Widow Aunt Seduces Dee and I

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Hi all, its Ali here!

Today, I’m going to tell you how my widowed Aunt Sheen convinced me and her own daughter, my sexy cousin Dee, for their first lesbian experience and first threesome. It was one of the most thrilling and exciting times for me as things played out well after Dee lost her anal virginity to me (check out my previous posts).

For those who are new here, let me tell you all a little about our family first. I belong to a strict Muslim family from central India. My father has 7 brothers and we all lived as a joint family in a huge private living complex with numerous buildings in it and a common parking lot. I had a twin sister and an older sister in my immediate family and there were about 15 cousins in all.

Aunt Sheen was the widow of my eldest uncle and Dee, her daughter was a year older to me. Aunt Sheen had seduced me in the same month that her husband had passed away and we had fucked numerous times. Dee, on the other hand, had lost her virginity and her anal virginity to me. We had been very close to each other since we were little. Dee had always considered be her BFF and now we had become friends with benefits. I had already slept with another aunt and a younger cousin but none of them knew about the others because I respected their privacy.

I stand 5’10”, very fair and have straight, long dark hair with big, light brown eyes. I have a naturally athletic build as I’ve been playing soccer since I remember.

Let me describe Aunt Sheen first. She was a little over 45 back then and stood 5’6″, with medium, wavy dyed hair. She was dark skinned, with a voluptuous 36-D bust, a curvy waist and a lovely 45-inch butt. Sheen looked like a short, but hot African queen to me.

About Dee, she stood a little over 5’6″ and was the spitting younger image of her mother. She had large, brown eyes and a pouty lower lip. Dee had 36-C size tits that stood prominently on her chest, with a curvy waist similar to Aunt Sheen and one of the sexiest pair of bubble butts I had ever seen. Dee was only a shade lighter than her mom but her skin was naturally hairless and very smooth. Mother and daughter had two of the best booties that I’ve seen in my life.

This incident took place a week after Aunt Sheen had peeped in on Dee and me when we were fooling around in her room. I had taken Dee’s anal virginity the next day. Although Dee had no idea but I knew her mother had caught me licking her pussy that night.

Coming to the story

Aunt Sheen also had a son, our eldest cousin, who had been working in Mumbai from a few years now. It was the last Saturday of July, 2007.

I remember I was sitting in my room in the afternoon when I heard a commotion in the kitchen. I stepped to the kitchen door to see my mother consoling Aunt Sheen who was sobbing hard as she sat at the dinner table. My mom asked me to fetch a glass of water and I immediately grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and offered it to her. Aunt Sheen sat at the dinner table, d****d in a cream-colored saree that enveloped her voluptuous figure extremely well. Even in this situation, I couldn’t help but notice the way her plump ass cheeks spread wide and overflowed the chair from the sides. Her slim waist was bare and her luscious D-cups breasts were covered under a brown-colored blouse.

I was confused because I had never seen Aunt Sheen cry like this, not even when her husband had passed away a few months ago. It was a couple of minutes before Aunt Sheen calmed down enough to explain.

I sat there stunned to hear that her son had decided he did not want to do anything with our family anymore. Aunt Sheen told he felt that he wanted to be with his own family now so he’s shifting to Dubai. He’s got a job lined up and he plans to settle there with his wife now. I felt angry at him for ditching his mother and younger sister in such a selfish way so soon after his father’s death. I wasn’t the kind of person to voice my opinion everywhere so I kept my thoughts to myself.

Aunt Sheen’s feeling of loss had now turned to anger as she began ranting about how selfish her son bad been and my mom tried to calm her down again. I mumbled something appropriate and excused myself. I suddenly remembered about Dee. I immediately went out of my ground floor apartment and walked up the steps to Aunt Sheen’s first floor apartment from the parking lot at the front.

I rang the doorbell at the iron-grill door to their apartment and Dee appeared soon. She was unusually quiet. Dee did not make eye contact with me as she opened the grilled door and turned around and walked back in her house. I shut the door close behind me as I followed her. Dee walked to the steps in the kitchen and I followed her to her room on the second floor of their apartment.

I stepped in her room to find Dee sitting on the edge of her bed. She had on white-colored cotton pajamas that hugged her curvy figure completely. I walked closer to her and stood in front of her before asking gently,

“Dee, are you ok?”

“That marsbahis güvenilirmi bastard!” Dee hissed through gritted teeth as she finally looked up at me and soon tears began to streak down her cheeks.

