Whiskey and Wild Sex Ch. 03

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My weekend with Tara and Bryan started with a grand unveiling of a gift; it was an amazing sketch that now hangs in the bedroom. It’s from what she’s dubbed her “Figure Drawing Series;” it’s very sexually explicit line drawings and sketches from the “classic” poses associated with figure drawing.

Bryan grinned, purposely ignoring the highly detailed penis, “Nice fucking abs, dude.”

It was from the chest down, and I was sitting, legs spread on a stool; I had my hands resting on my knees, in a relaxed pose, but the main focus was anything but relaxed. Unlike the last version, where it was flaccid and hanging, my dick was standing proud, and looking like it was cast in bronze…and just as hard.

Tara smiled, “Well what do you think?”

Bryan piped, “It’s looks good enough to ride…and it’s makin’ me hard.”

I grinned, looking at him, “It’s making me hard, too…but jeez, Tara, it’s beautiful…and very, very manly. I love it!”

“Well, you are manly…I’m so glad you like it,” her arms wrapped around me in a big hug…and a wet kiss!

She patted Bryan on the ass, and laughed, “Sweetie, we got the birthday boy all weekend…you can ride the real thing.”

We went over our plans for the weekend; were heading up to Wisconsin for a couple days, and decided to make it a short night, because we wanted leave early in the morning. That’s about when Bryan left and came back with three glasses and whiskey, of course.

I laughed, “Well, I knew that was coming!”

Tara looked coy and smiled, “Why do you say that?”

I took a sip, “Mmmm, that’s good scotch…let me tell you why? I’ve concluded that this birthday week was all highly secretive and carefully planned…but I love it all. It started with Tina using her naked body to serve a Manhattan. Then with Jodi and Pete, it was a scavenger hunt for the cherries in a Manhattan…that ended in a sex swing.”

Bryan announced, “Babe, we do need a sex swing…but don’t you think it’s time we gave the birthday-boy some idea of what’s planned?”

She ignored the sex swing comment, “Well, we were going to take you out to dinner and a movie, but we could always stay here…but it’s really up to you. What’re you up for? Dinner here, or out?”

Bryan added, “We’ll take you anywhere you want…our treat.”

“Why don’t we stay in or get carry-out,” I grinned, “And maybe discuss that sex swing?”

Bryan set his drink down, to work my shorts open, “Then you’ll probably like what we got planned.”

I watched Tara’s dainty hand wrap around the head, gently stroking the ridge, and sending pleasure through my body. Her dainty hand made it look so big, but then I felt his hand around the base and pumping the shaft. I thought this couldn’t get any better…mmmm, two hands…a husband and wife, stroking it…fuckkkkk!

“Yeah, that’s…that’s amazing…fuckkkkk! We really need to stay here…and you can do more of that…ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh yeah!”

She grinned and nodded, “Sweetie, that’s our intention…but let’s get you more comfortable.”

They stripped off the shorts and briefs, together, before throwing off all their clothes and sinking to the floor. Then she smiled, “We’ll do whatever you want…or need.”

Before I responded, she sucked the head between her lips, and Bryan stroked the base. I watched her mouth envelope the first couple of inches, just past the ridge. Her lips rippled over the shaft and savored the ridge, knowing what pleasure it gave me. With the hand, pushed aside by her lips, Bryan started jacking himself.

Bobbing…sucking…and licking, she pushed deeper, teasing her throat with the head. With long, pleasured moans, I ran my fingers through her hair and jacked my cock with her mouth, taking it right up to her throat.

I was on the very edge of the couch, and pumping into her mouth, when she pulled off and grinned at Bryan, “Your turn sweetie…or would you like to pass?”

He pretended to be irritated, grinning, “About time, and don’t intend to pass.”

My balls, hanging heavy between my legs, didn’t go unnoticed, because he reached out to cradle them in his hand. The sac was smooth and hairless, each ball looked like an egg straining the soft, supple layer of skin. With both nuts in his palm, he rolled them through his fingers, “The way they hang…and how they feel…they’re amazing, so warm…and heavy!”

Tara was seriously into balls, and grinning, “Bryan, sweetie…I love yours too! Mmmm…a guy’s balls are so sexy and masculine and loaded…with cum!”

They felt so good between his lips, when he sucked and swirled his tongue over them. He moved up to the shaft, licking from top to bottom, before pulling off and feeling it pulse in his hands. His tongue played across the surface and got it all wet and shiny. I was at full staff, and he caressed it, stroking his hand up and down the shaft. Leaning forward, he swirled his tongue over the head and made his way back down the shaft, again. Tracing the subtly veined skin, his tongue was more escort izmir than eager to satisfy.

