White Women are Goddesses

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Teen (18+)

White Women are GoddessesMy name is Eloise Jenkins and I’m a young woman living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. I’m around five-foot-ten, kind of plump, with red hair, green eyes and alabaster skin. I’m an Irish-American lesbian and I’m also a BDSM fanatic. By nature, I am submissive. My Mistress Kendra Jones taught me all I know. She’s a six-foot-three, curvy and big-bottomed, dark-skinned Black woman I met at Saint Marcus College ages aso. She’s an award-winning fiction author and a professor of African-American Literature at one of Massachusetts top schools. I was her most devoted student, in more ways than one. I worship my Mistress just like a good slave should. Lots of young white women who are gay or bisexual are deeply submissive. And we have a thing for bossy exotic women, especially Black women and Hispanic women. The lesbian BDSM scene is really diverse and quite fun.Recently, my Mistress came to me with a strange request. Mistress Kendra Jones told me that she had some submissive fantasies that she wanted to explore. I was stunned. Mistress Kendra doesn’t strike me as the kind of woman with a single submissive bone in her body. She’s tall, strong and beautiful. And she is good at domination. She dominated the hell out of me. This tall and sexy, butch Black woman. I remember kneeling before her and sucking her toes. I remember her pulling my hair and smacking me. Prying my legs open and fisting me deep in my pussy while smacking my tits. Oh, and let’s not forget her strap-on dildo. She would bend me over and spank my white ass until it turned red before donning her strap-on dildo and fucking me with it roughly. She loved drilling my pussy with her dildos. And not just my pussy. One time, she shoved a dildo up my ass while fisting my pussy. Did I mention that I was tied up and spread-eagled on a table at the time? Yeah, I was. And I absolutely delighted in how she handled me. I’m the submissive and she’s my Mistress. Now my Mistress admitted to having submissive tendencies. This severely alters our dynamic. If the Mistress wants to submit, then what does the submissive do? I knew the answer the moment I asked myself the question. If the Mistress submits, then the submissive must dominate. I smiled at Kendra Jones and agreed to be her Mistress to help her explore her submissive side. She smiled and thanked me.Thus, Kendra Jones and I began our journey together. White Mistress and Black Bitch instead of Black Mistress and White Bitch. How awkward. I started things light. I wanted to let Kendra Jones get used to being submissive. So I bought her a Black and white maid’s uniform and asked her to wear it while we were alone in my house. Kendra was hesitant. The strong Black woman wasn’t too keen on that. I smiled at Kendra and gently kissed her forehead, then I e explained to her that she was now the submissive and I was the Mistress. She had to do as I said. Kendra nodded, and put on the uniform. Oh, man. She looked really sexy in the Black and white maid’s uniform. Her big ass looked really shapely in it too. I sat on my couch and watched her as she cooked and cleaned for me. And when she was done, I praised her. I rewarded her by spreading my legs and letting her lick me out. Kendra once again hesitated. I stared at her, shaking my head. I told her to kneel before me and she bristled at my tone. I smiled and told her to simply lick my pussy. Swallowing hard, istanbul escort Kendra did as she was told. I got such a sexual thrill at the sight of my former Mistress, a strong Black woman, kneeling before me, a chubby white chick. I almost came I swear. Kendra began licking and fingering my pussy. Mere days ago I used to kneel before her and eat her out. Now she was doing it for me. How times have changed.Kendra Jones was an excellent pussy licker. I praised her skills. Afterwards, we sat down and discussed what we had done together. Kendra was a little shaken by what she had done. Years ago when I first submitted to her, she used to berate me and call me a silly white slut. She used to say that silly white sluts belonged on their knees and were made to serve strong Black women. A really mean part of me wanted to give her a taste of her own medicine. I wanted to tell her that silly Black sluts belonged on their knees and were made to serve strong white women. However, that would be wrong of me. Besides, Kendra isn’t just a sexy Black chick to me. I care about her, believe it or not. A long time ago, all I wanted was her love. And I thought I would