Wicked step-mother – Part 16

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Wicked step-mother – Part 16The first phase of the works on Sal’s house finished slightly ahead of schedule this allowed Alex and Linda to move into their little apartment. From Sal and Ella’s viewpoint far more important was that they could use the indoor pool again. They were still staying with Stancia because the roof was being renovated at the front to put in dormer windows and the other new wing was still being constructed.At the same time Quentin and Jennifer moved in to the Old Farm House down the road. Everything was coming together both from the social point of view of there unusual family arrangements and also for the firm of Passel, Partridge and Bartelett, London’s newest and most liberal firm of solicitors. With the corruption of Jennifer they were all naughty in the extreme and far closer than most work colleagues. Two offices had been set up one in Surrey where all the admin and some of the everyday legal work was done and the other in St James Park, Westminster where the partners had their offices plus the conference room. However other than that these were not normal offices. The Surrey office was a former Victorian large house on the edge of a village and very private. Nobody external to the firm had reason to visit and the gates were electronic keeping casual visitors out. That meant that the nobody had to pretend to be good. They mostly stayed clothed in office hours but the odd boob got felt with the agreement of its owner of course and stuff like that. London had clients visiting so had to be more formal however it was the top three stories of an older office block. Of these the top two were an extension and the lift did not go up that far. thus making the only access being from the first of their floors. So Quentin had arranged for the highest floor officially a conference suite, to provide comfortable sofa beds and a kitchen area. The idea was that whilst it may get used for large meetings or receptions its real purpose was to accommodate company orgies.Crispin returned to the office late one Friday evening with his girlfriend Ella. With them were Emma, Stu, Diana and Ian. They had been to a new club but none of the liked it. Rather than go back home they took advantage of the new arrangements.“Since we have spent a fortune on these sofa beds lets make good use of them.”“I never imagined I would end up working for a firm that actually encourage group sex. Are either of you two going to get your breasts enlarged like Ella.”“You just want us to have huge tits don’t you know that more than handful is a waste. I know Sonya is considering it and Jennifer has actually made a booking.”“Ha she would think doing such a thing is disgusting and get wet just thinking about it.”“Perhaps I should get mine even bigger.” said Ella who was topless and waving about her splendid artificially enhanced rack.“I like them just the way they are but If you really want too I wont complain.” Crispin was caressing the breasts under discussion as he said this. The other two girls were also now topless insisted that theirs also required attention .Ella dropped her skirt and Crispin quickly removed her thong and transferred his kisses to her fanny. Thus with her breasts left alone she fondled them herself.“I have an idea. Get your leggings off girls and come over here.” As they were doing what she asked Ella crouched down on her haunches with her legs wide enough apart that Crispin who had guessed what she was up to lay on his back and edged between her legs so he could continue nibbling at her labia. The other came over and got the idea the girls formed a triangle kissing and fondling each others whilst the lads eat them out. Soon three very wet ad randy girls were ready to be fucked.The weekend all of them went down to Surrey to accomplish moving people around Linda and Alex back home, At the same time Karen took the opportunity move a few things into the house that they were buying on the farm.Sonya looked over the remaining house with the girls. who she was living with.“Well it is getting crowded with five of us in the flat even if it is three bedroomed. This place would accommodate us much more comfortably and the neighbours are nice as well. Since most of the neighbours were her colleagues with whom she was regularly sleeping this was a bit of a joke. The remaining neighbours were two couples who had the awkward circumstance that the older couple were father to the younger girl and mother to the younger bahis firmaları man respectively. Fortunately the older couple had not married so it wasn’t actually i*****l. The effect was that they didn’t care a bit about their neighbours shenanigans in fact the younger couple seemed interested in joining in.The partners were please with the way things were going. The contact that Ella had made on Lotus Island had developed into a client who wanted them to carry out the conveyancing and other legal work on a new factory the Canadians were setting up near Hull. With some amusement they wondered how the products would go down locally for they were producing sex toys.They were giving an interview to another solicitor who was recommended by one of Quentin’s friends. Crispin who was interviewing him was looking through his CV with Sonya.“Ah I see the old boy network is alive and well. Oxford graduate and from a a family house that appears on maps.”“You weren’t exactly brought up in poverty. Anyway however rich you are you can’t beat an Oxon first. That takes a lot of brains and hard work.”