Wholesome Carrie Ch. 02

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He followed into the bathroom, feeling along the wall to the half-open door. When he turned the corner the bathroom was glowing in the single candle. The room had no windows, a typical feature of cheap apartments, and the place was small and cramped. He wished it were cleaner. Carrie was in the shower, curtain open, testing the water. Her skin was rich and shining, and she she looked amazing.

He decided to go for it and approached her. He remembered the nude beaches in Europe, and his confusion at the signals he couldn’t make out with European women: naked didn’t equal a sexual come-on, and he’d had to back off on his American values that said when you took your clothes off it was time to get it on. How did you approach that? What did you do? Fuck!

He hesitated and to get his act together, he slouched against the wall, a few feet away from Wholesome Carrie, who he was now thinking of as Naked Carrie, and just ran his eyes over her body. He caught himself getting a hard-on in his soaking clothes. The room was warming up, and he reached behind him without looking and closed the door. Naked Carrie turned her head and smiled at him. He decided this was his sign. He reached out and touched her, tapping, smoothing, lightly on her shoulder. He was rewarded with a shiver. This was good. He backed away and quickly slipped his clothes off.

“Room for one more in there?” he asked, grinning. Naked Carrie smiled back and stepped to the shower head, making room. He stepped in, noticing she wasn’t much shorter than him. She was tall for a woman; he was surprised he hadn’t noted that before.

He didn’t bother with formalities: he just put his hands on her sides, then moved them around. She was facing away, and he just plain couldn’t keep his hands off her body. She felt warm and inviting, smooth and silky, and his cock raged right out in the splattering water. Naked Carrie reached around, tilted her head, and grabbed a soft fistful of his hair. She got in position and kissed him, tonguing forcefully. She got into it, really making out, and he moved his hands to her absolutely delightful breasts, cupping and stroking. She brushed his cock with her ass and he had to gasp. Incredible.

She whispered, “I feel warmer. Do you?”

She disengaged slightly, then looked around at the walls of the shower. She murmured something, then took a bar of soap from the cheap plastic suction-cup soap dish he’d put on the fiberglass panel. She sniffed it, then raised her eyebrows. He knew why: the bar was some foofy organic thing his sister had given him, and he was using it up because he’d run out of store soap. The stuff smelled like oranges and dirt. He shrugged and said, “Gift.”

Wholesome, Naked Carrie gripped the soap in one hand and started washing his body, smoothing the foam and weirdly slick residue with her free hand. She did his chest, then his back, and then moved lower, putting her hands on his cock. He had to gasp from the warmth and unexpected feeling. He leaned forward and kissed her, and as he did she took his hand and put the soap in it.

He lathered up and got to work, covering her tight, fresh body with cleanliness, rubbing her skin and touching her as much as possible, pressing against her body with his. The whole shower started smelling like the organic, earthy bar, and he found himself feeling oddly less dirty in both a physical and unexpected, spiritual way.

Wholesome Carrie turned around and guided his hands to her ass, and he washed her lower body carefully and deliberately, running a couple of fingers between her cheeks, then washing her lower back. She shivered and grunted slightly, then said, “Do you feel cleaner? Warmer?” and reached around and kissed his mouth.

He said, releasing her mouth briefly, “Yes.” He wanted to get inside her, desperately, but he was going to wait; despite her… what? Forwardness, he felt. Wholesome, Naked Carrie was somehow just a little too classy to throw around and fuck. He was trying to think clearly without much success when Carrie turned full around and put her hands to his cock. almanbahis giriş He almost fell over in the shower.

Carrie rolled her hands around on his cock, demonstrating an excruciating knowledge of exactly how to make him crazy, and he had to press one hand on the slippery, fiberglass wall, and place another on her slick, warm shoulder. He was getting weak in the joints, and having difficulty seeing in the steaming shower, when Carrie dropped to her knees and put her mouth around his cock. He sucked in a huge lungful of hot, wet air, and Wholesome Carrie pressed her lips around him and sucked, hard. He felt her tongue roll on the tip of his cock, and he just about collapsed. She put one hand through his legs to his ass, gripping harshly, and ran the other up his chest, digging in with her nails, and forcefully sucked his cock.

He couldn’t help it: “Uunh!” and he bent over and put his hand on her head. Carrie moved her hands around on his body, gripping and digging in, and he just about couldn’t stand it.

His vision was getting blurry when Wholesome, Naked Carrie pulled her mouth off him and looked up. She opened her mouth and was about to speak when the whole building shook with a violent, shattering blast. The sound was incredibly loud in the bathroom, stunning, and the effect was, to him, as if the explosion had erupted from her mouth. It was incongruous and very weird, and he realized he was likely looking down at her face with an odd expression. She looked at him quizzically, then cleared her face, turned her attractive chin, and laughed out loud.