“Hey, Dee… look, it’s going to be all right.” I said soothingly as I sat on her side. I put my left arm around her shoulder and pulled her close.

“I hate him, Ali!” Dee said and began crying as she turned towards me and rested her head on my shoulder. “I always knew he was selfish so this shouldn’t shock me too much but I can’t help feel angry at him for having abandoned mom so soon after papa’s death.”

I couldn’t think of anything to say so I tightened my arm a little and held her, letting her take out her anger and frustration verbally.

Consoling to Coitus

Dee now clung to me from the side, with her right arm around my waist as I consoled her with a hug. It was completely silent in the room now as Dee had finally stopped sobbing. Her head rested on my shoulder, with her face buried in the crook of my neck.

“Mmm..” I mumbled and closed my eyes as I felt Dee kiss my neck once.

I thought it was by accident but then Dee put her left hand on my chest and gave a soft push. Before I could understand anything I was lying on her bed with my legs still on the floor. Dee swiftly got on top of me, resting on her knees at the sides. Without a word still, Dee immediately bent down and began kissing me hard.

“Mmmhmm” Dee moaned in approval as I responded immediately by sucking on her lower lip. Dee sounded very excited and I figured her anger was coming out this way. Not that I was complaining!

Dee was bent over me on her bed on her knees and elbows as we began kissing passionately. Dee seemed hungry for sex as she hurriedly kissed me hard on my lips and slid her hand right hand down.

“Ah!” I exclaimed as soon as Dee squeezed my half-erect cock over my shorts.

“I want this, daddy!” Dee growled in my ears between hard breaths as she began stroking my increasingly excited cock. I put my hands on her curvy waist and slid my fingers in her tight pajama top. Before I could pull her top Dee immediately let go of me and stood back up.

I sprang up and sat back on the bed, with a confused look which immediately turned to a wide grin as I noticed Dee was hurriedly taking off her clothes. I saw with growing excitement and a hardening cock as Dee swiftly pulled her top over her head to reveal large, luscious boobs encased in a cotton bra.

“Come here, you!” I growled and grabbed at her waist before pulling her closer. I swiftly turned her around and gazed at the lovely mounds of her butt cheeks within her white pajama. Dee reached back with her hand and undid her bra hooks as I slid down her pajama with one move.

“Oh, God!” I moaned in approval as soon as her dark, lovely bubble butt was revealed in my face. She was not wearing panties and her musky scent immediately hit my nostrils. Dee knew how crazy I was about her sexy round butt so she pushed it out, teasing me by swaying her ass globes in front of my face tantalizingly.


“Ow!” Dee exclaimed as soon as I spanked her left butt hard with my hand. Before she could step away I immediately wrapped an arm around her curvy waist and pulled her hard.

“Oh!” Dee exclaimed again, this time with a smile, as she fell back but landed on my ready lap. I wore soft, black shorts and the huge tent my erect cock made within rested snugly against the tight crack between her large, firm booty cheeks.

“Love you, daddy..” Dee whispered seductively in my ear as she leaned back on me. I slid my hands to her front and I crept my fingertips along her shapely, thick thighs. Her knees were stuck tight together and it took a little strength to pry them apart.

Dee was not sitting completely nude on my lap, with her back against me as she rubbed her taut, large ass cheeks against my throbbing erection. Dee put her head on my shoulder and turned her face to me before she whispered, “Please fuck me, daddy…” I could hear the desperation in her voice as her ass cheeks began grinding harder against my crotch.

I finally pried her thighs apart and spread her legs wider. I gently guided her till Dee sat on my lap with her legs spread wide by my own legs. Dee put her arms behind her and caught my hair as she felt my hands begin to creep up her soft tummy. Dee began kissing me again now, this time biting on my lower lip and sucking it hard.

“Mmmmm..” Dee moaned in my mouth as soon as my hands cupped her amazing, perky and large boobs from below. I hefted them in my hands and heard her moan in approval again. “Mmmhhmm..”

I let Dee suck on my bottom lip for some time before I flicked out my tongue and traced the outline of her upper lip with it. Dee immediately let go of my lower lip and smashed her mouth against mine. I eventually let Dee grab my long tongue between her soft lips and she was soon sucking gently on it.

“Mmmmhhh..” Dee sighed marsbahis yeni giriş deeply as my hands began kneading her huge tits softly. I rubbed my palms gently over the round the perky boobs and brushed her hard nipples very softly as I passed them by each time. I began increasing the pressure on her tits as my hands continued their circular motion,

“Mmmm.. Mmm… mmmhhhmmmm!” Dee moaned through her mouth as it still sucked on my tongue, making our lips a complete mess now. Dee’s moaning continued to increase in rhythm with her grinding motion on my lap.

