into my mouth and had me suck off all the come on it.      “It would appear that Chris likes the taste of his own cum ladies” Kim said with a smirk “Do you think he will still like it when it is a full load?   I have always wanted him to suck up his cum like he always wants me to do.”   “That would be awesome to see” Tina said, “If we are supposed to like the taste, they should too”               With that, Kim had me stand in front of her and as she untied my wrists she told me that I had better learn to enjoy the taste of cum because there is going to be a lot more of it in my future.   I wasn’t sure what she meant with that statement, but I was in no position to argue.   My cock was harder than it has ever been.               Kim went on to tell me that from this point forward, I was to clean up any cum that was on her or in her no matter what.   That she was the boss and I was only there to service and clean her.   My cock gave an involuntary twitch at this news and a fresh dollop of cum leaked out of the slit.   Kim had me scoop it up with my finger and suck it into my mouth.   I actually liked the flavor of it.      “Lets see if the little pussy man can lick pussy as well as he licks his own cum” Kim said as she sat back down in her chair and let her legs drift open.   I could clearly see the outline of her cunt lips through the soaked material Üsküdar Escort Bayan of her g-string and it made my mouth water.   It seemed a lot wetter than usual, but I just chalked it up to the eroticism of what we were doing.      “Come down here and lick my creamy pussy so that all my friends can see what a good girly boy you are.” Kim sneered at me. “If you are good, I’ll let you lick the come out of it.   Tina, would you be so kind as to spank Chris when I tell you to?”   “With the spoon or something else?”   Tina queried.   “I’ll let you use your imagination and use what ever your little heart desires.”   Kim replied with a slight smile.   “You can use the spoon, your hand or something that you may find of interest in that shoe box beside your chair.”               Tina bent over and picked up the box, removed the lid and squealed with delight as she extracted a 9 inch silicon dildo with huge balls.   She gripped the shaft like it was the real thing and said “I think this tool will do”.   “Ok.   Let’s give that a try to see how it works.   Give girly boy here a few good whacks.   Chris, get on all fours to receive your trial hits.”   I did as was told and the beating began.   I liked the way the soft silicone felt as it made contact with my ass and my cock was rock hard and dripping.   “Kim, his little cock is leaking all over your carpet again.”   Sue chimed in   “Chris, you know what to do with your cum when you leak.” Kim looked at me sternly.               I scooped up the offending drops and sucked my fingers till they were clean.   This whole time Tina had not stopped beating my ass with the fake cock and it still felt good.      “OK Tina.   That should be enough for his little girly ass for now.   Just keep an eye on his hands and cock to make sure that he doesn’t get any ideas about jacking off while he licks my wet cunt.” She said. “Chris, get down here and suck on my pussy like I know you want to.   And make sure you clean it out really good.”               I bent over and used my teeth to pull the material of her tiny g-string out of the way and finally stuck my tongue into her dripping wet cunt.   The taste was different than usual and it looked like cum was leaking out of it but I did as I was told and continued to lick and suck and swallow all the juice that she had to offer me.   I was loving every second of it when Kim told me to use my fingers to scoop out all of the cum that was in her pussy, so I stuck my finger deep into her cunt and watched in amazement as a huge load of cum flowed out.   I quickly put my mouth back on her pussy and sucked it all back.      “See, I told you that he would suck cum from my cunt.” Kim bragged to the others.   “I’ll bet you that his little cock is rock hard from sucking my pussy full of cum.   Tina, I think that Chris needs his ass spanked for being such a cum loving pussy sucker.   Choose your weapon from the box.”               I watched as Tina rummaged through the box looking for just the right tool.   Again she squealed and pulled out a six inch butt plug.   Kim told her that would not be any good for spanking but there is another good use for it.   Kim asked Sue to get her the bottle of Astroglide from the box.                  I was told to remain in my kneeling position while Kim grabbed the plug and lube from Sue and circled around me till she was behind me.   She pulled the g-string out of my ass crack and put a few drops of the lube right on my hole.      “This should help to remind him who the boss is” Kim said as she began to push the plug into my ass.                  When Kim had the entire six inches firmly stuffed into my ass, she put the g-string back into place and told me to make sure that it doesn’t come out before our game is over.   All I could do was to nod my head and enjoy the sensation of having my ass filled.   My cock has never been so hard.               