After a couple minutes, a thick bead formed at the tip; he licked it up with a big smile, directed at me…and then Tara. Clearly showing off, he parted his lips and slid them back down over my dick, and when the head hit his throat, I pumped my hips to tease the limitation. We’d been together for a long time, and I knew there was no way to get it into his throat…it just wouldn’t fit. But…for both of us…it felt good to fuck his mouth. The satisfaction of having a man’s dick between his lips had him moaning and ready for anything.

When I slid outward, he held the head tight, in his lips and licked the pre-cum. The taste flooded his senses, and he took over, tightening his lips and bobbing faster. He fucked me with his face, till I had to pull out…or cum.

He grinned, “Almost got a load…didn’t I?”

“Yeah…almost…you got me so fuckin’ horny!”

She grinned, “I think it’s my turn,” and took it back between her lips.

With both hands on her shoulders, I started fucking faster, going harder and harder; she knew I was about to cum.

When I jerked it out, I yelled, “Grab it…grab it and stroke it…grab it and stroke it!” I felt my muscles tighten and my balls drawing up. “Yeah, grab it and stroke it…yeah…yeah…don’t stop…don’t stop…stroke it!”

My dick throbbed in her hand as seed surged from the shaft, and she squealed, “Fuck yeah! There it is…cum hard…yeah, cum for me!”

The first pulse sprayed out with force, while the next one flowed thick over her hand, but she kept pumping till I was done. Milking the shaft, she stroked out the last drops, using both hands.

She was licking her hand, and my head was still in the clouds, but Bryan’s soft moans caught our attention. He was jacking himself…wildly…and on the brink.

“Buddy, let us have it…need that load…need that big load…yeah, give us that big load!”

He jumped up on his knees and jacked his load over my belly…and Tara’s tongue

I grinned, “Yeah…yeah, give us that load!”

Once finished, she wrapped her lips around his dick and sucked him dry. They both grinned, before licking my belly and sharing it with a long, sensuous kiss…a long, probing cum-drenched kiss.

When they parted, cum glistened on her lips and she grinned, probing deep into her pussy, with her fingers.

I was still horny as fuck, when she giggled and licked arousal from her finger, “Mmmm…a pussy’s a lot like a rainy day…if it’s wet, it’s time to go inside.”

“You want me to eat you out…or you ready for something bigger?”

She grinned, “Bigger…I’m definitely ready for something bigger…and thick…and hard…really…really hard!”

That was just the start of our weekend…and we did eventually get to dinner, that evening. It was just late…after a lengthy…and heavy appetizer course. At dinner, Bryan went it some detail about doing a boy’s night with Pete…and there was no doubt he had more than a few beers in mind.

I remember Tara grinning, “I think somebody’s got a man-crush…but Pete is kinda hot!”


We left early the next morning, and Bryan insisted on driving, with me riding shotgun, and Tara in back. We hadn’t been on the road long, before she said, “What do you need, birthday boy…you doin’ good up there?”

I looked into her lusty, blue eyes, “Things are great…we got a whole weekend together…and I really love the gift.”

“Well, I was thinking since we aren’t driving, I could make you feel really amazing…better than amazing for your birthday, with a little car sex…or maybe some roadhead?”

She crawled up through the seats and started unbuckling my jeans, as I grinned, “Yeah, that does sound amazing.”

Bryan laughed, “That-a-girl, get on it.”

She grabbed a hold of my briefs, and attempted to push them down, smiling, “You’re gonna have to help me here, with this.”

As I pushed everything down to my ankles, my dick bounced back up to slap my belly and Tara squealed. She took the pulsing flesh in her lips and started bobbing, up and down the shaft. I moaned, “Tara…Tara…that’s…that’s good…mmmm…yeah…yeah…yeah, just like that.”

Bryan grinned, “Babe, that’s not working for me…I know I’m driving, but I can’t see anything…just the back of your head. What if you get on the floor, between his legs?”

She looked at me and grinned, as I moved the seat all the way back, “Sounds good, but I just have to get my ass up there.”

As she was crawling carefully through the seats, we were all laughing, but she made it. Nestled between my legs, she grinned, “He looks really excited…and yummy…ready for roadhead.” She looked up at Bryan, grinning, “Please, try to keep your eyes on the road.”

I moaned, when she swirled her tongue over the shaft, “Tara…Tara…oh god, baby girl…suck me…work that cock…work it…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…yeah…yeah…yeah…fuckkkkkk!”