“Yeah… Please…?” Dee finally let go of my tongue and mewled softly, begging in my ears as she pushed her tight bubble butts harder against my throbbing cock. She had felt my hands leave her lovely, large boobs and they caressed their way down her softly curved belly to her crotch.

“Oh, Ali!” was all Dee could moan as soon as I cupped her moist, tight pussy gently in my right hand. She shivered and pressed her butt harder in my lap to grind my throbbing cock which was still in my shorts.

I brushed my fingertip gently over her pussy and felt the sticky juices cling to it immediately. I was still amazed at the amount of juice her pussy secreted with only foreplay. Once my fingertip was wet with her juice, I slowly pushed it in the entrance of her tight and wet vagina.

“Aaahh…yes!” Dee exclaimed before moaning as soon as she felt the tip of my finger brush her tiny clit. I wrapped my left arm around her tummy from the back as she sat with her back to me and legs spread very wide with my own legs. She lay her head back and rested it on my shoulder with her eyes tightly closed. I knew she was desperate for release as this seemed her way of coping with the way her brother ditched their family.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah..” Dee encouraged me every time with lusty moans as my fingertip now pressed down on her tiny clit and I circled it with circular motions. I knew it wouldn’t be long before she came and was about to push a finger in her pussy when I heard a clear.

“Ahem!” Aunt Sheen interrupted from the wide open door to Dee’s room.

Caught Before Coitus

“Oh shit!” Dee exclaimed loudly before bolting up from my lap and immediately grabbing at her PJ top to cover her chest. I looked on in shock as Aunt Sheen stood half in the doorway and stared at Dee. Neither of us said a word for almost a minute before Dee finally recovered enough from her shock and stammered,

“Mom.. Oh.. This is not what it looks like.”

“I know.” Aunt Sheen said and cut off Dee mid-sentence.

“I know you’ve been sleeping with him, Dee.” Aunt Sheen said before she took a step in the room and closed the door behind her.

Dee stood speechless, with the pajama top trying in vain to cover her naked body. I sat where I was. I chose not to say a word as no one had confronted me yet.

Aunt Sheen seemed abnormally calm about the whole situation. She took a step and sat on the chair near the computer table as Dee stumbled back and sat on the bed, time a couple of feet away from me. She still stared at her mother who stared back.

Once Aunt Sheen asked Dee to explain herself, something took over Dee and she began talking about how she was attracted to me and one thing led to another. Aunt Sheen sat quietly, listening to Dee and I looked at them alternately, trying to figure out if I had somehow messed up.

“I understand Dee, but you know you guys can’t get married, right? If that’s what you hope the future has for you.” Aunt Sheen interjected, to which Dee replied.

“Yeah, mom.. I know.” She said, sounding disappointed.

“So this is just about your physical needs, is it?” Aunt Sheen asked in a prying tone.

“Yes.. Yes it is.” Dee finally confessed and looked down on the ground, unable to meet her mother’s stare after confessing her lust for her younger cousin brother.

“I know. You should know that you’re not the only one with “needs”, Dee.” Aunt Sheen said with a small smile on her face as she looked right at me.

I suddenly smiled, realizing that Aunt Sheen had been trying to bring things to exactly this point. I was amazed at her sly way.

“What.. what is that supposed to mean, mom?” Dee suddenly lifted her head up and asked, with a dawning expression on her face. Dee looked at me and then back at her mom. With a quizzical expression she waited for an explanation.

It was almost hilarious to watch the immense variety of expression that came and went on Dee’s face as Aunt Sheen began describing the first time she had seduced me. Dee’s mouth hung open wide and she glared at me with accusing eyes and tuned back to her mother, listening with a shocked expression as her mother spoke about our first time together at the lake resort. Dee’s expression turned thoughtful when her mother pointed out that they were practically partaking in the same taboo.

What followed was a flow of confessions and emotions between mother and daughter where by the end, marsbahis giriş even I was teary-eyed. Aunty Sheen had gotten up from the chair and walked to the bed by now. She sat between Dee and me and looked at her daughter.

“I’ll ask you straight, Dee. Do you have a problem sharing him with me?” Aunt Sheen asked in a soft tone.

“Umm.. I don’t.. No, mom.” Dee mumbled before she looked hesitatingly at her mother sitting right at her side. Dee still clutched her pajama top to her chest, trying unsuccessfully to hide her lovely, large breasts.

