WICKed Hormones Ch. 06

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Big Tits

Disclaimer: This is a complete work of fantasy. All sexual participants are eighteen years of age or older.

Author Notes: I would like once again to thank you all for your support and positive feedback. Many thanks also to my editor. I hope you enjoy…


Since having to wait for Karen to take a shower, Jacob went to the kitchen to make himself a sandwich. His hand was reaching for the mustard when suddenly “ding-dong,” the front doorbell rang. With a sigh, he then closed the refrigerator, and begrudgingly walked towards the front door.

Jacob planned to get rid of the unexpected visitor as quickly as possible. He was anxious for some quality ‘mother-son time’ and didn’t want anything or anyone to interfere.

Opening the front door, surprisingly, Jacob found the person to be an attractive young woman. She was wearing a gray pencil skirt and a form-fitting blue blouse. She was holding a briefcase, so he suspected she might be another real estate agent.

Due to his small stature, the lady’s first thought was that he was much younger, maybe a pre-teen, but then it finally dawned on her. The young woman smiled and said, “You must be Jacob!”

Surprised by this, he cocked his head and replied, “Yes, Ma’am?”

“Well, Jacob, it’s nice to meet you.” She held out her hand, “I’m Melissa Turner with the district attorney’s office. Is your mother at home?”

Jacob’s eyes widened as he shook Melissa’s hand. He stammered in his response, “Y-yes… she… my mom.. she’s here.”

“I’m not sure if she told you about me or not; I visited with your mother a couple of weeks ago. She was gracious enough to answer some questions concerning your experience with the WICK-Tropin hormone trials.”

Jacob tried to shake off the initial shock, “Yes… Mom told me you came by.” He stood back to allow space for her to enter, “Please… won’t you come in?”

Melissa’s smile widened. “Thank you, Jacob.”

As Jacob led Melissa into the living room, he tried not to appear nervous. He motioned towards the couch, “Please have a seat. My mom might be a little while.” He then walked over and sat down on the opposite end of the sofa and continued, “She just got home from playing tennis, and she’s in the shower.”

“Oh, that’s fine, “Melissa responded cheerfully. “She wasn’t expecting me today anyway.”

Melissa sat down on the stylish sofa and found it to be quite comfortable. She noticed the framed picture that sat on the end table. It was a family photo that was taken at a beach somewhere. She instantly recognized Karen and Jacob, so she assumed the handsome man standing with them must be his father, Mr. Mitchell. “What a lovely photograph. Where was it taken?”

Jacob glanced over and responded, “Hilton Head… we took a trip there last summer.”

Looking back to Jacob, “My fiance has been dying to play golf at Harbour Town. Maybe when things calm down a bit for us, he and I can take a trip over there ourselves.”

Trying to find out her intentions, Jacob asked, “So… you’re here to see my mom?”

Melissa quickly replied, “Yes, I am.” She then picked up her briefcase from the floor and proceeded to unlock it. “I was in town today conducting another interview, and some new information has come to light. Since I was leaving to go back home to Atlanta, I thought I would stop by and review a couple of things with Mrs. Mitchell.”

Panic washed over him. “New information?”

Melissa nodded while she pulled her notebook and some documents out from her briefcase, “Uh-huh!” She then looked over at the teenager, “Actually… Jacob, you might be able to help me. You are eighteen… correct?”

Jacob nodded and replied, “Yes, ma’am… and please feel free to call me ‘Jake.’ Only my mom uses ‘Jacob,’ and that’s only when I’m in trouble for something.”

Melissa broke out with a giggle, causing Jacob to feel a little more at ease. His mom was right… she seems to be very friendly. He also took notice of just how pretty she looked. The lovely attorney had a beautiful smile, flawless olive complexion, luxurious shoulder-length jet black hair, and dark brown Bakırköy Escort eyes. Her figure was athletic while still curvy and feminine. A body type somewhat close to his sister Rachel’s.

Scooching closer to Jacob, Melissa settled in on the middle cushion. “Since you are eighteen and the actual patient of Dr. Grant’s, you can legally answer my questions… if that’s okay with you? At least until your mother is available?”

Jacob was lost in thought, wondering what this hot young lawyer would look like out of her clothes. While glancing at her big boobs straining against her blouse, he halfway heard her question and without thinking replied, “Uh.. sure.”

Melissa smiled and said, “Great. Let’s get started.” She then opened her notebook and began asking Jacob similar questions to what she asked his mother a couple of weeks back. As they conversed back and forth, Jacob could feel his cock beginning to stir. He was already worked up from earlier when Karen agreed to help him. It didn’t make it any easier now that he was sitting just a few inches away from this gorgeous stranger.

As Melissa continued the interview, she began to notice a strange yet delightful scent that filled the room. Not long after the invisible fumes penetrated her lungs, a warm tingling sensation spread throughout her breasts, causing her rose-colored nipples to harden instantly.

