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Who Do You WantMy wife told me she always dreamed about me fucking one of hergirlfriends, then she made it happen.As soon as I met Donna at a party, I knew I wanted to be with her. I’mpretty tall, six-five, and she was five-eight, so we are at least in thesame part of the stratosphere. She was bubbly and fun with wavy blondhair down just past her shoulders and her body, well, she’s slender andcurvy with beautiful long legs and a nice figure. Really she’s got greatboobs and likes guys to notice them.Well, the night of the party, I certainly did and I left with her phonenumber and email address and a definite show of interest.I wasted no time and called her the next day and our first date was thenext Friday night, followed by every night since. We were engaged eightmonths later and married just over a year after that. Have I mentionedthat the sex with Donna was good?Well, it wasn’t…it was magnificent.I found me a woman with a sex drive that even out-revs mine. Not onlythat, she adores sucking me and offers her mouth to me all the time. Shehas never been too tired or stressed or not in the mood. Is she perfect?Pretty much, yes.We’re now married, just a few months ago, and after a particularlyenergetic fuck, we were snuggled there in one another’s arms, enjoyingthe afterglow and started to ask each other what really turned the other on.”Oh, it sounds silly, but sometimes when you walk around in your boxersand have your semi-hard cock hanging out the opening, well, it’s crazybut I get so wet and horny I’ve got to have it right then.””Hmm, I’ll remember that, should come in handy. What else?””Well, it turns me on to think of you fucking one of my friends, mygirlfriends.””Geez, really, which one?” I asked knowing that she had lots of friends,some from growing up, some from college, some from work and some fromtennis.”Doesn’t matter, just any of them. I love thinking about it.””Not any one in particular?””Well, Emma’s probably the one you’d want most. I’ll bet I’m right aboutthat, huh?”Emma was gorgeous. She’s small and part-Asian and while she has anAsian-frame, she’s got boobs that are definitely from her father’s sideof the family, his family is French/German from the Alsatian region.She’s dark-haired, as you might expect, with a compact body that is justperfect from what I’ve seen of it. Her skin is light amber looking likea wonderful, all-over tan. She went to college with Donna and paid herexpenses by modeling for clothing catalogs.”Oh, babe, you picked the one I’d sure go for, that’s for sure.””I thought you would. And you’ve never seen her naked, either. I have,you’d cream your pants.””I have every reason to believe you, hon, she’s a doll.””You’d love to fuck her, wouldn’t you, Herb? You’d love the chance, right?””What guy wouldn’t? That beautiful skin she has and so trim and compact,well, except for those boobs of hers.””Well, I’ve seen those boobs and they’s perfect, I mean tens.””Nice as these?” I asked as I fondled the beauties right next to me.”Oh, Herb, if you only knew. They are these perfect cones. When she’sflat on her back, they stand right up tall, just perfect. And nipples?Oh, you like the puffy kind, right? Bingo, they just look fresh-sucked,which is something that you could do like a nice hubby,” she asked, so,like a good hubby, I slipped down and did edirne escort her bidding.A few days went by, when over supper, she asked me, “Remember us talkingabout our fantasies? Mine about watching you fuck one of my girlfriends?””Oh, hon, how would I forget that?””Well, Emma called me today at work and we had a nice chat. I kind ofput you into the conversation to see if I could find out if she likedyou, you know, like sexually.””Oh, yeah? And…?””You want to know, don’t you?””Of course, look, she’s a super-hot woman, the hottest of all yourfriends. Come on, out with it.””Well, we were comparing partners, you with the doctor she’s seeing.And, well, the doctor is so busy and stressed out all the time, she’snot too happy with the quality of their sex life. So, I told her aboutmine.””Your’s? Well, I hope you told her it’s pretty good.””I told her I had a guy with libido to spare. She got real quiet when Isaid that. Then, she asked me what you were like in bed. Well, I told her.””Yeah, yeah?””Well, I think if you want some of Emma, she’d jump at the chance.””You’re k**ding me, aren’t you?””Wanna find out?””Sure, babe, sure, just set it up, I’m ready