“I’m glad to hear that, sweety.” Aunt Sheen said, sounding genuinely relieved to hear it.

“And as for you…” Aunt Sheen finally turned to face me and said in a teasing tone, “You have been very sly, haven’t you?”

“Umm.. I didn’t wanna let her down, aunty.” I managed to mumble.

“And that’s exactly what I love about you the most, Ali. You always try to keep everyone happy, sweetheart.” Saying this, Aunt Sheen immediately came close and kissed me on the lips.

Before I could even react at the suddenness of Aunt Sheen’s kiss I heard Dee exclaim,


“What? Are you getting jealous now, Dee?” Aunt Sheen teased as she looked at her daughter sitting to her left and wrapped her arm around me lovingly.

“No.. It’s just that it’s..” Dee said, stopping in frustration, unable to explain clearly.

Aunty Sheen didn’t bother replying this time and instead turned to face me again.

Mother Shows Daughter

“You’re the best son any woman would want, Ali.” Aunt Sheen said, with her hand caressing my face as she stood and stepped in front of me. I turned my face to Dee and she looked back at me with a blank face. I couldn’t help but turn my face away and reach for Aunt Sheen’s lovely bare tummy in the plain saree. I sensed Dee shift further away along the bed till her back was against the wall. I wondered why didn’t she protest or just leave instead of watching her mother strip to get fucked right in front of her.

I didn’t get a chance to dwell long on that thought as Aunt Sheen began un-dr****g her saree slowly. She stood within arm’s reach as I sat on the edge of Dee’s bed. Aunt Sheen looked down at me with a huge smile as she let her saree drop and now stood in her blouse and petticoat. Her large, luscious boobs seemed to be straining against the light fabric of her brown blouse and her matching brown petticoat was tied tightly around her curvy waist, accentuating her lovely, large hips and soft, big thighs clearly.

As I watched, Aunt Sheen swiftly undid the knot and her petticoat had to be stripped down her curvy waist and thick thighs. As she bent low to take off her petticoat Aunt Sheen’s lovely, large boobs jiggled with her movements and sent an electric shock to my crotch. My thick cock began to visibly rise in my shorts again.

I turned to see Dee was about to wear her pajama top when our eyes met. I looked straight in her eyes and caught my cock with the other hand. I could clearly see the lust and desperation the way she looked at me. I didn’t break eye contact with Dee even as her mother went down on her knees on the floor and began pulling my shorts down. I raised my butt a little to allow Aunt Sheen to strip my shorts and undies in one swift move.

As soon as Aunt Sheen stripped my shorts and my thick throbbing dick popped out I saw Dee’s eyes peel away from mine and settle on my cock. I watched as she looked with wide eyes at her mother beginning to stroke my already hard cock. She watched as Aunt Sheen deftly caught my thick cock in a ring with her thumb and forefinger and caressing my heavy balls gently with the other hand.

I knew Aunt Sheen stared back at her daughter as she softly kissed the thick head of my dick. Sheen slowly started to lick the top, making it increasingly wet as she rubbed her tongue all over it, never breaking eye contact with her daughter who gazed as if mesmerized with the lusty way her mother licked my white young cock.

“Aaahh..” I moaned in pleasure as Aunt Sheen now began to take in my thick cock in her small but willing mouth. I felt the warmth and wetness of her mouth envelop the top two inches of my throbbing hard cock and looked with lustful eyes at Dee. She was sitting just out of my reach off to one side of her bed. She had only wore her pajama top and sat bottomless. As she sat with her legs folded under her I saw her move those creamy, shapely thighs slightly apart before she slipped a hand slowly crept to her crotch.

I looked back at Aunt Sheen and saw her eyeing Dee, still loving my cock with her mouth as she continued to suck the top few inches of my throbbing cock. I was feeling the intense increase of blood pressure in my cock as it throbbed with anticipation. Aunt Sheen kept sucking my cock and caressed my balls lovingly at the same time.

After a minute had passed Aunt Sheen finally slid my wet cock out of her mouth with an audible ‘POP!’.

“Aaahh…” I moaned with pleasure as the cooling wind from the fan hit my spit-wet cock.

“Oh, fuck me, son!” Aunt Sheen said in a lusty tone as she stood up and began to take off her tight blouse too. I peeked at Dee and saw her sneaking peeks at her mother as Aunt Sheen swiftly removed her blouse before pulling off her bra too.

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