“No but I needed that scholarship both at school and uni. Though I do accept the guy is highly intelligent and must put in effort. As you say to get a first takes effort as well.”Marcus Pendragon proved to be both of those and pretty as well. Marcus had done his homework and knew that they were as he put it a very inclusive firm. Part of it was the bit of Crispin that had been the shy and an outsider until recently wanted to dislike the young man. Though he was in reality very charming and did seem generally nice with a self deprecating sense of humour. The blasted k** had everything. None the less he was just what they needed.As Marcus was leaving a girl got out the lift and walked into reception. Now people were not supposed to get passed the front entrance of the building without them being informed. Stu was still serving as receptionist and was trying to fend off this very determined young woman.“Can I help you at all?” asked Quentin who if he had but known it sound every bit as posh as the recently departed Marcus.“I was told you were interviewing for a receptionist post.” The girl whilst clearly not English spoke better than many native born English including to be honest Stu whose south London accent was an offence to good diction. Since they did need a receptionist Crispin decided to at least talk to her.“That is a possibility though as you can see Stu is fulfilling that roll.” The girl opened her mouth but visibly thought better of it and stopped. A few seconds later she said thank you and accepted the invitation to go into his office.”“Now first of all what is your name please. I am curious because we haven’t advertised the position so where you could have heard it from.”“You are Berren and Laithwaite aren’t you.” They were a firm of accountants in a building a couple of doors down the street.”“No, we are solicitors, but since you are here I would give you some consideration..”“Thank you. I am sorry I made a mistake I am Miriam Aphrem, I was born in Syria but escaped the war and was accepted as a refugee. I have worked in several places as a receptionist since.”“I see, clearly your English is good and presumably Arabic is your native language. Do you speak any others.”“French and Greek. I am an orthodox Christian hence the Greek though to be honest I am not very religious.” Under questioning she proved to be very well qualified and if brought up in a peaceful Western country would probably have a good degree and a professional career. Crispin didn’t want to offer her a job straight out so took contact details and said he would be in touch.Afterwards he went into conference with Sonya and Quentin for him something felt wrong about the entire episode. That Miriam had got as far as their front door and was just what they needed was one thing but more important how had she known about them. Most of the people they had taken on had been known to them or known to associates.“I agree with you Crispin there is something suspicious and she may be a plant by our Slavic friends however better the spy you do know rather than the one we don’t. What can she find out as our discreet activities are not discussed in the hearing of anyone not involved in any case. I will however have some checks run.” Sonya agreed with the assessment.The checks did confirm that there was a Syrian Christian refugee who had escaped in front of the kaçak iddaa advance of Islamic State. So they did employ her and a very effective receptionist she proved having the firmness that Stu lacked. Stu was a lot happier as well going back to clerical work.Ella and Crispin were at a party hosted by Penny, one of her old school friends. They hadn’t been that friendly whilst actually at school but having met again at a different party were far more pally. That Ella was chic and had a desirable boyfriend was almost certainly a factor commented the ever cynical Sal when told about it later.“Do you remember the art teacher Meghan Pierrot”“What Meg the paint.” Meghan was not in the least Welsh but the name was hence the nickname it had seemed witty at school.“Yes that’s the one. I met her at the opening of an art exhibition but she is working in the Caribbean at an a gallery there. Some of her paintings are being sold and they are not cheap. ““Good for her she was one of the nicest of the teachers and always fair.”Ella wondered where Crispin had got to and wandered through the house until she found him talking to two rather handsome young men.“Hello will you introduce me.” said Ella worming her way under Crispin’s arm.This is Marcus who we have taken on as a solicitor this week and the other chap is his younger brother Julius.”“Your parents fans of Roman culture then? Do you have any brothers and sisters.”“Yes and thank God no, otherwise we would have been stuck with a Brutus or Agrippina. Our father is a classics professor and our mother got as far as an MA before having us two. What do you do for a living Ella”“I am my step-mother, Sal’s secretary. Whilst she is a barrister she spends as much time being an expert on fraud and other financial misdemeanours so need someone outside of chambers.”“Her names not Dr Forester is it. I had a couple of lectures from her during my bachelors in Economics and Management when she was a special guest lecturer at Oxford. That lady really knew her subject.”“Well Sal’s name is Forester but she’s not a doctor.”“Hold on let me Google her, yuh here’s her photo. Dr Sally Forester DPhil MBA”“Sal, you have never even hinted you had a doctorate I know abut the MBA but not the blasted DPhil. Even on her letters she just uses Sal Forrester.”“That is really cool though. I would love to meet her some time.”Ella danced with Crispin and had a number of offers of dances from other lads. Ella noticed a distinct imbalance of the sexes with far more me than girls. On commenting on this to Penny,.she agreed.“Blame my little sister she wanted to make sure she got plenty of attention so limited the competition not a bad idea but she overdid it as usual. You two haven’t got any female friends who would fancy a party.”Of course Ella had lots of friends and quickly found that Pam and Veronique were about to go to explore the local pub. Their arrival proved most poplar not least with Marcus and Julius who as the evening went on monopolised the girls. Ella noted with amusement that Veronique’s French accent was more pronounced than usual. It was not clear who was trying to attract who. By the end of the party it was agreed that Julius and Marcus were coming back with the others. They ended up at the farm.. Diana and Emma were away for the weekend and Sonya would be back very late. It was then that Julius and Marcus discovered about the interesting sleeping arrangements. The house had three large bedrooms with double beds for five women.