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wife buys her husband a presentAt first I assumed it was spam, when a message from an “Alice” popped up in my email. Usually the emails I get under this particular account don’t involve many women, unless they are spam, but as I read on I realized this wasn’t spam but a potential couple interested in my services.Alice explained that she was looking for a male escort for her husband. The couple, who are bisexual and in their late forties are looking to share different experiences with one another and spice up their sex lives. Alice continued to explain in further emails that this was for HER, and that she wanted to hire a guy to initially massage her husband while she watched, then move in to more erotic things, again, while she watched. She sent their stats and we exchanged pictures. They looked like a fun and healthy and attractive couple. I was intrigued….and well, to be honest, being a bisexual guy; I excitedly jumped at the opportunity. We set an evening to meet.I arrived at their house and was greeted by the husband at the door; he introduced himself as Rick, and strongly shook my hand. He was an attractive white male that looked early 40’s. He was a little taller than me and seemed fairly muscularly built. His chest and biceps were clearly defined under his white t-shirt. Rick walked me into their living room where his wife waited. Alice introduced herself and wore a sexy black lingerie number that wasn’t quite underwear but not “go out of the house” wear either. And of course, she had her hot and very high, heels on. Alice also looked younger than her actual age, maybe late 30’s? She stood about 5″3” and 120lbs and had long auburn hair. Her body was tight, and she, like her husband clearly took care of herself.As Alice sipped on red wine on one of their couches, facing us, her husband and I sat separated on another couch. You could tell she enjoyed the chat and the discussion pendik escort of my life and my adventures in this profession. She also enjoyed the control and knowing that she was about to get something very exciting for her and her husband to experience. Her husband, for lack of a better word, seemed nervous, but was definitely engaged. I knew he’d be fine in a bit. It’s a funny thing I have noticed, even when two men, strangers, know they are going to fuck each other, they still often can’t show “emotions” or excitement many times. It’s like a game or a fucked up thing in society. They have to continue to play “masculine” roles. And be stronger than one another. Even though they both know they want cock! He was excited, I could tell, but was being reserved.After some chit chat, Alice asked her husband to go upstairs and get ready. Alice and I continued to chat for a bit and she talked about what she would like to see. After a short while we then made our way upstairs. I walked in to their candle lit bedroom and found her husband down to his boxers. She quickly removed those and he asked me if he should lay on his stomach at first. I told him that was a great way to start. As he lay down on the bed, face down, ass up, Alice sat down in a chair next to the bed. I began to undress until I was completely naked and grabbed the massage oil and got on the bed with Rick. I immediately straddled him with my naked body. My cock and balls gently lay against his lower back. I began to gently rub him as his wife watched. As the massage progressed I started pushing harder, rubbing more of my body against his, not just my hands. He began to moan. Gently and quietly at first, but as things progressed, so did his sounds and volume. My cock had completely hardened and I teased it against his body, especially his ass crack. I hide it often and would only teasingly kartal escort show it to his wife. Making her stare to see it and making it disappear again between her husband’s crack.Soon I was reaching underneath Rick, touching and tugging at his chest, his balls, and finally his cock. He was almost completely on his hands and knees, doggie style, and I continued to rub him. Moaning the whole time. He was ready. I told him to flip over on his back and he immediately obliged. He revealed a nice 7 inch cock that was completely hard. His buffed body was completely smooth except for some hair around his cock and under his arms. I began touching and rubbing and gently kissing his body. Sucking on his nipples, licking his stomach, kissing his neck. He moaned, over and over again. His wife had spread her legs in her chair and was playing with herself as she watched. She moaned too but mostly she talked. She talked about how hot it was. How she loved seeing our hard cocks. That she loved seeing my cock against his. So I continued, this time moving down to Rick’s cock, but only kissing and licking around it, torturing him each time. He wanted my mouth on his cock, I could feel his heat. Hell, I could feel his wife’s heat! I slowly licked his balls and he gasped. I licked the base and kissed the head. Teasing him, never putting it in my mouth till I knew he was ready and in one gulp I swallowed his cock to the base. Both his wife and he moaned out. She purred that it was so hot to see his cock in my mouth. I looked over at her, her fingers playing with her pussy; her legs spread wide, her eyes directly on me. I was still balls deep on her husband’s cock. I began to put on a show, sucking and slobbering and letting her see a man suck dick. She moaned and continued to finger herself. Her husband continued to enjoy as his balls tightened. Within a short period maltepe escort of time Rick suddenly cried out, “I’m going to cum” and he did. A huge, wet loud that hit the side of my face and his stomach as his wife watched. After a few moments, and as Rick caught his breathe Alice asked “if I would cum for them, or do I not do that?” I laughed and said “hell yes I’ll cum!” I was relieved to see a huge grin appear on her husband’s face. Sometimes after a guy nuts (especially a straight or bi guy) he no longer wants to be anywhere near another naked dude. This was not the case with Rick.Alice smiled and said that she wanted her husband to suck me off. I immediately lay back where Rick had been and he got in between my legs, as I had been between his. Immediately he was sucking my cock. He was like a guy on prom night. Grabbing at me, touching everywhere, jerking me and sucking on my cock like a true cock slut, or just someone that had not had enough cock, but thought about it a lot!I could feel my balls tightening as I let Rick’s mouth lick and suck the head of my cock. I began stroking my dick also. Getting closer. Rick matched my rhythm and sensed I was close to blowing. His wife was also reaching climax, she was moaning louder and told me to “cum, and let him taste it…” Who am I to refuse? I did as I was told and Rick did what he was told. I blew a huge load of cum all over, blasting Rick’s open mouth and his lips. He continued, in heat, to lick and suck, deep throating the length of my cock. He then lay on top of me, humping me, using the cum that had leaked on to my stomach as lube. I could feel his intensity building, and before I knew it, I was sticky with more cum blown all over my stomach, mixing with my load. Rick had cum a second time and this was too much for Alice, she orgasmed and screamed out as she did.A few moments went by and we all just lay there, exhausted and drained (some of us literally). Refreshingly we stayed like that, naked, and chatted for a bit more. It was fascinating to hear their history and experiences. The also chatted about the future and that they were excited to see me again, learn more, experiment more, and play more with me

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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