anytime, anytime,” Ibragged, knowing that she was probably k**ding me.Now, don’t get me wrong. I’ve said that sex with Donna is the best.She’s twenty-five, five-eight with wavy blond hair that falls just tothe height of her nipples. I asked her once if that was on purpose andshe told me that, actually, it was. That was how she wanted her hairlength and chose it several years ago standing naked in front of awall-length mirror.Her body is beautiful. She has smooth ivory skin, and her legs are longand thin, hips trim, waist narrow and a set of 34C’s that are quiteperfect; full and round with nipples that are always erect, they justnever go flat. She loves to show them off under teeshirts and the like;she has a silk shirt that shows them so well, that I’ve seen guys followher around to get a second look. I don’t blame them in the least.She’s a hot woman who loves the fact of it and loves to use her body topleasure the both of us. Her blowjobs are an example. She could suck astatue until it cummed and I’ve never known any girl or woman who was soeager and enthusiastic when it came to sucking a cock. She simply loves it.So, honestly, after she had brought up my fucking one of her friends, Imore or less forgot about it, after all, I had a phenomenal woman in mybed already who was eager and ready most any time at all.About a month later, I came home from the office to find a Mini Cooper Sparked in our driveway. It’s a car I’ve always liked and couldn’t, forthe life of me, think of who we knew that owned one.Then, entering the front door, I looked around and didn’t find anyonearound. Standing at the foot of the stairs, there were sounds fromupstairs so, since I was going to change anyway, I went up. I wentquietly, actually, wondering if I had, perhaps, like husbands do attimes, found my wife in bed with another man.As I slipped down the hall, there were sounds that sure seemed like sex,then looking in our room, there was Emma up over Donna, both naked, bothheads buried in each other’s pussies. Emma’s rear was facing me, quite alovely sight, indeed, as my wife lapped over and over at her pussy, ağrı escort nowflushed and crimson from being given a very good time. Emma’s head wasbobbing up and down giving back as well as she was getting, both seemedtotally engrossed in ravishing each other.I watched as Emma shook her head back and forth as she tongued Donna’spussy, sucking it, getting her juices, just giving her all she could asshe rubbed her own pussy back and forth across my wife’s mouth as Iheard slurping sounds from her.Donna had never mentioned that she and Emma had sex with each other butit seemed pretty certain that this was not a first time event.I’m not sure which one saw me first but they both suddenly stopped andEmma rolled off Donna and pulled the sheet up over her as Donna laythere laughing.”Well, you caught us,” she squealed as I bent down and kissed her, myhands groping her boobs.Then, I knelt on the bed over Donna and put my hand on Emma’s head andkissed her, tonguing her as Donna rubbed the bulge in my pants. I pulledthe sheet down as I kissed Emma, she was responding as well, slippingher tongue inside my mouth, seeming to relax after thinking I might beangry finding her in bed with my wife, so far from the truth as I drankin the stellar body she had.She was on her back and her breasts were fully up in the air, there wasno slump, no sag, just what Donna had told me; they were wonderful withtheir very dark red nipples, nice and puffy with hard and erect centers.Her skin was the color of a light latte, perfectly smooth andunblemished. She was stunning.I moved from her lips to her nipples and began to suck them, alreadyrock-hard in my mouth as Donna was getting my pants loosened and pulleddown. She soon had my cock out stroking it, then let it go to get Emma’shand to bring to it. She took right over stroking and pulling on my cockas I arched over my wife while sucking her friend’s excellent breasts.”Oh, let’s get him naked, Emma,” my wonderful wife suggested as theyboth jumped up, pulled me out of the bed and stripped me naked in whatseemed like seconds.”So, this is what Herb’s got, huh? Nice,” Emma said as she crouched downand began sucking my cock.”I’ll bet Herb’d love to fuck you, Emma. Right, hon?””Oh, would I ever. See how hard I am?”She pulled off me, took my cock and led me to our bed and jumped rightinto the middle with her legs spread.”I always start with dessert first, Emma,” as I got between her legs andbegan