get it if I obeyed her and tried to make her happy. Unfortunately, she could never see past my skin tone and middle-class background. All she saw was a silly white slut in need of domination at the hands of a strong Black woman. I decided to be a better Mistress to her than she was to me. I told her that there was no shame in exploring her submissive side. I also reassured her by telling her that submitting to me did not diminish her standing as a strong Black woman in my eyes. Kendra looked at me adoringly and smiled. Gosh I wanted to kiss her. However, I couldn’t. She was too arrogant and bossy. I needed to put her through hell to save her from herself. Even though I loved her.The next time we met, I had Kendra strip naked before me and inspected her body. I was really critical of her big tits, wide hips and big Black ass. Now, I love curvy Black women. I really do. However, in order to remake Kendra I had to break her down. I grabbed a picture of a magazine and showed her a skinny blonde. I told her that chick was the ideal of beauty. Kendra swallowed hard and nodded. Now, it hurt me to say that. I would pick a curvy Black woman over a skinny blonde any day. Believe that. However, I’ve got to break down Kendra’s mental fortitude in order to truly transform her into a submissive. It’s not just a physical process. There’s more to it than whips and chains and dungeons. It’s a mental process as well. I had to dominate her physically as well as mentally. And so I did what I had to. I told her that in order to fix her, I would need to put her through some tough work. She agreed. I made her do yard work for me while wearing a bikini. Luckily there were high fences around my house. Kendra looked so sexy mowing my lawn in a bikini that I wanted to pull her into my arms and make love to her. However, I couldn’t do that. I had to follow the script and be her Mistress and make her my submissive. I forced down the warm feelings of love I had for her and adopted a steely, stern demeanor. It wasn’t easy but I did it.When Kendra Jones finished mowing the lawn, I inspected her work. Truly she did a splendid job but I had to criticize her. I told her she did an awful job and avcılar escort she looked crestfallen. My heart ached when I saw that look on her face but I steeled myself against it. Next, I told her that working in the sun all day made her sweaty and smelly. Kendra stared at me, mouth agape. I smiled nastily and told her that she smelled nasty. She protested. I laughed and then I took her to the washroom and hosed her. My way of cleaning her up. That seemed to really affect her. Kendra promised me that she would do a good job working for me and that she’d be clean about it too. I smiled and rubbed her head in a very patronizing way. I knew I was wearing her down. She didn’t call me Eloise anymore. She simply called me Mistress. Kendra Jones the strong Black woman who moonlighted as a dominatrix was fading away. Kendra Jones the meek-eyed submissive was taking hold. And I loved that transformation in her.I continued to push her further. She got used to wearing the Black and white maid’s uniform. One day, I invited some white female friends at my house and told them Kendra Jones was my maid. And for the entire evening, Kendra Jones quietly served us tea and crackers, and went about her duties just like a real maid would. None of my friends ever suspected that Kendra Jones was anything more than a maid. They had no idea that she was a graduate of Spelman College and Howard University. A gorgeous, intelligent, educated and accomplished Black woman. I was both pleased and disturbed by how quickly Kendra Jones had changed. After my friends left, I made her kneel before me and lick my pussy. This time she didn’t even hesitate. I called her names while she lapped away at my pussy and even berated her but she didn’t even react. Just continued licking my pussy like there was no tomorrow. I noted with satisfaction that the fire was mostly gone from Kendra Jones eyes. She was becoming a true submissive. Good. We’re making progress. One day, I decided to take Kendra Jones to the final frontier. I decided to fuck her with a strap-on dildo. One day, Kendra was going about her duties when she accidentally spilled juice on my kitchen floor. I got really mad on purpose and decided to punish her. Kendra started mumbling an apology. I wouldn’t hear of it. I smacked her hard across the face. Kendra’s eyes blazed. I gasped. For a moment, I thought I had gone too far. Instead of rushing me, Kendra started crying. Actual tears. I couldn’t believe it. I smiled and told her to clean the