WicKed’s Hospital Drama

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WicKed’s Hospital Drama

Kitten Comes to Grips with Daddy’s Sexuality

Approximately 7,200 Words


Donald Mallord

Copyright by dmallord, 2022, USA. All rights reserved.


Katrina, as the story ‘Tattooed and Screwed’ ended, sat back in the limo, smiling at the gorgeous, half-naked, and panting Dr. Bagatti.

“Enjoyed your resolution, did you, baby?” Kat asked, rhetorically, as she wiped cum juice off her face, with the back of her hand.

Dani was struggling to recover from Kitten’s mouthwatering devourment of her cunt. She couldn’t possibly have answered that question! Kat owed Dani a ‘resolution’ and had knelt before her on the floorboard of the limo on the return trip. It was in return for Dani’s having brought her to ecstasy; before Dani’s daddy inscribed the trinity of WicKed tattoos. She owed Dani much more than a resolution. Dr. Dani was owed some measure of protection; a shield against Dr. Marie.

Kitten’s increased number of tats, and laser mons treatment, had made them late in returning to the hospital. Neither of them was looking forward to facing Dr. Marie Johnson–she missed her return flight home, waiting for her ward to return. Someone had to pay for that. Since Kitten owed it…


Owning Your Faults

“Shit! Dani, I’m sorry! It looks like the hospital is closed!”

Returning to the hospital shortly before eight, the driver dropped us off at the glass-framed front door. I pulled on the steel handle, but it was locked. I rattled the doors, hoping someone might hear us, and let us in.

“No, Kat. The hospital has just shifted to night mode,” Dani informed me, sighing out the words. She kept checking her watch; while we waited by the glass entry doors. By the way she was fidgeting, I could tell she wasn’t relishing going inside and having to face Marie, again. Especially now, since our flight plans had obviously been canceled.

Dani was breathing a bit heavily, sort of exasperated. “He’ll see us. Patience, WicKed,” she answered, trying a not-working-so-well smile.

Laraby, Marie’s tall mountain-sized hospital guardian, covered the distance from the front desk; like a deer being pursued by wolves, to let us in.

“Hello, Miss Schumacher,” he smiled kindly. “I’m Laraby. I used to work for your grandfather, your daddy’s dad; back in Arizona.

I smiled back! I’d never known much about my daddy and his upbringing, but the name Laraby was familiar. Daddy talked, sometimes, about the mountains and how Laraby took him on annual rattlesnake hunts. Damn! Laraby wasn’t just a figment of Daddy’s imagination!

Laraby’s greeting was short. His smile faded, as he turned toward Dr. Bagatti. I could see he was happy to finally meet me, but it seemed he was more intent on delivering an urgent message.

“She’s in residence, waiting for you, doctor!” is all he said, as his wrinkled bear-sized paw handed Dr. Bagatti a blue keycard. He motioned to the staff elevator with his other hand. Dani didn’t ask, she knew Laraby wouldn’t have an answer about what kind of mood Dr. Johnson was in. She stood frozen, looking at the keycard, as if taking it would ignite her body in hell-flames. Her eyes were really focused on that blue card, as she finally accepted it with resignation.

“Dani, what does ‘in residence’ mean?” I whispered, shaking her arm, as Laraby walked back to the night desk. Whispered, because it was spooky quiet in this seemingly empty area.

“It means Dr. Johnson is staying in the penthouse suite tonight; you too, I guess. It’s on the fourth floor. Kat, this is the infamous ‘blue card,’ I’ve heard about. It’s the elevator access pass to Dr. Johnson’s residence, when she stays here.”

The only sounds I could hear anywhere were those of the staccato echoes of Dani’s high heels contacting the marble floor. In the quietness of the elevator, she felt a need to fill in the silence, I guess, because she cleared her throat and commented on something that gave me some insight, as to what staffers at the hospital thought of Marie.

“There’s a morbid riddle, among some of the younger staffers, that goes, ‘What goes up the elevator but never comes back down?’

I was too tired for dumb doctor jokes and just shrugged.

“WicKed, the answer, of course, is someone with the blue keycard,” she sighed.

She tried to pass it off as a joke with some nervous laughter, right away. But I knew she was scared, when she sucked in her lower lip and stood staring at the elevator’s penthouse-level access keycard, as though it were a Tarot card, capable of divining her future.

Her adrenaline levels were up. I detected her elevated breathing; as the elevator rose — not the breathing during sex sounds, but the breathing from someone having fucked up. Dani was gripping onto the blue card as tightly as her hands Şerifali Escort had grasped the back of my head in the limo; and without an inkling of how her near future was about to turn out.