licking and tonguing her. She put her legs up over my shoulders asI feasted on her wet, sopping pussy as she smeared herself all over my face.Donna got up over her, took hold of the headboard and lowered herselfdown over her friend, placing her pussy right on her mouth as Emma puther tongue and hands up to meet her.I’m now down between Emma’s lovely tan legs feasting on her beautifulslit as my wife is up over her crouching down pressing her pussy onEmma’s face for her to devour.”Mmm, oh, oh, god, Emma, Emma, oh, my pussy, you’re making me cum, oh,oh, uh, unh, uh, mmm, ooh, ooh,” Donna groaned as she moved off herfriend and turned to tongue her mouth as we both rubbed her breasts.”Mmm, so good, mmm, yes, yes, yes, uunh, uh, mmm, oh, wow, you two areso hot,” Emma moaned as I felt her shake and tremble under my lips.”I’ll bet Herb would ardahan escort love to fuck you right now, Em. Want his nicecock?” Donna asked her.”Yeah, yeah, mmm, fuck me, I’m so hot,” and I got up and pushed right upinto her and began stroking in and out of her as Donna started suckingone of her breasts while I fondled the other.She was just as tight as I had been hoping, very slippery, of course,with all the fun these two had been having before I came home, but tightnonetheless. I loved taking nice long strokes in and out of her as sheand Donna kissed and played with each other. I’m not the jealous type, Ihad a wonderful pussy to keep me occupied.It felt electric as my cock slid in and out of her tight pussy lips; shewas so beautiful laying underneath me, squirming as I fucked her; Icouldn’t believe I was really getting to fuck this hot, hot woman. Thenit hit me.Shit, tomorrow was my birthday. Tomorrow was my birthday and I hadforgotten all about it. At work, I had been under pressure to finish upa project and it had consumed me one hundred percent. Then, justrelieved that it was over, I came home and there was my wife and hermost beautiful girlfriend getting it on in our bed and now I’m taking myturn with her.And tomorrow it’s my birthday.”Oh, hon. Now I get it…my birthday. You set this up. You set it up formy birthday, didn’t you?””When Donna asked me if I’d fuck you for your birthday, Herb, I justcouldn’t resist. You like it so far? She’s told me you’ve really wantedto fuck me,” Emma giggled.”Oh, are you k**ding? You are so tight, so nice. God, what a body. Whata wife I have to set me us for this,” I gasped as I pushed deep inside her.”You’re right, there, buster. See how much I love you. Of course, I washaving some fun with Emma, too. And I’m not quite finished with thateither. But it’s your birthday and Emma’s staying the night; we plan tofuck you all night long, right up into your birthday tomorrow. Happybirthday, sweetie,” she said as she leaned in and kissed me. But itdidn’t slow me down with Emma.”Mmm, oh, yes, that’s good, Herb, push hard, honey, deep, mmm, oh, justpush in while I…” and she started wiggling back and forth as I pushedand pushed.”Oh, yeah, mmm, that’s good, mmm, right there, right there, yes, yes,ohh, ohhh, uuh, mmm, mmm,” she groaned as I began to stroke back andforth once again. It just felt so good.Her tight pussy was getting me close, really close, as I felt thosefamiliar tingly sensations in the tip of my cock triggering me to plungedeep into Emma as I spurted my cum into my wife’s friend for the firsttime. I knew with her spending the night, that it wouldn’t be the last,a fact that already had me excited for our next coupling.As I lay over Emma with my dick still in her, kissing slowly, justenjoying the warmth and sexiness of it all, my wife said, “You know,Herb, you have tomorrow off, it’s your birthday. What you don’t know isthat I’m calling in sick tomorrow so I can fuck you all day long.””You’re the best wife a guy could have,” I said as I leaned over andkissed her almost pulling my cock out of her best friend.”And, you lucky bastard, Emma told me earlier that she’d call in sicktoo so we could both fuck you crazy all day long. Isn’t she the best?”Well, folks, that’s just what happened. As you can imagine, these twosuper-sexed women kept me well-drained of semen and took out theirexcess horniness on each other. Well, I got to watch and even playaround with the participants while they did each other.What a birthday. Now I need to plan something for Donna’s next birthday.You wouldn’t be interested, would you?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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