I escort izmir looked down and ran a hand through her hair, while she kissed her way over the shaft. When she wrapped her lips around the head, I could feel her tongue working back and forth over the head.

Going deeper and deeper, she got four or five inches, before I felt her throat. Groaning, “Fuck…fuck…oh my god…mmmm…that’s so…so good…Tara, that’s definitely raising the…raising the bar for roadhead!”

Lost in my senses, I leaned back and savored the mouth pleasuring my cock. When her tongue stroked the underside, she sucked harder, collapsing her mouth tight around the shaft. Bobbing to get every inch she could, her pleasured groans vibrated through my whole body.

I groaned, fingers digging into scalp, and pumping it deep, “Oh fuck…fuck…stay there…stay there…yeah…yeah…yeaah!” Satisfying my mounting needs, I pumped harder through her lips and teased her throat.

After nearly ten minutes, I tightened my grip and fucked her mouth, pushing myself closer and closer. I shuddered, as cum moved up the shaft and exploded over her tongue.

Draining my balls, my dick throbbed and jerked, and I felt her lips tighten; I watched her throat move as she gulped the precious, warmth. When it all faded, her lips stayed tight and she nursed the throbbing tip, for every last drop.

When she pulled off, some coated her lip and she smiled, “Do I have skills, or what?”

Grinning, I responded, “Impressive, but I think I need more!”

Bryan laughed, “Shit, I almost had to pull off.” He rubbed his crotch, and grinned, “Look at this shit…it’s about ready to tear through my pants…and I think you could’ve saved a little for me, Tara.”

She grinned and licked her lips again, “Next time…when you’re not driving.”

We got into town and spent much of the day visiting a botanical garden, and we even got a tour from the director. It really was a beautiful garden, but it was a long day…and we had a couple hours to chill out before heading out to eat…we got late reservations for a farm-to-table place.

When we got to the car, Tara said, “That was really amazing…he gave the best tour…he was into it…you know?” He was very attentive, but did you notice he was checkin’ you two out.”

“Were not that close but I think he’s got a partner…or he did.” I grinned at them, “There’s no harm in looking.”

“I know…I know…I’d be checkin’ you both out, too.”

Bryan grinned, “Get used to it, sweetie…when you got two handsome studs like us, it’s bound to happen.”

She grinned, teasing him right back, “I should’ve mentioned you both have deliciously, big dicks…and that I love watching guys do it.”

We had time to kill before dinner and the shower room at the hotel was hot as fuck. It wasn’t long before we were going at it, in the warmth of the steamy shower; their hands kneaded my back, shoulders and ass…damn, it felt amazing.

Eventually they started lathering me with soap, exploring, grabbing and groping, their hands slid over the slick, soapy skin. With water and lather streaming down over me, they worked washcloths all over me, cleansing my skin.

Animated by water dripping from her nipples, I kneaded Tara’s beautiful breasts…and then I did the same with Bryan, as rivulets trailed down over his handsome muscled chest. I leaned in to suck water from his nipples, and he moaned, “Fuck…fuck, that’s nice…mmmm…mmmm…that’ll get you anything, dude!”

They both kneeled to focus on my cock, working suds into the pubes and over the shaft. Emerging proudly from pubes, the shaft and purplish crown bobbed, as they carefully washed, rinsed and stroked.

Admiring the girth and trailing their fingers over the veined surface, they found it rock-hard, and almost unyielding in their hands. They worked together, going back and forth. Whenever I felt both tongues, I thought I might not last and get a chance to bury it…something I really, really needed. I was horny as fuck and ready to take both of them…I could almost feel her tight, little pussy…or his beautiful, muscled ass…I was ready to split him in half.

Finally, I had to push things back and slapped it hard; it felt heavy in my hand, and I added the other hand at the base. Pumping it with both hands, I jacked it just inches from their eager lips. They both looked up to admire a lean, muscled frame, and Tara trailed her fingertips over my abs, rising and falling with my breath. Unable to resist, she took the head back in her lips, sucking and licking up and down the shaft. Worshipping the manly girth, and slurping the water, trailing from the tip, she wrapped her lips tight and started sucking.

Slowly, inch by inch, she bobbed her head, gradually taking all but three or four inches. Her lips were stretched tight, when I started pumping her mouth, and moaning, “Mmmm, Tara…mmmm…mmmm…oh god, yeah…yeah…yeah…yeah, that’s it!”

I pulled back and let her set the pace, but she went at it like there was no tomorrow…that was our Tara, our little cock slut.

“Oh fuck…fuck yeah…yeah…yeah…yeah…suck it…suck that…suck that cock!”