‘Don’t worry my Dani, WicKed can handle whatever has you on edge.’ I thought, as I watched her quiet face and those pursed lips. My face turned into a smirk. The sting of the new tats, especially the ‘So… WicKed’ one, centered over my cunt, seems to be giving me a new persona — some superpower kicking into gear.

“Which way?” I asked Dani, as we stepped out of the elevator.

“It’s left or right, no other choices,” she replied, drolly. “I’ve never been up here, Kat, almost no one gets up here except the personal maintenance staff — or someone who won’t be employed much….”

“Go left, Dani” I said, as the entry door opened. Marie’s backlit silhouette was framed in the opening. We headed left to meet her.

Before Dr. Bagatti could begin to blurt out her sincerest apologies or anything else to Marie, I cut her off.

“Sorry, that we are late, Marie!” I huffed out, stepping in between the two of them. “I passed out twice, during the tatting sessions, but I’m okay,” I announced. “Don’t worry, I won’t tell Daddy anything! You too, okay, promise me? I don’t want him worrying about me, like he did over mom. I don’t want to get you into trouble with Daddy either,” I whispered, with added emphasis, while firmly holding onto her arm. I fixed my gaze into those chestnut-brown eyes — long enough for the message to sink in, before letting go.

Dani’s eyes just widened, at my blurting out a total lie. But the look on Marie’s face went from stone-cold animus to bitch-blanched shock. Whatever was about to spring forth from her lips, stopped like a truck slamming into a brick wall.’Yeah, WicKed was coming out of her shell, tonight!’

Daddy had entrusted me to Marie; left me on her old farmstead expecting Dr. Marie to work a miracle. It was easy to tell she didn’t just fuck him for the fun of it; she had finally admitted her unrequited love; that love Daddy had not returned to the same degree because he married Mom. I suspected she would crater; at the thought of my getting injured or hurt, while under her care. I walked past her and into the living room. Keeping my eye on Marie, as she silently face-offed with Dr. Dani in the doorway. The air was electric, Marie was the mother lioness of a psychiatric hospital, in her own den, ruler of her own pride of doctors, and she could do anything she wanted. However, she caved. I’d called it correctly! Marie motioned for Dani to join me as she reined in her animosity and sat down, pointing to two boxes on the coffee table.

“Pizza! God, yes! Thanks, Marie.”

I dove into it, and then caught myself — where were my manners? “Come on Dani, we haven’t eaten all day!” I thought about Friday night, Marie had laughed at me when I asked her if we could order a takeout pizza delivered to the farm. She told me the nearest pizza parlor was on the moon — but when we got to the city, we could order one. Marie kept her promise.

“Not eating could be a factor in your fainting, today,” Marie said, “or it could be symptoms from factors other than facing the tattoo fight-or-flight experiences, Katrina. When did you have your last physical?”

“My athletic physical was before school started,” I managed to get out between bites. It seems that Marie also knew about tattoos and orgasms from the sound of her comment.

“Kat, that’s not a physical — they’re just checking for breath on a mirror,” Marie smirked, alluding to the old method of checking to see if a person was breathing by looking for fog on a mirror, as a sign of life. “Dr. Bagatti will take you for a full checkup; after you finish your pizza.”

Turning to Dani, her face seemed to harden, again. But all she said was, “When you have completed Katrina’s physical, I’d like you to give her a tour of the therapy session floor; if she’s up to it. Dr. Floyd has a nine-thirty session–without any understudies scheduled.”

Watching Dani’s expression, she continued, “I know what you’re thinking already, but understand that Katrina just lost her mother. I’d like her to see how therapy works here. She has a natural aptitude and her mother’s intuition. Perhaps, she might take an interest in the medical profession — with some encouragement from you, Dr. Bagatti.” I noted her voice’s emphasis on, ‘… you, Dr. Bagatti.’ It came out as a purr, but with claws hidden within it.

As I headed into the kitchen for something to drink, I heard Marie’s soft voice speaking again to Dani. I couldn’t make out what she was saying; but I figured it must have been about the fainting story. Perhaps, digging for more info.


“Understand, doctor, this child is very special to me — be very careful with her. There are some things I can’t go into details about, but just make sure she’s not out of your sight at any time. Understand? İstanbul Escort Not out of your sight at any time,” She repeated, with emphasis.