Melissa tried to ignore the pleasant feelings and continue with her questions. She glanced around the room, trying to locate the source of the exotic fragrance. She then looked at Jacob. “Do you smell that?”

Shrugging his shoulders in confusion, Jacob replied, “I’m sorry? Smell what?”

Shaking her head, Melissa responded, “Never mind.” She then continued, “So Jake, I have interviewed twelve individuals that participated in the WICK-Tropin experiment. After interviewing these twelve participants, it seems you were the only one NOT to experience any adverse side effects. That’s rather strange, wouldn’t you say?”

Not wanting to blatantly lie to a lawyer, Jacob stood up and held out his arms, “Well, as you can see… I experienced no positive effects either.” Remembering he had a raging boner, he quickly sat back down, hoping she didn’t notice.

After putting the notebook and documents away in the briefcase, Melissa locked it and set it down on the floor. Scooching a little closer to Jacob, she spoke in a soft tone, “Jake, before your mother comes down, is there something you’re not telling me? Maybe something that embarrasses you? Could there be an issue you have not shared with your mom?”

The exotic scent had now intensified, along with the mysterious titillating sensations. Melissa could now feel the tingling not only in her breasts but also at the apex of her silky smooth legs. Her recently engaged pussy was now buzzing, and her panties were damp from unexplained arousal. Her clothes were beginning to feel constrictive and uncomfortable.

With a confused expression, Melissa tugged on the collar of her blouse and asked, “Is it hot in here to you?” Jacob shook his head in response. Feeling herself beginning to perspire, Melissa then began to fan her pretty face with her hand.

Trying to regain her focus, Melissa continued, “I just need to make sure my final report to the DA will be as accurate as possible. Jake, if there is any other information you can give me, it would really help our case against Dr. Grant.”

Staring into Melissa’s beautiful eyes, he could see beads of sweat breaking out on her forehead. “I don’t want any trouble for my mom or me.”

Shaking her head, Melissa replied in a soft tone, “There would be no trouble for you or Mrs. Mitchell. Remember, you are the victim here.” Leaning in a little closer, she whispered, “You can trust me, Jake… I’m only here to help.”

Jacob looked back towards the staircase, then turned around to Melissa and whispered, “Maybe I should just show you.”

Melissa cocked her head in confusion, “Show me?”

Jacob nodded then stood up, and before Melissa could react, he quickly pulled down Başakşehir Escort his cotton jogging pants.

Jacob’s massive rock-hard penis sprung up, almost hitting Melissa in the face. The beautiful young lawyer shrieked and lurched back from the shock as she put up her hand and averted her eyes. “Good God!! What is that?”

Stepping out of his pants, Jacob replied, “You said you wanted to know of any side effects… well, here’s your answer.” He stood before her with his cock throbbing and a thick strand of pre-cum hanging from the tip. Trying to sound confident, he asked, “Do any of the other patients have one like this?”

Melissa slowly turned her head back around and stared at the horrific appendage along with the two painfully swollen testicles hanging below it. It seemed impossible for this underdeveloped teenage boy to have such ungodly things attached to his little body.

Melissa shook her head, “No one told me they got this big.” She forced her eyes to look up at Jacob’s face, “I mean… genital growth was a common side effect for most patients…” Looking back at the monster staring her in the face. “But this… this thing is unreal.”

Now that the initial shock had worn off, Melissa found herself mesmerized by the sheer size of the medical marvel. She continued to examine it from different angles. The pearly strand of pre-cum now stretched almost to the floor. Mindlessly Melissa squeezed her thighs together; her panties had gone from damp to just plain wet.

Unable to take her eyes off the pulsing monstrosity, Melissa muttered, “Does it hurt?”

Jacob nodded and replied, “Yes… quite a bit.” He then grabbed hold of the shaft, and Melissa watched as more gooey liquid oozed out from the purplish bloated head. “I could really use your help.”

“Help?” Melissa squeaked. She jerked back slightly, “NO! No… I… I can’t do that.” In her head, alarm bells were ringing for her to get up and leave, but her body wouldn’t move. It was as if some unseen force was holding her down.

Inching a little closer, Jacob continued, “Ms. Turner, I thought you wanted to help me? You said I could trust you.”

Turning her eyes up to Jacob, there was a pleading look on her face, “I do want to help you, but not like this… I can’t.”

“It’s hurting pretty bad, Ms. Turner. Maybe you could just hold it… rub it a little?”

Melissa looked once again at Jacob’s member as it continued to drip the thick the excessive amount was too much for her to handle, and Melissa began to choke.

Pulling the spewing cock from her mouth, “Oh my… (cough)… GOD!!” Melissa did her best to continue pumping the shaft as it violently twitched in her hands. Her neck and chest were bombarded with creamy ropes of semen while she continued to cough and gag.