Kim came around to her chair again and told me to continue sucking the load of cum from her pussy.   I had no clue as to who had recently fucked her and filled her sexy cunt full of cum, but I didn’t really care at that point.   All I knew was that I was loving everything that was happening.               I continued to suck and lick her cunt until she gave one more push and forced the rest of the cum out and into my waiting mouth.   I licked my lips as she pulled my head back and gave me a huge open mouth kiss with lots of tongue.   I could see that she was also wanting a taste of the cum that I had been enjoying.   She told me to stand up and to model my hard cock for the ladies while she went to freshen up.               I stood up and turned towards the other two with my hard cock standing at full attention and leaking a steady stream of pre-cum.   Both of the other girls could only stare as my cock bobbed before them.   I could plainly see their nipples were also standing erect and that they also loved the scene that was unfolding.   “Take that fucking g-string off and show the ladies your tiny little cock and balls”, Kim shouted from the washroom, “but make sure that your ass remembers who is the boss”               With that, I slowly peeled the tiny g-string that wasn’t really covering much anyways over my boner and down my legs.   I had to be conscious of the butt plug in my ass so that I would make sure that it wouldn’t slip out.   As I stepped out of the tiny underwear, another huge drop of pre-come leaked out of the end of my cock.   “His tiny cock is leaking like crazy, Kim” Sue shouted. “What should be done about it?”   “You can feed him if you would like to Sue” came the response from the washroom.   “Or you can tell him to feed himself, whichever you want.”               Sue knelt before me with only a few inches between her face and my hard throbbing erection.   She wrapped one hand around the base of my cock and slowly pulled toward the head forcing another huge dollop of come to form.   This she scooped up with the index finger of her other hand and slowly rose to her feet and stuck it into my mouth.   I savored the flavor of it as she twirled her finger in my mouth to make sure that I got all of it.   All the time that Sue had her finger in my mouth, her other hand never left my hard cock and she was now very slowly jerking my cock, applying lots of pressure.               Tina was watching all of this from her vantage point on the couch and let Sue know that I had produced another huge drop of come.   Sue again dropped to her knees and pulled on my hard cock until she could scoop up enough come on her finger to feed to me.   Again, she put her come laden finger into my mouth and had me suck it clean.      “Is he getting a good meal and enjoying it?” Kim asked as she walked back into the room.                  My back was to her and she told me not to turn around and to just keep enjoying what was happening.   “I think that your man likes sucking the come from his little cock, it wouldn’t surprise Escort Üsküdar me if he would like to suck a real mans cock and get the come right from the source.”   Sue said, still not letting go of my rock hard boner.      “I am sure that he would love to see what a real mans cock looks and feels like instead of that puny little cock that he has.” Kim chided, still behind me.   “And his ass seems to like that plug in there too, I bet he would love to have a real mans hard cock stuffed up there while he is sucking on another huge dick.” “Oh look ladies.” Tina said from the couch “His tiny cock is rock hard and oozing just thinking about big cocks plugging all his holes.   I think that you are right Kim, He would love a real mans big cock to suck on judging by the way he sucked all that gooey cum out of your delicious cunt.”               I could feel Kim’s bare tits on my back as she hugged me from behind and brought her hands up to play with my nipples.   She pulled and pinched them until they were as hard as my cock.   Then she let one hand stray down to cover Sue’s on my cock.   They both stroked me in unison for a minute or so before Kim let her hand drop down a bit further to cup and caress my swollen balls.   Her other hand continued to pinch and pull on my left nipple.             “Tina, are you sure that you don’t want to come and play with his little cock for a while?”   Kim asked her friend.   “I’m sure.   I told my hubby that I would be a good girl tonight.   But I am sure that I will be fucking him hard as soon as I get home, all of this has made my pussy so fucking wet.” Tina said, never taking her eyes off my cock and everything else that was happening.               I looked at Tina on the couch and I could see that her pussy was indeed very wet as she had a huge wet spot on the crotch of her jeans.   “Oh, Tina, how I wish your man was here right now so that he could watch how we are humiliating poor Chris.   I am sure that your hubby would love to get his huge cock sucked by this little bitch.”   Kim said as she slowly rotated the butt-plug in my ass.   “Then maybe I could get him to fuck me with his huge man cock while Chris watches. I am sure that Chris would love to suck another load of fresh come out of my pussy, wouldn’t you Chris?”               All I could do was to nod my head in agreement as Kim pulled the butt plug out of my ass and slowly slid it back in, all the while Sue was still gripping my boner with an iron fist.   “When I ask you a question, I expect an answer.”   Kim said as she rammed the plug into my ass with tremendous force.   “Would you like to watch me get fucked with a huge cock and then suck his come from my cunt???”    “Yes Kim, I would love to watch a huge cock fucking your cunt then I would love to lick and suck the come from your well used hole!”   “Would you like to lick him clean too?”   “Yes I would love to suck all your juices from his cock”               I guess that my answers pleased her because she slowed her pace with the plug and continued to caress my nipple.   “How is his tiny little pecker doing up there Sue?” Kim asked.   “I think that all this talk about him licking come and sucking big cocks has him almost ready to blow his load.”   Sue said tightening her grip on my cock.   “Then we had better slow down and let him relax for a while, we wouldn’t want him to come all over your new shirt, besides, I think his ass is getting too used to having this little plug in it.   Tina, be a dear and see what else we have in that box that he might like better.”               I watched as Tina rummaged around and pulled out the same 9 inch dildo that she had used to spank me earlier.   “He seemed to enjoy this on his ass, let’s see if he likes it just as much in his ass.”   Tina smirked as she handed the weapon to Kim.               I watched as Kim took the huge rubber cock and lubed it up.   She handed it to me as she gently slipped the plug out of my ass.   “OK Chris.   Go onto the back deck – no wait, the front deck and insert this dildo fully into your ass and wait for me.   You had better not touch your cock in the meantime or you will be in really big trouble.” Kim said as she pointed to the front door.               We live out in the country and our back deck is fully secluded, but our front deck is totally exposed to whoever may be driving by.   I knew that there wouldn’t be very many cars but even one going by freaked me out.   But fearing the wrath, I did as I was told and walked out onto the front deck, stood the dildo up on its base and sat down on it.   I was pleasantly surprised at how easily it slid to the base, although it wasn’t the first time that I had sat on this particular toy.   I resisted the urge to grab my throbbing boner and jerk it off and just sat there in the darkness.   I could hear the ladies talking and giggling inside the house but I couldn’t quite make out exactly what they were saying.   I could see headlights coming over the hill toward our house and I just froze.   Luckily, the car drove by without incident.   That’s when the front door flew open and Kim came out totally naked and began to berate me.“What the fuck are you doing?   I never said that you could sit down and hide in the shadows.   Now get the fuck up onto your feet and show me the cock in your ass.”               Unlike the butt plug that I had earlier, this big dildo had no natural shape to keep it in my ass, so I had to physically hold it in with my hand so that it wouldn’t fall out.   “Very good little cock sucker you are.” Kim said with a glint in her eye as she saw the entire nine inch dildo buried right up to the balls in my ass and my cock was still as hard as ever. “But you will need to be punished for your little indiscretion; you were sitting down on the job.   The light will now be turned on over the porch, no longer any shadows to hide that little cock in.”                With that, she turned, went inside and flicked the switch that set the deck ablaze with light.   Now, there would be absolutely no hiding from any cars that may drive by.               I stood there for about 2 or 3 minutes before another car came by.   As they passed the driveway, they honked the horn and hooted out the window but did not stop.   I was glad to see nothing but taillights disappear over the hill as they carried on their journey.                  I could still hear chatter and giggles coming from the house but then it got very quiet and I strained to hear what they were talking about.   All I could make out was Kim’s voice and it sounded like she was on the phone. “Yup.   It’s all set up.   How long?   OK. See you then.”   That was all I could make out as I could only hear her side of the conversation of course.   The chatter and laughter got louder when Kim hung up the phone.   There was nothing I could do to find out what was going to happen next.   “How is my little cock doing out here?”   Kim asked as she stepped out the front door still naked as the day she was born.   “Now Chris, I want you to go to the bottom of the stairs and stand at the foot of the driveway and wait for further instructions.”               I walked down the stairs rather clumsily trying to hold the giant dildo in my ass, and went to stand where I was directed.

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