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Double Penetration

My entry for the 750 Word Challenge – 2022


She drummed her fingers on the table. He was late. Again.

Their casual affair had been going on for two years and they enjoyed each other’s debauchery. Both professionals, she divorced, he wanting to be, they had known each other for years but only recently got together. They weren’t exactly sure how, but alcohol was involved and she found herself impaled on his cock. They discovered their tastes were similar – wine, food, piss, anal, and other things that were left for special occasions. Marks on the skin raised too many eyebrows.

They were perfectly matched for sex. Her ex thought she came too easily, and his wife thought he took too long. She loved it. He could fuck her for 30 minutes and leave her a quivering wreck. By then her arse and cunt were too loose for any cock, so she finished him off with a well-deserved blow job.

Initially, he had apologised for his dysfunction but now he took pride in destroying her holes. Then she had learnt that her mouth could stimulate ultrabet yeni giriş him to heights he had never experienced. And he was eternally grateful.

She had a unit near her office, which was frequently filled at lunchtime with the sounds and smells of their coupling. That wasn’t the limit of their playing field. They had fucked in the office, public toilets, and parks. The thrill of exposure added to their lust, and the risks grew higher. She found that inserting a finger in his arse caused him to cum almost immediately. He had tried to resist her, but she was persistent. Now, they shared arse fucking. He felt strange being bent over a park bench and getting reamed, but he now appreciated what women went through. Facedown, completely exposed, a large cock rhythmically punching into a verboten hole. He loved it. She loved it. Making him squeal with pleasure and pain was immensely satisfying.

She sipped her coffee. Time was precious. Lunchtime could get twenty minutes of good, hard fucking in, followed by a shower ultrabet giriş to clean up. The first time they showered together, he had wanted to pee away from her gaze. She told him not to be stupid, as she had just swallowed his cum. Just piss in the shower. He shrugged and let it spray over her feet. To prove a point she grabbed his dick and aimed it at her belly. His jaw dropped as she slowly waved his stream over herself, just staring at him.

When he had finished, she lifted a leg and launched a jet at him. He gasped at her brazenness, but hesitantly placed a finger midstream. She laughed and told him to get serious. He shrugged and waved his cock in the remaining dribbles. Her warm liquid started to stiffen him up, but she slapped it saying they didn’t have time for another round. Pissing on each other eventually became the accepted way to finish their antics.

This was now annoying. He knew she was horny. It was Tuesday. Three days of only fucking herself. It wasn’t the same as the relief a real cock could give her. ultrabet güvenilirmi She didn’t have enough hands to work her tits, her cunt and her arse at the same time. He also worked wonders with his lips. Nibbling her ear while mauling her boobs was exquisite. Deep purple marks on those were ok. They weren’t on display.

Exasperated, she took a sheet of paper out of her handbag and wrote a short note. She stood and stalked her way to the toilet, returning to the table long enough to finish her coffee. Her eyes swept the shop, but it was obvious that he hadn’t arrived.

“My friend will probably be in later and ask for me. Can you please give him this? If he’s not in by three, give me a call on that number and I’ll drop back,” she asked the guy behind the counter and gave him a large envelope.

He nodded. “Sure.”

About twenty minutes later a grey-suited man entered and looked around. The barista waved at him and handed over the envelope. He nodded his thanks and sat down.

The envelope felt heavy. He opened it and her scent wafted out. Looking in, he saw her favourite butt plug and the paper.

‘Arsehole. I was so ready. You wait until you see what I have in mind for you tomorrow. You’ll be sorry you stood me up.

BTW – don’t be late for Dad’s birthday. Mum will kill you.’

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