“Honey, you ready for more?” She nodded but pulled me deep enough to tease her throat. I pulled out, pressed her up against the wall…and took her from the back. I rubbed it through her pussy, before spreading her legs and pushing into the moist warmth.

She moaned, “Ohhhh godddd…mmmm…fuck…that’s good…that’s…spread me open…yesssssssss…yesssss!”

Bryan was more than happy stroking and watching my ass flex, while I fucked his (or often our) wife. My balls, heavy with seed, bobbed between my legs; they must have caught his attention because I felt his hand, gently cupping and squeezing. He scooted around to sit up against the wall and between her legs. He stroked more and watched close-up, mesmerized by the thick, glistening shaft stretching her wide and dragging her pussy lips in and out. Eventually grabbing the little bud between his lips, our pleasured moans overwhelmed the shower and filled the room.

“Fuck you two…satisfy…satisfy me…you do it so good…ahhhh…ahhhh…so good to be a woman…yeah…yeah, fuck me hard…yeah…yeah…pound me with that thing…mmmm…goddd…yessssss!”

I went hard for maybe ten, before pulling out and helping Bryan to his feet, “Buddy, it’s your turn.”

He rubbed his dick, “And, I need it bad…look at this thing.”

Stroking the shaft and smiling, I grinned, “Bend over then…I got what you need, right here.”

He looked into my eyes before turning to lean against the wall, “That’s exactly what I need…but I’m gonna need lube.”

Tara stroked lube over me and pushed some inside. When she pressed the tip of my cock into the muscle, he moaned, “Yeah, love that big…dick…yeah…mmmm…yessssss!” Very slowly, I stretched him open, and pumped deeper, giving him time to adjust. I watched his tight clinging hole ripple over the shaft, soaking up every pleasure-soaked inch.

It drove him crazy. “Mmmm…that cock feels sooooo good…oh god…ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh yeah…yeah…mmmm!”

Fucking into his hot, muscled body, my fingers dug into his waist, and I pulled him back onto my dick. It wasn’t long before his passion took over and he started rolling his hips back into me, fucking himself on my dick.

When Tara’s lips met mine, I rammed my tongue deep and groped her breast…it was warm, wet and weighty in my hand…34D’s are a sweet fuckin’ handful. I pulled my lips from hers and leaned down to circle the nipple with my tongue.

Still slowly fucking Bryan, the water cascaded down over his body; Tara and I smiled at each other, admiring the broad shoulders, and the beauty of his firm, muscled ass…split by dick, it was undeniably beautiful. I humped deep and started pumping harder, setting loose pleasured moans that echoed off the shower walls.

Lost in the pleasure, we were totally immersed in fucking, and Bryan was furiously jacking his dick. I thought he couldn’t possibly last much longer; sensuously molding his insides, my dick was about to make him explode…real soon.

I abandoned the steady rhythm I had going…and fucked as hard as I could, until I caught a glimpse of his dick. Dropping to my knees and wrapping my lips over the head, it was hot, rock hard, and the head felt spongy…but turgid against my tongue. I felt his hand on my head, pushing me further down the steely-hard flesh…mmmm, I liked that…and he obviously did, too.

I was going to town on his cock, loving every inch with my eager lips. I worked it till he begged, “Rob…Rob…close…ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…god, I’m close…fuck me…put it back in and fuck me!”

So, I did…getting back up and taking him from behind. I rolled my hips forward, shoving my cock all the way. His body yielding to the ecstasy of being fucked, I felt his muscled cheeks slamming into me, savoring each penetration. He was so close, and I finished him off, pounding hard till he grunted out the load. His entire body shuddered with each pulse, “Yeah…yeah, Rob…oh Rob…yeah…yeah…yeah cumming…cumming…fuck…cumming! Shit!”

She grinned, “That’s it, baby, give it to us…give us that good stuff…yessssss…yesssssss! Love all that big cock juice…mmmm…yessssss!” With Bryan still shaking, I looked into Tara’s eyes, and she asked sweetly, “Honey, what do you need?”

I laughed, “You know I’m gonna exploit this birthday-sex thing, as much as I can.”

She giggled, “And you should…you deserve it.”

“Can you take his place…after I wash off?” I grinned, “You know what I need…just bend over.”

Bryan looked exhausted, but sated and catching his breath, “Yeah dude, fuck’r…fuck’r good.” He laughed, “Think you fuckin’ wore me out…but she’s in better shape!”

She grabbed the soap, dropped to her knees and cleaned my dick. It didn’t take much before she leaned forward and worked it with her mouth. She was sucking and licking all over the shaft, and I couldn’t resist, gripping the back of her head and thrusting deeper.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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