On the way down to the medical exam stations, Dani’s attitude had visibly changed as she snickered, “Thanks for covering my ass, WicKed. I owe you one!”

“Can I collect on that tonight?” my sultry southern voice responded. I set it to match my WicKed smile, as it spread across my face.

“No! God no! We’re in a hospital, with cameras everywhere!” she whispered.

“Even the exam rooms?” I asked, in astonishment. I was thinking I’d jump up on an exam table and she could repeat her stellar, cunnilingus performance at her daddy’s parlor.

“Yes, everywhere means everywhere! Kat, this isn’t a regular hospital. People staying here… well you’ll see… I’ll explain that, after we finish with the labs.

“You’re really going to give me–a for real, physical?” My eyes widened to owl-sized saucers. Then, the thought of her probing my pussy and examining my tits floated to the forefront of mind. That WicKed enjoyment buzzer was vibrating in my cunt. But the thoughts of being filmed for some peeper to watch me later, dampened my ardor, somewhat.

“WicKed, you might have pulled the wool over Dr. Johnson’s eyes about fainting, but she’s going to expect real tests to be run. So, yeah, you’re going through a full battery! There’s no faking that stuff. And just remember, you brought this on yourself, shoveling that fainting shit you sold her!”

‘Yeah, I did,’ I thought, with some sense of owing that lie. That made up story was on short notice — but it still worked. It saved Dani’s cute ass, anyway, and that’s what counted. I never want anyone to get bullshitted-on because of something I was responsible for, never, not ever!

Dani turned loose the hounds! Several technicians attacked me without mercy, as she kept watch. She wasn’t letting me out of sight for a second. I guess she thought I’d escape out the back door at the first opportunity. Dani did the EKG herself, not letting the techs see my tats. She had a gynecologist called back to the hospital, to examine that end of me — one that didn’t see any tattoos anywhere — curiously. I had urine samples, blood draws, and an MRI of my brain. I guessed, Marie thought it might be cracked. God only knows what the other wires and machines were doing. I felt like Frankenstein, strapped to a gurney, before all the lab techs were done.

“Are you sure this is a physical, or are you getting me ready to transplant my body parts?” I finally hissed at Dani, as my pain and frustration levels were rising. Especially with the pain-pleasure sensations of the newly-minted tats rubbing beneath the wires and tape attached to my body.

At the end of it all, Dr. Danielle Bagatti looked into my suffering eyes and I felt better; seeing that soft, demure smile spread just for me. Dani’s hands caressed my cheek, while brushing my hair back and said, “Just need to disconnect all these and we are done, Ms WicKed.” There just seemed to be something so special about Danielle Bagatti, as she worked and cared for me.

To all the techs lined up, like ducks in a row, she addressed them, sounding a helluva lot like Marie. “All test results must be done and the results sent up to the penthouse by midnight! Questions? Then get busy, ladies!”

There were no questions, I guess and, as if ‘penthouse’ was a code word for ‘get your asses in gear,’ they all scurried, leaving the exam room empty, except for Dani and me.

“Kat, I don’t know if you heard Dr. Johnson’s instructions, but she wanted you to observe a session tonight. To get an idea of what this hospital does. Are you up to that?”

“I guess so,” I moaned, “I’ve already pissed Marie off once today. Guess I shouldn’t do that again, tonight, right?” I gave Dani back her luscious grin. For a moment, I hoped she would come and eat it off my face, but all she said was…

“Then get dressed, the session starts in ten minutes.” It came out of her luscious looking lips, with a sense of trepidation.


Dani’s Guided Tour of a Therapy Session

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Schumacher. Is this your first observation?” Dr. Floyd asked me, while looking askew at Dani.

Those arched eyebrows were asking another unspoken question. From his look and tone, I gathered he was concerned. I watched that look of consternation pasted on his chubby face, trying to figure out what he really wanted to ask. What was so fucking unusual about a first observation? It’s not like I’m going in there by myself.

“Yes, Dr. Floyd, I’ll try to stay out of your way and in the background,” I said.

“Not a problem, Ms Schumacher. You won’t be in the way. You and Dr. Bagatti will be in the observation room. The patient won’t know you are there. It’s soundproofed and has one-way glass. Just don’t bang on the windows!”

He chuckled at his own attempt at Ümraniye Escort humor. Dr. Floyd had that frumpy-grandfatherly look. Round bowl-of-jelly belly, wire-rimmed glasses, and grayish-black mustache. I could tell by the smile and the way he was patronizing me, that he was expecting a friendly response, as a reward for his attempt at humor. So, I rewarded him with an appropriate smile and a light, teenage giggle, and a wink for good measure, “I promise not to bang on the windows, Dr. Floyd!”