She said, “Showers aren’t safe in an electrical storm.” She stayed on her knees, and kept her hands on his body. “We should take this to another room, don’t you think?”

She stepped out of the shower without drying off, dripping water all over the floor. He followed her, reaching out to touch her body, running his hands down her hips. She shuffled to the door, opened it, and waited for him to lead her. He put his arm around her waist and guided her to his bedroom. The cheap blinds were open, and the scene outside was a raging, tremendous storm.

He very, very gently pushed Wholesome, Naked Carrie to the bed and sat her down facing him. She immediately bent over and put her mouth around his throbbing, intensely hard cock. He couldn’t believe it; she was really, really incredible.

She continued sucking him for a few seconds, then slurped off, wiped her mouth, and bounced backward on the bed, splaying her legs out and showing off her nicely trimmed pussy in the gloom. She said, “Lay down.” he started to get in between her legs, but she grabbed his sides and maneuvered him around; he got confused at first, but realized she was going for a sixty-nine. He shifted on the covers, with his feet to the headboard. As he moved Wholesome, Naked Carrie grabbed his cock with both hands and went back to work with her mouth.

He gasped, and dived for her pussy.

They lay sideways, and he pressed one of her legs up to get access to her wonderful, rich pussy, and got down to playing with her clitoris. She murmured an approval around his cock, and pushed her mound against his face. She smelled and felt amazing, and he had an overwhelming desire to fuck her, but decided to let her direct things. He was lucky enough to get lucky, and he didn’t feel right pushing her.

He was starting to involuntarily pump his cock in her mouth when she flipped her leg all the way over his face and rolled him on his back.

Carrie flipped her legs over his chest, facing away and stark naked and lovely. She scooched back, looking back over her shoulder and smiling, until her face disappeared and he was faced with her delightful, firm ass. She bent down and went for his cock.

He gripped her ass cheeks firmly, pressed gently with his fingers, and got his mouth on her pussy lips. He nuzzled a little, then got his tongue in, carefully gliding over her slightly moist skin, feeling the silky little hairs between her legs. He licked and nuzzled her cleft, then found her almanbahis yeni giriş clitoris and nibbled slightly. He heard her whimper a little bit, and she put her mouth over the tip of his cock, sucking gently. She did it several times, taking the very tip on her lips, kissing, then sucking him in deeper. He felt his cock throbbing in her mouth, and he had to press into her ass with his fingers in reaction.

Carrie lifted her mouth off his cock and pushed her pussy back into his face. He rewarded her with a firm sucking motion on her clitoris, and licked firmly. She rotated her head, he could see her do it, and as she moved her hand to the shaft of his cock, she bent her head down and suddenly popped his sac into her mouth and sucked, hard. He had to gasp in surprise and overwhelming sensation.

She kept on his balls, sucking and licking around the base of his cock while stroking the tip of his cock with her fingers. He kept slipping his tongue around and into her pussy while working her clit, not really believing what she was doing. Carrie obviously stuck out her tongue (he couldn’t see her do it, but it’s the only thing she could have done) and carefully and deliberately licked all over his balls and perineum. It was incredible, and he gripped into her nice, round ass with his hands. As he did, Carrie shifted her body while still licking him.

He was just starting to think, “Freaky,” when Carrie shoved towards his toes and arched her back up, bluntly presenting him with her freshly scrubbed ass. He wasn’t sure what she was looking for, and her ass was so close he couldn’t really see, but he decided to test her out and placed his hands on her ass cheeks and moved his fingers into the valley towards her anus. Carrie squeaked quietly and shivered, and with that reaction he knew what she wanted him to do. His thoughts cohered definitely into the declaration of “freaky.”

Separating her rounded globes he buried his face between the fleshy, muscular ass cheeks, extended his tongue, and flicked her bud. Carrie gasped, really loudly, and took his balls into her mouth. He forced his way closer and pressed, hard, on the rim of her asshole, while she wriggled and exhaled through her nose, stroking the tip of his cock with her hand, balls in her mouth. He pressed into her even harder, and suddenly her body gave way and his tongue entered her asshole. She tasted musky but fresh, like homemade soap from an artisan. He forced harder, and his tongue got into her as far as he could go.

Carrie whimpered while he tongued her asshole, fucking her ass and dilating her rim. He felt a hand slither between them. Carrie’s fingers found her pussy and she started stroking herself while he tongue-fucked her asshole.

They kept it up, him gripping her ass cheeks while rimming her, and she kept licking and sucking his balls while stroking off his cock with her hand and masturbating with the other. He shoved his tongue deep into her ass and rotated, enlarging her anus, and he felt her shiver, then vibrate with an orgasm. Her pussy dripped juice on his chin and neck. Carrie was soaking wet.