floor. She went to get a rag but I took the rag from her. I told her to clean the floor with her tongue. Amazingly, she obeyed. I watched this big and tall Black woman licking up fallen juice on my kitchen floor. Mere days before our situations were reversed and I was the submissive white chick in awe of the Black goddess, completely dominated by the strong Black woman. Now she was completely submissive to me. Smiling, I caressed Kendra’s big Black ass and told her to get naked. She did. I admired her big sexy ass. Hot damn she looked great. I fetched my strap-on dildo and told her I was going to fuck her with it. Kendra’s eyes went wide. This was truly the last frontier for her. I couldn’t quit now. So I smacked her big ass and told her to assume the position. Amazingly, she obeyed. Face down and ass up. I smiled wickedly. Then I pressed my dildo against her pussy lips and pushed it şirinevler escort inside. This was Kendra’s first time getting penetrated. She once told me that she’d never been with a man and she never let women shove dildos inside of her. She liked to be the one penetrating her women, not the other way around. Well, I guess there’s a first time for everything. Time for this big and tall Black Amazon to submit completely to her chubby white Mistress.I gripped Kendra’s wide hips and thrust the dildo deep into her pussy. She squealed as she officially lost her virginity to me. I smacked her big Black ass, loving the way it jiggled under the force of my thrusts. I grabbed a handful of Kendra’s long Black hair and pulled it. She yelped. And the most amazing thing happened. Kendra’s hair or at least a large chunk of it came off since it was a weave. And not a very good one either. I laughed so hard I almost pissed myself. Why do so many Black women like to wear fake hair? Kendra’s own natural hair, which was kind of short, looked really nice. Short hair looks good on many women of all races. Why leave what’s real and opt for what’s fake? I guess I’ll never know. I fucked Kendra’s pussy hard. It was fun. And I could she liked it. The bitch enjoyed what I did to her. However, nothing can make a strong woman feel dominated the way a dildo up her ass can. It’s the ultimate thing. So I spread Kendra’s ass cheeks wide open and rubbed my dildo against her asshole. The big and tall Black woman tensed. I leaned close to her face and whispered that I was going to fuck her in the ass. I could feel her trembling. Smiling, I rubbed her big round ass before pushing the dildo into her asshole. Kendra groaned as my dildo slipped into her asshole. I smacked her big ass and pushed the dildo deep into her booty hole. It was my second time taking her virginity that day. This butch Black woman had never been anally penetrated before. I gripped her hips and pushed the dildo deeper into her asshole. Down where the sun didn’t shine. Kendra howled as I fucked her in the ass. Her screams were music to my ears. I smacked her ass hard while fucking her. I wanted to make her pay for having such a big sexy ass and for dominating me for so long. If I knew dominating her would be this sweet, I would have done it a long time ago. I plunged the dildo deep into her asshole, making her squeal. I berated her while fucking her. Face down and ass up, she took everything I dished out at her. Like a good submissive slut.After fucking Kendra’s asshole with my strap-on dildo, I ordered her to kneel before me. The tall and sexy Black Amazon knelt before me, her dominant white Mistress. She licked my dildo clean, without a doubt tasting her ass on it. I smiled and rubbed her head while she cleaned my dildo. Afterwards, I took her to the washroom for a good clean up session. Then we went back to my living room. I grabbed my favorite Zane novel, and busied myself reading some really hot urban stories. Meanwhile, Kendra lay on the floor and I rested my feet upon her broad back. I love what she’s become. She’s gone from a stern, bossy and domineering Black Mistress to a delightfully submissive Black slut whose only wish is making her white Mistress happy. The new dynamic suits me greatly, and it suits her as well. After a while, I decided to make it a permanent thing and of course Kendra had no objections. She quit her job at the school and moved in with me. Now she cooks my meals, cleans my house and sleeps in my bed. Taking care of all my needs. It’s what makes her happy. I’m her Mistress and she brings order and purpose into her life. We’re happy together.This is not my story its from http://www.literotica.com/s/white-women-are-goddesses-ch-01

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