His smile widened, as though he had just met a long-lost granddaughter.Men are so easy!

The observation room was darkened when we entered. I jumped, startled to see a face peering close up into the window. Dani grabbed my arm and smiled through those pearly whites. “He sees a mirror on his side, we have a window view on this side, so he doesn’t know you and I are here. Remember what Dr. Floyd said about that?”

Dani released my arm when I nodded, acknowledging that I did. I’d never seen a one-way mirror!

She pulled up two stools and we sat down, quiet as mice. It felt kind of weird — peeping-tom weird — to see him walking around, pacing back and forth. I gasped as he reached into his pants to scratch his cock. Dani said, “Okay, I need you to calm down, this goes on all the time. But you are going to see something tonight that might freak you out — so if this gets too intense, we can leave — just tug on my arm, okay?”


I was stunned by what I was seeing and hearing on the other side of the one-way mirror! My mouth sprang open at what Marilyn, the sexual surrogate, just said about Mr. Bell and his desire to have his daughter’s virginity. Fuck! I was about to witness a daddy-daughter sex role-play! This had to be a setup!

Fucking Marie! My temper reached a flashpoint, immediately, as my blood began to boil! I found my legs tensing with rage and pissed at that bitch for setting me up like this! I had more than enough anger left over for feeling really betrayed by Dr. Bagatti, too! I thought she liked me. Guess my first impression of her, as she rolled me through that orgasm her daddy caught us in, was incorrect.

My attention went back to the window as ‘Rae,’ Bell’s daughter, had her hand on Mr. Fucking Bell’s leg and was inching upward, telling him that he felt so warm and firm. Marilyn was playing her script, I guess. Because she was starting to tell him that he should let ‘Rae’ know her touching him that way felt uncomfortable. But Daddy didn’t ask Rae to stop going where she wanted to go. He allowed Rae’s hands to flow up his thighs and tug at his belt. Marilyn was feeding Mr. Bell suggestions that he should tell Rae to make her aware of how wrong he felt this was, but Bell’s tongue wasn’t working. Bell was tugging down his pants, letting his ‘daughter’ slide onto his engorged shaft and ride him like a champion bronc.

Marilyn’s face was taunt. She had that look of controlled disdain in her eyes at his display of weakness. She pushed through it, and drove Mr. Fucking Bell to groans and moans of ecstasy as he shot his wad into her cunt!

Dani had said, ‘Sometimes it takes several sessions to break through a patient’s psychological issues.’

Clearly, I was witnessing that Marilyn was going to need several daddy-daughter fucking sessions before Bell gets it! Well…

Fuck Marie! And fuck Dani, too!

“Fuck this shit!” I cursed, hissing the words, trying not to scream.

Pissed as I was, I didn’t want to disturb Marilyn’s fuck session! Couldn’t have his resolution interrupted! I hadn’t realized that I was also grabbing Danielle’s arm, hard enough to leave bruise marks. Her flight response instinctively jerked her back and a stunned look replaced the pained one on her face. She spun toward me, instantly aware of the angered, tormented glare in my eyes. I stood up, knocking the stool over, as I fled the sequestered room. For once, she was trailing behind me. Although angry and dazed at the insult Marie planned, I was lucid enough to storm back to the lobby area. Freedom lay through that doorway!

“Kat! Kat!” I heard her wail, as those stilettos heels clattered across the marble floors. I ignored Doctor Danielle Bagatti, in my rage, and headed to the front doors as fast as my tennies could run. My emotions had spun up into madness. I could only think of Marie and how she had set up another one of her damned tests of my resolve; to honor my promise to Mom. This had to stop! This had to fucking stop! Stop–or I put an end to her, to this!

I pushed against the doors, then again, and again they wouldn’t open. Fuck! I was trapped, locked in a damn psychiatric hospital with no way out. The clatter of heels grew louder, furious, I turned on Dani causing her to freeze in her tracks, brought on no doubt by catching sight of the scissors I had managed to snatch up from the kiosk-like welcoming center. The raised hand, the glint of hate in my eye, and venom in my voice must have looked maniacal on those damned-everywhere-in-the-hospital cameras.

“Are you in on Marie’s plan, Dani, ’cause if you are, I’m going to fucking kill you right here in front of all these fuckin’ cameras!” I was so fucking mad and pissed that if I had…

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