He heard her murmur a comment with her mouth full of his balls, and when she used her tongue she vibrated her throat, making the base of his cock tingle. He couldn’t last long if she was going to do that, he knew, and as she kept it up he felt himself getting close to his own orgasm. He fucked her forcefully with his tongue, digging deep in her asshole, and she came again, a continuation of the smaller things, and she shuddered violently, then removed her mouth from his balls.

Carrie moved forward, away from his tongue and removing his hands from her ass cheeks. She moved her body so he could see her face at his cock, and she went back to sucking his balls and stroking his cock. Watching her, her eyes glistening at him, he felt the come rushing, and after a very brief period of time he came, hard.

He wasn’t sure what she was going to do, whether she was going to take him in her mouth, or her hand, but was genuinely surprised almanbahis when she did what she did: she put her mouth around the shaft of his cock, sideways, and sucked gently. His cock erupted with thick ropes of come, and it splattered all over her face and hair.

The first shot whipped over her left cheek and dropped a large glob in her hair, and the second dripped all over her forehead and nose. The continuing strings drew lines over Carrie’s chin and neck. She kept licking and sucking on his balls while he came all over her face.

When he was completely done, spent, she lifted her head and more or less displayed herself, face shining with whitish, translucent Spirograph designs of his come. He stared at her in astonishment, and Carrie smiled, a huge, wide, wholesome smile. The effect was stunning, and he could not believe what he was seeing.

Carrie popped up and took her naked, fresh, tight body into the bathroom. He heard water running and noises in the sink. When she came back, naked, she was holding a towel, and was freshly scrubbed and clean. He couldn’t do much but stare at her.

She bent over to wipe off her feet, and as she did, she deliberately spread her legs and bent at the waist, presenting her pussy and ass squarely at him, showing the slick line of wetness at her pubic hair. She walked out of the bedroom.

He followed after her, feeling very naked and kind of spent, and he realized the sun was coming out. The storm was passing. Carrie reached down for her still-wet clothes and quickly dressed, slipping on the sensible underwear and shorts, then draping the T-shirt over her breasts. She didn’t put the bra on, and her nipples poked very noticeably through the fabric. When her head popped out of the neck hole she smiled widely. He had to think, “What an unbelievable freak.” He had to smile himself, not quite believing what had just happened. The disconnection between Carrie’s appearance and demeanor and her sexual behavior really kind of freaked him out.

She stood in front of him, smiling, looking like Wholesome Carrie again. He had to ask: “Do you… did you like that?”

Carrie smiled, even wider, and said, “Oh yeah. I liked that a lot. I like playing. It’s fun.”

He was more than slightly taken aback by her bluntness. “Uh… okay.”

She tossed her shining hair, twisting a little, and said, “Well, I don’t do sex. But I can do other things, you know.” She grinned.

He shook his head, confused. “Don’t do sex? What do you mean?”

Carrie turned around, rummaging in her pocket. “I don’t do, you know, vaginal. Never have. That’s for my husband, my marriage, you know? But it doesn’t mean I don’t know how to have fun otherwise.”

His mouth dropped open. “You’re a virgin?”

Carrie looked back at him. “Yep. I won’t do sex until I get married. I’m still a virgin, and I’m going to stay that way until I meet my husband, and get married. That’s for my husband, and for children.”

He goggled at her. A thought formed in his head, and it came in as clear as day: “WHAT the FUCK?” He was utterly speechless.

Carrie said, “Hey, this was fun. I had a good day. You want to get together again? Next Saturday?”

He paused, then nodded, and stammered out a nearly incoherent “Sure.” and then, “Absolutely.”

Carrie waved, said “Bye!” and walked out his door. He watched her ass as she walked across the cheap carpet. He realized that he could very likely fuck her in that ass. She would do that, he knew. He could butt fuck Wholesome Carrie in a weeks’ time. She still considered herself a virgin.

“Unbelievable,” he said, out loud. “Unbelievable.” He actually, honestly, marveled at the mental gymnastics she had to be doing to think of herself as a virgin after sucking his cock, having him tongue her asshole, and making him come all over her face.

“Un-fucking-believable.” He considered the experience, and he had to sit down in his cheap chair. Thinking of Carrie’s ass and mouth, he caught himself grabbing his cock again. He said, “No pussy, but I can fuck her in the ass and come on her face.” He had to laugh.

He looked down at the soggy bra laying on his carpet, then picked it up and smelled it. It smelled clean. He sat down on his couch, and knew he’d get over not getting inside Wholesome Carrie’s pussy. He’d live with it; until next Saturday.

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