“Oh all us girls are bi and whilst we have our own wardrobes and chest of draws but we share the beds.”“You did say you approve of liberal and inclusive Marcus.” commented Crispin. “Since Sonya will be back about three I suggest we don’t get too inventive Ella and I will take the room she normally sleeps in and you four split up as two couples and take the other two.”This plan met approval and the three girls removed there party dresses leaving Veronique and Ella in just tiny thongs. Pam hadn’t even bothered with that much underwear. In the master bedroom Ella and Crisp snuggled up and fondled each other after all playing with Ella’s new big boobs was one of his favourite pastimes. They listened to the laughs and other sounds that progressively got more passionate.“I don’t think those lads were that innocent before tonight but they certainly aren’t now..” as the rhythmic sound of springs came from either side.“If your not too tired those four playing is making kaçak bahis me horny.” Crispin was never too tired to fuck Ella. They laid on their sides and he entered her from behind which was a nice relaxing way to have sex. Neither of them had a climax but it was pleasant and intimate and they drifted off to sleep. Some time later Crispin awoke and found Sonya had climbed in bed beside them and smiled before putting her hand on his cock. Crispin put his arm around her and she snuggled up to him and he slipped back to sleep sandwiched between two lovers.Crispin awoke quite late but their was silence from the bedrooms either side well not quite if you listened very carefully you could hear the deep breathing of sleep. Sonya came round as well and smiled before putting her hand around his cock. This movement awoke Ella who did the same,“Both the other rooms are occupied and I cannot see the girls sleeping alone if there is an alternative so who are with them.”“We happened to meet Marcus at the party with his brother. There was a shortage of girls so our two suddenly got invited, it was only about a twenty minute drive through the lanes.”“Needless to say our handsome new solicitor proceeded to monopolise the new arrivals. I have to say they looked bloody good seeing as they were only planning to go to the pub. Julius looks like his brother but less irritatingly self assured. I admit I like him better.”“Yuh Julius is as much eye candy as his brother and I know what Crispin means Marcus is charming just short of smarmy. If it wasn’t that is very sophisticated he would be over the top.”“I look forward to those two waking I will have to see if they like older women. Our party was OK but professionally useful. That’s really why I was invited so that I could meet the right people. It was funny our mousy dragon turned out quite sophisticated I reckon she was more naturally at home than me.”“Well she does a lot of amateur dramatics I suspect that part of it was a roll but I suspect give it time and the roll will become the reality. I think we underestimate our Jenny.”By this time the playing with his cock had got him far too interested to want to chat and he grabbed Sonya and threw her on her back. Crisp kissed her forcefully and rubbed his body with its erect cock into her. Ella rubbed herself against both of them stealing kisses whilst Quentin entered Sonya. This method quickly bought her to climax so Crispin moved and did the same to Ella before cumming himself.“You three are enough to wake the dead.” said Pam from the doorway Marcus just behind her.“Its well after ten you lazy bunch. Somebody needs to introduce me.” Veronique with Julius in two had also arrived at the door.“Ah this is Julius, who is as you may guess from the family resemblance Marcus brother.”“Good morning to you both I hope that our somewhat unusual family arrangements are not too shocking or you.”“By no means, we really are from an ancient aristocratic family and so by definition decadent. I hope that you will not feel an overwhelming urge to guillotine me Veronique.”“Kinky, but so messy so I think not.” “I knew that your family was upper class but not that they were members of the aristocracy.”“Well to give my distinguished father his courtesy title, he is Professor Lord Pendragon of Usk. Grandpa’s a viscount. Much as I would like it have no evidence of being descended fro the legendary Uther.”“Oh good, we don’t want you pulling swords out of stones during work time. Though we may be able to offer you some heroic quests at Central London County Court.”“That would make you both honourable. Titles seem to be popping out the woodwork. If you will excuse me I need to go home and have a chat with Doctor Forester.”Ella found her ‘Sort of” step-mother in Stancia’s kitchen munching toast. Grabbing some coffee and putting in a couple of slices in the toaster for herself she sat down.”“Can I ask a curious question?”“I doubt whether I can or would want to stop you.”“Do you have a doctorate.”“Eh yes, why.”“You have never mentioned it or use it at all..”“No well it was only a means to an end . I wanted to publish some articles in academic journals and you really need the letter after your name to do that and in any case I had done the research so it was only a case of getting oversight and writing it up.”Ella sighed you new very well that it was a great deal more work than Sal said for anyone but knew it wasn’t false modesty. Sal was capable of a lot of work in a short time and it underlined her utter genius”“Anyway dear it spoils my street cried I can hardly be Doctor Bimbo.”“Yes I suppose not. Your weird on occasions but I do love you so Doctor Wicked Step-mother”

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