It took a few moments, but Melissa eventually collected herself. She could feel the hot, slimy cum running down her slender neck and funneling into the cleavage of her bra encased tits. She looked down to survey her condition; her new blouse splattered with copious amounts of seminal fluids.

While slowly stroking Jacob’s semi-hard cock Melissa looked up at him and hoarsely whispered, “This is incredible.” She then cleared her throat and continued, “Jake, I think Dr. Grant may have been trying to—”


Both Jacob and Melissa jerked their heads and looked in the direction from where the noise came. The sound they heard was a basket of laundry hitting the floor. Standing in the doorway was Karen with a look of complete shock. She saw the young lawyer covered in Jacob’s cum, clutching his dick with both hands.

Jacob, still trying to catch his breath, spoke first, “Hey, Mom… Ms. Turner was just helping me.”

With Karen’s sudden appearance, it was as if the fog that surrounded Melissa instantly lifted. She looked at her hands full of the teenager’s cock and quickly jerked them back as if she had touched a hot stove. She muttered, “Oh my God… what have I done?”

Humiliated, Melissa jumped up from the couch. “I have to get out of here… OH Bebek Escort MY GOD!” She broke out into tears as she ran past Karen towards the front door.

Trying to stop her, Karen called out, “Melissa… please wait!” The mortified young woman ran out the door to her car, never looking back.

Karen stood on the front porch and watched as Melissa pulled out of the driveway and sped off down the quiet street. She dropped her head and muttered in frustration, “Great,… just great.”

When Karen went back into the house, she found Jacob still in the living room. He had put his pants back on and was wiping up the semen that had dripped from his cock and Melissa’s clothes. She walked over to where her son knelt on the floor, crossed her arms, and asked, “Are you trying to get us caught? We are supposed to be keeping your condition a secret… remember?”

Jacob looked up at his mom; she was wearing her ‘angry face.’ In his mind, he thought even pissed off; she was still gorgeous. He replied, “Don’t worry, Mom… it was all part of my plan.”

Taking a seat on the couch, Karen scoffed then asked, “Your plan? I didn’t know of any plan.”

Jacob shrugged and said, “It just came to me when Ms. Turner and I were talking about the WICK-Tropin hormone treatment.”

Karen then patted the sofa cushion beside her and said, “Okay, Einstein… let’s hear it.”

Sitting beside his mom on the couch, Jacob went into the details. He explained to her about the eleven other participants of the program. How everyone that Ms. Turner interviewed described various types of side effects, including enlarged genitals.

Jacob concluded with, “So you see, Mom? She pretty much knew that I was trying to hide something. She is a lawyer, after all.”

Sitting back on the sofa, Karen rubbed her forehead, “What’s to keep her from ratting us out? There’s also a good chance that now your father will find out.”

Shaking his head, Jacob replied, “I don’t think so.”

Karen held out her hands, “And how do you know this?”

Jacob stood up. “Easy… when she comes back, we will just ask her nicely not to say anything.”

Sitting forward on the couch, Karen responded, “That’s your plan?” She huffed and said, “Jake.. you do realize that poor woman hysterically ran out of here covered in your… stuff!”

Jacob nodded, “Yeah, I know… that’s why my plan is perfect.”

With a confused look, Karen responded, “What?”

Stepping closer to Karen, Jacob continued, “Think about it, Mom. What self-respected female lawyer would want the world to know that she got caught giving a teenage boy a blowjob is his mother’s living room?”

Karen’s eyebrow arched. “Go on…”

“It would most likely be the end of her career along with her reputation.” Jacob held up his index finger, “Plus… what would her fiancé think about that? It would probably be the end of her engagement too.”

Karen bit her bottom lip as she gave it some thought. She then looked up at Jacob, “I must admit… you have some good points.”

Jacob smiled and nodded.

Standing up, Karen asked, “Wait a minute. What makes you think she will be coming back here? Especially after what just happened.”

Turning and walking across the room, Jacob replied, “Oh, don’t worry, Mom. She’ll be back… very soon. I can almost guarantee it.”

Crossing her arms, Karen asked, “And what makes you so sure?”

Jacob turned back to his mother. “She forgot something.” He then pointed towards the floor beside the couch. Karen couldn’t see what he was pointing at, so she walked over to where Jacob stood and looked down on the floor beside the sofa… Melissa’s briefcase.


Later on, the front door swung open and slammed against the wall as Melissa rushed into her house. After ensuring the door was closed and locked, she tossed her keys and purse haphazardly towards the living room sofa; where they happened to land, she was not sure, nor at this moment did she care.

Kicking off her heels, Melissa made a b-line straight to her bedroom. She quickly untucked the cum-soaked blouse from her equally soiled pencil skirt as she walked down the hall. She doubted any dry cleaner in the world could rid these clothes of the horrible stains.

Melissa had driven all the way home covered in Jacob’s sticky and fragrant semen. The unique scent flooded the car keeping her in a high leveled state of arousal. Her panties saturated, and her pussy on fire.

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